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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
TheMacLife productionsTheMacLife productions YouTube ChannelTheMacLife productions Video Stats1-2110.0516,478-139369112 MTweet
GlitterForever17GlitterForever17 YouTube ChannelGlitterForever17 Video Stats2-1860.03,451,343943-915535460.4 MTweet
Lena's Pocket BeautyLena's Pocket Beauty YouTube ChannelLena's Pocket Beauty Video Stats3-1590.01,030,9875002847138106 MTweet
Нейромир-ТВНейромир-ТВ YouTube ChannelНейромир-ТВ Video Stats4-133-0.1104,3673131.2K39.6 MTweet
Sky Does MinecraftSky Does Minecraft YouTube ChannelSky Does Minecraft Video Stats5-1240.011,834,304102-1,60731.5 MTweet
Edward AtevaEdward Ateva YouTube ChannelEdward Ateva Video Stats6-950.01,590,1682887536191143.5 MTweet
Druzhko ShowDruzhko Show YouTube ChannelDruzhko Show Video Stats7-930.02,786,4781323-1,24743128.3 MTweet
억섭호억섭호 YouTube Channel억섭호 Video Stats8-920.0314,04815011345.2 MTweet
VitalyzdTvVitalyzdTv YouTube ChannelVitalyzdTv Video Stats9-890.09,545,9141722,8202401.46 BTweet
Televisa DeportesTelevisa Deportes YouTube ChannelTelevisa Deportes Video Stats10-810.0318,4974315K115.7 MTweet
AviatorGamingAviatorGaming YouTube ChannelAviatorGaming Video Stats11-780.01,456,00932652891.7K431.2 MTweet
Mariana BonillaMariana Bonilla YouTube ChannelMariana Bonilla Video Stats12-720.01,942,4382198589168107.1 MTweet
Funny Kids ShowFunny Kids Show YouTube ChannelFunny Kids Show Video Stats13-700.04,325,128683-1,0251480 MTweet
チョコレートスモーカーズチョコレートスモーカーズ YouTube Channelチョコレートスモーカーズ Video Stats14-700.0504,173-2,284213.8 MTweet
Toys and Funny Kids Surprise EggsToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs YouTube ChannelToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs Video Stats15-650.09,364,010183-1,7851.8K2.6 BTweet
daresundaysdaresundays YouTube Channeldaresundays Video Stats16-650.01,010,3875116-865568.6 MTweet
MaddoxMaddox YouTube ChannelMaddox Video Stats17-630.0296,432-1527643.2 MTweet
Learn Colors WithLearn Colors With YouTube ChannelLearn Colors With Video Stats18-620.07,776,419253-1,71955296.5 MTweet
Bhavna's KitchenBhavna's Kitchen YouTube ChannelBhavna's Kitchen Video Stats19-600.0695,62475985351.1K199.6 MTweet
TixinhadoisTixinhadois YouTube ChannelTixinhadois Video Stats20-580.0352,16311637832.6 MTweet
DOSEofFOUSEYDOSEofFOUSEY YouTube ChannelDOSEofFOUSEY Video Stats21-570.03,833,560812-251546553.8 MTweet
Roman UrsuHackRoman UrsuHack YouTube ChannelRoman UrsuHack Video Stats22-560.01,327,2973658659371318.7 MTweet
YOGSCAST SjinYOGSCAST Sjin YouTube ChannelYOGSCAST Sjin Video Stats23-550.01,929,9722215-362.2K569.4 MTweet
たまご Mammyたまご Mammy YouTube Channelたまご Mammy Video Stats24-550.0435,028-209392297.4 MTweet
Estrimo TDJEstrimo TDJ YouTube ChannelEstrimo TDJ Video Stats25-530.0305,56231881153 MTweet
IMABIGKIDNOWWIMABIGKIDNOWW YouTube ChannelIMABIGKIDNOWW Video Stats26-53-4.91,021135432 MTweet
Soo SuperiorSoo Superior YouTube ChannelSoo Superior Video Stats27-520.0521,572-211.1K78.8 MTweet
ToyScouterToyScouter YouTube ChannelToyScouter Video Stats28-490.09,868,734160-993325629.8 MTweet
Лайк TV ШоуЛайк TV Шоу YouTube ChannelЛайк TV Шоу Video Stats29-490.0465,44016311327.3 MTweet
Calary GirlCalary Girl YouTube ChannelCalary Girl Video Stats30-450.01,004,4595149222220187.9 MTweet
Made in MiaMade in Mia YouTube ChannelMade in Mia Video Stats31-430.0391,392-832759.7 MTweet
HoriaHoria YouTube ChannelHoria Video Stats32-420.02,046,59520251,019336183.5 MTweet
