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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed New Zealand Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed New Zealand Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Jamie\'s WorldJamie\'s World YouTube ChannelJamie\'s World Video Stats11,179,9596578627,0054137 MTweet
ShaaanxoShaaanxo YouTube ChannelShaaanxo Video Stats21,144,1186873,11514,36269980.2 MTweet
Shaaanxo VlogsShaaanxo Vlogs YouTube ChannelShaaanxo Vlogs Video Stats3265,01736703971,90821014 MTweet
LordeLorde YouTube ChannelLorde Video Stats4263,867368650529275.7 MTweet
Peter JacksonPeter Jackson YouTube ChannelPeter Jackson Video Stats5236,4504097752073232.4 MTweet
Mt Eden OfficialMt Eden Official YouTube ChannelMt Eden Official Video Stats6204,65646935041849103.7 MTweet
missAnnshmissAnnsh YouTube ChannelmissAnnsh Video Stats7173,63455292012,35010614.1 MTweet
Ela Gale ♡ A DIY LifeEla Gale ♡ A DIY Life YouTube ChannelEla Gale ♡ A DIY Life Video Stats8134,57069846574,698877.2 MTweet
Dean HallDean Hall YouTube ChannelDean Hall Video Stats987,356-13-992510.1 MTweet
Matt MulhollandMatt Mulholland YouTube ChannelMatt Mulholland Video Stats1086,9835837711821.5 MTweet
Jono and Ben at TenJono and Ben at Ten YouTube ChannelJono and Ben at Ten Video Stats1186,285529041519.6 MTweet
Gordon LaingGordon Laing YouTube ChannelGordon Laing Video Stats1282,032199213930.3 MTweet
Jamie McDellJamie McDell YouTube ChannelJamie McDell Video Stats1380,319271411304.2 MTweet
AquuLAquuL YouTube ChannelAquuL Video Stats1479,44017139246.7 MTweet
Tyler Haruka ScholtzTyler Haruka Scholtz YouTube ChannelTyler Haruka Scholtz Video Stats1572,80814185210711.2 MTweet
TheFloppyRagdollTheFloppyRagdoll YouTube ChannelTheFloppyRagdoll Video Stats1665,618092333.5 MTweet
All BlacksAll Blacks YouTube ChannelAll Blacks Video Stats1764,0503828085714.4 MTweet
eddyistheman1eddyistheman1 YouTube Channeleddyistheman1 Video Stats1862,6102116416137.4 MTweet
UnknownWW2InColorUnknownWW2InColor YouTube ChannelUnknownWW2InColor Video Stats1961,9942113247355.6 MTweet
dray86dray86 YouTube Channeldray86 Video Stats2059,3841-215118.9 MTweet
SeratoHQSeratoHQ YouTube ChannelSeratoHQ Video Stats2153,6173721620018.5 MTweet
ShwigganShwiggan YouTube ChannelShwiggan Video Stats2251,8560-246711.7 MTweet
massadmusicmassadmusic YouTube Channelmassadmusic Video Stats2349,2873115126.2 MTweet
Trey RatcliffTrey Ratcliff YouTube ChannelTrey Ratcliff Video Stats2447,633412903005 MTweet
MrKimDotcomMrKimDotcom YouTube ChannelMrKimDotcom Video Stats2543,5630-12627.5 MTweet
Grinding Gear GamesGrinding Gear Games YouTube ChannelGrinding Gear Games Video Stats2643,0812633529513.4 MTweet
BGPOPABGPOPA YouTube ChannelBGPOPA Video Stats2742,89916117715 MTweet
GalaxyDreamingGalaxyDreaming YouTube ChannelGalaxyDreaming Video Stats2841,0845839935122.2 MTweet
Erick WrightErick Wright YouTube ChannelErick Wright Video Stats2940,996129374918.8 MTweet
MooshMooshVlogsMooshMooshVlogs YouTube ChannelMooshMooshVlogs Video Stats3040,8633661,2551002.1 MTweet
Sally JoSally Jo YouTube ChannelSally Jo Video Stats3140,4163319468831 KTweet
