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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed India Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed India Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
T-SeriesT-Series YouTube ChannelT-Series Video Stats17,707,480696,75242,9088.2K4.69 BTweet
SET IndiaSET India YouTube ChannelSET India Video Stats24,483,3301782,62516,69925.4K2 BTweet
Eros NowEros Now YouTube ChannelEros Now Video Stats33,303,6022822,64616,7729.5K2.43 BTweet
Colors TVColors TV YouTube ChannelColors TV Video Stats43,114,1583102,14014,62718.9K960.2 MTweet
zeetvzeetv YouTube Channelzeetv Video Stats52,862,2073512,90119,29553.9K2.91 BTweet
YRFYRF YouTube ChannelYRF Video Stats62,639,8313871,1266,4553.2K1.39 BTweet
STAR PlusSTAR Plus YouTube ChannelSTAR Plus Video Stats72,515,4574143,90118,63320.9K1.59 BTweet
ChuChu TV Kids SongsChuChu TV Kids Songs YouTube ChannelChuChu TV Kids Songs Video Stats82,126,4755375,32432,304742.41 BTweet
RajshriRajshri YouTube ChannelRajshri Video Stats91,849,6386441,3879,17710K1.27 BTweet
Vijay TelevisionVijay Television YouTube ChannelVijay Television Video Stats101,567,5208071,2088,15032.9K1.45 BTweet
Telugu FilmnagarTelugu Filmnagar YouTube ChannelTelugu Filmnagar Video Stats111,536,2958323993,01523.7K537.1 MTweet
CVS 3D RhymesCVS 3D Rhymes YouTube ChannelCVS 3D Rhymes Video Stats121,502,9518553,17419,1762591.79 BTweet
Sony Music IndiaSony Music India YouTube ChannelSony Music India Video Stats131,458,5398991,87913,3251.3K581.9 MTweet
ThelatkajatkaThelatkajatka YouTube ChannelThelatkajatka Video Stats141,411,5929481238781.8K298 MTweet
TeluguOneTeluguOne YouTube ChannelTeluguOne Video Stats151,407,6649556875,02524.1K756.6 MTweet
Tips MusicTips Music YouTube ChannelTips Music Video Stats161,340,90110198445,1572.1K919.6 MTweet
All India BakchodAll India Bakchod YouTube ChannelAll India Bakchod Video Stats171,328,27310321,1126,99767111.4 MTweet
YouTube IndiaYouTube India YouTube ChannelYouTube India Video Stats181,254,45011161319934621.4 MTweet
TheViralFeverVideosTheViralFeverVideos YouTube ChannelTheViralFeverVideos Video Stats191,171,38612272,2558,285125110.9 MTweet
Comedy Nights With KapilComedy Nights With Kapil YouTube ChannelComedy Nights With Kapil Video Stats201,110,52412995703,46173223.6 MTweet
ShemarooShemaroo YouTube ChannelShemaroo Video Stats211,109,93213021,0886,8358.5K811 MTweet
SAB TVSAB TV YouTube ChannelSAB TV Video Stats221,096,90113131,1238,14919K941.1 MTweet
gocricketgocricket YouTube Channelgocricket Video Stats23913,3721592-11-1179.8K162.2 MTweet
Ultra HindiUltra Hindi YouTube ChannelUltra Hindi Video Stats24893,84916391,2487,73812.1K678.8 MTweet
mtvroadiesmtvroadies YouTube Channelmtvroadies Video Stats25874,69516881541,0252.8K195.3 MTweet
AsianetAsianet YouTube ChannelAsianet Video Stats26864,39916994563,02322.9K676.5 MTweet
MTV IndiaMTV India YouTube ChannelMTV India Video Stats27827,90017781,6037,7556K343 MTweet
MAA TVMAA TV YouTube ChannelMAA TV Video Stats28762,82119403702,43622.3K379 MTweet
Videogyan 3D RhymesVideogyan 3D Rhymes YouTube ChannelVideogyan 3D Rhymes Video Stats29749,26619781,0116,229253850.4 MTweet
Filmi GaaneFilmi Gaane YouTube ChannelFilmi Gaane Video Stats30688,76421821,0206,5924.6K480.8 MTweet
ZoomDekhoZoomDekho YouTube ChannelZoomDekho Video Stats31669,43322575273,15940.1K1.04 BTweet
SunTVSunTV YouTube ChannelSunTV Video Stats32655,20523277864,55313.3K270.7 MTweet
UTV Motion PicturesUTV Motion Pictures YouTube ChannelUTV Motion Pictures Video Stats33634,74124146207,3413.3K426 MTweet
