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96,552  Now
96,5044877 DayTweet
96,48468514 DayTweet
96,409143530 DayTweet
96,09545782 MonthTweet
95,71084293 MonthTweet
95,82073264 MonthTweet
95,60594765 MonthTweet
95,2511,30176 MonthTweet
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51,689,530  Now
51,638,70850,8227,2607 DayTweet
51,579,770109,7607,84014 DayTweet
51,436,720252,8108,42730 DayTweet
51,070,813618,71710,3122 MonthTweet
50,453,1571,236,37313,7373 MonthTweet
50,761,017928,5137,7384 MonthTweet
50,171,8451,517,68510,1185 MonthTweet
49,413,6752,275,85512,6446 MonthTweet
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30 Day
KicksOnFirecomKicksOnFirecom YouTube ChannelKicksOnFirecom Video Stats 96,591399572910.6 M
Adrian DunoAdrian Duno YouTube ChannelAdrian Duno Video Stats 96,586341011961035.8 M
AhmetKochtAhmetKocht YouTube ChannelAhmetKocht Video Stats 96,5802810116131515.7 M
Na Mira da VerdadeNa Mira da Verdade YouTube ChannelNa Mira da Verdade Video Stats 96,57422691423748.9 M
micaelakbeautymicaelakbeauty YouTube Channelmicaelakbeauty Video Stats 96,573211562001132.7 M
Isabel VictoriaIsabel Victoria YouTube ChannelIsabel Victoria Video Stats 96,563111531701734.4 M
Samir BadranSamir Badran YouTube ChannelSamir Badran Video Stats 96,5608-10-2000
Laura TobonLaura Tobon YouTube ChannelLaura Tobon Video Stats 96,5597239615655.2 M
Red Ribbon EntertainmentRed Ribbon Entertainment YouTube ChannelRed Ribbon Entertainment Video Stats 96,558613233279926 M
RTI CHAINETVRTI CHAINETV YouTube ChannelRTI CHAINETV Video Stats 96,552013418217.6K36.4 M
連詩雅 Shiga Lin連詩雅 Shiga Lin YouTube Channel連詩雅 Shiga Lin Video Stats 96,552055651.7 M
DjMatrixChannelDjMatrixChannel YouTube ChannelDjMatrixChannel Video Stats 96,541-1128418514626.4 M
Comedy RocketComedy Rocket YouTube ChannelComedy Rocket Video Stats 96,537-15795317125.4 M
Boyko Fitness FamilyBoyko Fitness Family YouTube ChannelBoyko Fitness Family Video Stats 96,534-1897128856.8 M
GimmeabreakmanGimmeabreakman YouTube ChannelGimmeabreakman Video Stats 96,533-190-263622 M
Army HomeArmy Home YouTube ChannelArmy Home Video Stats 96,525-270-1217418.5 M
rockboy1138rockboy1138 YouTube Channelrockboy1138 Video Stats 96,521-310-76640.5 M
Red Bull Music AcademyRed Bull Music Academy YouTube ChannelRed Bull Music Academy Video Stats 96,499-53274264317.2 M
Becca BristowBecca Bristow YouTube ChannelBecca Bristow Video Stats 96,485-671121382436.3 M
BiancaBLovesUBiancaBLovesU YouTube ChannelBiancaBLovesU Video Stats 96,483-690-42669.2 M
TheVideOpss [TVO]TheVideOpss [TVO] YouTube ChannelTheVideOpss [TVO] Video Stats 96,482-7011158329.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
CanucksCanucks YouTube ChannelCanucks Video Stats 51,707,40517,8754.3K12,09271,119
Mister73CMister73C YouTube ChannelMister73C Video Stats 51,706,56117,031132391,71659,439
CaptainCornholeCaptainCornhole YouTube ChannelCaptainCornhole Video Stats 51,704,51614,9861.7K31,22316,936
HyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel)HyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel) YouTube ChannelHyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel) Video Stats 51,703,05113,521105,170,305418,341
TAKANAKUY "A Puño Limpio"TAKANAKUY TAKANAKUY  51,700,08010,550163317,178116,557