Shirley SetiaShirley Setia YouTube ChannelShirley Setia Video Stats3240,2971421,122263.2 MTweet
NZ MusicNZ Music YouTube ChannelNZ Music Video Stats3339,4590281919.2 MTweet
Tom CosmTom Cosm YouTube ChannelTom Cosm Video Stats3437,76491151724 MTweet
MakeUpByGioMakeUpByGio YouTube ChannelMakeUpByGio Video Stats3537,6142931,56972787 KTweet
MIX TAPESMIX TAPES YouTube ChannelMIX TAPES Video Stats3636,9054525543156.6 MTweet
BlockFortressBlockFortress YouTube ChannelBlockFortress Video Stats3736,05306293.5 MTweet
DaFrontlineTrooperDaFrontlineTrooper YouTube ChannelDaFrontlineTrooper Video Stats3835,901422771564.6 MTweet
ReQuestDanceCrewReQuestDanceCrew YouTube ChannelReQuestDanceCrew Video Stats3934,81914115213.2 MTweet YouTube Video Stats4034,278221431865.7 MTweet
superg33kssuperg33ks YouTube Channelsuperg33ks Video Stats4133,7890374412.5 MTweet
Emily MuliEmily Muli YouTube ChannelEmily Muli Video Stats4232,85623133446.1 MTweet
MontageRockMontageRock YouTube ChannelMontageRock Video Stats4332,7141581,1001904.4 MTweet
nzmusic101nzmusic101 YouTube Channelnzmusic101 Video Stats4432,6170381565.4 MTweet
SBPnzSBPnz YouTube ChannelSBPnz Video Stats4532,3551913234718.8 MTweet
slayerofmcaslayerofmca YouTube Channelslayerofmca Video Stats4631,7370-284297 MTweet
Levi BeamishLevi Beamish YouTube ChannelLevi Beamish Video Stats4731,6240-12814 MTweet
Makeup with JahMakeup with Jah YouTube ChannelMakeup with Jah Video Stats4831,45128116105608 KTweet
tnafofficialtnafofficial YouTube Channeltnafofficial Video Stats4931,221-2262440.2 MTweet
HellPizzaNZHellPizzaNZ YouTube ChannelHellPizzaNZ Video Stats5030,5132175533.1 MTweet
SkilletYUTV21SkilletYUTV21 YouTube ChannelSkilletYUTV21 Video Stats5128,577171014015.3 MTweet
Cougar BoysCougar Boys YouTube ChannelCougar Boys Video Stats5228,57780780251.8 MTweet
boardsofcanadaboardsofcanada YouTube Channelboardsofcanada Video Stats5328,12514532.4 MTweet
DubsteqDubsteq YouTube ChannelDubsteq Video Stats5427,9547644615.6 MTweet
Air New ZealandAir New Zealand YouTube ChannelAir New Zealand Video Stats5527,929157821841.2 MTweet
thesheepthatwentmooothesheepthatwentmooo YouTube Channelthesheepthatwentmooo Video Stats5627,5382681,54450447 KTweet
Xaptrosity | Gaming, MinecraftXaptrosity | Gaming, Minecraft YouTube ChannelXaptrosity | Gaming, Minecraft Video Stats5727,435532084303.5 MTweet
jewellia7777jewellia7777 YouTube Channeljewellia7777 Video Stats5827,21304638414.2 MTweet
Lilkiwiguy87Lilkiwiguy87 YouTube ChannelLilkiwiguy87 Video Stats5926,82005114610.7 MTweet
kimpoy06paokimpoy06pao YouTube Channelkimpoy06pao Video Stats6026,22604263.2 MTweet
funtwofuntwo YouTube Channelfuntwo Video Stats6125,7641295526.5 MTweet
caffaccinocaffaccino YouTube Channelcaffaccino Video Stats6225,1220101572.6 MTweet
VineTVVineTV YouTube ChannelVineTV Video Stats6324,8121,0213,2005488.9 MTweet
pufftiquepufftique YouTube Channelpufftique Video Stats6424,7783225722701 KTweet
PaintBasketPaintBasket YouTube ChannelPaintBasket Video Stats6524,587342351703.4 MTweet
childrenlovetosingchildrenlovetosing YouTube Channelchildrenlovetosing Video Stats6624,4802414821423.3 MTweet
Les MillsLes Mills YouTube ChannelLes Mills Video Stats6724,475192303059.8 MTweet
