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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed South Africa Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed South Africa Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
morecasparmorecaspar YouTube Channelmorecaspar Video Stats11,973,5311422501,212159105.9 MTweet
YellowBrickCinemaYellowBrickCinema YouTube ChannelYellowBrickCinema Video Stats21,483,67120981,89713,8291.6K562.9 MTweet
Die AntwoordDie Antwoord YouTube ChannelDie Antwoord Video Stats31,271,46925831,6899,48542354.1 MTweet YouTube Video Stats4814,25143665,80125,551506157.7 MTweet
Cobus PotgieterCobus Potgieter YouTube ChannelCobus Potgieter Video Stats5692,818524097659184207.4 MTweet
Kruger SightingsKruger Sightings YouTube ChannelKruger Sightings Video Stats6410,41191506834,209285441.6 MTweet
Trevor NoahTrevor Noah YouTube ChannelTrevor Noah Video Stats7393,77895491499812746.3 MTweet
Body Mind ZoneBody Mind Zone YouTube ChannelBody Mind Zone Video Stats8261,55812495329855.8 MTweet
Theodora LeeTheodora Lee YouTube ChannelTheodora Lee Video Stats9241,598-14-9613511.6 MTweet
DisneyChannelZADisneyChannelZA YouTube ChannelDisneyChannelZA Video Stats10237,6223351,6951.5K258.8 MTweet
MCPEMikeMCPEMike YouTube ChannelMCPEMike Video Stats11227,3872391,05334443.7 MTweet
Earth TouchEarth Touch YouTube ChannelEarth Touch Video Stats12182,1531006241.7K114.3 MTweet
Petri OosthuizenPetri Oosthuizen YouTube ChannelPetri Oosthuizen Video Stats13163,860855343433.1 MTweet
TheSupaStrikasTheSupaStrikas YouTube ChannelTheSupaStrikas Video Stats14156,0265222,74930587.5 MTweet
serpentzaserpentza YouTube Channelserpentza Video Stats15141,4762501,67871824.1 MTweet
SABC Digital NewsSABC Digital News YouTube ChannelSABC Digital News Video Stats16141,3197601,85462.4K84.2 MTweet
Derick WattsDerick Watts YouTube ChannelDerick Watts Video Stats17132,9841306347247.9 MTweet
DragnozDragnoz YouTube ChannelDragnoz Video Stats18124,291-5-7160626.8 MTweet
eNCAeNCA YouTube ChanneleNCA Video Stats19120,7944576721.5K64.4 MTweet
Suzelle DIYSuzelle DIY YouTube ChannelSuzelle DIY Video Stats20116,368756116721.4 MTweet
AirArmsHuntingSAAirArmsHuntingSA YouTube ChannelAirArmsHuntingSA Video Stats21114,91114774615121.9 MTweet
Rob The Ranger Wildlife VideosRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos YouTube ChannelRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos Video Stats22104,4931861,0401.9K117.1 MTweet
Retutpro - PhotographyRetutpro - Photography YouTube ChannelRetutpro - Photography Video Stats2398,095151282073.2 MTweet
MziikiMziiki YouTube ChannelMziiki Video Stats2495,9201316514K28.1 MTweet
CobusCobus YouTube ChannelCobus Video Stats2592,81315469012.6 MTweet
SpirittunezSpirittunez YouTube ChannelSpirittunez Video Stats2688,88215097723167 MTweet
Quentin WattQuentin Watt YouTube ChannelQuentin Watt Video Stats2788,639966253349.6 MTweet
RamscomicsRamscomics YouTube ChannelRamscomics Video Stats2887,529523034327.5 MTweet
ETVETV YouTube ChannelETV Video Stats2985,4831881,0329.2K59.8 MTweet
AuCurls NaturelleAuCurls Naturelle YouTube ChannelAuCurls Naturelle Video Stats3082,2140782066.9 MTweet
Sebastian LagueSebastian Lague YouTube ChannelSebastian Lague Video Stats3177,7391005901707.8 MTweet
