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YouTube Top 100 Most Viewed South Korea Video Producers

Top One Hundred Most Viewed South Korea Producers Ranked by Video Views

Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
officialpsyofficialpsy YouTube Channelofficialpsy Video Stats15,607,732,190505,643,7623,209759.5 MTweet
SMTOWNSMTOWN YouTube ChannelSMTOWN Video Stats25,358,683,6965517,186,4356,4312K9.4 MTweet
1theK (원더케이)1theK (원더케이) YouTube Channel1theK (원더케이) Video Stats34,616,981,0167318,890,2316,5617.6K5.3 MTweet
ToyPuddingToyPudding YouTube ChannelToyPudding Video Stats43,314,859,84712819,964,76515,9651.2K2.7 MTweet
BIGBANGBIGBANG YouTube ChannelBIGBANG Video Stats52,971,122,2781496,645,2004,3835926.2 MTweet
MBCentertainmentMBCentertainment YouTube ChannelMBCentertainment Video Stats62,676,943,2141755,404,07356449.6K2.1 MTweet
MBCkpopMBCkpop YouTube ChannelMBCkpop Video Stats72,355,167,0882065,344,1851,47228.2K2.9 MTweet
MnetMnet YouTube ChannelMnet Video Stats81,997,675,5842715,895,67130,15211.1K3.7 MTweet
뽀로로(Pororo)뽀로로(Pororo) YouTube Channel뽀로로(Pororo) Video Stats91,964,088,5662776,650,6862,7211.5K1.6 MTweet
Nao DisneyToysNao DisneyToys YouTube ChannelNao DisneyToys Video Stats101,957,095,65827817,207,9929,6511.5K2.2 MTweet
KBS World TVKBS World TV YouTube ChannelKBS World TV Video Stats111,948,816,4462818,772,9922,48819.7K3.3 MTweet
팜팜 PomPom팜팜 PomPom YouTube Channel팜팜 PomPom Video Stats121,703,746,8893308,925,3284,6131.5K2.8 MTweet
타요(Tayo)타요(Tayo) YouTube Channel타요(Tayo) Video Stats131,689,228,7493334,636,8251,8056961.4 MTweet
KBSEntertainKBSEntertain YouTube ChannelKBSEntertain Video Stats141,607,066,4723541,777,0344758K968 KTweet
CJENMMUSIC OfficialCJENMMUSIC Official YouTube ChannelCJENMMUSIC Official Video Stats151,544,753,6523759,337,0296,2173.7K2 MTweet
jypentertainmentjypentertainment YouTube Channeljypentertainment Video Stats161,414,481,4874228,288,4525,2515913.1 MTweet
smentsment YouTube Channelsment Video Stats171,405,096,9324261,317,7513322931.8 MTweet
토이몬스터토이몬스터 YouTube Channel토이몬스터 Video Stats181,394,941,20143014,798,4153,6995442.4 MTweet
EBSKids (EBS 유아)EBSKids (EBS 유아) YouTube ChannelEBSKids (EBS 유아) Video Stats191,315,226,5304683,812,5731,06615.4K721 KTweet
jwcfreejwcfree YouTube Channeljwcfree Video Stats201,276,512,8064851,431,2452,6301K4.2 MTweet
2NE12NE1 YouTube Channel2NE1 Video Stats211,219,901,1065202,534,9371,2933203.4 MTweet
CarrieAndToysCarrieAndToys YouTube ChannelCarrieAndToys Video Stats221,176,607,2915427,307,3264,9551K1.3 MTweet
JTBC EntertainmentJTBC Entertainment YouTube ChannelJTBC Entertainment Video Stats231,175,799,0435435,054,5941,22428.5K777 KTweet
양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel)양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel) YouTube Channel양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel) Video Stats241,147,622,4725712,023,0925254.4K1.8 MTweet
SBSNOWSBSNOW YouTube ChannelSBSNOW Video Stats251,143,509,1685743,441,04781611.3K1.2 MTweet
starshipTVstarshipTV YouTube ChannelstarshipTV Video Stats26936,983,1467272,423,8161,2974771.6 MTweet
