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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed New Zealand Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed New Zealand Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
ShaaanxoShaaanxo YouTube ChannelShaaanxo Video Stats12,611,5486372,01414,138874254.4 MTweet
Jamie's WorldJamie's World YouTube ChannelJamie's World Video Stats21,380,2351624-141-9478060.1 MTweet
Wacky WednesdayWacky Wednesday YouTube ChannelWacky Wednesday Video Stats31,291,62717661951,140161248.1 MTweet
AzzManAzzMan YouTube ChannelAzzMan Video Stats4565,55047087553,1441.3K139.5 MTweet
missAnnshmissAnnsh YouTube ChannelmissAnnsh Video Stats5540,96649172581,59721645.1 MTweet
Ela Gale ♡Ela Gale ♡ YouTube ChannelEla Gale ♡ Video Stats6495,07353922021,33814042.1 MTweet
Shaaanxo VlogsShaaanxo Vlogs YouTube ChannelShaaanxo Vlogs Video Stats7485,59055161631,27853948.9 MTweet
Shirley SetiaShirley Setia YouTube ChannelShirley Setia Video Stats8378,81871781,1867,7916333.7 MTweet
FaZe HazzFaZe Hazz YouTube ChannelFaZe Hazz Video Stats9350,47677552971,86847922.9 MTweet
ScurbScurb YouTube ChannelScurb Video Stats10298,190907411865314148.7 MTweet
LordeLorde YouTube ChannelLorde Video Stats11282,43895441284290.3 MTweet
Tyler Haruka ScholtzTyler Haruka Scholtz YouTube ChannelTyler Haruka Scholtz Video Stats12277,45697201861,57318948.2 MTweet
Mt Eden OfficialMt Eden Official YouTube ChannelMt Eden Official Video Stats13238,8572822451120.6 MTweet
Peter JacksonPeter Jackson YouTube ChannelPeter Jackson Video Stats14238,051-15-1333438.6 MTweet
MontageRockMontageRock YouTube ChannelMontageRock Video Stats15210,8494132,63536667.7 MTweet
Lucky7GamingLucky7Gaming YouTube ChannelLucky7Gaming Video Stats16208,975-5675768.3 MTweet
WILSON BABY20150302WILSON BABY20150302 YouTube ChannelWILSON BABY20150302 Video Stats17201,2452701,5411.3K190.1 MTweet
Living Big In A Tiny HouseLiving Big In A Tiny House YouTube ChannelLiving Big In A Tiny House Video Stats18194,3232281,5897526.8 MTweet
ReQuestDanceCrewReQuestDanceCrew YouTube ChannelReQuestDanceCrew Video Stats19187,7212231,2042616.2 MTweet
Sally JoSally Jo YouTube ChannelSally Jo Video Stats20181,3704351,1631977.6 MTweet
Dolan DarkDolan Dark YouTube ChannelDolan Dark Video Stats21174,1321,0426,862366.8 MTweet
Caito PotatoeCaito Potatoe YouTube ChannelCaito Potatoe Video Stats22169,3211,99310,9991728.3 MTweet
Makeup with JahMakeup with Jah YouTube ChannelMakeup with Jah Video Stats23164,0152471,5122175 MTweet
TheGamersJointTheGamersJoint YouTube ChannelTheGamersJoint Video Stats24149,678826901.6K47.7 MTweet
bennymcnuggetbennymcnugget YouTube Channelbennymcnugget Video Stats25141,5382491,9011306.9 MTweet
Matt MulhollandMatt Mulholland YouTube ChannelMatt Mulholland Video Stats26138,5639266013833.3 MTweet
The Big 10The Big 10 YouTube ChannelThe Big 10 Video Stats27125,171-4-591311.1 MTweet
Jono and BenJono and Ben YouTube ChannelJono and Ben Video Stats28124,6152211380340.8 MTweet
VineTVVineTV YouTube ChannelVineTV Video Stats29123,332139818852.1 MTweet
GalaxyDreamingGalaxyDreaming YouTube ChannelGalaxyDreaming Video Stats30122,5758455545167.5 MTweet