Zee Music CompanyZee Music Company YouTube ChannelZee Music Company Video Stats34631,11124322,33715,327899428.3 MTweet
APPUSERIESAPPUSERIES YouTube ChannelAPPUSERIES Video Stats35619,31224735063,1653.6K570.1 MTweet
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free EnLearn English with Let's Talk - Free En YouTube ChannelLearn English with Let's Talk - Free En Video Stats36618,66824759436,82760261.7 MTweet
Coke Studio @ MTVCoke Studio @ MTV YouTube ChannelCoke Studio @ MTV Video Stats37607,76325221,1547,450557103.6 MTweet
Goldmines TelefilmsGoldmines Telefilms YouTube ChannelGoldmines Telefilms Video Stats38597,23825758045,6226.1K474.9 MTweet
Sanjeev Kapoor KhazanaSanjeev Kapoor Khazana YouTube ChannelSanjeev Kapoor Khazana Video Stats39571,34727216014,3244.2K179.2 MTweet
Midnight SpiceMidnight Spice YouTube ChannelMidnight Spice Video Stats40571,24427221127361.2K331.5 MTweet
Volga VideoVolga Video YouTube ChannelVolga Video Video Stats41570,61427274673,06620K290.3 MTweet
indianjalwaindianjalwa YouTube Channelindianjalwa Video Stats42559,819279755373383120.2 MTweet
Dharma ProductionsDharma Productions YouTube ChannelDharma Productions Video Stats43543,16929028155,682804406.9 MTweet
YRF SongsYRF Songs YouTube ChannelYRF Songs Video Stats44532,96029694422,889774444.1 MTweet
lifeoklifeok YouTube Channellifeok Video Stats45528,82130024963,19213.7K394.8 MTweet
BeingIndianBeingIndian YouTube ChannelBeingIndian Video Stats46518,54930701,5539,63522265.5 MTweet
Aaj TakAaj Tak YouTube ChannelAaj Tak Video Stats47517,84530767886,53341.9K207.1 MTweet
T-Series Bhakti SagarT-Series Bhakti Sagar YouTube ChannelT-Series Bhakti Sagar Video Stats48508,24731396774,16215.5K264.8 MTweet
Speed RecordsSpeed Records YouTube ChannelSpeed Records Video Stats49479,33333466484,3691.2K409.7 MTweet
Hot Night Movies 4UHot Night Movies 4U YouTube ChannelHot Night Movies 4U Video Stats50460,88835055844,10386142.5 MTweet
etvteluguindiaetvteluguindia YouTube Channeletvteluguindia Video Stats51442,14836674903,29227K252 MTweet
T-Series RegionalT-Series Regional YouTube ChannelT-Series Regional Video Stats52436,36237273612,53315.2K338.6 MTweet
nptelhrdnptelhrd YouTube Channelnptelhrd Video Stats53430,31837904782,87818.5K150.7 MTweet
Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! YouTube ChannelHomeveda - Home Remedies for You! Video Stats54424,90038352121,38734065 MTweet
NDTVNDTV YouTube ChannelNDTV Video Stats55424,85338363202,45444.7K378.3 MTweet
Star WorldStar World YouTube ChannelStar World Video Stats56424,09138461197701.6K69.8 MTweet
hamaarbhojpurihamaarbhojpuri YouTube Channelhamaarbhojpuri Video Stats57418,07139193352,2604.6K438.7 MTweet
Ultra Movie ParlourUltra Movie Parlour YouTube ChannelUltra Movie Parlour Video Stats58414,80439534012,637765221.5 MTweet
Aditya MusicAditya Music YouTube ChannelAditya Music Video Stats59404,88840517004,5798.1K309.5 MTweet
Star SportsStar Sports YouTube ChannelStar Sports Video Stats60402,3484079824945.5K58.9 MTweet
eDewcateeDewcate YouTube ChanneleDewcate Video Stats61391,14041952091,206289417.6 MTweet
Star ClassicsStar Classics YouTube ChannelStar Classics Video Stats62385,07442696303,98335.5K610.9 MTweet
Bollywood BackstageBollywood Backstage YouTube ChannelBollywood Backstage Video Stats63384,09842782301,6637.7K620.4 MTweet
HooplaKidz TVHooplaKidz TV YouTube ChannelHooplaKidz TV Video Stats64380,46843187204,298495265.5 MTweet
Venus MoviesVenus Movies YouTube ChannelVenus Movies Video Stats65370,02344555943,8133.2K295.4 MTweet
IndiaTVIndiaTV YouTube ChannelIndiaTV Video Stats66364,65345214653,36066.9K346.5 MTweet
