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YouTube Top 100 Most Viewed South Africa Video Producers

Top One Hundred Most Viewed South Africa Producers Ranked by Video Views

Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
YellowBrickCinemaYellowBrickCinema YouTube ChannelYellowBrickCinema Video Stats1459,753,49717412,575,0962,2001.5K1.2 MTweet
Kruger SightingsKruger Sightings YouTube ChannelKruger Sightings Video Stats2377,597,57521601,749,593508268337 KTweet
Die AntwoordDie Antwoord YouTube ChannelDie Antwoord Video Stats3312,620,8362713985,3091,272411.1 MTweet
DisneyChannelZADisneyChannelZA YouTube ChannelDisneyChannelZA Video Stats4223,986,8883961732,6362231.3K208 KTweet
Cobus PotgieterCobus Potgieter YouTube ChannelCobus Potgieter Video Stats5202,703,9884433119,47081182681 KTweet YouTube Video Stats6141,281,8546353111,486256461520 KTweet
Earth TouchEarth Touch YouTube ChannelEarth Touch Video Stats7108,089,7558239109,990601.6K173 KTweet
Rob The Ranger Wildlife VideosRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos YouTube ChannelRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos Video Stats8102,018,0898689335,641991.8K87 KTweet
morecasparmorecaspar YouTube Channelmorecaspar Video Stats998,620,5138949372,970-3841452 MTweet
SABC Digital NewsSABC Digital News YouTube ChannelSABC Digital News Video Stats1070,876,329213,5667157.7K124 KTweet
TheSupaStrikasTheSupaStrikas YouTube ChannelTheSupaStrikas Video Stats1161,899,667970,057633283107 KTweet
eNCAeNCA YouTube ChanneleNCA Video Stats1257,201,970105,5812120.9K110 KTweet
News24News24 YouTube ChannelNews24 Video Stats1355,594,701548,3304911.9K69 KTweet
SpirittunezSpirittunez YouTube ChannelSpirittunez Video Stats1454,857,801289,8728821774 KTweet
Body Mind ZoneBody Mind Zone YouTube ChannelBody Mind Zone Video Stats1551,659,986128,927101331247 KTweet
ETVETV YouTube ChannelETV Video Stats1647,585,675287,4881469K68 KTweet
Am4d3usM0z4rtAm4d3usM0z4rt YouTube ChannelAm4d3usM0z4rt Video Stats1746,272,252104,8313315063 KTweet
Brian OrtnerBrian Ortner YouTube ChannelBrian Ortner Video Stats1845,094,15517,009018625 KTweet
Trevor NoahTrevor Noah YouTube ChannelTrevor Noah Video Stats1943,328,63292,95527827375 KTweet
Derick WattsDerick Watts YouTube ChannelDerick Watts Video Stats2040,952,656584,02616074124 KTweet
MCPEMikeMCPEMike YouTube ChannelMCPEMike Video Stats2139,217,56950,16643377213 KTweet
stewartridgwaystewartridgway YouTube Channelstewartridgway Video Stats2236,727,26618,58401039 KTweet
Petri OosthuizenPetri Oosthuizen YouTube ChannelPetri Oosthuizen Video Stats2329,760,505107,13415831151 KTweet
selectmusicselectmusic YouTube Channelselectmusic Video Stats2429,355,84473,5822239235 KTweet
DragnozDragnoz YouTube ChannelDragnoz Video Stats2526,434,39110,675-31605126 KTweet
JusGorillaJusGorilla YouTube ChannelJusGorilla Video Stats2626,120,94646,867114951 KTweet
Sony Music AfricaSony Music Africa YouTube ChannelSony Music Africa Video Stats2725,603,42848,3852627042 KTweet
