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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed News & Politics Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed News & Politics Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
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7 Day
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Video ProducerReport
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The Young TurksThe Young Turks YouTube ChannelThe Young Turks Video Stats13,323,9336591,9145,12828.9K3.49 BTweet
ABS-CBN NewsABS-CBN News YouTube ChannelABS-CBN News Video Stats22,923,5288121,82310,19055K2.21 BTweet
AlbernamegAlbernameg YouTube ChannelAlbernameg Video Stats32,535,6531038147852616240.4 MTweet
ABC NewsABC News YouTube ChannelABC News Video Stats42,511,91310511,83612,26937.6K2.61 BTweet
ConCrafterConCrafter YouTube ChannelConCrafter Video Stats52,465,96810871,49416,2582K790.3 MTweet
Aaj TakAaj Tak YouTube ChannelAaj Tak Video Stats62,378,57511349,53036,62363.8K959.1 MTweet
VICE NewsVICE News YouTube ChannelVICE News Video Stats72,196,91312778023,7362.1K485.3 MTweet
RTRT YouTube ChannelRT Video Stats82,080,67613666553,49433.8K1.98 BTweet
NerdistNerdist YouTube ChannelNerdist Video Stats92,071,36813781,8326,0392.7K309.6 MTweet
The Alex Jones ChannelThe Alex Jones Channel YouTube ChannelThe Alex Jones Channel Video Stats102,031,2301426-20120831.3K1.27 BTweet
CNNCNN YouTube ChannelCNN Video Stats111,967,40714942,46511,458135.6K1.82 BTweet
IndiaTVIndiaTV YouTube ChannelIndiaTV Video Stats121,813,32016825,83733,066100K1.3 BTweet
baracksdubsbaracksdubs YouTube Channelbaracksdubs Video Stats131,790,49617107432752290.7 MTweet
SourceFedSourceFed YouTube ChannelSourceFed Video Stats141,731,688179111-434.8K914.4 MTweet
JustKiddingNewsJustKiddingNews YouTube ChannelJustKiddingNews Video Stats151,652,77919127972,2824.1K1.28 BTweet
ABP NEWSABP NEWS YouTube ChannelABP NEWS Video Stats161,491,22521764,58921,03571.4K886.5 MTweet
FUNKER530 - Veteran CommunityFUNKER530 - Veteran Community YouTube ChannelFUNKER530 - Veteran Community Video Stats171,409,69723413482,008351363.9 MTweet
GMA News and Public AffairsGMA News and Public Affairs YouTube ChannelGMA News and Public Affairs Video Stats181,382,71624021,5207,288213.2K1.45 BTweet
Al Jazeera ArabicAl Jazeera Arabic YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera Arabic Video Stats191,379,06624151,0286,68381.6K686.6 MTweet
ONtvONtv YouTube ChannelONtv Video Stats201,360,63824582,39814,719222.1K602.7 MTweet
ThinkTankThinkTank YouTube ChannelThinkTank Video Stats211,342,38025011432495.2K537.5 MTweet
AlArabiyaAlArabiya YouTube ChannelAlArabiya Video Stats221,316,30325671,76411,39439.9K730.1 MTweet
Al Jazeera EnglishAl Jazeera English YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera English Video Stats231,312,97625741,76110,63869.6K802.7 MTweet
VideoYoum7 | قناة اليوم السابعVideoYoum7 | قناة اليوم السابع YouTube ChannelVideoYoum7 | قناة اليوم السابع Video Stats241,286,57826476964,00181.6K520.3 MTweet
Univision NoticiasUnivision Noticias YouTube ChannelUnivision Noticias Video Stats251,179,85629551,1407,07532.4K974.1 MTweet
Real Time with Bill MaherReal Time with Bill Maher YouTube ChannelReal Time with Bill Maher Video Stats261,094,21332396036,9341.2K309.8 MTweet
The Amazing AtheistThe Amazing Atheist YouTube ChannelThe Amazing Atheist Video Stats271,069,9223318129-8041.4K352.5 MTweet
Zee NewsZee News YouTube ChannelZee News Video Stats28989,92036313,54819,80160.4K416.4 MTweet
Mark DiceMark Dice YouTube ChannelMark Dice Video Stats29980,65536755663,6762.8K330.9 MTweet
The White HouseThe White House YouTube ChannelThe White House Video Stats30976,4743701-273-22118716.4 MTweet