YGEntertainmentYGEntertainment YouTube ChannelYGEntertainment Video Stats27907,715,4547511,574,8141,1913292.6 MTweet
MBCClassicMBCClassic YouTube ChannelMBCClassic Video Stats28905,168,6217561,283,86514744.9K419 KTweet
TOBOTYOUNGTOYSTOBOTYOUNGTOYS YouTube ChannelTOBOTYOUNGTOYS Video Stats29890,693,6807701,758,897466874472 KTweet
도티 TV도티 TV YouTube Channel도티 TV Video Stats30867,510,5797975,130,7763,6612.4K1.3 MTweet
CJ ECJ E YouTube ChannelCJ E Video Stats31865,511,4808001,392,35220114.9K799 KTweet
DramaSBSDramaSBS YouTube ChannelDramaSBS Video Stats32865,338,5218021,042,526235327.7K654 KTweet
DramaKBSDramaKBS YouTube ChannelDramaKBS Video Stats33807,562,0208671,039,54719468.9K453 KTweet
4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel)4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel) YouTube Channel4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel) Video Stats34749,413,3409521,031,069419831.5 MTweet
entertainmentSBSentertainmentSBS YouTube ChannelentertainmentSBS Video Stats35749,113,0419531,242,409377191.5K743 KTweet
waveya2011waveya2011 YouTube Channelwaveya2011 Video Stats36744,452,4399621,160,0021,5292792.1 MTweet
SBSMusic1SBSMusic1 YouTube ChannelSBSMusic1 Video Stats37735,827,6589752,466,09260714.4K1.2 MTweet
Robocar POLI TVRobocar POLI TV YouTube ChannelRobocar POLI TV Video Stats38704,046,81410342,973,864877916532 KTweet
PlayMnetPlayMnet YouTube ChannelPlayMnet Video Stats39653,621,83011294,136,3303,1444.8K1 MTweet
대도서관TV (buzzbean11)대도서관TV (buzzbean11) YouTube Channel대도서관TV (buzzbean11) Video Stats40643,688,30011481,961,9167004.4K1.5 MTweet
KBSKpopKBSKpop YouTube ChannelKBSKpop Video Stats41629,868,17711811,419,7874868.5K848 KTweet
TV-PeopleTV-People YouTube ChannelTV-People Video Stats42610,362,97112242,935,33275510.6K459 KTweet
태경 TV태경 TV YouTube Channel태경 TV Video Stats43503,926,72615473,832,2201,850957723 KTweet
BANGTANTVBANGTANTV YouTube ChannelBANGTANTV Video Stats44502,877,12615503,089,6396,0296832.4 MTweet
악어 유튜브악어 유튜브 YouTube Channel악어 유튜브 Video Stats45496,587,89115692,460,7818052.1K1.1 MTweet
대정령 TV대정령 TV YouTube Channel대정령 TV Video Stats46475,314,1211678265,349-1,7824K869 KTweet
SBS Running ManSBS Running Man YouTube ChannelSBS Running Man Video Stats47465,219,0081720629,53020050.9K506 KTweet
YTN NEWSYTN NEWS YouTube ChannelYTN NEWS Video Stats48444,697,53018072,118,159281248.8K173 KTweet
잠뜰 TV잠뜰 TV YouTube Channel잠뜰 TV Video Stats49431,232,19318591,912,4851,561916842 KTweet
TV 토이킹TV 토이킹 YouTube ChannelTV 토이킹 Video Stats50430,636,46318621,771,6241,000759460 KTweet
김이브님김이브님 YouTube Channel김이브님 Video Stats51428,472,1071874802,1642621.7K1.1 MTweet
밴쯔밴쯔 YouTube Channel밴쯔 Video Stats52421,523,93719112,082,6582,3761.2K1.2 MTweet
BEAST 비스트 (Official YouTube Channel)BEAST 비스트 (Official YouTube Channel) YouTube ChannelBEAST 비스트 (Official YouTube Channel) Video Stats53406,345,7721999374,2301611181.2 MTweet
Larva TubaLarva Tuba YouTube ChannelLarva Tuba Video Stats54405,734,61220012,131,7442,166755597 KTweet
BadanamuBadanamu YouTube ChannelBadanamu Video Stats55395,013,49120682,641,080657161352 KTweet
