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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 8 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 8 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
ヒカル(Hikaru)ヒカル(Hikaru) YouTube Channelヒカル(Hikaru) Video Stats1-7910.02,214,4391595-1,8275431.01 BTweet
RagingHouseRagingHouse YouTube ChannelRagingHouse Video Stats2-640-0.1743,6966316-567217 KTweet
WeeklyChrisWeeklyChris YouTube ChannelWeeklyChris Video Stats3-5910.02,279,6981535-20512894.4 MTweet
LunaLuna YouTube ChannelLuna Video Stats4-4560.01,635,4572457398780360.7 MTweet
Just SKiper ™Just SKiper ™ YouTube ChannelJust SKiper ™ Video Stats5-4090.0961,1364775-1861.3K182.3 MTweet
禁断ボーイズ禁断ボーイズ YouTube Channel禁断ボーイズ Video Stats6-4060.01,858,3602031-1,003280586 MTweet
Epic Meal TimeEpic Meal Time YouTube ChannelEpic Meal Time Video Stats7-3490.07,015,110261-2664967.7 MTweet
Jay AlvarrezJay Alvarrez YouTube ChannelJay Alvarrez Video Stats8-2920.01,088,2804122260990.8 MTweet
Türkçe Takıntılı OyuncuTürkçe Takıntılı Oyuncu YouTube ChannelTürkçe Takıntılı Oyuncu Video Stats9-2790.0696,5646809-69740178.6 MTweet
怪盗PINKID/ピンキー怪盗PINKID/ピンキー YouTube Channel怪盗PINKID/ピンキー Video Stats10-2620.01,335,8373198-488109197.3 MTweet
♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫ YouTube Channel♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫ Video Stats11-2570.01,832,8252072147220849.2 MTweet
CodeNameBlackCodeNameBlack YouTube ChannelCodeNameBlack Video Stats12-2550.0939,0304891-64610021.3 MTweet
Hikaru GamesHikaru Games YouTube ChannelHikaru Games Video Stats13-2470.0661,0787195-5678.4K621.8 MTweet
KSIKSI YouTube ChannelKSI Video Stats14-2300.017,271,668362,3771.1K3.72 BTweet
FaZe CensorFaZe Censor YouTube ChannelFaZe Censor Video Stats15-2290.02,498,4941371251.2K389.3 MTweet
Druzhko ShowDruzhko Show YouTube ChannelDruzhko Show Video Stats16-2200.02,946,6131047-61625112.6 MTweet
ラファエル Raphaelラファエル Raphael YouTube Channelラファエル Raphael Video Stats17-2170.01,538,2232674-760956577.7 MTweet
TheProGamerJayTheProGamerJay YouTube ChannelTheProGamerJay Video Stats18-1980.01,984,6741855-465477182.2 MTweet
Ready Steady GoReady Steady Go YouTube ChannelReady Steady Go Video Stats19-1800.0375,4711181315.2 MTweet
Aspyn OvardAspyn Ovard YouTube ChannelAspyn Ovard Video Stats20-1790.03,192,661916534218202.4 MTweet
ScarceScarce YouTube ChannelScarce Video Stats21-1770.02,959,9411041-1961.5K623.1 MTweet
iHauspartyiHausparty YouTube ChanneliHausparty Video Stats22-1690.01,172,7853751-24928304.8 MTweet
UndoomedUndoomed YouTube ChannelUndoomed Video Stats23-162-0.1310,885-1716432.6 MTweet
드림텔러(DreamTeller)드림텔러(DreamTeller) YouTube Channel드림텔러(DreamTeller) Video Stats24-160-0.1310,1339411941 MTweet
Mr Ben BrownMr Ben Brown YouTube ChannelMr Ben Brown Video Stats25-1570.0700,32567661031.2K120.2 MTweet
BGMediaBGMedia YouTube ChannelBGMedia Video Stats26-1500.0371,61618715774.5 MTweet
Ed BassmasterEd Bassmaster YouTube ChannelEd Bassmaster Video Stats27-1460.02,032,3871802-44741591.3 MTweet
Ironside ComputersIronside Computers YouTube ChannelIronside Computers Video Stats28-1400.0394,610-2822442.5 MTweet
Nedir?Nedir? YouTube ChannelNedir? Video Stats29-1370.0422,9313622057.6 MTweet
OpTic NaDeSHoTOpTic NaDeSHoT YouTube ChannelOpTic NaDeSHoT Video Stats30-1330.02,970,7491036-31.5K452.1 MTweet
The Amazing AtheistThe Amazing Atheist YouTube ChannelThe Amazing Atheist Video Stats31-1330.01,048,9724314-1051.4K369.4 MTweet
