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48,347  Now
48,390-43-67 DayTweet
48,431-84-614 DayTweet
48,556-209-730 DayTweet
48,553-206-32 MonthTweet
48,567-220-23 MonthTweet
48,550-203-24 MonthTweet
48,530-183-15 MonthTweet
48,520-173-16 MonthTweet
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10,098,982  Now
10,089,3359,6471,3787 DayTweet
10,077,94621,0361,50314 DayTweet
10,046,61752,3651,74630 DayTweet
9,965,899133,0832,2182 MonthTweet
9,861,890237,0922,6343 MonthTweet
9,919,955179,0271,4924 MonthTweet
9,808,499290,4831,9375 MonthTweet
9,702,009396,9732,2056 MonthTweet
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30 Day
dhillonguys11dhillonguys11 YouTube Channeldhillonguys11 Video Stats 48,3692210915589036 M
SEFD StuffSEFD Stuff YouTube ChannelSEFD Stuff Video Stats 48,368210-41183.3 M
Sofie OrstadiusSofie Orstadius YouTube ChannelSofie Orstadius Video Stats 48,3672010132474 M
Lucia LorenaLucia Lorena YouTube ChannelLucia Lorena Video Stats 48,367200111332.5 M
E-DivisieE-Divisie YouTube ChannelE-Divisie Video Stats 48,35690-101303.1 M
Yours TrulyYours Truly YouTube ChannelYours Truly Video Stats 48,3547598997111.2 M
ic003969ic003969 YouTube Channelic003969 Video Stats 48,35367211618.2 M
HazemSalahTVHazemSalahTV YouTube ChannelHazemSalahTV Video Stats 48,3536071.5K7.3 M
GabuVlogGabuVlog YouTube ChannelGabuVlog Video Stats 48,35030-3524.1 M
Ciencia EspirituCiencia Espiritu YouTube ChannelCiencia Espiritu Video Stats 48,350312234236.9 M
xMattyG1xMattyG1 YouTube ChannelxMattyG1 Video Stats 48,3470-753510.1 M
Ik vrouw van jouIk vrouw van jou YouTube ChannelIk vrouw van jou Video Stats 48,346-12071362619.7 M
Th3Hav0cTh3Hav0c YouTube ChannelTh3Hav0c Video Stats 48,346-1671141757.5 M
Mmovies21Mmovies21 YouTube ChannelMmovies21 Video Stats 48,346-11101589.2K76.7 M
El Paradiso HersonissosEl Paradiso Hersonissos YouTube ChannelEl Paradiso Hersonissos Video Stats 48,344-3493.4K14.3 M
wwwsolocomediacomwwwsolocomediacom YouTube Channelwwwsolocomediacom Video Stats 48,341-615502429.1 M
mysterious2bmysterious2b YouTube Channelmysterious2b Video Stats 48,340-715333111.6 M
NiktorTheNatNiktorTheNat YouTube ChannelNiktorTheNat Video Stats 48,339-8-5122.2K19.9 M
Fazer e GanharFazer e Ganhar YouTube ChannelFazer e Ganhar Video Stats 48,331-166206615.2 M
KapuzenwurmKapuzenwurm YouTube ChannelKapuzenwurm Video Stats 48,331-16681K5.1 M
YoLordestructorYoLordestructor YouTube ChannelYoLordestructor Video Stats 48,329-18-6-41576.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
El coleccionista de MundosEl coleccionista de Mundos YouTube ChannelEl coleccionista de Mundos Video Stats 10,102,5993,61719751,282217,832
Carlos MillerCarlos Miller YouTube ChannelCarlos Miller Video Stats 10,102,5353,55338226,4468,957
RapalaRapala YouTube ChannelRapala Video Stats 10,102,1553,17347421,31339,847
GIMBY NIE ZNAJOGIMBY NIE ZNAJO YouTube ChannelGIMBY NIE ZNAJO Video Stats 10,102,0973,11591111,01289,558
Von Inky - 2K15 Shoe God, CoD AW, GTA OnVon Inky - 2K15 Shoe God, CoD AW, GTA On YouTube ChannelVon Inky - 2K15 Shoe God, CoD AW, GTA On Video Stats 10,102,0843,1022.3K4,46450,303
OtaKing77077OtaKing77077 YouTube ChannelOtaKing77077 Video Stats 10,101,8262,84430336,72863,551
Carlos Adriano MateusCarlos Adriano Mateus YouTube ChannelCarlos Adriano Mateus Video Stats 10,101,2002,21814072,1512,032
SuibhneSuibhne YouTube ChannelSuibhne Video Stats 10,100,4251,44315673,362177,850
Vaders FSOVaders FSO YouTube ChannelVaders FSO Video Stats 10,100,4071,42511918,2191,521
PoofesurePoofesure YouTube ChannelPoofesure Video Stats 10,099,53655450220,11984,135
xMattyG1xMattyG1 YouTube ChannelxMattyG1 Video Stats 10,098,98253518,87748,347
Elizabeth YeungElizabeth Yeung YouTube ChannelElizabeth Yeung Video Stats 10,098,730-25231132,47269,104
EismannStyleEismannStyle YouTube ChannelEismannStyle Video Stats 10,098,283-69912183,45773,179
KatzunKatzun YouTube ChannelKatzun Video Stats 10,098,142-84015673,209339,888
OLDIESbgOLDIESbg YouTube ChannelOLDIESbg Video Stats 10,098,077-90525339,9138,209
Shelbey AshburnShelbey Ashburn YouTube ChannelShelbey Ashburn Video Stats 10,097,916-1,06640125,182113,574
T News OnlineT News Online YouTube ChannelT News Online Video Stats 10,097,593-1,3892.5K4,00226,203
DanielleDanielle YouTube ChannelDanielle Video Stats 10,097,557-1,42537272,9071,022
GuruParentsGuruParents YouTube ChannelGuruParents Video Stats 10,097,479-1,50313773,70415,540
R3db4dh4irR3db4dh4ir YouTube ChannelR3db4dh4ir Video Stats 10,097,424-1,55853818,7683,542
חיים משהחיים משה YouTube Channelחיים משה Video Stats 10,097,205-1,77744922,48811,518
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10,250,000151,0188 D2 M 5/31  2018Tweet
10,500,000401,01828 D5 M 9/20  2018Tweet
10,750,000651,01820 D9 M 1/11  2019Tweet
11,000,000901,01811 D1 M1 Y5/04  2019Tweet
11,250,0001,151,0181 D5 M1 Y8/24  2019Tweet
11,500,0001,401,01823 D8 M1 Y12/15  2019Tweet
11,750,0001,651,01815 D 2 Y4/06  2020Tweet
12,000,0001,901,0186 D4 M2 Y7/28  2020Tweet
12,250,0002,151,01827 D7 M2 Y11/17  2020Tweet
12,500,0002,401,01818 D11 M2 Y3/10  2021Tweet