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124,651  Now
124,771-120-177 DayTweet
124,752-101-714 DayTweet
124,846-195-730 DayTweet
125,207-556-92 MonthTweet
125,641-990-113 MonthTweet
125,537-886-74 MonthTweet
125,976-1,325-95 MonthTweet
126,079-1,428-86 MonthTweet
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9,105,458  Now
9,080,54924,9093,5587 DayTweet
9,052,99452,4643,74714 DayTweet
8,979,305126,1534,20530 DayTweet
8,842,570262,8884,3812 MonthTweet
8,687,132418,3264,6483 MonthTweet
8,742,539362,9193,0244 MonthTweet
8,596,486508,9723,3935 MonthTweet
8,486,008619,4503,4416 MonthTweet
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30 Day
SWSHDOfficialSWSHDOfficial YouTube ChannelSWSHDOfficial Video Stats 124,7065516148091.8 M
lovelyannekalovelyanneka YouTube Channellovelyanneka Video Stats 124,696450-420410.7 M
Mister Oscar for children TVMister Oscar for children TV YouTube ChannelMister Oscar for children TV Video Stats 124,6823163622627.3 M
DeathbyillusionDeathbyillusion YouTube ChannelDeathbyillusion Video Stats 124,6772632521.1K124 M
BarryBeeBarryBee YouTube ChannelBarryBee Video Stats 124,676254426462112.7 M
christrout91christrout91 YouTube Channelchristrout91 Video Stats 124,672210-71.3K29.9 M
RoMarshRoMarsh YouTube ChannelRoMarsh Video Stats 124,668173734929.5 M
AridersLifeAridersLife YouTube ChannelAridersLife Video Stats 124,66716273529137.6 M
elcocinerofielelcocinerofiel YouTube Channelelcocinerofiel Video Stats 124,66514388098839 M
SYZYGYSYZYGY YouTube ChannelSYZYGY Video Stats 124,6565151616620.4 M
TribeTylerTribeTyler YouTube ChannelTribeTyler Video Stats 124,651-5-73379.1 M
PS3ShwoPS3Shwo YouTube ChannelPS3Shwo Video Stats 124,65100-4779.4 M
Happy Cake By Renee (HappyCakesBakes)Happy Cake By Renee (HappyCakesBakes) YouTube ChannelHappy Cake By Renee (HappyCakesBakes) Video Stats 124,650-1385511610.6 M
Underdann MCUnderdann MC YouTube ChannelUnderdann MC Video Stats 124,648-36421655.3 M
CNN TÜRKCNN TÜRK YouTube ChannelCNN TÜRK Video Stats 124,639-122282828.8K106.1 M
Damian SalazarDamian Salazar YouTube ChannelDamian Salazar Video Stats 124,637-147326423925.5 M
Sumi BunnySumi Bunny YouTube ChannelSumi Bunny Video Stats 124,623-28-1-121377.6 M
IU Official Channel (by LOEN TREE)IU Official Channel (by LOEN TREE) YouTube ChannelIU Official Channel (by LOEN TREE) Video Stats 124,604-470-382.2 M
mehspinmehspin YouTube Channelmehspin Video Stats 124,597-5433128081 M
CheapRVlivingCheapRVliving YouTube ChannelCheapRVliving Video Stats 124,594-5711633024818.2 M
AnimalWonders MontanaAnimalWonders Montana YouTube ChannelAnimalWonders Montana Video Stats 124,591-606414722412.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Sponder YohaySponder Yohay YouTube ChannelSponder Yohay Video Stats 9,107,5782,12027033,7328,237
jamiefoxxjamiefoxx YouTube Channeljamiefoxx Video Stats 9,107,4311,97371,301,06228,505
Sabrina SunSabrina Sun YouTube ChannelSabrina Sun Video Stats 9,107,2381,78032128,37159,110
Jamie LewisJamie Lewis YouTube ChannelJamie Lewis Video Stats 9,106,7871,32923438,91818,745
TTBFromTheRoadTTBFromTheRoad YouTube ChannelTTBFromTheRoad Video Stats 9,106,6671,20957159,76624,402
Sony Ericsson Developer WorldSony Ericsson Developer World YouTube ChannelSony Ericsson Developer World Video Stats 9,106,5211,06378116,7506,769
Rolnik277Rolnik277 YouTube ChannelRolnik277 Video Stats 9,106,44498644206,96519,138
NewdooclipsNewdooclips YouTube ChannelNewdooclips Video Stats 9,106,42096253916,89541,384
TheMatrixLogOutTheMatrixLogOut YouTube ChannelTheMatrixLogOut Video Stats 9,106,36991113965,5134,326
qro4yzeyl0iqro4yzeyl0i YouTube Channelqro4yzeyl0i Video Stats 9,105,5135514650,3942,167
TribeTylerTribeTyler YouTube ChannelTribeTyler Video Stats 9,105,45833727,019124,651
TpindellGotGameTpindellGotGame YouTube ChannelTpindellGotGame Video Stats 9,105,411-4731828,633180,102
Trent HamiltonTrent Hamilton YouTube ChannelTrent Hamilton Video Stats 9,105,180-27822740,11139,405
jeymammonvideosjeymammonvideos YouTube Channeljeymammonvideos Video Stats 9,105,032-42624637,01219,174
Alex BrittiAlex Britti YouTube ChannelAlex Britti Video Stats 9,105,018-44026350,19318,641
marilliononlinemarilliononline YouTube Channelmarilliononline Video Stats 9,104,423-1,03511777,81618,585
İnsan Haqlarıİnsan Haqları YouTube Channelİnsan Haqları Video Stats 9,104,166-1,29272012,64513,544
Slovak Tourist Board (Slovakia.travel)Slovak Tourist Board (Slovakia.travel) YouTube ChannelSlovak Tourist Board (Slovakia.travel) Video Stats 9,103,481-1,97719446,9252,816
The8thHawkThe8thHawk YouTube ChannelThe8thHawk Video Stats 9,103,440-2,01846819,452138,410
DreamonDreamertvDreamonDreamertv YouTube ChannelDreamonDreamertv Video Stats 9,103,414-2,04431293,65956,647
AgentJuceyAgentJucey YouTube ChannelAgentJucey Video Stats 9,103,362-2,09620644,19118,827
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Start Subs: 125,207     Current Subs: 124,651
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9,250,000144,5422 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
9,500,000394,54230 D2 M 6/18  2018Tweet
9,750,000644,54226 D4 M 8/14  2018Tweet
10,000,000894,54222 D6 M 10/10  2018Tweet
10,250,0001,144,54218 D8 M 12/06  2018Tweet
10,500,0001,394,54214 D10 M 2/01  2019Tweet
10,750,0001,644,54211 D 1 Y3/30  2019Tweet
11,000,0001,894,5427 D2 M1 Y5/26  2019Tweet
11,250,0002,144,5423 D4 M1 Y7/22  2019Tweet
11,500,0002,394,54229 D5 M1 Y9/17  2019Tweet
11,750,0002,644,54226 D7 M1 Y11/13  2019Tweet
12,000,0002,894,54222 D9 M1 Y1/09  2020Tweet
12,250,0003,144,54218 D11 M1 Y3/06  2020Tweet
12,500,0003,394,54214 D1 M2 Y5/02  2020Tweet
12,750,0003,644,54210 D3 M2 Y6/28  2020Tweet