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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed Singapore Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed Singapore Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
clicknetworkclicknetwork YouTube Channelclicknetwork Video Stats1899,52630356955,392959226.6 MTweet
wahbananawahbanana YouTube Channelwahbanana Video Stats2615,05146781361,316185126.8 MTweet
JianHao TanJianHao Tan YouTube ChannelJianHao Tan Video Stats3522,96755641921,710168111.5 MTweet
Ryan SylviaRyan Sylvia YouTube ChannelRyan Sylvia Video Stats4500,39658691161,249188116.1 MTweet
TreePotatoesTreePotatoes YouTube ChannelTreePotatoes Video Stats5360,75382524028213343.1 MTweet
YouTube FanFestYouTube FanFest YouTube ChannelYouTube FanFest Video Stats6324,26391752965,09840738 MTweet
OddbodsOddbods YouTube ChannelOddbods Video Stats7309,24795891,85617,740177309.1 MTweet
FZDSCHOOLFZDSCHOOL YouTube ChannelFZDSCHOOL Video Stats8221,3215824518814.2 MTweet
Naomi NeoNaomi Neo YouTube ChannelNaomi Neo Video Stats9220,168334824924.3 MTweet
zeenanaszeenanas YouTube Channelzeenanas Video Stats10218,5848055234119.9 MTweet
Fredy KosmanFredy Kosman YouTube ChannelFredy Kosman Video Stats11207,9252910318759.8 MTweet
KitchenTigress KTKitchenTigress KT YouTube ChannelKitchenTigress KT Video Stats12199,6713622,2816428.9 MTweet
cheokboardstudioscheokboardstudios YouTube Channelcheokboardstudios Video Stats13196,2631815910429.1 MTweet
JosephPrinceOnlineJosephPrinceOnline YouTube ChannelJosephPrinceOnline Video Stats14195,4499372934543.8 MTweet
Mau5Craft - Minecraft Pixelmon, JurassicMau5Craft - Minecraft Pixelmon, Jurassic YouTube ChannelMau5Craft - Minecraft Pixelmon, Jurassic Video Stats15188,758643931.3K45.6 MTweet
TheXiaxueTheXiaxue YouTube ChannelTheXiaxue Video Stats16181,4885911,1424717.4 MTweet
LoneWolfHBSLoneWolfHBS YouTube ChannelLoneWolfHBS Video Stats17179,8228457218368.5 MTweet
Dee KoshDee Kosh YouTube ChannelDee Kosh Video Stats18179,2866441828529.4 MTweet
ViddseeViddsee YouTube ChannelViddsee Video Stats19175,3822471,60323645.5 MTweet
Official ITTF ChannelOfficial ITTF Channel YouTube ChannelOfficial ITTF Channel Video Stats20156,5331247335.1K116.5 MTweet
Sport SingaporeSport Singapore YouTube ChannelSport Singapore Video Stats21154,294315243.6K87.2 MTweet
MunahHirziOfficialMunahHirziOfficial YouTube ChannelMunahHirziOfficial Video Stats22138,6745-1335829 MTweet
NCHProductionsNCHProductions YouTube ChannelNCHProductions Video Stats23138,3402871,2517422 MTweet
PixelDip ✦ Minecraft PixelmonPixelDip ✦ Minecraft Pixelmon YouTube ChannelPixelDip ✦ Minecraft Pixelmon Video Stats24135,1896826,04459425.2 MTweet
Rong RongRong Rong YouTube ChannelRong Rong Video Stats25131,9763432,6473911.8 MTweet
Eden AngEden Ang YouTube ChannelEden Ang Video Stats26131,858801,09511518 MTweet
LenovoLenovo YouTube ChannelLenovo Video Stats27114,426815251.4K64.4 MTweet
YudhaikeledaiYudhaikeledai YouTube ChannelYudhaikeledai Video Stats28114,186111394171 MTweet
AFF Suzuki CupAFF Suzuki Cup YouTube ChannelAFF Suzuki Cup Video Stats29112,51203725421.3 MTweet
Ridhwan AzmanRidhwan Azman YouTube ChannelRidhwan Azman Video Stats30102,4532-787910.9 MTweet