KBABZKBABZ YouTube ChannelKBABZ Video Stats31109,04011370617398.4 MTweet
Carina StewartCarina Stewart YouTube ChannelCarina Stewart Video Stats32108,9891679837311.5 MTweet
ThepalacedancestudioThepalacedancestudio YouTube ChannelThepalacedancestudio Video Stats33108,1681559428128.4 MTweet
Angry RamAngry Ram YouTube ChannelAngry Ram Video Stats34105,9927650110560.1 MTweet
All BlacksAll Blacks YouTube ChannelAll Blacks Video Stats35105,683343031.5K26.6 MTweet
MakeUpByGioMakeUpByGio YouTube ChannelMakeUpByGio Video Stats3696,54212201634.1 MTweet
thesheepthatwentmooothesheepthatwentmooo YouTube Channelthesheepthatwentmooo Video Stats3796,056-1-6417713.7 MTweet
MooshMooshVlogsMooshMooshVlogs YouTube ChannelMooshMooshVlogs Video Stats3894,63623351405.6 MTweet
Erick WrightErick Wright YouTube ChannelErick Wright Video Stats3994,172116615118.2 MTweet
Gordon LaingGordon Laing YouTube ChannelGordon Laing Video Stats4090,47257816033 MTweet
AquuLAquuL YouTube ChannelAquuL Video Stats4190,2191613248.8 MTweet
Jamie McDellJamie McDell YouTube ChannelJamie McDell Video Stats4282,9716-41515.6 MTweet
RadicalSodaRadicalSoda YouTube ChannelRadicalSoda Video Stats4381,69818490839019.2 MTweet
BGPOPABGPOPA YouTube ChannelBGPOPA Video Stats4481,190152619739.8 MTweet
TheFloppyRagdollTheFloppyRagdoll YouTube ChannelTheFloppyRagdoll Video Stats4580,631403702364.5 MTweet
SeratoHQSeratoHQ YouTube ChannelSeratoHQ Video Stats4680,2103621429426.9 MTweet
CovertHipHopCovertHipHop YouTube ChannelCovertHipHop Video Stats4779,49890529409105.2 MTweet
eddyistheman1eddyistheman1 YouTube Channeleddyistheman1 Video Stats4878,49535720250.5 MTweet
list10list10 YouTube Channellist10 Video Stats4977,0982092,07314719.8 MTweet
デーモンAstariデーモンAstari YouTube ChannelデーモンAstari Video Stats5074,7841791,14012313.7 MTweet
UnknownWW2InColorUnknownWW2InColor YouTube ChannelUnknownWW2InColor Video Stats5174,50501247267.2 MTweet
GamerListsGamerLists YouTube ChannelGamerLists Video Stats5273,2542091,0465630 MTweet
Emily JaneEmily Jane YouTube ChannelEmily Jane Video Stats5372,674-191696.1 MTweet
Dean HallDean Hall YouTube ChannelDean Hall Video Stats5472,427-9-562611 MTweet
Trey RatcliffTrey Ratcliff YouTube ChannelTrey Ratcliff Video Stats5571,8093944627.7 MTweet
LOGinHDi - Minecraft PixelmonLOGinHDi - Minecraft Pixelmon YouTube ChannelLOGinHDi - Minecraft Pixelmon Video Stats5671,8015253,5151.1K9.9 MTweet
Kiwi DudeKiwi Dude YouTube ChannelKiwi Dude Video Stats5766,1672771,269987.5 MTweet
childrenlovetosingchildrenlovetosing YouTube Channelchildrenlovetosing Video Stats5859,7422914735762.1 MTweet
Cowps ProductionsCowps Productions YouTube ChannelCowps Productions Video Stats5959,6822315224345.3 MTweet
dray86dray86 YouTube Channeldray86 Video Stats6058,1350-65119.2 MTweet
massadmusicmassadmusic YouTube Channelmassadmusic Video Stats6156,216-1-13168.6 MTweet
Cougar BoysCougar Boys YouTube ChannelCougar Boys Video Stats6256,0416117515.1 MTweet
DaFrontlineTrooperDaFrontlineTrooper YouTube ChannelDaFrontlineTrooper Video Stats6355,054181691796.8 MTweet
PaintBasketPaintBasket YouTube ChannelPaintBasket Video Stats6454,290301772155.9 MTweet
Mad Mike WhiddettMad Mike Whiddett YouTube ChannelMad Mike Whiddett Video Stats6553,78829248425 MTweet
