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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed South Africa Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed South Africa Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
morecasparmorecaspar YouTube Channelmorecaspar Video Stats1947,4009791,13811,4584118 MTweet
Cobus PotgieterCobus Potgieter YouTube ChannelCobus Potgieter Video Stats2537,64718312301,389161159.8 MTweet YouTube Video Stats3334,90530902801,895404105.9 MTweet
Die AntwoordDie Antwoord YouTube ChannelDie Antwoord Video Stats4256,58340823301,8717102.3 MTweet
Trevor NoahTrevor Noah YouTube ChannelTrevor Noah Video Stats5165,53062301661,0921813.2 MTweet
RedBullMusicRedBullMusic YouTube ChannelRedBullMusic Video Stats6155,25666221,8783,09184431.4 MTweet
Theodora LeeTheodora Lee YouTube ChannelTheodora Lee Video Stats7124,996800668566382.7 MTweet
Earth TouchEarth Touch YouTube ChannelEarth Touch Video Stats896,8751489181.3K56.9 MTweet
Kruger SightingsKruger Sightings YouTube ChannelKruger Sightings Video Stats985,1823562,22717397.3 MTweet
BlessingBlessing YouTube ChannelBlessing Video Stats1081,6893213,2441168 KTweet
CobusCobus YouTube ChannelCobus Video Stats1180,55029170909.1 MTweet
eNCAnewseNCAnews YouTube ChanneleNCAnews Video Stats1260,58412046813.3K24.7 MTweet
SABC Digital NewsSABC Digital News YouTube ChannelSABC Digital News Video Stats1358,43613548323.8K20.6 MTweet
Retutpro - PhotographyRetutpro - Photography YouTube ChannelRetutpro - Photography Video Stats1458,061976001771.6 MTweet
Derick WattsDerick Watts YouTube ChannelDerick Watts Video Stats1557,779201574512.4 MTweet
SeetherSeether YouTube ChannelSeether Video Stats1646,7721593869.6 MTweet
Why PovertyWhy Poverty YouTube ChannelWhy Poverty Video Stats1744,78113952782.6 MTweet
AuCurls NaturelleAuCurls Naturelle YouTube ChannelAuCurls Naturelle Video Stats1841,590513081222.4 MTweet
mducomicsmducomics YouTube Channelmducomics Video Stats1938,797789467.9 MTweet
RamscomicsRamscomics YouTube ChannelRamscomics Video Stats2037,48350273249.6 MTweet
Nick MillerNick Miller YouTube ChannelNick Miller Video Stats2137,4361871,01946619 KTweet
JusGorillaJusGorilla YouTube ChannelJusGorilla Video Stats2237,419131235613.7 MTweet
GoldfishliveGoldfishlive YouTube ChannelGoldfishlive Video Stats2334,3493313314512.8 MTweet
Am4d3usM0z4rtAm4d3usM0z4rt YouTube ChannelAm4d3usM0z4rt Video Stats2433,4513522515821.6 MTweet
Tales of LuminTales of Lumin YouTube ChannelTales of Lumin Video Stats2533,2504633.1K9.4 MTweet
serpentzaserpentza YouTube Channelserpentza Video Stats2631,461241924996.3 MTweet
Tory BergmanTory Bergman YouTube ChannelTory Bergman Video Stats2729,8910-934 KTweet
soukISLAMsoukISLAM YouTube ChannelsoukISLAM Video Stats2828,766342194554.9 MTweet
Caitlin De VilleCaitlin De Ville YouTube ChannelCaitlin De Ville Video Stats2927,62521127605.7 MTweet
Offroad FanaticOffroad Fanatic YouTube ChannelOffroad Fanatic Video Stats3027,622181201163.9 MTweet
Rob The Ranger Wildlife VideosRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos YouTube ChannelRob The Ranger Wildlife Videos Video Stats3127,485835871.1K40.2 MTweet
