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41,511435627 DayTweet
41,0159316714 DayTweet
39,8972,0496830 DayTweet
37,6434,303722 MonthTweet
35,5816,365713 MonthTweet
36,2925,654474 MonthTweet
33,8468,100545 MonthTweet
31,31210,634596 MonthTweet
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26,576,022  Now
26,396,169179,85325,6937 DayTweet
26,197,690378,33227,02414 DayTweet
25,737,830838,19227,94030 DayTweet
24,783,4751,792,54729,8762 MonthTweet
23,912,9402,663,08229,5903 MonthTweet
24,240,9092,335,11319,4594 MonthTweet
23,230,0323,345,99022,3075 MonthTweet
22,264,6284,311,39423,9526 MonthTweet
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Offhand DisneylandOffhand Disneyland YouTube ChannelOffhand Disneyland Video Stats 41,9631781147724.6 M
Toulis UHToulis UH YouTube ChannelToulis UH Video Stats 41,9611554991467.9 M
PirateGrayPirateGray YouTube ChannelPirateGray Video Stats 41,960140-2651.5 M
Alex Zi Gaming ChannelAlex Zi Gaming Channel YouTube ChannelAlex Zi Gaming Channel Video Stats 41,9581225691.5K5.3 M
Conrad ElectronicConrad Electronic YouTube ChannelConrad Electronic Video Stats 41,957116916923814.1 M
JCDarksoulMusicJCDarksoulMusic YouTube ChannelJCDarksoulMusic Video Stats 41,95599244967.9 M
ChristopherKblogChristopherKblog YouTube ChannelChristopherKblog Video Stats 41,954871174517.2 M
hopexproductionshopexproductions YouTube Channelhopexproductions Video Stats 41,95370-61753.7 M
Petr CechPetr Cech YouTube ChannelPetr Cech Video Stats 41,94824252142.7 M
TNA Willow FanTNA Willow Fan YouTube ChannelTNA Willow Fan Video Stats 41,9482193729130 M
luciano hortencioluciano hortencio YouTube Channelluciano hortencio Video Stats 41,94640689.4K26.6 M
LaboratorioFantasmaLaboratorioFantasma YouTube ChannelLaboratorioFantasma Video Stats 41,945-111271375.2 M
CombatArmsCombatArms YouTube ChannelCombatArms Video Stats 41,945-100373.9 M
JLynnJohnstonJLynnJohnston YouTube ChannelJLynnJohnston Video Stats 41,943-30-1511 M
BlahBlahBlahGAMINGBlahBlahBlahGAMING YouTube ChannelBlahBlahBlahGAMING Video Stats 41,942-40-336620.5 M
大頭起司 Cheeseonhead大頭起司 Cheeseonhead YouTube Channel大頭起司 Cheeseonhead Video Stats 41,942-40-12754.6 M
TAMMpONTAMMpON YouTube ChannelTAMMpON Video Stats 41,941-50-1471.1 M
arenerosareneros YouTube Channelareneros Video Stats 41,940-615151796.7 M
Nokia РоссияNokia Россия YouTube ChannelNokia Россия Video Stats 41,940-60-600
Hecho En Puerto RicoHecho En Puerto Rico YouTube ChannelHecho En Puerto Rico Video Stats 41,939-716492922.8 M
capturedHDcapturedHD YouTube ChannelcapturedHD Video Stats 41,938-80-495011.9 M
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per Video
The Kepler Telescope ChannelThe Kepler Telescope Channel YouTube ChannelThe Kepler Telescope Channel Video Stats 26,585,8679,84528892,31289,980
lulaemusiclulaemusic YouTube Channellulaemusic Video Stats 26,585,8319,809106250,81017,571
Maliatsis TubeMaliatsis Tube YouTube ChannelMaliatsis Tube Video Stats 26,584,8368,814115231,172241,226
Locutor Cicero SantosLocutor Cicero Santos YouTube ChannelLocutor Cicero Santos Video Stats 26,582,9026,88038668,86840,373
Tom ZebraTom Zebra YouTube ChannelTom Zebra Video Stats 26,582,1686,14679833,31166,909
wanderlei .mwanderlei .m YouTube Channelwanderlei .m Video Stats 26,580,8164,794133199,85626,111
