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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 12 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 12 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
12 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
12 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats1-42,593-53.037,812-1,35934614.8 MTweet
DalasReviewDalasReview YouTube ChannelDalasReview Video Stats2-23,393-0.45,663,8493871,1016511.12 BTweet
WhaTheGameWhaTheGame YouTube ChannelWhaTheGame Video Stats3-3,493-0.12,364,4841528690503355.7 MTweet
Канал КулаКанал Кула YouTube ChannelКанал Кула Video Stats4-2,132-0.4557,0118905-1981391.2 MTweet
VitalyzdTvVitalyzdTv YouTube ChannelVitalyzdTv Video Stats5-1,3590.09,306,451161-241881.39 BTweet
ZoellaZoella YouTube ChannelZoella Video Stats6-5620.012,078,243878533601.05 BTweet
FamousJulianFamousJulian YouTube ChannelFamousJulian Video Stats7-545-29.11,33123948 KTweet
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats8-543-0.5112,227-74375 MTweet
The RentsThe Rents YouTube ChannelThe Rents Video Stats9-511-0.1372,756-61406.7 MTweet
MyLifeAsEvaMyLifeAsEva YouTube ChannelMyLifeAsEva Video Stats10-5050.08,269,577211329234742.6 MTweet
Miranda SingsMiranda Sings YouTube ChannelMiranda Sings Video Stats11-4860.08,320,7532092,8526811.47 BTweet
チョコレートスモーカーズチョコレートスモーカーズ YouTube Channelチョコレートスモーカーズ Video Stats12-419-0.1594,0188360-2,619300224.5 MTweet
Vania Mania KidsVania Mania Kids YouTube ChannelVania Mania Kids Video Stats13-4170.03,417,85987216,01714046.8 MTweet
ASUSASUS YouTube ChannelASUS Video Stats14-408-0.1306,15013132426 MTweet
Druzhko ShowDruzhko Show YouTube ChannelDruzhko Show Video Stats15-3900.02,884,4381136-1,74932120.5 MTweet
CodeNameBlackCodeNameBlack YouTube ChannelCodeNameBlack Video Stats16-3780.0922,6955209-46711521.4 MTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats17-3730.010,350,231120-1,0707933.02 BTweet
Marina JoyceMarina Joyce YouTube ChannelMarina Joyce Video Stats18-3620.02,151,2061747-145223198.6 MTweet
VladnextVladnext YouTube ChannelVladnext Video Stats19-3480.0891,0095404-15654162.5 MTweet
BFvsGFBFvsGF YouTube ChannelBFvsGF Video Stats20-3460.09,363,214159-1,2121.8K2.88 BTweet
DAILY BEANDAILY BEAN YouTube ChannelDAILY BEAN Video Stats21-339-0.486,093-6720Tweet
LAHWFLAHWF YouTube ChannelLAHWF Video Stats22-3250.02,083,283182851201328.2 MTweet
RagingHouseRagingHouse YouTube ChannelRagingHouse Video Stats23-3040.0717,2396864-65715811.8 MTweet
Superheroes FunnySuperheroes Funny YouTube ChannelSuperheroes Funny Video Stats24-2910.01,567,78127106,664359 KTweet
FunSurprisingToysFunSurprisingToys YouTube ChannelFunSurprisingToys Video Stats25-2610.03,865,71971914,485499218.2 MTweet
Scott The WozScott The Woz YouTube ChannelScott The Woz Video Stats26-253-0.552,9141,091512.7 MTweet
Cameron PhillipsCameron Phillips YouTube ChannelCameron Phillips Video Stats27-252-0.551,5641532771.7 MTweet
Official Whoahh VickyOfficial Whoahh Vicky YouTube ChannelOfficial Whoahh Vicky Video Stats28-251-0.1231,402-800271.6 MTweet
JMX - FIFA 15 AWESOME PACK OPENINGS OTJMX - FIFA 15 AWESOME PACK OPENINGS   OT YouTube ChannelJMX - FIFA 15 AWESOME PACK OPENINGS   OT Video Stats29-2440.02,420,08614711,1621.5K599 MTweet
MayBabyMayBaby YouTube ChannelMayBaby Video Stats30-2270.05,530,264404-715164354.9 MTweet
comedozcomedoz YouTube Channelcomedoz Video Stats31-2270.01,635,345257016870306.4 MTweet
YouNowLXYouNowLX YouTube ChannelYouNowLX Video Stats32-227-0.2134,940263015.7 MTweet