PoppyessPoppyess YouTube ChannelPoppyess Video Stats2825,423,31915,951037311 KTweet
South African TourismSouth African Tourism YouTube ChannelSouth African Tourism Video Stats2925,128,12858,81296797 KTweet
MziikiMziiki YouTube ChannelMziiki Video Stats3025,022,221129,050984K84 KTweet
RamscomicsRamscomics YouTube ChannelRamscomics Video Stats3124,622,88353,695374081 KTweet
1984asdfasdf1984asdfasdf YouTube Channel1984asdfasdf Video Stats3223,716,28752,996748 KTweet
Mel BuckMel Buck YouTube ChannelMel Buck Video Stats3323,277,58813,738111014 KTweet
Africa Travel ChannelAfrica Travel Channel YouTube ChannelAfrica Travel Channel Video Stats3422,381,98510,02901.1K16 KTweet
certified505certified505 YouTube Channelcertified505 Video Stats3522,053,56184,29174511 KTweet
LinkinParkTVPwnedYouLinkinParkTVPwnedYou YouTube ChannelLinkinParkTVPwnedYou Video Stats3621,830,3207,4100679 KTweet
Londolozi Game ReserveLondolozi Game Reserve YouTube ChannelLondolozi Game Reserve Video Stats3721,209,07516,172144812 KTweet
Suzelle DIYSuzelle DIY YouTube ChannelSuzelle DIY Video Stats3820,020,08527,7442664110 KTweet
GoldfishliveGoldfishlive YouTube ChannelGoldfishlive Video Stats3919,425,43824,828617848 KTweet
Tinus le RouxTinus le Roux YouTube ChannelTinus le Roux Video Stats4019,011,34228,1331322115 KTweet
ougibbonsougibbons YouTube Channelougibbons Video Stats4118,571,2625,573038911 KTweet
MattMzansiMattMzansi YouTube ChannelMattMzansi Video Stats4217,865,39415,14648414 KTweet
AirArmsHuntingSAAirArmsHuntingSA YouTube ChannelAirArmsHuntingSA Video Stats4317,778,19086,03689134100 KTweet
sibaken1sibaken1 YouTube Channelsibaken1 Video Stats4417,102,6533,57001672 KTweet
serpentzaserpentza YouTube Channelserpentza Video Stats4516,785,001235,77283869997 KTweet
Zain BhikhaZain Bhikha YouTube ChannelZain Bhikha Video Stats4616,611,58464,724595743 KTweet
Outlook SafarisOutlook Safaris YouTube ChannelOutlook Safaris Video Stats4716,574,2446390646 KTweet
mcsmccmcsmcc YouTube Channelmcsmcc Video Stats4815,859,04229501702 KTweet
sabc3topbillingsabc3topbilling YouTube Channelsabc3topbilling Video Stats4915,457,58947,074113.6K18 KTweet
mangwananimangwanani YouTube Channelmangwanani Video Stats5015,350,5238,517081111 KTweet
Soul CandiSoul Candi YouTube ChannelSoul Candi Video Stats5115,228,94017,071024935 KTweet
Ukhozi FM PictureStreamUkhozi FM PictureStream YouTube ChannelUkhozi FM PictureStream Video Stats5214,358,99923,68107812 KTweet
Cashtime LifeCashtime Life YouTube ChannelCashtime Life Video Stats5314,280,98730,159146731 KTweet
CAR MagazineCAR Magazine YouTube ChannelCAR Magazine Video Stats5413,961,39931,4651762032 KTweet
blixemproductionsblixemproductions YouTube Channelblixemproductions Video Stats5513,926,50825,673020414 KTweet
DollhaterDollhater YouTube ChannelDollhater Video Stats5613,557,98723507525Tweet
mducomicsmducomics YouTube Channelmducomics Video Stats5713,144,67920,435-55247 KTweet