ToyTubeHDToyTubeHD YouTube ChannelToyTubeHD Video Stats56361,948,7542283990,8616741.1K305 KTweet
철구형철구형 YouTube Channel철구형 Video Stats57345,716,97423991,959,9655634K447 KTweet
Eat Your KimchiEat Your Kimchi YouTube ChannelEat Your Kimchi Video Stats58332,221,1112522390,0823151.3K1.1 MTweet
AOA (에이오에이)AOA (에이오에이) YouTube ChannelAOA (에이오에이) Video Stats59328,313,5922556560,435251168761 KTweet
tvN DRAMAtvN DRAMA YouTube ChanneltvN DRAMA Video Stats60324,569,26725971,280,4354187.6K360 KTweet
woollimentwoolliment YouTube Channelwoolliment Video Stats61324,508,5802598532,4042992431.1 MTweet
케이프 CapeToyReview케이프 CapeToyReview YouTube Channel케이프 CapeToyReview Video Stats62322,693,03126271,856,5781682.1K234 KTweet
spotvspotv YouTube Channelspotv Video Stats63311,084,8272725931,88863872.8K337 KTweet
채널A Home채널A Home YouTube Channel채널A Home Video Stats64309,721,7922745725,7571407.8K182 KTweet
ibighitibighit YouTube Channelibighit Video Stats65305,052,64427983,113,1195,4602422.1 MTweet
늪지대에서 생긴 일늪지대에서 생긴 일 YouTube Channel늪지대에서 생긴 일 Video Stats66304,205,1892807714,5551491.7K435 KTweet
SBScultureSBSculture YouTube ChannelSBSculture Video Stats67289,800,2602969138,1401395.2K197 KTweet
tvNtvN YouTube ChanneltvN Video Stats68284,291,3723048934,73423614.3K502 KTweet
TSENT2008TSENT2008 YouTube ChannelTSENT2008 Video Stats69270,445,5143190239,817139310742 KTweet
단비스 Toy단비스 Toy YouTube Channel단비스 Toy Video Stats70268,784,8973219413,2311246.2K193 KTweet
EBSDocumentary (EBS 다큐)EBSDocumentary (EBS 다큐) YouTube ChannelEBSDocumentary (EBS 다큐) Video Stats71265,142,41832731,175,69025717.7K289 KTweet
Ch. MPDCh. MPD YouTube ChannelCh. MPD Video Stats72259,642,81333572,533,5942,6502.3K736 KTweet
양띵의 사생활 (YD Real Life)양띵의 사생활 (YD Real Life) YouTube Channel양띵의 사생활 (YD Real Life) Video Stats73255,266,3873433440,578182512855 KTweet
Cuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루Cuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루 YouTube ChannelCuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루 Video Stats74254,776,85634431,760,087787427704 KTweet
starkingsbsstarkingsbs YouTube Channelstarkingsbs Video Stats75250,167,1123520214,3487818.9K280 KTweet
윰댕(yum-cast)윰댕(yum-cast) YouTube Channel윰댕(yum-cast) Video Stats76242,189,5673649986,071731.3K625 KTweet
iHQiHQ YouTube ChanneliHQ Video Stats77239,888,8413698894,8321213K220 KTweet
울산큰고래울산큰고래 YouTube Channel울산큰고래 Video Stats78238,168,6783723665,5032872.2K551 KTweet
TVOngamenetTVOngamenet YouTube ChannelTVOngamenet Video Stats79236,050,8643764488,76024217.1K393 KTweet
Samsung MobileSamsung Mobile YouTube ChannelSamsung Mobile Video Stats80229,244,2593875163,79395701.9 MTweet
wondergirlswondergirls YouTube Channelwondergirls Video Stats81225,740,3493938147,43495217431 KTweet
2pm2pm YouTube Channel2pm Video Stats82223,573,2423967133,11894186658 KTweet
missAmissA YouTube ChannelmissA Video Stats83219,868,9684039325,0859849619 KTweet
DSPKaraDSPKara YouTube ChannelDSPKara Video Stats84219,561,9424045197,549-196388 KTweet
ssin 씬님ssin 씬님 YouTube Channelssin 씬님 Video Stats85218,887,3504056651,5959483601.2 MTweet
신태일 TV신태일 TV YouTube Channel신태일 TV Video Stats86217,078,11740962,239,144996402616 KTweet