Elliott HulseElliott Hulse YouTube ChannelElliott Hulse Video Stats32-1280.0721,877655211252468.5 MTweet
ApoRedApoRed YouTube ChannelApoRed Video Stats33-1270.02,069,777176812500Tweet
Makeup GeekMakeup Geek YouTube ChannelMakeup Geek Video Stats34-1260.01,402,9833019-56684188.6 MTweet
Miss PinguinaMiss Pinguina YouTube ChannelMiss Pinguina Video Stats35-1240.01,541,96826651031.5K159 MTweet
speedyw03speedyw03 YouTube Channelspeedyw03 Video Stats36-1210.06,601,381287-2961.9K1.58 BTweet
Grace HelbigGrace Helbig YouTube ChannelGrace Helbig Video Stats37-1180.03,026,1071005-150738285.5 MTweet
JinxJinx YouTube ChannelJinx Video Stats38-1160.01,711,9572304-229335170.1 MTweet
Sarah HawkinsonSarah Hawkinson YouTube ChannelSarah Hawkinson Video Stats39-1140.0344,2174490435.1 MTweet
Willian LeeWillian Lee YouTube ChannelWillian Lee Video Stats40-113-0.183,9731324614.7 MTweet
SoCraftasticSoCraftastic YouTube ChannelSoCraftastic Video Stats41-1110.01,891,4391972-4571214.2 MTweet
MPEFORTYMPEFORTY YouTube ChannelMPEFORTY Video Stats42-1050.0231,365-7147 KTweet
Official Whoahh VickyOfficial Whoahh Vicky YouTube ChannelOfficial Whoahh Vicky Video Stats43-1040.0256,7564541492 KTweet
ARTEplus7ARTEplus7 YouTube ChannelARTEplus7 Video Stats44-103-0.199,4734814365.4 MTweet
BFvsGFBFvsGF YouTube ChannelBFvsGF Video Stats45-990.09,400,328144-7191.8K2.88 BTweet
AlisonLovesJBAlisonLovesJB YouTube ChannelAlisonLovesJB Video Stats46-990.0880,0935266-7428257.3 MTweet
FeudlyFeudly YouTube ChannelFeudly Video Stats47-99-0.183,884-344447.2 MTweet
TheWolfPackVlogTheWolfPackVlog YouTube ChannelTheWolfPackVlog Video Stats48-98-0.1149,9898334 KTweet
Gina DarlingGina Darling YouTube ChannelGina Darling Video Stats49-970.0256,422757914.3 MTweet
WIŚNIAWIŚNIA YouTube ChannelWIŚNIA Video Stats50-960.0794,92658633725274.3 MTweet
DavidKDavidK YouTube ChannelDavidK Video Stats51-950.0500,9879587-15288165.3 MTweet
Jim ChapmanJim Chapman YouTube ChannelJim Chapman Video Stats52-910.02,500,6911368-208575181.3 MTweet
Legends of Gaming BrasilLegends of Gaming Brasil YouTube ChannelLegends of Gaming Brasil Video Stats53-910.0997,211458429019571.4 MTweet
The CW Television NetworkThe CW Television Network YouTube ChannelThe CW Television Network Video Stats54-910.0951,500481981054270 MTweet
ANDREY MARTYNENKOANDREY MARTYNENKO YouTube ChannelANDREY MARTYNENKO Video Stats55-900.01,628,1182471497463309.6 MTweet
ElChanequeTrimijarElChanequeTrimijar YouTube ChannelElChanequeTrimijar Video Stats56-90-8.596734743Tweet
Marcus ButlerMarcus Butler YouTube ChannelMarcus Butler Video Stats57-890.04,597,783520-212292387.3 MTweet
Блоги ни о чемБлоги ни о чем YouTube ChannelБлоги ни о чем Video Stats58-890.0569,28584757462103.1 MTweet
PopiGamesPopiGames YouTube ChannelPopiGames Video Stats59-890.0466,683-1439552.6 MTweet
ZaxperZaxper YouTube ChannelZaxper Video Stats60-89-0.239,409-21737.4 MTweet
Smosh 2nd ChannelSmosh 2nd Channel YouTube ChannelSmosh 2nd Channel Video Stats61-870.05,314,866412-4451.1K1.46 BTweet
Arden RoseArden Rose YouTube ChannelArden Rose Video Stats62-860.01,480,4192817-96456111 MTweet
Carly CristmanCarly Cristman YouTube ChannelCarly Cristman Video Stats63-840.0768,23760975314533.6 MTweet
Ashley OrtegaAshley Ortega YouTube ChannelAshley Ortega Video Stats64-830.0298,283-402716 KTweet
DIMAN HACKDIMAN HACK YouTube ChannelDIMAN HACK Video Stats65-830.0191,11715532332.5 MTweet