The Sam WillowsThe Sam Willows YouTube ChannelThe Sam Willows Video Stats3194,75517190496.6 MTweet
TrevmonkiTrevmonki YouTube ChannelTrevmonki Video Stats3292,19910749220217.5 MTweet
speishispeishi YouTube Channelspeishi Video Stats3391,73039457635.2 MTweet
Gin LamGin Lam YouTube ChannelGin Lam Video Stats3491,3701214518118 MTweet
roseannetangrsroseannetangrs YouTube Channelroseannetangrs Video Stats3590,491-213150110 MTweet
Tosh13Tosh13 YouTube ChannelTosh13 Video Stats3690,4111-20496.8 MTweet
arronlee33arronlee33 YouTube Channelarronlee33 Video Stats3790,300644351.4K94.9 MTweet
MinistryOfFunnyTVMinistryOfFunnyTV YouTube ChannelMinistryOfFunnyTV Video Stats3885,524353221278.9 MTweet
TheHarimauTVTheHarimauTV YouTube ChannelTheHarimauTV Video Stats3984,107771,1431.1K99.7 MTweet
TheSmartLocalTheSmartLocal YouTube ChannelTheSmartLocal Video Stats4083,99110875535418 MTweet
SPH RazorSPH Razor YouTube ChannelSPH Razor Video Stats4183,0686646730.1K83.6 MTweet
AmeSubsAmeSubs YouTube ChannelAmeSubs Video Stats4282,3792922511040.7 MTweet
Disney Channel AsiaDisney Channel Asia YouTube ChannelDisney Channel Asia Video Stats4381,9835137031259.4 MTweet
Earth HourEarth Hour YouTube ChannelEarth Hour Video Stats4481,4950-2250311.3 MTweet
JTVJTV YouTube ChannelJTV Video Stats4580,3103422118731.9 MTweet
WarnerMusicSGWarnerMusicSG YouTube ChannelWarnerMusicSG Video Stats4678,5009075417355.1 MTweet
DssouLzDssouLz YouTube ChannelDssouLz Video Stats4777,9242911418.3 MTweet
The AFC HubThe AFC Hub YouTube ChannelThe AFC Hub Video Stats4876,4472861,6161.5K35.3 MTweet
thevirtsthevirts YouTube Channelthevirts Video Stats4975,407132747439.7 MTweet
Noah YapNoah Yap YouTube ChannelNoah Yap Video Stats5074,965-63587.1 MTweet
Cumi1569Cumi1569 YouTube ChannelCumi1569 Video Stats5172,504422861.8K40.7 MTweet
theMEATMENsgtheMEATMENsg YouTube ChanneltheMEATMENsg Video Stats5270,515906392116.8 MTweet
MrDanielTayMrDanielTay YouTube ChannelMrDanielTay Video Stats5366,291-7-2669129 KTweet
SabyLovesSabyLoves YouTube ChannelSabyLoves Video Stats5462,8122-361158 MTweet
Simon TaySimon Tay YouTube ChannelSimon Tay Video Stats5561,9170-2869516.7 MTweet
Dr JiajiaDr Jiajia YouTube ChannelDr Jiajia Video Stats5659,4080-121216.7 MTweet
windiluv5windiluv5 YouTube Channelwindiluv5 Video Stats5758,77418755913.5 MTweet
xMileySmiley95xMileySmiley95 YouTube ChannelxMileySmiley95 Video Stats5857,0693621842975.4 MTweet
Amos YeeAmos Yee YouTube ChannelAmos Yee Video Stats5954,78750-36211.5 MTweet
KARMANKARMAN YouTube ChannelKARMAN Video Stats6054,3118159704.8 MTweet
Yan Kay KayYan Kay Kay YouTube ChannelYan Kay Kay Video Stats6153,1371858415 MTweet
DerptlemenDerptlemen YouTube ChannelDerptlemen Video Stats6253,050133869.6 MTweet
imryanangimryanang YouTube Channelimryanang Video Stats6349,05373476218115.9 MTweet
THEJIANHAOTAN CO.THEJIANHAOTAN CO. YouTube ChannelTHEJIANHAOTAN CO. Video Stats6448,233523791564.7 MTweet
DanialRonDanialRon YouTube ChannelDanialRon Video Stats6546,478053884 MTweet
deadnahdeadnah YouTube Channeldeadnah Video Stats6644,126443576520.7 MTweet
Till Eternity GamingTill Eternity Gaming YouTube ChannelTill Eternity Gaming Video Stats6744,09875099114.1 MTweet
Pucca Funny LovePucca Funny Love YouTube ChannelPucca Funny Love Video Stats6843,86026630045.3 MTweet