NDTVNDTV YouTube ChannelNDTV Video Stats31952,23538081,5118,40958.2K724.6 MTweet
НТВНТВ YouTube ChannelНТВ Video Stats32874,76241832,22617,08825.1K945.2 MTweet
RT en EspañolRT en Español YouTube ChannelRT en Español Video Stats33824,31744929657,20830.2K616.5 MTweet
CBSCBS YouTube ChannelCBS Video Stats34794,74946862111,16156.9K1.2 BTweet
Journeyman PicturesJourneyman Pictures YouTube ChannelJourneyman Pictures Video Stats35732,80051343612,1456.3K461.7 MTweet
cteditorcteditor YouTube Channelcteditor Video Stats36703,050537757425164.5K1.01 BTweet
RT на русскомRT на русском YouTube ChannelRT на русском Video Stats37672,91156305755827.5K781 MTweet
Associated PressAssociated Press YouTube ChannelAssociated Press Video Stats38670,84756527131,225106.4K1.79 BTweet
Narendra ModiNarendra Modi YouTube ChannelNarendra Modi Video Stats39660,14157342742,2516.8K89.7 MTweet
RT ArabicRT Arabic YouTube ChannelRT Arabic Video Stats40642,18459181,0205,55742.3K488.7 MTweet
Cadenatres NoticiasCadenatres Noticias YouTube ChannelCadenatres Noticias Video Stats41629,20660707274,18233.2K614.9 MTweet
Stefan MolyneuxStefan Molyneux YouTube ChannelStefan Molyneux Video Stats42601,91964073202,5322.5K163.7 MTweet
asianetnewsasianetnews YouTube Channelasianetnews Video Stats43592,65765301,1056,34461.7K443.4 MTweet
Fox NewsFox News YouTube ChannelFox News Video Stats44573,39267766653,13431.8K428.5 MTweet
Bloomberg BusinessBloomberg Business YouTube ChannelBloomberg Business Video Stats45558,36869699637,75047.5K199.9 MTweet
Aristegui NoticiasAristegui Noticias YouTube ChannelAristegui Noticias Video Stats46550,07170833648652.2K75.9 MTweet
BarackObamadotcomBarackObamadotcom YouTube ChannelBarackObamadotcom Video Stats47547,244711322803K310.2 MTweet
Sky NewsSky News YouTube ChannelSky News Video Stats48540,74371987033,9778.1K302.8 MTweet
Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger YouTube ChannelArnold Schwarzenegger Video Stats49524,783743860477343119.5 MTweet
Tv9 KannadaTv9 Kannada YouTube ChannelTv9 Kannada Video Stats50511,22776501,65910,54473.4K416 MTweet
Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal YouTube ChannelWall Street Journal Video Stats51506,59177204262,29424.8K320.2 MTweet
geonewsgeonews YouTube Channelgeonews Video Stats52496,93278701,33912,27539.9K208.4 MTweet
PBSPBS YouTube ChannelPBS Video Stats53490,03479839672010K237.9 MTweet
MrWissen2goMrWissen2go YouTube ChannelMrWissen2go Video Stats54488,13580303541,51047144.6 MTweet
WeAreChangeWeAreChange YouTube ChannelWeAreChange Video Stats55448,77787276044,9651.5K91.2 MTweet
RT AmericaRT America YouTube ChannelRT America Video Stats56429,053911520795316.2K205.9 MTweet
Al Jazeera DocumentaryAl Jazeera Documentary YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera Documentary Video Stats57427,86191497195,0621.2K51 MTweet
lovelyti2002lovelyti2002 YouTube Channellovelyti2002 Video Stats58415,57794103699501.2K130.9 MTweet
TIMES NOWTIMES NOW YouTube ChannelTIMES NOW Video Stats59404,70096702221,36244.2K204.2 MTweet
PBS NewsHourPBS NewsHour YouTube ChannelPBS NewsHour Video Stats60403,81696914982,48817.3K223.1 MTweet
FRANCE 24 EnglishFRANCE 24 English YouTube ChannelFRANCE 24 English Video Stats61402,98797083313,63831.2K134 MTweet
AMTVAMTV YouTube ChannelAMTV Video Stats62384,275-352742.5K94.7 MTweet
aljadeedonlinealjadeedonline YouTube Channelaljadeedonline Video Stats63380,1382611,52846.1K359.1 MTweet
FRANCE 24FRANCE 24 YouTube ChannelFRANCE 24 Video Stats64377,9264984,73341.7K197.3 MTweet
Grillonautas2Grillonautas2 YouTube ChannelGrillonautas2 Video Stats65376,5082551,4317.8K421.7 MTweet
The Daily ConversationThe Daily Conversation YouTube ChannelThe Daily Conversation Video Stats66365,3223712,1562.3K194.7 MTweet