PDRさんPDRさん YouTube ChannelPDRさん Video Stats66-820.0850,9475476170766251.3 MTweet
YouNowLXYouNowLX YouTube ChannelYouNowLX Video Stats67-82-0.1134,940263015.7 MTweet
Emrah !Emrah ! YouTube ChannelEmrah ! Video Stats68-810.02,213,0131596-114163273 MTweet
TobyTurnerTobyTurner YouTube ChannelTobyTurner Video Stats69-800.01,924,1171932-2982K371.4 MTweet
KCTVKCTV YouTube ChannelKCTV Video Stats70-800.0527,1469131-1,20918357.4 MTweet
DotaCinemaDotaCinema YouTube ChannelDotaCinema Video Stats71-790.01,416,2782990502.4K692.7 MTweet
kipkaykipkay YouTube Channelkipkay Video Stats72-780.02,615,4841266-94354657.1 MTweet
Nobreza GamesNobreza Games YouTube ChannelNobreza Games Video Stats73-750.02,014,4411820678274148.7 MTweet
1337LikeR1337LikeR YouTube Channel1337LikeR Video Stats74-730.01,299,1083324101177173.6 MTweet
НеновостиНеновости YouTube ChannelНеновости Video Stats75-730.0489,8999803-3257182.7 MTweet
Lysandre NadeauLysandre Nadeau YouTube ChannelLysandre Nadeau Video Stats76-730.0315,82712037830.7 MTweet
Thủy SơnThủy Sơn YouTube ChannelThủy Sơn Video Stats77-720.0855,9095444-2091463 KTweet
Sky Does MinecraftSky Does Minecraft YouTube ChannelSky Does Minecraft Video Stats78-710.011,918,05486-5991.8K3.56 BTweet
Pato PapãoPato Papão YouTube ChannelPato Papão Video Stats79-710.01,118,9793998557437186 MTweet
KidsmoodKidsmood YouTube ChannelKidsmood Video Stats80-700.0290,514-100169138 KTweet
TheBajanCanadianTheBajanCanadian YouTube ChannelTheBajanCanadian Video Stats81-690.06,014,970330-4114K1.79 BTweet
炎上軍の休日炎上軍の休日 YouTube Channel炎上軍の休日 Video Stats82-690.0180,661-23311.2 MTweet
녹남녹남 YouTube Channel녹남 Video Stats83-690.0163,426-196031Tweet
Filtr GermanyFiltr Germany YouTube ChannelFiltr Germany Video Stats84-680.0799,3065827-15064863 KTweet
mangelrogelmangelrogel YouTube Channelmangelrogel Video Stats85-670.05,382,899407381425357.1 MTweet
Nash GrierNash Grier YouTube ChannelNash Grier Video Stats86-670.04,773,788482-6566597 KTweet
G2A.COMG2A.COM YouTube ChannelG2A.COM Video Stats87-670.0261,624-84552.9 MTweet
MarmeladenOmaMarmeladenOma YouTube ChannelMarmeladenOma Video Stats88-670.0189,653-381569.4 MTweet
ScreeningFilmsScreeningFilms YouTube ChannelScreeningFilms Video Stats89-670.0188,094-1242105 KTweet
FaZe Rain 2FaZe Rain 2 YouTube ChannelFaZe Rain 2 Video Stats90-660.01,732,1832264-168531138.5 MTweet
DailyMandTDailyMandT YouTube ChannelDailyMandT Video Stats91-640.0549,510878598989153.7 MTweet
NhitasticNhitastic YouTube ChannelNhitastic Video Stats92-640.0469,852-6249838.4 MTweet
Croco JillCroco Jill YouTube ChannelCroco Jill Video Stats93-640.0376,210331.1K111.4 MTweet
Fransiska FeliciaFransiska Felicia YouTube ChannelFransiska Felicia Video Stats94-640.0215,4566019224.7 MTweet
LIONTTVLIONTTV YouTube ChannelLIONTTV Video Stats95-630.01,718,9782287-117307251.6 MTweet
ungeunge YouTube Channelunge Video Stats96-630.01,253,8323462-17300Tweet
E IL o T IR i X ™E IL o T IR i X ™ YouTube ChannelE IL o T IR i X ™ Video Stats97-630.01,234,5393538-469488 MTweet
VidisVidis YouTube ChannelVidis Video Stats98-630.0921,9785000-131262 KTweet
WizGamerzWizGamerz YouTube ChannelWizGamerz Video Stats99-620.0780,2185985-2492.3K163.9 MTweet
FrigoAdri PicturesFrigoAdri Pictures YouTube ChannelFrigoAdri Pictures Video Stats100-620.0679,6337001943K184.5 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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