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99,87523,7591984 MonthTweet
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65,802,357679,53497,0767 DayTweet
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62,817,5583,664,333122,14430 DayTweet
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55,068,79511,413,096126,8123 MonthTweet
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Art And ArtistesArt And Artistes YouTube ChannelArt And Artistes Video Stats 123,6804619929660048.1 M
Amber J LiuAmber J Liu YouTube ChannelAmber J Liu Video Stats 123,6683412123.8 M
speishispeishi YouTube Channelspeishi Video Stats 123,66329-10321228.8 M
Bia SaitoBia Saito YouTube ChannelBia Saito Video Stats 123,6622814162365.4 M
Léo AttaliLéo Attali YouTube ChannelLéo Attali Video Stats 123,65723-8-15302.5 M
قناة الوصفات المجربة بامتيازقناة الوصفات المجربة بامتياز YouTube Channelقناة الوصفات المجربة بامتياز Video Stats 123,656222472294023.9 M
lasersaberlasersaber YouTube Channellasersaber Video Stats 123,64915326316619.7 M
Matemática Show com Prof. Abraão LincolnMatemática Show com Prof. Abraão Lincoln YouTube ChannelMatemática Show com Prof. Abraão Lincoln Video Stats 123,6451145273448.9 M
tadelesmithtadelesmith YouTube Channeltadelesmith Video Stats 123,64410-9-21759.9 M
JackGarrattVEVOJackGarrattVEVO YouTube ChannelJackGarrattVEVO Video Stats 123,641715293934.8 M
LollipopLollipop YouTube ChannelLollipop Video Stats 123,6342123167466.5 M
GrupoBomGostoVEVOGrupoBomGostoVEVO YouTube ChannelGrupoBomGostoVEVO Video Stats 123,628-6791612366.8 M
ほしりゅうほしりゅう YouTube Channelほしりゅう Video Stats 123,619-154310310056.8 M
UniquenameosaurusUniquenameosaurus YouTube ChannelUniquenameosaurus Video Stats 123,613-21968805910.9 M
Taja30Taja30 YouTube ChannelTaja30 Video Stats 123,612-221431663K75.8 M
Alvin and the Chipmunks sings...Alvin and the Chipmunks sings... YouTube ChannelAlvin and the Chipmunks sings... Video Stats 123,612-2212424312246 M
NFBNFB YouTube ChannelNFB Video Stats 123,604-3049971.1K45.7 M
daveywaveyfitnessdaveywaveyfitness YouTube Channeldaveywaveyfitness Video Stats 123,603-31277613.9 M
ALF DIGITALALF DIGITAL YouTube ChannelALF DIGITAL Video Stats 123,601-331011791.8K68.6 M
Jeff SchneiderJeff Schneider YouTube ChannelJeff Schneider Video Stats 123,591-43551231876.9 M
Crazy For Indian FoodCrazy For Indian Food YouTube ChannelCrazy For Indian Food Video Stats 123,587-4754184617233.3 M
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per Video
BringBackTheCrossBringBackTheCross YouTube ChannelBringBackTheCross Video Stats 66,518,78436,89383579,663118,912
Despicable Me: Minion RushDespicable Me: Minion Rush YouTube ChannelDespicable Me: Minion Rush Video Stats 66,514,80432,913451,478,10752,581
CHIPCHIP YouTube ChannelCHIP Video Stats 66,510,12728,2361.9K34,301138,755
JaeRoarJaeRoar YouTube ChannelJaeRoar Video Stats 66,503,30421,4132.4K27,802201,376
Daryl Ong OfficialDaryl Ong Official YouTube ChannelDaryl Ong Official Video Stats 66,502,83320,942551,209,142157,861
AzTTeKWolFAzTTeKWolF YouTube ChannelAzTTeKWolF Video Stats 66,494,36812,477539123,366458,515
Maze+LeeMaze+Lee YouTube ChannelMaze+Lee Video Stats 66,493,30411,413279238,327442,686
홍낙현홍낙현 YouTube Channel홍낙현 Video Stats 66,488,3246,43334.3K1,93861,145
AZIMUTZVUKAZIMUTZVUK YouTube ChannelAZIMUTZVUK Video Stats 66,483,7911,900269247,15263,562
Adam BealesAdam Beales YouTube ChannelAdam Beales Video Stats 66,482,370479148449,205789,450
LollipopLollipop YouTube ChannelLollipop Video Stats 66,481,89174898,404123,634
MidasHimMidasHim YouTube ChannelMidasHim Video Stats 66,478,504-3,3879K7,36885,457
PandoraPandora YouTube ChannelPandora Video Stats 66,471,746-10,145318209,031140,540
czajka1982czajka1982 YouTube Channelczajka1982 Video Stats 66,468,813-13,078611,078,13630,440
Divorce CourtDivorce Court YouTube ChannelDivorce Court Video Stats 66,440,591-41,3002K34,072176,347
katdelunakatdeluna YouTube Channelkatdeluna Video Stats 66,433,553-48,338130511,02746,355
CoDEmblemTutorialsCoDEmblemTutorials YouTube ChannelCoDEmblemTutorials Video Stats 66,431,605-50,2861.8K37,660509,750
British VogueBritish Vogue YouTube ChannelBritish Vogue Video Stats 66,430,344-51,547211314,836492,619
Street Food HDStreet Food HD YouTube ChannelStreet Food HD Video Stats 66,422,428-59,463511,302,401405,988
Triwood1973Triwood1973 YouTube ChannelTriwood1973 Video Stats 66,419,650-62,241148448,78156,297
MatromXMatromX YouTube ChannelMatromX Video Stats 66,418,574-63,317118562,86942,565
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125,0001,3665 D  3/27  2018Tweet
127,5003,86613 D  4/04  2018Tweet
130,0006,36621 D  4/12  2018Tweet
132,5008,86628 D  4/19  2018Tweet
135,00011,3665 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
137,50013,86613 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
140,00016,36621 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
142,50018,86629 D1 M 5/21  2018Tweet
145,00021,3667 D2 M 5/29  2018Tweet
147,50023,86615 D2 M 6/06  2018Tweet
150,00026,36622 D2 M 6/13  2018Tweet
152,50028,86630 D2 M 6/21  2018Tweet
155,00031,3667 D3 M 6/29  2018Tweet
157,50033,86615 D3 M 7/07  2018Tweet
160,00036,36623 D3 M 7/15  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 58,916,221     Current Views: 66,481,891
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66,500,00018,109   3/22  2018Tweet
67,000,000518,1095 D  3/27  2018Tweet
67,500,0001,018,1099 D  3/31  2018Tweet
68,000,0001,518,10913 D  4/04  2018Tweet
68,500,0002,018,10917 D  4/08  2018Tweet
69,000,0002,518,10920 D  4/11  2018Tweet
69,500,0003,018,10924 D  4/15  2018Tweet
70,000,0003,518,10928 D  4/19  2018Tweet
70,500,0004,018,1091 D1 M 4/23  2018Tweet
71,000,0004,518,1095 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
71,500,0005,018,1099 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
72,000,0005,518,10913 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
72,500,0006,018,10917 D1 M 5/09  2018Tweet
73,000,0006,518,10921 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
73,500,0007,018,10925 D1 M 5/17  2018Tweet