T-Series Apna PunjabT-Series Apna Punjab YouTube ChannelT-Series Apna Punjab Video Stats67361,46845685823,8231.8K309 MTweet
Pop ChartbustersPop Chartbusters YouTube ChannelPop Chartbusters Video Stats68350,70147173552,4401.5K236.8 MTweet
MagicBox English Kids ChannelMagicBox English Kids Channel YouTube ChannelMagicBox English Kids Channel Video Stats69342,01948373402,256389268.4 MTweet
PremGatha GeetPremGatha Geet YouTube ChannelPremGatha Geet Video Stats70333,78449666194,024286392.9 MTweet
CinecurryCinecurry YouTube ChannelCinecurry Video Stats71329,36850413591,97910.6K235.6 MTweet
Nisha MadhulikaNisha Madhulika YouTube ChannelNisha Madhulika Video Stats72324,68051035253,5841K99.1 MTweet
bindassbindass YouTube Channelbindass Video Stats73318,59951924402,9163K136.7 MTweet
speedpunjabispeedpunjabi YouTube Channelspeedpunjabi Video Stats74314,687524861376111137.9 MTweet
filimhotfilimhot YouTube Channelfilimhot Video Stats75312,2575302-8-60759.9 MTweet
VikatanTVVikatanTV YouTube ChannelVikatanTV Video Stats76307,76853741601,7916.8K463.8 MTweet
SriBalajiMoviesSriBalajiMovies YouTube ChannelSriBalajiMovies Video Stats77303,83754298614,29210K221.6 MTweet
Lokdhun PunjabiLokdhun Punjabi YouTube ChannelLokdhun Punjabi Video Stats78302,56554543922,314903202.8 MTweet
ABP NEWSABP NEWS YouTube ChannelABP NEWS Video Stats79299,93355104393,23245.6K172.8 MTweet
SanamSanam YouTube ChannelSanam Video Stats80295,71955901,0636,7994647.1 MTweet
asianetnewsasianetnews YouTube Channelasianetnews Video Stats81283,50258372121,07937.1K178 MTweet
Bollywood BabesBollywood Babes YouTube ChannelBollywood Babes Video Stats82282,41158587965,143906284.8 MTweet
Surya TVSurya TV YouTube ChannelSurya TV Video Stats83282,0305868986807.1K122.2 MTweet
C4ETechC4ETech YouTube ChannelC4ETech Video Stats84281,51358733862,78983856.1 MTweet
Hot And Romantic VideosHot And Romantic Videos YouTube ChannelHot And Romantic Videos Video Stats85275,56359891,4539,20620123.2 MTweet
Eros TamilEros Tamil YouTube ChannelEros Tamil Video Stats86275,21959972652,0442.5K291.6 MTweet
Honey SinghHoney Singh YouTube ChannelHoney Singh Video Stats87274,35360081518715527.1 MTweet
CDS IndiaCDS India YouTube ChannelCDS India Video Stats88273,82460132711,9982.5K286.6 MTweet
Kanan GillKanan Gill YouTube ChannelKanan Gill Video Stats89269,92560951,3557,7863924.4 MTweet
Finger Family SongsFinger Family Songs YouTube ChannelFinger Family Songs Video Stats90268,41761241,1466,651103384.5 MTweet
Shalimar Telugu MoviesShalimar Telugu Movies YouTube ChannelShalimar Telugu Movies Video Stats91266,40061754353,06019.3K232.6 MTweet
Narendra ModiNarendra Modi YouTube ChannelNarendra Modi Video Stats92265,88161821251,3965K37.1 MTweet
Shudh Desi EndingsShudh Desi Endings YouTube ChannelShudh Desi Endings Video Stats93263,99762106504,2698045.6 MTweet
danceindiadancedanceindiadance YouTube Channeldanceindiadance Video Stats94263,13262273232,0403.3K240.4 MTweet
UTV StarsUTV Stars YouTube ChannelUTV Stars Video Stats95256,76663601521,0087K215 MTweet
GeekyranjitGeekyranjit YouTube ChannelGeekyranjit Video Stats96255,27863894022,3551.5K74.6 MTweet
Sunny LeoneSunny Leone YouTube ChannelSunny Leone Video Stats97253,34564381579376626.2 MTweet
Aditya TeluguAditya Telugu YouTube ChannelAditya Telugu Video Stats98249,36665351661,1313.2K128.3 MTweet
Rajshri TamilRajshri Tamil YouTube ChannelRajshri Tamil Video Stats99246,47066032361,3616K285.7 MTweet
Bhojpuri Hot JunctionBhojpuri Hot Junction YouTube ChannelBhojpuri Hot Junction Video Stats100244,42766451781,1327.9K127.8 MTweet