NyykeeNyykee YouTube ChannelNyykee Video Stats6824,4540-132504Tweet
erotXLerotXL YouTube ChannelerotXL Video Stats6924,210192171520 KTweet
PokeCollectionPokeCollection YouTube ChannelPokeCollection Video Stats7023,70541031.6K6 MTweet
TV3TV3 YouTube ChannelTV3 Video Stats7123,09043734619.6 MTweet
MemeMaster420MemeMaster420 YouTube ChannelMemeMaster420 Video Stats7222,796125712191.2 MTweet
Oversteer TVOversteer TV YouTube ChannelOversteer TV Video Stats7322,758241561913.4 MTweet
Dolan DarkDolan Dark YouTube ChannelDolan Dark Video Stats7422,65382671251.2 MTweet
Lil\' Chief RecordsLil\' Chief Records YouTube ChannelLil\' Chief Records Video Stats7522,287362935721.1 MTweet
Matt BomerMatt Bomer YouTube ChannelMatt Bomer Video Stats7622,174030661.4 MTweet
ThepalacedancestudioThepalacedancestudio YouTube ChannelThepalacedancestudio Video Stats7722,13058318624.1 MTweet
CalvinSangCalvinSang YouTube ChannelCalvinSang Video Stats7821,819169445.8 MTweet
TheGamersJointTheGamersJoint YouTube ChannelTheGamersJoint Video Stats7921,4221066645653.4 MTweet
FRESH TVFRESH TV YouTube ChannelFRESH TV Video Stats8021,40418958267.4 MTweet
The Daily English ShowThe Daily English Show YouTube ChannelThe Daily English Show Video Stats8120,9310321.4K8.8 MTweet
Viva La Dirt LeagueViva La Dirt League YouTube ChannelViva La Dirt League Video Stats8220,8820131164 MTweet
ImTooPhaTImTooPhaT YouTube ChannelImTooPhaT Video Stats8320,7470-4523 KTweet
bobby044132bobby044132 YouTube Channelbobby044132 Video Stats8420,68504015916.4 MTweet
ScientificUnityScientificUnity YouTube ChannelScientificUnity Video Stats8520,67356302282.6 MTweet
Cartoon Network New ZealandCartoon Network New Zealand YouTube ChannelCartoon Network New Zealand Video Stats8619,957331771.1K20.3 MTweet
Wacky WednesdayWacky Wednesday YouTube ChannelWacky Wednesday Video Stats8719,7342,05510,552171.3 MTweet
bennymcnuggetbennymcnugget YouTube Channelbennymcnugget Video Stats8819,4017132358501 KTweet
AntonioStradivariusAntonioStradivarius YouTube ChannelAntonioStradivarius Video Stats8919,22926976445.9 MTweet
DawnRaidMusicDawnRaidMusic YouTube ChannelDawnRaidMusic Video Stats9018,99168111012.7 MTweet
geoffmackleygeoffmackley YouTube Channelgeoffmackley Video Stats9118,8193117254434.6 MTweet
YouOriginalYouOriginal YouTube ChannelYouOriginal Video Stats9218,706201268112.7 MTweet
Simply Clever ToysSimply Clever Toys YouTube ChannelSimply Clever Toys Video Stats9317,9770622913 MTweet
Historical Aviation Film UnitHistorical Aviation Film Unit YouTube ChannelHistorical Aviation Film Unit Video Stats9417,9734229871315.8 MTweet
KBABZKBABZ YouTube ChannelKBABZ Video Stats9517,66312783615313.6 MTweet
Cooking4StudentsCooking4Students YouTube ChannelCooking4Students Video Stats9617,51425152853 MTweet
agrmonsteragrmonster YouTube Channelagrmonster Video Stats9717,3140115615.4 MTweet
jaglionjaglion YouTube Channeljaglion Video Stats9817,094141299957.2 MTweet
maoriSHooRTiiemaoriSHooRTiie YouTube ChannelmaoriSHooRTiie Video Stats9916,424282586932.1 MTweet
Vincent EastwoodVincent Eastwood YouTube ChannelVincent Eastwood Video Stats10016,323351692.9K3.4 MTweet