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392,647  Now
392,868-221-327 DayTweet
393,150-503-3614 DayTweet
393,955-1,308-4430 DayTweet
394,960-2,313-392 MonthTweet
395,434-2,787-313 MonthTweet
395,244-2,597-224 MonthTweet
395,641-2,994-205 MonthTweet
394,525-1,878-106 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
31,469,588  Now
31,462,5407,0481,0077 DayTweet
31,456,76512,82391614 DayTweet
31,442,12027,46891630 DayTweet
31,405,97963,6091,0602 MonthTweet
31,355,408114,1801,2693 MonthTweet
31,384,55985,0297094 MonthTweet
31,329,672139,9169335 MonthTweet
31,164,570305,0181,6956 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
OneCheesyMofoOneCheesyMofo YouTube ChannelOneCheesyMofo Video Stats 392,958311-2-171.7K90.6 M
Eton MessyEton Messy YouTube ChannelEton Messy Video Stats 392,9392921532729104.4 M
Kristel FulgarKristel Fulgar YouTube ChannelKristel Fulgar Video Stats 392,8882411192173483.8 M
Dejah LanayDejah Lanay YouTube ChannelDejah Lanay Video Stats 392,87122413547116847.9 M
StyleSuziStyleSuzi YouTube ChannelStyleSuzi Video Stats 392,85220525941055.7 M
Mushaira MediaMushaira Media YouTube ChannelMushaira Media Video Stats 392,8411947521,0605.3K146.4 M
Un Nuevo DíaUn Nuevo Día YouTube ChannelUn Nuevo Día Video Stats 392,79414738066615.6K171.6 M
Red ReserveRed Reserve YouTube ChannelRed Reserve Video Stats 392,78613903461229.4 M
Niykee HeatonNiykee Heaton YouTube ChannelNiykee Heaton Video Stats 392,77813115208456.6 M
mimeimimei YouTube Channelmimei Video Stats 392,73891337730746.2 M
LoganMckay55LoganMckay55 YouTube ChannelLoganMckay55 Video Stats 392,647-11-4438831.5 M
elviniminelvinimin YouTube Channelelvinimin Video Stats 392,627-2022340513025.4 M
SkinsSkins YouTube ChannelSkins Video Stats 392,600-477781606171.1 M
Humza ProductionsHumza Productions YouTube ChannelHumza Productions Video Stats 392,589-5814216687.1 M
C-c-combo Breaker!C-c-combo Breaker! YouTube ChannelC-c-combo Breaker! Video Stats 392,474-17327216732563.8 M
the1kaosthe1kaos YouTube Channelthe1kaos Video Stats 392,473-174111155512193.8 M
Ciuffi RossiCiuffi Rossi YouTube ChannelCiuffi Rossi Video Stats 392,464-1839281,5036617.9 M
NativLangNativLang YouTube ChannelNativLang Video Stats 392,455-19216928817124.6 M
TopMusical.lyTopMusical.ly YouTube ChannelTopMusical.ly Video Stats 392,397-25014243822594.9 M
61MinutenSex61MinutenSex YouTube Channel61MinutenSex Video Stats 392,332-3152238563230 M
TheCallingVEVOTheCallingVEVO YouTube ChannelTheCallingVEVO Video Stats 392,331-3161843216286.9 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
umdoisumdois YouTube Channelumdois Video Stats 31,488,97719,389254123,972423,222
ThomiThomi YouTube ChannelThomi Video Stats 31,487,50817,920253124,457243,054
SirGerman3SirGerman3 YouTube ChannelSirGerman3 Video Stats 31,486,03316,445278113,2597,577
Sergey VoytenkoSergey Voytenko YouTube ChannelSergey Voytenko Video Stats 31,485,87816,29055356,93621,284
RTÉ Republic of ComedyRTÉ Republic of Comedy YouTube ChannelRTÉ Republic of Comedy Video Stats 31,476,6277,03940178,49563,986
Freddy GraphFreddy Graph YouTube ChannelFreddy Graph Video Stats 31,472,8473,259109288,74247,498
TheDudeTheDude YouTube ChannelTheDude Video Stats 31,472,0462,458131,472,0465,765
井嶋あきら井嶋あきら YouTube Channel井嶋あきら Video Stats 31,471,6702,0821.4K22,35242,766
Mark With a KMark With a K YouTube ChannelMark With a K Video Stats 31,471,0621,47477408,71598,169
NADEGE CANDLENADEGE CANDLE YouTube ChannelNADEGE CANDLE Video Stats 31,470,205617282111,596172,152
LoganMckay55LoganMckay55 YouTube ChannelLoganMckay55 Video Stats 31,469,58838881,107392,647
DIY Mommy Loom Bands and Toys InternatioDIY Mommy Loom Bands and Toys Internatio YouTube ChannelDIY Mommy Loom Bands and Toys Internatio Video Stats 31,468,911-677155203,02576,377
XXXTheXPianoXXXXXXTheXPianoXXX YouTube ChannelXXXTheXPianoXXX Video Stats 31,465,953-3,635208151,27995,684
En Passant PéchoEn Passant Pécho YouTube ChannelEn Passant Pécho Video Stats 31,463,327-6,261191,655,965277,117
Hugo RodriguezHugo Rodriguez YouTube ChannelHugo Rodriguez Video Stats 31,462,941-6,647276113,996155,444
SekiguchiAimiCHANNELSekiguchiAimiCHANNEL YouTube ChannelSekiguchiAimiCHANNEL Video Stats 31,461,784-7,80453458,91760,486
Trippy CommentariesTrippy Commentaries YouTube ChannelTrippy Commentaries Video Stats 31,460,004-9,5841.5K21,072131,205
Bollywood TriviaBollywood Trivia YouTube ChannelBollywood Trivia Video Stats 31,459,341-10,24713.2K2,38550,210
HighscoreHeroesHighscoreHeroes YouTube ChannelHighscoreHeroes Video Stats 31,457,878-11,7102.4K13,285103,322
UptomykneesUptomyknees YouTube ChannelUptomyknees Video Stats 31,457,561-12,02746068,386132,990
johnrichnowjohnrichnow YouTube Channeljohnrichnow Video Stats 31,456,899-12,68933593,90123,281
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Start Subs: 394,960     Current Subs: 392,647
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31,500,00030,41229 D  4/22  2018Tweet
31,750,000280,41221 D8 M 12/14  2018Tweet
32,000,000530,41214 D4 M1 Y8/07  2019Tweet
32,250,000780,4127 D 2 Y3/30  2020Tweet
32,500,0001,030,41229 D7 M2 Y11/20  2020Tweet