EXID_OFFICIALEXID_OFFICIAL YouTube ChannelEXID_OFFICIAL Video Stats87216,244,7514118498,087374165603 KTweet
섭이는못말려섭이는못말려 YouTube Channel섭이는못말려 Video Stats88208,077,97643081,028,099945602846 KTweet
insiteTVinsiteTV YouTube ChannelinsiteTV Video Stats89205,452,7724368320,558-1941.9K841 KTweet
uragil119uragil119 YouTube Channeluragil119 Video Stats90202,467,3504438373,22138230186 KTweet
OsroOsro YouTube ChannelOsro Video Stats91198,030,8724528367,552765992 KTweet
머독방송머독방송 YouTube Channel머독방송 Video Stats92190,800,8884711853,8252026.3K418 KTweet
양띵TV삼식양띵TV삼식 YouTube Channel양띵TV삼식 Video Stats93190,503,6594720499,0131852.1K654 KTweet
ARIRANG K-POPARIRANG K-POP YouTube ChannelARIRANG K-POP Video Stats94189,489,2434751813,50738513.8K653 KTweet
KY Karaoke (금영노래방 공식 유튜브 채널)KY Karaoke (금영노래방 공식 유튜브 채널) YouTube ChannelKY Karaoke (금영노래방 공식 유튜브 채널) Video Stats95188,990,68347641,032,06336660.9K244 KTweet
96188,305,6734787537,442192489129 KTweet
양띵TV미소양띵TV미소 YouTube Channel양띵TV미소 Video Stats97186,789,3094823159,067372.7K661 KTweet
최고기최고기 YouTube Channel최고기 Video Stats98185,595,5754852905,5222,3692.1K597 KTweet
RealVIXXRealVIXX YouTube ChannelRealVIXX Video Stats99184,814,4124871481,710335434788 KTweet
Jiho ToyJiho Toy YouTube ChannelJiho Toy Video Stats100184,270,0294887485,3212351.2K131 KTweet
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caseyneistatcaseyneistat YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize caseyneistat Remove caseyneistat
12 - 12:59 am1005,916,744
1 - 1:59 am 1865,916,930
2 - 2:59 am 1975,917,127
3 - 3:59 am 2375,917,364
4 - 4:59 am 2165,917,580
5 - 5:59 am 1685,917,748
6 - 6:59 am 2155,917,963
7 - 7:59 am 2375,918,200
8 - 8:59 am 3115,918,511
9 - 9:59 am 2755,918,786
10 - 10:59 am 3395,919,125
11 - 11:59 am 3675,919,492
12 - 12:59 pm2195,919,711
prankvsprankprankvsprank YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize prankvsprank Remove prankvsprank
12 - 12:59 am-2010,214,779
1 - 1:59 am 26510,215,044
2 - 2:59 am 32610,215,370
3 - 3:59 am 30410,215,674
4 - 4:59 am 30210,215,976
5 - 5:59 am 26010,216,236
6 - 6:59 am 37310,216,609
7 - 7:59 am 46010,217,069
8 - 8:59 am 57810,217,647
9 - 9:59 am 69110,218,338
10 - 10:59 am 75610,219,094
11 - 11:59 am 75010,219,844
12 - 12:59 pm58810,220,432
romanatwoodvlogsromanatwoodvlogs YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize romanatwoodvlogs Remove romanatwoodvlogs
12 - 12:59 am-19410,340,361
1 - 1:59 am 25010,340,611
2 - 2:59 am 28310,340,894
3 - 3:59 am 30210,341,196
4 - 4:59 am 32210,341,518
5 - 5:59 am 28210,341,800
6 - 6:59 am 31410,342,114
7 - 7:59 am 41010,342,524
8 - 8:59 am 51610,343,040
9 - 9:59 am 55810,343,598
10 - 10:59 am 53810,344,136
11 - 11:59 am 50410,344,640
12 - 12:59 pm48010,345,120
12 - 12:59 am-674,851,858
1 - 1:59 am 234,851,881
2 - 2:59 am 294,851,910
3 - 3:59 am 154,851,925
4 - 4:59 am 174,851,942
5 - 5:59 am 24,851,944
6 - 6:59 am 334,851,977
7 - 7:59 am 294,852,006
8 - 8:59 am 104,852,016
9 - 9:59 am 384,852,054
10 - 10:59 am 664,852,120
11 - 11:59 am 434,852,163
12 - 12:59 pm144,852,177



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