Jacques JansonJacques Janson YouTube ChannelJacques Janson Video Stats5812,991,7901,2270293 KTweet
Tales of LuminTales of Lumin YouTube ChannelTales of Lumin Video Stats5912,871,2865,360-44K37 KTweet
Samsung South AfricaSamsung South Africa YouTube ChannelSamsung South Africa Video Stats6012,833,821115,032125718 KTweet
Joseph KulutuJoseph Kulutu YouTube ChannelJoseph Kulutu Video Stats6112,658,028680272 KTweet
Jacklondon 5111Jacklondon 5111 YouTube ChannelJacklondon 5111 Video Stats6212,623,07917,821099 KTweet
AfrikaansIsGrootAfrikaansIsGroot YouTube ChannelAfrikaansIsGroot Video Stats6312,571,62750,789197221 KTweet
TheAnimalHolocaustTheAnimalHolocaust YouTube ChannelTheAnimalHolocaust Video Stats6412,402,74212,6382011150 KTweet
CobusCobus YouTube ChannelCobus Video Stats6512,221,2239,25709092 KTweet
capetownmoviemakerscapetownmoviemakers YouTube Channelcapetownmoviemakers Video Stats6611,891,6828028599Tweet
Gerry BGerry B YouTube ChannelGerry B Video Stats6711,678,3412,73501723 KTweet
Thabi4lyfThabi4lyf YouTube ChannelThabi4lyf Video Stats6811,606,50327,593110316 KTweet
SeetherSeether YouTube ChannelSeether Video Stats6911,452,3396,78309851 KTweet
WilliamWilsonJrWilliamWilsonJr YouTube ChannelWilliamWilsonJr Video Stats7011,247,95632209279Tweet
CNBCAfricaCNBCAfrica YouTube ChannelCNBCAfrica Video Stats7111,119,31816,5981826.7K24 KTweet
Theodora LeeTheodora Lee YouTube ChannelTheodora Lee Video Stats7210,443,92817,257-45125229 KTweet
ChevroletSAChevroletSA YouTube ChannelChevroletSA Video Stats7310,273,90222,27613582 KTweet
FHMSAfricaFHMSAfrica YouTube ChannelFHMSAfrica Video Stats7410,260,7461,21504117 KTweet
TimesLiveTimesLive YouTube ChannelTimesLive Video Stats759,963,002120,722191.4K7 KTweet
kovacevic1975kovacevic1975 YouTube Channelkovacevic1975 Video Stats769,855,24227,63501871 KTweet
Eyewitness NewsEyewitness News YouTube ChannelEyewitness News Video Stats779,786,99636,94892.2K11 KTweet
GovernmentZAGovernmentZA YouTube ChannelGovernmentZA Video Stats789,423,22767,8701701.5K23 KTweet
Lion Mountain TVLion Mountain TV YouTube ChannelLion Mountain TV Video Stats799,371,31525,63802627 KTweet
TheBunduBallerinaTheBunduBallerina YouTube ChannelTheBunduBallerina Video Stats809,359,674-221,80702878 KTweet
VPHFILMSVPHFILMS YouTube ChannelVPHFILMS Video Stats819,143,62524,43901927 KTweet
DrummagTVDrummagTV YouTube ChannelDrummagTV Video Stats828,938,2997,963041213 KTweet
HumblePieEntHumblePieEnt YouTube ChannelHumblePieEnt Video Stats838,875,5743,58402616 KTweet
Bruce PattersonBruce Patterson YouTube ChannelBruce Patterson Video Stats848,607,17215,38901669 KTweet
Caitlin De VilleCaitlin De Ville YouTube ChannelCaitlin De Ville Video Stats858,428,10611,99536840 KTweet
OfficialBigBroAfricaOfficialBigBroAfrica YouTube ChannelOfficialBigBroAfrica Video Stats868,367,7836,528-145821 KTweet
Quentin WattQuentin Watt YouTube ChannelQuentin Watt Video Stats878,339,41330,1477631678 KTweet
ProteasCricketProteasCricket YouTube ChannelProteasCricket Video Stats887,986,362209,3093273827 KTweet