Sony Music AfricaSony Music Africa YouTube ChannelSony Music Africa Video Stats3227,2424826624413.8 MTweet
TheAnimalHolocaustTheAnimalHolocaust YouTube ChannelTheAnimalHolocaust Video Stats3326,9091619010610.2 MTweet
Soul CandiSoul Candi YouTube ChannelSoul Candi Video Stats3423,479271282168.8 MTweet
Sky777BlueSky777Blue YouTube ChannelSky777Blue Video Stats3522,0110-814 KTweet
selectmusicselectmusic YouTube Channelselectmusic Video Stats3621,8471914532512.8 MTweet
SpirittunezSpirittunez YouTube ChannelSpirittunez Video Stats3721,832322089912 MTweet
Gerry BGerry B YouTube ChannelGerry B Video Stats3821,7000203311 MTweet
Green RenaissanceGreen Renaissance YouTube ChannelGreen Renaissance Video Stats3921,6947155235705 KTweet
superficialgirlsuperficialgirl YouTube Channelsuperficialgirl Video Stats4021,617171062681 MTweet
stewartridgwaystewartridgway YouTube Channelstewartridgway Video Stats4120,121231351030 MTweet
Quentin WattQuentin Watt YouTube ChannelQuentin Watt Video Stats4220,096473592171.7 MTweet
Zain BhikhaZain Bhikha YouTube ChannelZain Bhikha Video Stats4319,2851987497.5 MTweet
MrBlockemzMrBlockemz YouTube ChannelMrBlockemz Video Stats4419,039671,01127461 KTweet
SuperSatisfied777SuperSatisfied777 YouTube ChannelSuperSatisfied777 Video Stats4518,6990-400Tweet
AllisonLyricistSAAllisonLyricistSA YouTube ChannelAllisonLyricistSA Video Stats4618,4210-318226 KTweet
Richardt WissinkRichardt Wissink YouTube ChannelRichardt Wissink Video Stats4717,54417101294.4 MTweet
azanor1azanor1 YouTube Channelazanor1 Video Stats4816,7960-5371.2 MTweet
Freediver HDFreediver HD YouTube ChannelFreediver HD Video Stats4916,417073561.2 MTweet
JustUsBrahJustUsBrah YouTube ChannelJustUsBrah Video Stats5016,1695853152366 KTweet
News24News24 YouTube ChannelNews24 Video Stats5115,070442883.5K6.5 MTweet
OfficialBigBroAfricaOfficialBigBroAfrica YouTube ChannelOfficialBigBroAfrica Video Stats5214,359544713824.6 MTweet
Advanced Music ProductionAdvanced Music Production YouTube ChannelAdvanced Music Production Video Stats5312,87603202 MTweet
DisneyChannelZADisneyChannelZA YouTube ChannelDisneyChannelZA Video Stats5412,8632112765223.7 MTweet
NerdzSquaredNerdzSquared YouTube ChannelNerdzSquared Video Stats5512,82206048521 KTweet
WelshPixieWelshPixie YouTube ChannelWelshPixie Video Stats5612,4220-15383.6 MTweet
TheSupaStrikasTheSupaStrikas YouTube ChannelTheSupaStrikas Video Stats5712,196282101329.8 MTweet
MogeyMogey YouTube ChannelMogey Video Stats5811,9231294221.5 MTweet
Renaldo GouwsRenaldo Gouws YouTube ChannelRenaldo Gouws Video Stats5911,8960-214317 KTweet
CAR MagazineCAR Magazine YouTube ChannelCAR Magazine Video Stats6011,610311805385.6 MTweet
SABCSABC YouTube ChannelSABC Video Stats6111,544476507.5K4.6 MTweet
AfricanMoviesChannelAfricanMoviesChannel YouTube ChannelAfricanMoviesChannel Video Stats6211,28802676514 KTweet
CNBCAfricaCNBCAfrica YouTube ChannelCNBCAfrica Video Stats6311,02988820.2K6.6 MTweet
ReptarInHDReptarInHD YouTube ChannelReptarInHD Video Stats6410,8830-193203 KTweet
Africa Travel ChannelAfrica Travel Channel YouTube ChannelAfrica Travel Channel Video Stats6510,5220601K17.4 MTweet
MrLovely777MrLovely777 YouTube ChannelMrLovely777 Video Stats6610,4870-21274Tweet