How To Draw tattooHow To Draw tattoo YouTube ChannelHow To Draw tattoo Video Stats33-218-0.1282,070-329119175 KTweet
StimMarvel - 스팀보이StimMarvel - 스팀보이 YouTube ChannelStimMarvel - 스팀보이 Video Stats34-2170.0915,8695258-104618343.5 MTweet
Jason's WorldJason's World YouTube ChannelJason's World Video Stats35-217-0.2136,156-4901.1 MTweet
SpotnetSpotnet YouTube ChannelSpotnet Video Stats36-216-0.1156,651-82386 MTweet
Dulce CandyDulce Candy YouTube ChannelDulce Candy Video Stats37-2120.02,210,5011684-52963311.1 MTweet
Alex LeeAlex Lee YouTube ChannelAlex Lee Video Stats38-199-0.1146,943-3010Tweet
XrayTVXrayTV YouTube ChannelXrayTV Video Stats39-1980.0685,5447196-9100Tweet
StimMarvel - 릴마블StimMarvel - 릴마블 YouTube ChannelStimMarvel - 릴마블 Video Stats40-1970.01,128,0544123-119660430.2 MTweet
PointlessBlogPointlessBlog YouTube ChannelPointlessBlog Video Stats41-1920.05,501,804409-334254481.3 MTweet
Anna AkanaAnna Akana YouTube ChannelAnna Akana Video Stats42-1820.01,921,5422024752189160.7 MTweet
onlyfuturisticonlyfuturistic YouTube Channelonlyfuturistic Video Stats43-181-0.1175,8506816820.7 MTweet
I-Doser Binaural DosesI-Doser Binaural Doses YouTube ChannelI-Doser Binaural Doses Video Stats44-178-0.442,27693813.2 MTweet
Cataldo AnimationCataldo Animation YouTube ChannelCataldo Animation Video Stats45-178-59.71203321 KTweet
SamsungGermanySamsungGermany YouTube ChannelSamsungGermany Video Stats46-173-0.365,70916679745.9 MTweet
Makar family TVMakar family TV YouTube ChannelMakar family TV Video Stats47-1630.0848,31757054,6021366.3 MTweet
pbbunny97pbbunny97 YouTube Channelpbbunny97 Video Stats48-1570.0391,432-2993269.8 MTweet
mangelrogelmangelrogel YouTube Channelmangelrogel Video Stats49-1550.05,395,681420338425358.7 MTweet
Learn Colors BabyLearn Colors Baby YouTube ChannelLearn Colors Baby Video Stats50-1540.03,565,74683013,84745291.6 MTweet
SoCloseToToastSoCloseToToast YouTube ChannelSoCloseToToast Video Stats51-1520.01,090,4814294-45820107.7 MTweet
Marcus ButlerMarcus Butler YouTube ChannelMarcus Butler Video Stats52-1480.04,582,387558-476293389.2 MTweet
OnisionSpeaksOnisionSpeaks YouTube ChannelOnisionSpeaks Video Stats53-1400.01,818,4692202-1422.6K524.6 MTweet
TOT64TOT64 YouTube ChannelTOT64 Video Stats54-132-2.16,057-42199 KTweet
LOLA TAYLORLOLA TAYLOR YouTube ChannelLOLA TAYLOR Video Stats55-131-0.256,117-415 KTweet
lacigreenlacigreen YouTube Channellacigreen Video Stats56-1300.01,507,1512857-139169149.5 MTweet
Falcon LoverFalcon Lover YouTube ChannelFalcon Lover Video Stats57-130-0.274,767203228.4 MTweet
Clash of Clans with CamClash of Clans with Cam YouTube ChannelClash of Clans with Cam Video Stats58-1290.01,736,393234257921418.8 MTweet
This is ХорошоThis is Хорошо YouTube ChannelThis is Хорошо Video Stats59-1270.05,926,1173552007411.31 BTweet
FaZe TemperrrFaZe  Temperrr YouTube ChannelFaZe  Temperrr Video Stats60-1240.01,563,493272510518242.3 MTweet
Lauren ElizabethLauren Elizabeth YouTube ChannelLauren Elizabeth Video Stats61-1230.01,293,3233456-8246387.7 MTweet
Alexa MaeAlexa Mae YouTube ChannelAlexa Mae Video Stats62-1200.0578,38686062412130.1 MTweet
Nursery RhymesNursery Rhymes YouTube ChannelNursery Rhymes Video Stats63-1170.01,541,64627681,67018113 KTweet
Conner SullivanConner Sullivan YouTube ChannelConner Sullivan Video Stats64-117-0.1182,82529925318.8 MTweet
Константин КадаврКонстантин Кадавр YouTube ChannelКонстантин Кадавр Video Stats65-115-0.1115,025-1481649.7 MTweet
Муха не сиделаМуха не сидела YouTube ChannelМуха не сидела Video Stats66-1140.0337,4133214925.1 MTweet
Top10MediaTop10Media YouTube ChannelTop10Media Video Stats68-1120.02,162,5381739-25600Tweet
