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113,768-1,541-2207 DayTweet
113,953-1,726-12314 DayTweet
114,454-2,227-7430 DayTweet
115,332-3,105-522 MonthTweet
116,631-4,404-493 MonthTweet
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4,970,155  Now
4,944,92925,2263,6047 DayTweet
4,942,95727,1981,94314 DayTweet
4,922,56847,5871,58630 DayTweet
4,888,26381,8921,3652 MonthTweet
4,796,365173,7901,9313 MonthTweet
5,218,661-248,506-2,0714 MonthTweet
5,213,284-243,129-1,6215 MonthTweet
5,211,119-240,964-1,3396 MonthTweet
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Berryz工房Berryz工房 YouTube ChannelBerryz工房 Video Stats 112,27952161842678.5 M
ObsidianAntObsidianAnt YouTube ChannelObsidianAnt Video Stats 112,275483314185422.1 M
YouTube RewindYouTube Rewind YouTube ChannelYouTube Rewind Video Stats 112,269420-3100
JemminemJemminem YouTube ChannelJemminem Video Stats 112,2653810601066.2 M
DrM4sterCraftDrM4sterCraft YouTube ChannelDrM4sterCraft Video Stats 112,243160-1027532 K
Joe AllamJoe Allam YouTube ChannelJoe Allam Video Stats 112,239121142041476.6 M
nottinghamsciencenottinghamscience YouTube Channelnottinghamscience Video Stats 112,23811101649013.1 M
ItonTV1ItonTV1 YouTube ChannelItonTV1 Video Stats 112,233650715.4K91.4 M
Bottle BoysBottle Boys YouTube ChannelBottle Boys Video Stats 112,23251316216.3 M
ChigreChigre YouTube ChannelChigre Video Stats 112,2281431141.2K18.3 M
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats 112,227-573-74375 M
AlBaghdadia البغداديةAlBaghdadia البغدادية YouTube ChannelAlBaghdadia البغدادية Video Stats 112,22700-51811 K
RTKRTK YouTube ChannelRTK Video Stats 112,217-10771127.6K182.8 M
JustChrisNLJustChrisNL YouTube ChannelJustChrisNL Video Stats 112,217-109228755313.6 M
MunchyjrMunchyjr YouTube ChannelMunchyjr Video Stats 112,210-173132711.9 M
RevelmodeRevelmode YouTube ChannelRevelmode Video Stats 112,209-18-3-2600
Pipoca e NanquimPipoca e Nanquim YouTube ChannelPipoca e Nanquim Video Stats 112,203-246112255412.2 M
daughtrydaughtry YouTube Channeldaughtry Video Stats 112,202-25501399030.6 M
Tvigle ManTvigle Man YouTube ChannelTvigle Man Video Stats 112,194-3324708847.8 M
MonkeyVsGamingMonkeyVsGaming YouTube ChannelMonkeyVsGaming Video Stats 112,190-376026758810.6 M
Volkswagen de MéxicoVolkswagen de México YouTube ChannelVolkswagen de México Video Stats 112,182-45128841888.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
ElSeÑorSarcasmoElSeÑorSarcasmo YouTube ChannelElSeÑorSarcasmo Video Stats 4,970,94879311045,190211,558
FreezeFreeze YouTube ChannelFreeze Video Stats 4,970,89874315631,86534,730
KfapKfap YouTube ChannelKfap Video Stats 4,970,8727176576,47514,504
Alki BonaAlki Bona YouTube ChannelAlki Bona Video Stats 4,970,73157615532,06930,378
SolidSmokeRockabillySolidSmokeRockabilly YouTube ChannelSolidSmokeRockabilly Video Stats 4,970,62647140612,24314,187
CCC Shoes&BagsCCC Shoes&Bags YouTube ChannelCCC Shoes&Bags Video Stats 4,970,4983439254,0271,511
java9sjava9s YouTube Channeljava9s Video Stats 4,970,3662119154,61936,013
Cat BordhiCat Bordhi YouTube ChannelCat Bordhi Video Stats 4,970,33718239127,44525,112
GeympedGeymped YouTube ChannelGeymped Video Stats 4,970,2327719325,75222,059
Ohkami84Ohkami84 YouTube ChannelOhkami84 Video Stats 4,970,159422,485,0801,683
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats 4,970,15537134,329112,227
Seba GonzalezSeba Gonzalez YouTube ChannelSeba Gonzalez Video Stats 4,970,121-348621,2656,552
Katie ColeKatie Cole YouTube ChannelKatie Cole Video Stats 4,970,001-15438130,79023,177
House SpotHouse Spot YouTube ChannelHouse Spot Video Stats 4,969,904-25143611,39918,100
occhi272009occhi272009 YouTube Channelocchi272009 Video Stats 4,969,864-29110248,7246,044
Impulse Kid EntertainmentImpulse Kid Entertainment YouTube ChannelImpulse Kid Entertainment Video Stats 4,969,767-38810846,0162,553
Anderson ZambranoAnderson Zambrano YouTube ChannelAnderson Zambrano Video Stats 4,969,629-52618276,0911,763
DomHillyDomHilly YouTube ChannelDomHilly Video Stats 4,969,592-56312414,133765
GReddyUSAGReddyUSA YouTube ChannelGReddyUSA Video Stats 4,969,584-57112440,07713,007
DJ Surge-NDJ Surge-N YouTube ChannelDJ Surge-N Video Stats 4,969,505-65031160,3073,716
The Crystal MethodThe Crystal Method YouTube ChannelThe Crystal Method Video Stats 4,969,297-8586774,1697,765
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4,975,0004,8454 D  3/28  2018Tweet
5,000,00029,84522 D  4/15  2018Tweet
5,250,000279,84523 D6 M 10/16  2018Tweet
5,500,000529,84524 D 1 Y4/17  2019Tweet
5,750,000779,84524 D6 M1 Y10/17  2019Tweet
6,000,0001,029,84525 D 2 Y4/17  2020Tweet
6,250,0001,279,84525 D6 M2 Y10/17  2020Tweet