Die Heuwels FantastiesDie Heuwels Fantasties YouTube ChannelDie Heuwels Fantasties Video Stats897,967,41818,66005410 KTweet
VisxVisx YouTube ChannelVisx Video Stats907,951,9782901353Tweet
sasarasasarasasasarasasarasa YouTube Channelsasarasasarasa Video Stats917,831,04617,3260183 KTweet
sunettefousunettefou YouTube Channelsunettefou Video Stats927,800,71611,5484698 KTweet
David Gresham Records TVDavid Gresham Records TV YouTube ChannelDavid Gresham Records TV Video Stats937,634,53210,69311457 KTweet
WOOLWORTHS SAWOOLWORTHS SA YouTube ChannelWOOLWORTHS SA Video Stats947,252,3568,007048212 KTweet
driftmanagerdriftmanager YouTube Channeldriftmanager Video Stats957,125,74456046334Tweet
Mandie4321Mandie4321 YouTube ChannelMandie4321 Video Stats967,036,5792,136092 KTweet
BlueboyfilmsBlueboyfilms YouTube ChannelBlueboyfilms Video Stats976,998,39611,76701185 KTweet
soukISLAMsoukISLAM YouTube ChannelsoukISLAM Video Stats986,980,52310,546-280460 KTweet
MastermaxFilmsMastermaxFilms YouTube ChannelMastermaxFilms Video Stats996,926,71517,7490169 KTweet
MLP RegalMLP Regal YouTube ChannelMLP Regal Video Stats1006,878,17616,11704024 KTweet
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caseyneistatcaseyneistat YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize caseyneistat Remove caseyneistat
12 - 12:59 am1005,916,744
1 - 1:59 am 1865,916,930
2 - 2:59 am 1975,917,127
3 - 3:59 am 2375,917,364
4 - 4:59 am 2165,917,580
5 - 5:59 am 1685,917,748
6 - 6:59 am 2155,917,963
7 - 7:59 am 2375,918,200
8 - 8:59 am 3115,918,511
9 - 9:59 am 2755,918,786
10 - 10:59 am 3395,919,125
11 - 11:59 am 3675,919,492
12 - 12:59 pm2195,919,711
prankvsprankprankvsprank YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize prankvsprank Remove prankvsprank
12 - 12:59 am-2010,214,779
1 - 1:59 am 26510,215,044
2 - 2:59 am 32610,215,370
3 - 3:59 am 30410,215,674
4 - 4:59 am 30210,215,976
5 - 5:59 am 26010,216,236
6 - 6:59 am 37310,216,609
7 - 7:59 am 46010,217,069
8 - 8:59 am 57810,217,647
9 - 9:59 am 69110,218,338
10 - 10:59 am 75610,219,094
11 - 11:59 am 75010,219,844
12 - 12:59 pm58810,220,432
romanatwoodvlogsromanatwoodvlogs YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize romanatwoodvlogs Remove romanatwoodvlogs
12 - 12:59 am-19410,340,361
1 - 1:59 am 25010,340,611
2 - 2:59 am 28310,340,894
3 - 3:59 am 30210,341,196
4 - 4:59 am 32210,341,518
5 - 5:59 am 28210,341,800
6 - 6:59 am 31410,342,114
7 - 7:59 am 41010,342,524
8 - 8:59 am 51610,343,040
9 - 9:59 am 55810,343,598
10 - 10:59 am 53810,344,136
11 - 11:59 am 50410,344,640
12 - 12:59 pm48010,345,120
12 - 12:59 am-674,851,858
1 - 1:59 am 234,851,881
2 - 2:59 am 294,851,910
3 - 3:59 am 154,851,925
4 - 4:59 am 174,851,942
5 - 5:59 am 24,851,944
6 - 6:59 am 334,851,977
7 - 7:59 am 294,852,006
8 - 8:59 am 104,852,016
9 - 9:59 am 384,852,054
10 - 10:59 am 664,852,120
11 - 11:59 am 434,852,163
12 - 12:59 pm144,852,177



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