GerardoOrtizVEVOGerardoOrtizVEVO YouTube ChannelGerardoOrtizVEVO Video Stats33-410.02,371,39816501,882761.32 BTweet
モンスターストライク(モンスト)公式モンスターストライク(モンスト)公式 YouTube Channelモンスターストライク(モンスト)公式 Video Stats34-410.0728,55172501,5251.1K299.9 MTweet
Meghan RienksMeghan Rienks YouTube ChannelMeghan Rienks Video Stats35-400.02,355,6451665-531648199.2 MTweet
Pepste95Pepste95 YouTube ChannelPepste95 Video Stats36-400.0292,840-99043.9 MTweet
MissJenFABULOUSMissJenFABULOUS YouTube ChannelMissJenFABULOUS Video Stats37-390.0920,8255647-11744396.6 MTweet
Dr ShaymDr Shaym YouTube ChannelDr Shaym Video Stats38-390.0392,4537139046.6 MTweet
Learn Colors BabyLearn Colors Baby YouTube ChannelLearn Colors Baby Video Stats39-380.03,526,087918-80932197.5 MTweet
Joey VlogzJoey Vlogz YouTube ChannelJoey Vlogz Video Stats40-380.091,334-8438920 KTweet
DrM4sterDrM4ster YouTube ChannelDrM4ster Video Stats41-360.0674,9927870-451.9K46.1 MTweet
レイターズレイターズ YouTube Channelレイターズ Video Stats42-360.0673,4957887508337190.9 MTweet
ASMR rappelerASMR rappeler YouTube ChannelASMR rappeler Video Stats43-360.0406,039-159475135.7 MTweet
Rap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer aRap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer a YouTube ChannelRap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer a Video Stats44-360.0100,761-4251266.5 MTweet
Trips With KidsTrips With Kids YouTube ChannelTrips With Kids Video Stats45-36-4.379718111167 KTweet
ЮТУБЕРЮТУБЕР YouTube ChannelЮТУБЕР Video Stats46-350.01,643,42527781,293312185.4 MTweet
Bayu SkakBayu Skak YouTube ChannelBayu Skak Video Stats47-350.01,394,54334341,303203134.3 MTweet
TutweezyTutweezy YouTube ChannelTutweezy Video Stats48-350.0524,1506064539.7 MTweet
cypis2511cypis2511 YouTube Channelcypis2511 Video Stats49-35-3.8876101K388 KTweet
Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen YouTube ChannelIngrid Nilsen Video Stats50-340.03,898,354789-379637365.8 MTweet
OnisionArchiveOnisionArchive YouTube ChannelOnisionArchive Video Stats51-340.0621,6638569-1171K42 MTweet
SOLOSOLO YouTube ChannelSOLO Video Stats52-340.0141,503532178.7 MTweet
LIONTTVLIONTTV YouTube ChannelLIONTTV Video Stats53-330.01,710,8782625-121311254.1 MTweet
김이브님김이브님 YouTube Channel김이브님 Video Stats54-330.01,103,7324609-1,1142.2K559.6 MTweet
ToriKellyVEVOToriKellyVEVO YouTube ChannelToriKellyVEVO Video Stats55-330.01,093,864466538058231.8 MTweet
울산큰고래울산큰고래 YouTube Channel울산큰고래 Video Stats56-330.0641,3458289-1522.8K349.9 MTweet
Vania Mania KidsVania Mania Kids YouTube ChannelVania Mania Kids Video Stats57-320.03,372,850963-72612619.9 MTweet
Uno Para TodoUno Para Todo YouTube ChannelUno Para Todo Video Stats58-320.0753,7506989-8699118 MTweet
UhOhBroUhOhBro YouTube ChannelUhOhBro Video Stats59-310.02,224,2661819-428642386.7 MTweet
StimMarvel - 스팀보이StimMarvel - 스팀보이 YouTube ChannelStimMarvel - 스팀보이 Video Stats60-310.0913,5015696-109620349.9 MTweet
The True GeordieThe True Geordie YouTube ChannelThe True Geordie Video Stats61-310.0675,72078623,227398100 MTweet
Jordan LibertyJordan Liberty YouTube ChannelJordan Liberty Video Stats62-310.0480,561-156323.8 MTweet
FunToysMediaFunToysMedia YouTube ChannelFunToysMedia Video Stats63-300.03,340,271987-7372331.47 BTweet
itsjudytimeitsjudytime YouTube Channelitsjudytime Video Stats64-300.01,371,8543504-162642241.9 MTweet
Prank NationPrank Nation YouTube ChannelPrank Nation Video Stats65-300.0364,086-4226542.6 MTweet
jennxpennjennxpenn YouTube Channeljennxpenn Video Stats66-290.03,127,5541087-241315262.4 MTweet