ElWatan News | جريدة الوطنElWatan News | جريدة الوطن YouTube ChannelElWatan News | جريدة الوطن Video Stats67359,8991691,06619.7K130.3 MTweet
CBS NewsCBS News YouTube ChannelCBS News Video Stats68358,5264735,81453.9K374 MTweet
David Pakman ShowDavid Pakman Show YouTube ChannelDavid Pakman Show Video Stats69357,6442171,66014.6K231.2 MTweet
KiniTVKiniTV YouTube ChannelKiniTV Video Stats70356,76211266236.9K398.3 MTweet
ODNODN YouTube ChannelODN Video Stats71353,2294252,42418.1K724.7 MTweet
Breaking ItalyBreaking Italy YouTube ChannelBreaking Italy Video Stats72344,64483901.2K75.5 MTweet
BBC Arabic بي بي سي العربيةBBC Arabic بي بي سي العربية YouTube ChannelBBC Arabic بي بي سي العربية Video Stats73342,9924272,73921.1K130 MTweet
KTN KenyaKTN Kenya YouTube ChannelKTN Kenya Video Stats74340,3765472,54373.1K186.3 MTweet
Kenya CitizenTVKenya CitizenTV YouTube ChannelKenya CitizenTV Video Stats75337,2455212,43252.9K154.2 MTweet
IngloriousJojoIngloriousJojo YouTube ChannelIngloriousJojo Video Stats76323,2441712528729.4 MTweet
ForbesForbes YouTube ChannelForbes Video Stats77323,1013141,9955.3K103.9 MTweet
TomoNews 台灣TomoNews 台灣 YouTube ChannelTomoNews 台灣 Video Stats78321,4159955517.1K656.3 MTweet
The GuardianThe Guardian YouTube ChannelThe Guardian Video Stats79320,6047334,5076.3K151.8 MTweet
NewsBeFunnyNewsBeFunny YouTube ChannelNewsBeFunny Video Stats80315,14911260988172.3 MTweet
davidickedavidicke YouTube Channeldavidicke Video Stats81310,6703811,96045337 MTweet
Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr قناة الجزيرة مبAl Jazeera Mubasher Misr قناة الجزيرة مب YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera Mubasher Misr قناة الجزيرة مب Video Stats82308,17904515.9K40.8 MTweet
Dunya NewsDunya News YouTube ChannelDunya News Video Stats83306,1847146,03238.2K171.8 MTweet
AlMasry AlYoumAlMasry AlYoum YouTube ChannelAlMasry AlYoum Video Stats84305,7649064017.4K139.5 MTweet
TV5 NewsTV5 News YouTube ChannelTV5 News Video Stats85305,7467864,538103.2K308.5 MTweet
Azteca NoticiasAzteca Noticias YouTube ChannelAzteca Noticias Video Stats86302,8612931,81858.1K245.5 MTweet
Pat CondellPat Condell YouTube ChannelPat Condell Video Stats87298,2941816517669.1 MTweet
VOA Tiếng ViệtVOA Tiếng Việt YouTube ChannelVOA Tiếng Việt Video Stats88297,4943852,03810.4K309 MTweet
Democracy Now!Democracy Now! YouTube ChannelDemocracy Now! Video Stats89289,4763973,1827.6K72.3 MTweet
Beppe GrilloBeppe Grillo YouTube ChannelBeppe Grillo Video Stats90283,309-16-641.4K110.8 MTweet
فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24 Arabicفرانس 24 / FRANCE 24 Arabic YouTube Channelفرانس 24 / FRANCE 24 Arabic Video Stats91279,7775403,67945.7K159.1 MTweet
Roda VivaRoda Viva YouTube ChannelRoda Viva Video Stats92278,1682841,3191.2K16.1 MTweet
euronews (in English)euronews (in English) YouTube Channeleuronews (in English) Video Stats93268,4991951,14353.4K293.9 MTweet
GlobalLeaks NewsGlobalLeaks News YouTube ChannelGlobalLeaks News Video Stats94262,9521731,0471.2K136.9 MTweet
The EconomistThe Economist YouTube ChannelThe Economist Video Stats95260,1658385,9241.5K29.8 MTweet
William HydeWilliam Hyde YouTube ChannelWilliam Hyde Video Stats96258,096-6-20147113.5 MTweet
The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post YouTube ChannelThe Huffington Post Video Stats97257,1726053,6321.3K194.7 MTweet
US Military VideosUS Military Videos YouTube ChannelUS Military Videos Video Stats98255,06412582510.3K134.6 MTweet
Al Jazeera Mubasher قناة الجزيرة مباشرAl Jazeera Mubasher قناة الجزيرة مباشر YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera Mubasher قناة الجزيرة مباشر Video Stats99252,0624073,05330K55.8 MTweet
民視新聞頻道 FTVNEWS民視新聞頻道 FTVNEWS YouTube Channel民視新聞頻道 FTVNEWS Video Stats100250,365164875165.1K397.3 MTweet