News24News24 YouTube ChannelNews24 Video Stats3274,1907465712.6K64.2 MTweet
BlessingBlessing YouTube ChannelBlessing Video Stats3371,127-10-1178388 KTweet
DanTheDirectorDanTheDirector YouTube ChannelDanTheDirector Video Stats3470,183027282.2 MTweet
Am4d3usM0z4rtAm4d3usM0z4rt YouTube ChannelAm4d3usM0z4rt Video Stats3567,0833322815050.2 MTweet
Caitlin De VilleCaitlin De Ville YouTube ChannelCaitlin De Ville Video Stats3666,3924022,5127213.5 MTweet
soukISLAMsoukISLAM YouTube ChannelsoukISLAM Video Stats3761,4942112482112.7 MTweet
Calvyn JustusCalvyn Justus YouTube ChannelCalvyn Justus Video Stats3860,099472931484.3 MTweet
ProteasCricketProteasCricket YouTube ChannelProteasCricket Video Stats3957,489844221.1K23.6 MTweet
Nick MillerNick Miller YouTube ChannelNick Miller Video Stats4053,9340-61461.1 MTweet
Why PovertyWhy Poverty YouTube ChannelWhy Poverty Video Stats4152,5076646194.6 MTweet
JusGorillaJusGorilla YouTube ChannelJusGorilla Video Stats4252,12617745228 MTweet
SeetherSeether YouTube ChannelSeether Video Stats4351,902362289811.7 MTweet
TheAnimalHolocaustTheAnimalHolocaust YouTube ChannelTheAnimalHolocaust Video Stats4451,3791411411112.9 MTweet
Zain BhikhaZain Bhikha YouTube ChannelZain Bhikha Video Stats4549,585704025719.4 MTweet
GoldfishliveGoldfishlive YouTube ChannelGoldfishlive Video Stats4649,03103318120.3 MTweet
mducomicsmducomics YouTube Channelmducomics Video Stats4748,347085113.9 MTweet
Sony Music AfricaSony Music Africa YouTube ChannelSony Music Africa Video Stats4844,9032916327227.5 MTweet
stewartridgwaystewartridgway YouTube Channelstewartridgway Video Stats4940,4331801037.6 MTweet
SleepSleep YouTube ChannelSleep Video Stats5039,726403501084.7 MTweet
selectmusicselectmusic YouTube Channelselectmusic Video Stats5137,6082711439232.4 MTweet
Tales of LuminTales of Lumin YouTube ChannelTales of Lumin Video Stats5236,4800-124.1K13 MTweet
Soul CandiSoul Candi YouTube ChannelSoul Candi Video Stats5335,59705725015.9 MTweet
Offroad FanaticOffroad Fanatic YouTube ChannelOffroad Fanatic Video Stats5435,2570361165.1 MTweet
CAR MagazineCAR Magazine YouTube ChannelCAR Magazine Video Stats5534,5451816962915.3 MTweet
Cashtime LifeCashtime Life YouTube ChannelCashtime Life Video Stats5631,7870756715.3 MTweet
TacticalJak / Tactical JackTacticalJak / Tactical Jack YouTube ChannelTacticalJak / Tactical Jack Video Stats5730,4312010838388 KTweet
Renaldo GouwsRenaldo Gouws YouTube ChannelRenaldo Gouws Video Stats5829,6504171,807961.8 MTweet
superficialgirlsuperficialgirl YouTube Channelsuperficialgirl Video Stats5929,5430151641.6 MTweet
Chris RogersChris Rogers YouTube ChannelChris Rogers Video Stats6028,82050552343.2 MTweet
Tory BergmanTory Bergman YouTube ChannelTory Bergman Video Stats6128,4080-538 KTweet
CNBCAfricaCNBCAfrica YouTube ChannelCNBCAfrica Video Stats6226,3772916731K11.9 MTweet
Mine Zone™Mine Zone™ YouTube ChannelMine Zone™ Video Stats6325,6180-2337546 KTweet
Brian OrtnerBrian Ortner YouTube ChannelBrian Ortner Video Stats6425,32201517845.7 MTweet
Green RenaissanceGreen Renaissance YouTube ChannelGreen Renaissance Video Stats6524,8334742942915 KTweet
MLP RegalMLP Regal YouTube ChannelMLP Regal Video Stats6624,416018407.7 MTweet