Jamie's WorldJamie's World YouTube ChannelJamie's World Video Stats69-1110.01,313,6743403-1479963.3 MTweet
Arman KashaniArman Kashani YouTube ChannelArman Kashani Video Stats70-110-0.1218,3145211416.9 MTweet
howtoPRANKituphowtoPRANKitup YouTube ChannelhowtoPRANKitup Video Stats71-1070.03,436,669867-255188573 MTweet
LunaLuna YouTube ChannelLuna Video Stats72-1070.01,645,3502548283787368.1 MTweet
NobodyEpicNobodyEpic YouTube ChannelNobodyEpic Video Stats73-1060.01,437,8433044-1001.2K196.1 MTweet
SpidermanCompilationSpidermanCompilation YouTube ChannelSpidermanCompilation Video Stats74-1050.01,437,37830453,22900Tweet
BlastphamousHD GamingBlastphamousHD Gaming YouTube ChannelBlastphamousHD Gaming Video Stats75-1020.0982,421484071959195.5 MTweet
ChocheElBlogChocheElBlog YouTube ChannelChocheElBlog Video Stats76-1010.0387,714609414.6 MTweet
Jim ChapmanJim Chapman YouTube ChannelJim Chapman Video Stats77-990.02,492,5961429-244570169.2 MTweet
FaceitFaceit YouTube ChannelFaceit Video Stats78-980.0207,86053972238.9 MTweet
GimperGimper YouTube ChannelGimper Video Stats79-970.01,256,06335994004K455.2 MTweet
Kuldeep M PaiKuldeep M Pai YouTube ChannelKuldeep M Pai Video Stats80-970.0332,18575149110.1 MTweet
MyHartoMyHarto YouTube ChannelMyHarto Video Stats81-950.02,519,8711404228567290.3 MTweet
eleventhgorgeouseleventhgorgeous YouTube Channeleleventhgorgeous Video Stats82-950.01,816,6212206-173664167.1 MTweet
gocricketgocricket YouTube Channelgocricket Video Stats83-950.01,052,54544692592252 KTweet
Top VinersTop Viners YouTube ChannelTop Viners Video Stats84-940.01,706,707240822813785.1 MTweet
FaZe BlazikenFaZe Blaziken YouTube ChannelFaZe Blaziken Video Stats85-930.02,923,015111155916418.8 MTweet
jahovaswitnissjahovaswitniss YouTube Channeljahovaswitniss Video Stats86-930.01,702,2572420-1022.4K267.8 MTweet
ALEX. Let's Play по ФАНУ, и море позитиALEX. Let's Play по ФАНУ, и море позити YouTube ChannelALEX. Let's Play по ФАНУ, и море позити Video Stats87-930.01,289,52334701032.1K182.6 MTweet
Sky Does MinecraftSky Does Minecraft YouTube ChannelSky Does Minecraft Video Stats88-920.011,892,01291-7781.8K3.57 BTweet
HurderOfBuffaloHurderOfBuffalo YouTube ChannelHurderOfBuffalo Video Stats89-920.01,160,9353963-1821.2K148 MTweet
Feast Of FictionFeast Of Fiction YouTube ChannelFeast Of Fiction Video Stats90-920.0995,1744781194163100.2 MTweet
On n'est pas que des cobayesOn n'est pas que des cobayes YouTube ChannelOn n'est pas que des cobayes Video Stats91-920.0300,469-771.1K91.3 MTweet
かなめチャンネルかなめチャンネル YouTube Channelかなめチャンネル Video Stats92-910.0226,651565824.2 MTweet
super hero kids rhymessuper hero kids rhymes YouTube Channelsuper hero kids rhymes Video Stats93-900.0960,85949582,743518 KTweet
PC-WELTPC-WELT YouTube ChannelPC-WELT Video Stats94-900.0510,81697376861.6K76.3 MTweet
Amanda EnsingAmanda Ensing YouTube ChannelAmanda Ensing Video Stats95-890.01,039,949454574736663 MTweet
Lady DiLady Di YouTube ChannelLady Di Video Stats96-890.0946,39650461,25400Tweet
Ennahar TV Compte OfficielEnnahar TV Compte Officiel YouTube ChannelEnnahar TV Compte Officiel Video Stats97-890.0782,957618996088K460.9 MTweet
DavidParodyDavidParody YouTube ChannelDavidParody Video Stats98-880.03,635,909803840613597.1 MTweet
Misty ChronexiaMisty Chronexia YouTube ChannelMisty Chronexia Video Stats99-880.01,167,643392864444266.7 MTweet
KSIOlajidebtHDKSIOlajidebtHD YouTube ChannelKSIOlajidebtHD Video Stats100-870.04,869,953498-239801713.1 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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