Maldito RecordsMaldito Records YouTube ChannelMaldito Records Video Stats 51,695,0105,4801.5K35,62778,140
AgentXPQAgentXPQ YouTube ChannelAgentXPQ Video Stats 51,693,9414,411144358,986293,000
FusionCapFusionCap YouTube ChannelFusionCap Video Stats 51,692,9853,45588587,420172,969
NintendoWiiUUKNintendoWiiUUK YouTube ChannelNintendoWiiUUK Video Stats 51,692,9443,414442116,95251,029
Sing2Guitar | Acoustic Backing TracksSing2Guitar | Acoustic Backing Tracks YouTube ChannelSing2Guitar | Acoustic Backing Tracks Video Stats 51,690,9311,401105492,295189,351
連詩雅 Shiga Lin連詩雅 Shiga Lin YouTube Channel連詩雅 Shiga Lin Video Stats 51,689,53056923,02796,552
PatrickHDxGamingPatrickHDxGaming YouTube ChannelPatrickHDxGaming Video Stats 51,689,092-43881963,112241,729
Sports WorldWideSports WorldWide YouTube ChannelSports WorldWide Video Stats 51,688,843-687142364,006119,030
whitneybaewhitneybae YouTube Channelwhitneybae Video Stats 51,683,672-5,858242213,569362,393
NOTICIASMVSNOTICIASMVS YouTube ChannelNOTICIASMVS Video Stats 51,683,473-6,0576.1K8,48889,648
FaZe NikanFaZe Nikan YouTube ChannelFaZe Nikan Video Stats 51,675,670-13,860155333,391912,115
McDonaldsKorMcDonaldsKor YouTube ChannelMcDonaldsKor Video Stats 51,675,184-14,346207249,63917,827
Ed Sheeran - TopicEd Sheeran - Topic YouTube ChannelEd Sheeran - Topic Video Stats 51,670,979-18,551400129,177589,668
HansgroheHansgrohe YouTube ChannelHansgrohe Video Stats 51,669,559-19,971450114,82154,881
BeauBrosBeauBros YouTube ChannelBeauBros Video Stats 51,669,371-20,159494104,594437,441
Мобильные игрыМобильные игры YouTube ChannelМобильные игры Video Stats 51,667,842-21,6882.7K19,37372,847
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Based on 457 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
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Start Subs: 96,095     Current Subs: 96,552
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Be Reached
96,75019826 D  4/18  2018Tweet
97,00044828 D1 M 5/21  2018Tweet
97,250698 3 M 6/23  2018Tweet
97,5009483 D4 M 7/26  2018Tweet
97,7501,1985 D5 M 8/28  2018Tweet
98,0001,4488 D6 M 9/30  2018Tweet
98,2501,69810 D7 M 11/01  2018Tweet
98,5001,94812 D8 M 12/04  2018Tweet
98,7502,19815 D9 M 1/06  2019Tweet
99,0002,44817 D10 M 2/08  2019Tweet
99,2502,69820 D11 M 3/13  2019Tweet
99,5002,94823 D 1 Y4/15  2019Tweet
99,7503,19824 D1 M1 Y5/17  2019Tweet
100,0003,44827 D2 M1 Y6/19  2019Tweet
102,5005,94820 D1 M2 Y5/12  2020Tweet
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Start Views: 51,070,813     Current Views: 51,689,530
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
51,750,00060,4706 D  3/29  2018Tweet
52,000,000310,470 1 M 4/23  2018Tweet
52,250,000560,47024 D1 M 5/17  2018Tweet
52,500,000810,47018 D2 M 6/10  2018Tweet
52,750,0001,060,47011 D3 M 7/04  2018Tweet
53,000,0001,310,4706 D4 M 7/29  2018Tweet
53,250,0001,560,47030 D4 M 8/22  2018Tweet
53,500,0001,810,47023 D5 M 9/15  2018Tweet
53,750,0002,060,47017 D6 M 10/09  2018Tweet
54,000,0002,310,47012 D7 M 11/03  2018Tweet
54,250,0002,560,4705 D8 M 11/27  2018Tweet
54,500,0002,810,47029 D8 M 12/21  2018Tweet
54,750,0003,060,47023 D9 M 1/14  2019Tweet
55,000,0003,310,47017 D10 M 2/08  2019Tweet
55,250,0003,560,47011 D11 M 3/04  2019Tweet