Pure Rock N RollPure Rock N Roll YouTube ChannelPure Rock N Roll Video Stats 26,580,4174,39531857,43319,765
Nursery Rhymes Fun TVNursery Rhymes Fun TV YouTube ChannelNursery Rhymes Fun TV Video Stats 26,576,67265080332,20857,819
LordiVEVOLordiVEVO YouTube ChannelLordiVEVO Video Stats 26,576,63761592,952,96045,405
SankeiUpSankeiUp YouTube ChannelSankeiUp Video Stats 26,576,2782561.4K19,49820,461
luciano hortencioluciano hortencio YouTube Channelluciano hortencio Video Stats 26,576,0229.4K2,82541,946
sbf2148sbf2148 YouTube Channelsbf2148 Video Stats 26,575,099-92341464,19123,325
Live from the Flight DeckLive from the Flight Deck YouTube ChannelLive from the Flight Deck Video Stats 26,574,761-1,261137193,976136,727
The Utimate German ShepherdThe Utimate German Shepherd YouTube ChannelThe Utimate German Shepherd Video Stats 26,574,515-1,507128207,61322,111
MaximMaxim YouTube ChannelMaxim Video Stats 26,574,382-1,64066402,64241,622
Moose Trash PackMoose Trash Pack YouTube ChannelMoose Trash Pack Video Stats 26,573,712-2,31057466,20523,907
Alejandro182182Alejandro182182 YouTube ChannelAlejandro182182 Video Stats 26,571,392-4,630112,415,5812,628
SMBC TheaterSMBC Theater YouTube ChannelSMBC Theater Video Stats 26,571,355-4,667200132,85779,883
the Luxury Travel Expertthe Luxury Travel Expert YouTube Channelthe Luxury Travel Expert Video Stats 26,571,121-4,901176150,972124,094
Snap KingSnap King YouTube ChannelSnap King Video Stats 26,570,888-5,134255104,20033,422
jerreld goeloejerreld goeloe YouTube Channeljerreld goeloe Video Stats 26,569,189-6,83355483,07616,296
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Start Subs: 37,643     Current Subs: 41,946
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Date Goal Will
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42,000541 D  3/20  2018Tweet
42,2503045 D  3/24  2018Tweet
42,5005548 D  3/27  2018Tweet
42,75080412 D  3/31  2018Tweet
43,0001,05415 D  4/03  2018Tweet
43,2501,30419 D  4/07  2018Tweet
43,5001,55422 D  4/10  2018Tweet
43,7501,80426 D  4/14  2018Tweet
44,0002,05429 D  4/17  2018Tweet
44,2502,3042 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
44,5002,5545 D1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
44,7502,8049 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
45,0003,05412 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
45,2503,30416 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
45,5003,55419 D1 M 5/08  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 24,783,475     Current Views: 26,576,022
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26,750,000173,9786 D  3/25  2018Tweet
27,000,000423,97815 D  4/03  2018Tweet
27,250,000673,97823 D  4/11  2018Tweet
27,500,000923,978 1 M 4/19  2018Tweet
27,750,0001,173,9789 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
28,000,0001,423,97817 D1 M 5/06  2018Tweet
28,250,0001,673,97826 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
28,500,0001,923,9784 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
28,750,0002,173,97812 D2 M 5/31  2018Tweet
29,000,0002,423,97821 D2 M 6/09  2018Tweet
29,250,0002,673,97829 D2 M 6/17  2018Tweet
29,500,0002,923,9786 D3 M 6/25  2018Tweet
29,750,0003,173,97815 D3 M 7/04  2018Tweet
30,000,0003,423,97823 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet
30,250,0003,673,9781 D4 M 7/20  2018Tweet