Khaya DlangaKhaya Dlanga YouTube ChannelKhaya Dlanga Video Stats6710,3221-11495.1 MTweet
Jay HazelwoodJay Hazelwood YouTube ChannelJay Hazelwood Video Stats689,8512518 KTweet
Shivas RegalShivas Regal YouTube ChannelShivas Regal Video Stats699,75028194713.5 MTweet
Anrita MelchizedekAnrita Melchizedek YouTube ChannelAnrita Melchizedek Video Stats709,722041731 MTweet
ougibbonsougibbons YouTube Channelougibbons Video Stats719,70301236415.5 MTweet
DGTempusFugitDGTempusFugit YouTube ChannelDGTempusFugit Video Stats729,702171228792.7 MTweet
SoulisticMusicTVSoulisticMusicTV YouTube ChannelSoulisticMusicTV Video Stats739,654056302.7 MTweet
MusicZero2HeroMusicZero2Hero YouTube ChannelMusicZero2Hero Video Stats749,134031083.2 MTweet
blixemproductionsblixemproductions YouTube Channelblixemproductions Video Stats758,9410392037.4 MTweet
جنة التلاواتجنة التلاوات YouTube Channelجنة التلاوات Video Stats768,7830623651.7 MTweet
mangwananimangwanani YouTube Channelmangwanani Video Stats778,74101180811.6 MTweet
AirArmsHuntingSAAirArmsHuntingSA YouTube ChannelAirArmsHuntingSA Video Stats788,3317217501.4 MTweet
Londolozi Game ReserveLondolozi Game Reserve YouTube ChannelLondolozi Game Reserve Video Stats798,27206033612.8 MTweet
Brandon BergBrandon Berg YouTube ChannelBrandon Berg Video Stats808,10118142434 KTweet
Anton TaylorAnton Taylor YouTube ChannelAnton Taylor Video Stats818,023-11191.2 MTweet
ROBwithaBROBwithaB YouTube ChannelROBwithaB Video Stats827,9450171061.6 MTweet
The Anne Hirsch ShowThe Anne Hirsch Show YouTube ChannelThe Anne Hirsch Show Video Stats837,8282776576 KTweet
ETVETV YouTube ChannelETV Video Stats847,7090586.4K4.6 MTweet
Tinus le RouxTinus le Roux YouTube ChannelTinus le Roux Video Stats857,64797820811.7 MTweet
LinkinParkTVPwnedYouLinkinParkTVPwnedYou YouTube ChannelLinkinParkTVPwnedYou Video Stats867,6090105519.6 MTweet
Jack ParowJack Parow YouTube ChannelJack Parow Video Stats877,601032332.6 MTweet
Absa Cape EpicAbsa Cape Epic YouTube ChannelAbsa Cape Epic Video Stats887,4170682561.8 MTweet
MK South African Youth Music ChannelMK South African Youth Music Channel YouTube ChannelMK South African Youth Music Channel Video Stats897,3220571.8K3 MTweet
MattMzansiMattMzansi YouTube ChannelMattMzansi Video Stats907,30802523517.1 MTweet
JustMusicSAJustMusicSA YouTube ChannelJustMusicSA Video Stats917,0930402153.3 MTweet
TroubleBuddiesFoRealTroubleBuddiesFoReal YouTube ChannelTroubleBuddiesFoReal Video Stats926,9660-121297 KTweet
WOOLWORTHS SAWOOLWORTHS SA YouTube ChannelWOOLWORTHS SA Video Stats936,7430192885.5 MTweet
FHMSAfricaFHMSAfrica YouTube ChannelFHMSAfrica Video Stats946,707074119.7 MTweet
TaKaEmpireTaKaEmpire YouTube ChannelTaKaEmpire Video Stats956,6850-300Tweet
Sunette SpiesSunette Spies YouTube ChannelSunette Spies Video Stats966,59301211233 KTweet
Danielrulz100Danielrulz100 YouTube ChannelDanielrulz100 Video Stats976,4770-100Tweet
PoppyessPoppyess YouTube ChannelPoppyess Video Stats986,41804636519.8 MTweet
SSondiyaziSSondiyazi YouTube ChannelSSondiyazi Video Stats996,3780-6140Tweet
Snordster wSnordster w YouTube ChannelSnordster w Video Stats1006,2380111561.3 MTweet