Grinding Gear GamesGrinding Gear Games YouTube ChannelGrinding Gear Games Video Stats6652,9183011160031.2 MTweet
Tom CosmTom Cosm YouTube ChannelTom Cosm Video Stats6751,762-2562685.3 MTweet
MIX TAPESMIX TAPES YouTube ChannelMIX TAPES Video Stats6851,61002621328.1 MTweet
YouOriginalYouOriginal YouTube ChannelYouOriginal Video Stats6951,3934530517329.4 MTweet
MrKimDotcomMrKimDotcom YouTube ChannelMrKimDotcom Video Stats7051,2380222929.9 MTweet
HeroicMusicHeroicMusic YouTube ChannelHeroicMusic Video Stats7150,90114665346311.7 MTweet
ShwigganShwiggan YouTube ChannelShwiggan Video Stats7250,871-2-46812.5 MTweet
Air New ZealandAir New Zealand YouTube ChannelAir New Zealand Video Stats7350,1853137939264.4 MTweet
Brooke SmithBrooke Smith YouTube ChannelBrooke Smith Video Stats7449,0721-28381.5 MTweet
Nailed It NZNailed It NZ YouTube ChannelNailed It NZ Video Stats7547,629372472483.7 MTweet
Laurence KaiwaiLaurence Kaiwai YouTube ChannelLaurence Kaiwai Video Stats7646,0332-82715.6 MTweet
Lil' Chief RecordsLil' Chief Records YouTube ChannelLil' Chief Records Video Stats7745,772311957442.7 MTweet
geoffmackleygeoffmackley YouTube Channelgeoffmackley Video Stats7845,3412216185661.5 MTweet
Kris FoxKris Fox YouTube ChannelKris Fox Video Stats7944,491-166812.1 MTweet
maoriSHooRTiiemaoriSHooRTiie YouTube ChannelmaoriSHooRTiie Video Stats8044,479513516980.3 MTweet
superg33kssuperg33ks YouTube Channelsuperg33ks Video Stats8143,987-3-346816.6 MTweet YouTube Video Stats8243,9140-192146.9 MTweet
Xaptrosity | Gaming, MinecraftXaptrosity | Gaming, Minecraft YouTube ChannelXaptrosity | Gaming, Minecraft Video Stats8342,418-9-174537.2 MTweet
Les MillsLes Mills YouTube ChannelLes Mills Video Stats8442,0915031341313.2 MTweet
SBPnzSBPnz YouTube ChannelSBPnz Video Stats8541,301-22434725 MTweet
Cartoon Network New ZealandCartoon Network New Zealand YouTube ChannelCartoon Network New Zealand Video Stats8641,196572931.1K46.3 MTweet
pufftiquepufftique YouTube Channelpufftique Video Stats8740,8524-4222.6 MTweet
SkilletYUTV21SkilletYUTV21 YouTube ChannelSkilletYUTV21 Video Stats8840,426171294021 MTweet
Brad IsLegitBrad IsLegit YouTube ChannelBrad IsLegit Video Stats8939,6861801,0891905.2 MTweet
Ultimate FishingUltimate Fishing YouTube ChannelUltimate Fishing Video Stats9039,563239619118.1 MTweet
Scientific UnityScientific Unity YouTube ChannelScientific Unity Video Stats9139,271-6-1721547 KTweet
jaglionjaglion YouTube Channeljaglion Video Stats9238,434443209784.4 MTweet
Emily MuliEmily Muli YouTube ChannelEmily Muli Video Stats9337,508023527.2 MTweet
Historical Aviation Film UnitHistorical Aviation Film Unit YouTube ChannelHistorical Aviation Film Unit Video Stats9436,5501311095625.8 MTweet
FRESH TVFRESH TV YouTube ChannelFRESH TV Video Stats9535,967149798313 MTweet
funtwofuntwo YouTube Channelfuntwo Video Stats9635,649-170859.3 MTweet
tnafofficialtnafofficial YouTube Channeltnafofficial Video Stats9735,6080602947.3 MTweet
HellPizzaNZHellPizzaNZ YouTube ChannelHellPizzaNZ Video Stats9834,8309376338.1 MTweet
DubsteqDubsteq YouTube ChannelDubsteq Video Stats9934,5264224619.5 MTweet
nzmusic101nzmusic101 YouTube Channelnzmusic101 Video Stats10033,6320-311645.9 MTweet