Funny VinesFunny Vines YouTube ChannelFunny Vines Video Stats67-290.01,733,0252583-872595.7 MTweet
dbranddbrand YouTube Channeldbrand Video Stats68-290.0222,3985,2841297.3 MTweet
Dwarkadas ThumarDwarkadas Thumar YouTube ChannelDwarkadas Thumar Video Stats69-290.0133,18040714645.4 MTweet
Aaron DeBoerAaron DeBoer YouTube ChannelAaron DeBoer Video Stats70-280.03,527,916917-5764138 KTweet
GameSocietyPimpsGameSocietyPimps YouTube ChannelGameSocietyPimps Video Stats71-280.0476,47531.1K114.1 MTweet
DimaDima YouTube ChannelDima Video Stats72-270.01,557,6062980-45138139.7 MTweet
Jack DailJack Dail YouTube ChannelJack Dail Video Stats73-270.0408,090-2423811 MTweet
Jonathan MorrisonJonathan Morrison YouTube ChannelJonathan Morrison Video Stats74-260.02,361,86416592,3231K308.3 MTweet
SuperHero Reality TVSuperHero Reality TV YouTube ChannelSuperHero Reality TV Video Stats75-260.02,242,6631793-375506.6 MTweet
ThatsHeartThatsHeart YouTube ChannelThatsHeart Video Stats76-260.02,227,1731818565398154.5 MTweet
SiselPROSiselPRO YouTube ChannelSiselPRO Video Stats77-260.0954,318544385624384.4 MTweet
OnisionOnision YouTube ChannelOnision Video Stats78-250.02,119,7751932-280448314.4 MTweet
Heroes TEAMHeroes TEAM YouTube ChannelHeroes TEAM Video Stats79-250.01,572,5662936-203475 KTweet
Gregory GoldsheidGregory Goldsheid YouTube ChannelGregory Goldsheid Video Stats80-250.01,039,5474957-34634111.6 MTweet
StoodiStoodi YouTube ChannelStoodi Video Stats81-250.0676,794784918691347.7 MTweet
Kotilainen17Kotilainen17 YouTube ChannelKotilainen17 Video Stats82-250.0594,500897014612273.1 MTweet
TrustShadyTrustShady YouTube ChannelTrustShady Video Stats83-25-3.3738696249 KTweet
Pranksters in LovePranksters in Love YouTube ChannelPranksters in Love Video Stats84-240.01,615,3602828115247410.1 MTweet
Diseax - Clash RoyaleDiseax - Clash Royale YouTube ChannelDiseax - Clash Royale Video Stats85-240.0407,943-12267075.4 MTweet
inetkoxTVinetkoxTV YouTube ChannelinetkoxTV Video Stats86-240.0117,1453571118.2 MTweet
NEMAGIANEMAGIA YouTube ChannelNEMAGIA Video Stats87-230.01,635,6412793-176176260.7 MTweet
TheIvanehTheIvaneh YouTube ChannelTheIvaneh Video Stats88-230.0976,0965300-678358.6 MTweet
mcsportzhawkmcsportzhawk YouTube Channelmcsportzhawk Video Stats89-230.0780,0096747-62K158.9 MTweet
Chumino YTChumino YT YouTube ChannelChumino YT Video Stats90-230.0725,594728239925881.2 MTweet
Spankie Valentine TVSpankie Valentine TV YouTube ChannelSpankie Valentine TV Video Stats91-230.0600,22988841537772.9 MTweet
BERITA UNIK DAN ANEHBERITA UNIK DAN ANEH YouTube ChannelBERITA UNIK DAN ANEH Video Stats92-230.0168,71226987897.4 MTweet
ARRiARRi YouTube ChannelARRi Video Stats93-230.074,462-341938 KTweet
AlbericoyesAlbericoyes YouTube ChannelAlbericoyes Video Stats94-210.0912,3075702-43157 KTweet
Tom FletcherTom Fletcher YouTube ChannelTom Fletcher Video Stats95-210.0629,16384472031798.3 MTweet
NoahCraftFTWNoahCraftFTW YouTube ChannelNoahCraftFTW Video Stats96-210.0564,7299436-501.5K66.9 MTweet
Bambigirl 밤비걸Bambigirl  밤비걸 YouTube ChannelBambigirl  밤비걸 Video Stats97-210.0494,429-22923566.5 MTweet
Avery Rose ♡Avery Rose ♡ YouTube ChannelAvery Rose ♡ Video Stats98-210.0149,011-268110.2 MTweet
BFvsGFBFvsGF YouTube ChannelBFvsGF Video Stats99-200.09,307,774187-1,0551.8K2.9 BTweet
MakeupbyMandy24MakeupbyMandy24 YouTube ChannelMakeupbyMandy24 Video Stats100-200.02,821,6521293-341396242.9 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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