BroGamerChannelBroGamerChannel YouTube ChannelBroGamerChannel Video Stats6942,0796238935521.1 MTweet
cyberpioneertvcyberpioneertv YouTube Channelcyberpioneertv Video Stats7041,26077371127.2 MTweet
DharniDharni YouTube ChannelDharni Video Stats7140,9799691,901514.4 MTweet
Daniel ChooDaniel Choo YouTube ChannelDaniel Choo Video Stats7240,428147490522.8 MTweet
MediaCorp Channel 8MediaCorp Channel 8 YouTube ChannelMediaCorp Channel 8 Video Stats7340,319201712.1K20.8 MTweet
FallenSuperheroSGFallenSuperheroSG YouTube ChannelFallenSuperheroSG Video Stats7439,848812031159.2 MTweet
dhalifdhalif YouTube Channeldhalif Video Stats7539,70616953946.8 MTweet
BananaManaTVBananaManaTV YouTube ChannelBananaManaTV Video Stats7639,4932211942414.9 MTweet
clarkkent999clarkkent999 YouTube Channelclarkkent999 Video Stats7739,0040-1211610.6 MTweet
Channel NewsAsiaChannel NewsAsia YouTube ChannelChannel NewsAsia Video Stats7837,639411602K13.7 MTweet
Celeste ChenCeleste Chen YouTube ChannelCeleste Chen Video Stats7936,794954797.3 MTweet
MrJaryd2000 - Minecraft Trolling, MinecrMrJaryd2000 - Minecraft Trolling, Minecr YouTube ChannelMrJaryd2000 - Minecraft Trolling, Minecr Video Stats8036,791-4-3210Tweet
JulianTay TMJulianTay TM YouTube ChannelJulianTay TM Video Stats8136,603-145374.8 MTweet
Evolve MMAEvolve MMA YouTube ChannelEvolve MMA Video Stats8236,313282743396.6 MTweet
987FM987FM YouTube Channel987FM Video Stats8335,6790261.2K9.1 MTweet
Gentle BonesGentle Bones YouTube ChannelGentle Bones Video Stats8435,49637482.5 MTweet
TheGarenaSingaporeTheGarenaSingapore YouTube ChannelTheGarenaSingapore Video Stats8535,211-1-92.1K10.8 MTweet
Cilla ChanCilla Chan YouTube ChannelCilla Chan Video Stats8632,190334943.1 MTweet
UrbanXtremeMonkeysUrbanXtremeMonkeys YouTube ChannelUrbanXtremeMonkeys Video Stats8731,937326915.4 MTweet
JUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry LimJUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry Lim YouTube ChannelJUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry Lim Video Stats8831,80526232623.5 MTweet
dezzravendezzraven YouTube Channeldezzraven Video Stats8930,9527337173.6 MTweet
TrickTrick YouTube ChannelTrick Video Stats9030,725023254.3 MTweet
athalia123athalia123 YouTube Channelathalia123 Video Stats9130,339108314992.4 MTweet
Cherie KoCherie Ko YouTube ChannelCherie Ko Video Stats9230,11402513.4 MTweet
Adrian ChongAdrian Chong YouTube ChannelAdrian Chong Video Stats9330,083-4-252660Tweet
waitformelehwaitformeleh YouTube Channelwaitformeleh Video Stats9429,9260-28274.2 MTweet
FlightTravelsFlightTravels YouTube ChannelFlightTravels Video Stats9529,3561810332910.8 MTweet
Prime Minister's Office, SingaporePrime Minister's Office, Singapore YouTube ChannelPrime Minister's Office, Singapore Video Stats9629,3383198226.9 MTweet
Disney Junior AsiaDisney Junior Asia YouTube ChannelDisney Junior Asia Video Stats9729,3096848184227 MTweet
Live Great TVLive Great TV YouTube ChannelLive Great TV Video Stats9828,8470-21312.9 MTweet
MCAllianceMCAlliance YouTube ChannelMCAlliance Video Stats9928,8211751116.4 MTweet
lpsprincess1000lpsprincess1000 YouTube Channellpsprincess1000 Video Stats10028,802751248.8 MTweet