Advanced Music ProductionAdvanced Music Production YouTube ChannelAdvanced Music Production Video Stats6724,113160294.1 MTweet
Halo ZoneHalo Zone YouTube ChannelHalo Zone Video Stats6823,5520204033 MTweet
Gerry BGerry B YouTube ChannelGerry B Video Stats6923,2270-71711.8 MTweet
GovernmentZAGovernmentZA YouTube ChannelGovernmentZA Video Stats7023,170041.6K9.9 MTweet
OfficialBigBroAfricaOfficialBigBroAfrica YouTube ChannelOfficialBigBroAfrica Video Stats7122,2840534588.9 MTweet
AfrikaansIsGrootAfrikaansIsGroot YouTube ChannelAfrikaansIsGroot Video Stats7222,091191126014.7 MTweet
Richardt WissinkRichardt Wissink YouTube ChannelRichardt Wissink Video Stats7322,05409326.1 MTweet
Sky777BlueSky777Blue YouTube ChannelSky777Blue Video Stats7421,2550-115 KTweet
MogeyMogey YouTube ChannelMogey Video Stats7521,176062222.6 MTweet
The Cape EpicThe Cape Epic YouTube ChannelThe Cape Epic Video Stats7620,8102913,2994704.3 MTweet
sabc3topbillingsabc3topbilling YouTube Channelsabc3topbilling Video Stats7719,917191363.7K17 MTweet
TunnelvizionTVTunnelvizionTV YouTube ChannelTunnelvizionTV Video Stats7819,13441291832.2 MTweet
Africa Travel ChannelAfrica Travel Channel YouTube ChannelAfrica Travel Channel Video Stats7918,875422361.2K24.3 MTweet
Anrita MelchizedekAnrita Melchizedek YouTube ChannelAnrita Melchizedek Video Stats8018,1930581061.8 MTweet
SuperSatisfied777SuperSatisfied777 YouTube ChannelSuperSatisfied777 Video Stats8118,0840-300Tweet
Samsung South AfricaSamsung South Africa YouTube ChannelSamsung South Africa Video Stats8217,995134425712.8 MTweet
ZANEWSTVZANEWSTV YouTube ChannelZANEWSTV Video Stats8317,7943972.8K6 MTweet
VertexDigitalArtsVertexDigitalArts YouTube ChannelVertexDigitalArts Video Stats8417,7921087761.8 MTweet
azanor1azanor1 YouTube Channelazanor1 Video Stats8517,693023431.6 MTweet
MrBlockemzMrBlockemz YouTube ChannelMrBlockemz Video Stats8617,5660-1230728 KTweet
Thabi4lyfThabi4lyf YouTube ChannelThabi4lyf Video Stats8717,0371610010212.7 MTweet
Jack ParowJack Parow YouTube ChannelJack Parow Video Stats8816,745061475.8 MTweet
Eyewitness NewsEyewitness News YouTube ChannelEyewitness News Video Stats8916,59418972.4K16.6 MTweet
SoulisticMusicTVSoulisticMusicTV YouTube ChannelSoulisticMusicTV Video Stats9016,43316113376.7 MTweet
Samuel MusicSamuel Music YouTube ChannelSamuel Music Video Stats9116,383075354 KTweet
Parliament of the Republic of South AfriParliament of the Republic of South Afri YouTube ChannelParliament of the Republic of South Afri Video Stats9216,3430331K3.6 MTweet
Grant HindsGrant Hinds YouTube ChannelGrant Hinds Video Stats9316,31651276712.8 MTweet
Tinus le RouxTinus le Roux YouTube ChannelTinus le Roux Video Stats9415,17504422119.9 MTweet
blixemproductionsblixemproductions YouTube Channelblixemproductions Video Stats9515,13702220414.9 MTweet
MattMzansiMattMzansi YouTube ChannelMattMzansi Video Stats9615,1360528518.6 MTweet
Mel BuckMel Buck YouTube ChannelMel Buck Video Stats9714,6640571023.9 MTweet
NerdzSquaredNerdzSquared YouTube ChannelNerdzSquared Video Stats9814,4790-153722 KTweet
Brandon BergBrandon Berg YouTube ChannelBrandon Berg Video Stats9913,84003911 MTweet
Ukhozi FM PictureStreamUkhozi FM PictureStream YouTube ChannelUkhozi FM PictureStream Video Stats10013,42912708815.3 MTweet