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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed Hong Kong Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed Hong Kong Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
GEMblogGEMblog YouTube ChannelGEMblog Video Stats1451,55446193151,705229231.8 MTweet
FHProductionHKFHProductionHK YouTube ChannelFHProductionHK Video Stats2426,4764913886695436.9 MTweet
BOMBA Funny LifeBOMBA Funny Life YouTube ChannelBOMBA Funny Life Video Stats3425,71049223171,54711250.5 MTweet
BOMBA 笨吧BOMBA 笨吧 YouTube ChannelBOMBA 笨吧 Video Stats4416,99350101196675019.6 MTweet
Amaz HearthstoneAmaz Hearthstone YouTube ChannelAmaz Hearthstone Video Stats5412,65150782651,155699115.9 MTweet
JASON(大J)JASON(大J) YouTube ChannelJASON(大J) Video Stats6375,73655933961,9131.5K133.7 MTweet
屎萊姆瘋狂世界屎萊姆瘋狂世界 YouTube Channel屎萊姆瘋狂世界 Video Stats7371,05256698647986771.7 MTweet
Hana TamHana Tam YouTube ChannelHana Tam Video Stats8352,78359602581,05427044.6 MTweet
haywong709haywong709 YouTube Channelhaywong709 Video Stats9320,64365293121825661 MTweet
mingjai14mingjai14 YouTube Channelmingjai14 Video Stats10315,73066404050712340.3 MTweet
笑波子笑波子 YouTube Channel笑波子 Video Stats11306,41668275482,60888487.1 MTweet
universalmusichkuniversalmusichk YouTube Channeluniversalmusichk Video Stats12305,3416844554221.2K233.4 MTweet
BEAUTYQQBEAUTYQQ YouTube ChannelBEAUTYQQ Video Stats13295,14770681631343159.3 MTweet
gingerlemoncolagingerlemoncola YouTube Channelgingerlemoncola Video Stats14267,62477646533319836.2 MTweet
Loui5NgLoui5Ng YouTube ChannelLoui5Ng Video Stats15236,885866913217730.3 MTweet
TVB (official)TVB (official) YouTube ChannelTVB (official) Video Stats16232,43388471448786.6K179.7 MTweet
KZeeKZee YouTube ChannelKZee Video Stats17221,05792891358461K52.5 MTweet
RedWolf AirsoftRedWolf Airsoft YouTube ChannelRedWolf Airsoft Video Stats18215,32294992901,53167570.2 MTweet
BREN LUI 大佬BBREN LUI 大佬B YouTube ChannelBREN LUI 大佬B Video Stats19213,5279547514320223.7 MTweet
eminleoeminleo YouTube Channeleminleo Video Stats20211,8069629-277841 MTweet
umoviegroupumoviegroup YouTube Channelumoviegroup Video Stats21208,89297575155237148.5 MTweet
煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle YouTube Channel煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle Video Stats22205,72298854985,05614413.9 MTweet
ding2craftstubeding2craftstube YouTube Channelding2craftstube Video Stats23194,4243522,48818022.4 MTweet
Ahhin (Hins)Ahhin (Hins) YouTube ChannelAhhin (Hins) Video Stats24185,0739243642723.6 MTweet
WUARVIDEOWUARVIDEO YouTube ChannelWUARVIDEO Video Stats25180,904291472811.5 MTweet
Dim Cook GuideDim Cook Guide YouTube ChannelDim Cook Guide Video Stats26178,19416299813810.5 MTweet
laiting Puilaiting Pui YouTube Channellaiting Pui Video Stats27174,3584124117317.8 MTweet
YU KIUYU KIU YouTube ChannelYU KIU Video Stats28168,3792112218127.3 MTweet
Siu WaiSiu Wai YouTube ChannelSiu Wai Video Stats29161,6717631710014.6 MTweet
阿聲(singsing524)阿聲(singsing524) YouTube Channel阿聲(singsing524) Video Stats30159,7637835014014.6 MTweet
MusStudioMusStudio YouTube ChannelMusStudio Video Stats31159,1314-6618240.9 MTweet
HKTVNetworkHKTVNetwork YouTube ChannelHKTVNetwork Video Stats32146,8402319598011.4 MTweet
warnermusichkwarnermusichk YouTube Channelwarnermusichk Video Stats33146,297125055976.1 MTweet
ashlyVDOashlyVDO YouTube ChannelashlyVDO Video Stats34146,1851441,08627018.1 MTweet
短片攻略 GamePlayHK短片攻略 GamePlayHK YouTube Channel短片攻略 GamePlayHK Video Stats35141,7122501,7572K42.1 MTweet
Katy CheungKaty Cheung YouTube ChannelKaty Cheung Video Stats36138,6303531217912.8 MTweet
SmilemiannSmilemiann YouTube ChannelSmilemiann Video Stats37137,7175014321325.5 MTweet
odyleungodyleung YouTube Channelodyleung Video Stats38137,35713943117912.7 MTweet
Robynn and Kendy Official PageRobynn and Kendy Official Page YouTube ChannelRobynn and Kendy Official Page Video Stats39136,389311418819.4 MTweet
HobbyKing LiveHobbyKing Live YouTube ChannelHobbyKing Live Video Stats40132,508573031.8K42 MTweet
A H F A M A K E U PA H F A M A K E U P YouTube ChannelA H F A M A K E U P Video Stats41129,94611965914912.3 MTweet
Kwan GorKwan Gor YouTube ChannelKwan Gor Video Stats42129,0491901,12915724.5 MTweet
機王大雄機王大雄 YouTube Channel機王大雄 Video Stats43126,219362188610 MTweet
MagicMissHunnyMagicMissHunny YouTube ChannelMagicMissHunny Video Stats44125,26460353777.7 MTweet
Cartoon Network AsiaCartoon Network Asia YouTube ChannelCartoon Network Asia Video Stats45124,0892381,3381.4K126.1 MTweet
memehongkongmemehongkong YouTube Channelmemehongkong Video Stats46123,95112772614.6K139.3 MTweet
rickolam1rickolam1 YouTube Channelrickolam1 Video Stats47123,8282011,3611269.5 MTweet
伍妞有伍仔伍妞有伍仔 YouTube Channel伍妞有伍仔 Video Stats48120,3766338321117.2 MTweet
英皇娛樂英皇娛樂 YouTube Channel英皇娛樂 Video Stats49119,175645413.4K97.8 MTweet
Tatfullclipbackup2Tatfullclipbackup2 YouTube ChannelTatfullclipbackup2 Video Stats50115,494774641.4K29.7 MTweet
Day Day CookDay Day Cook YouTube ChannelDay Day Cook Video Stats51114,4041871,2401.7K16.3 MTweet
Andrew YunAndrew Yun YouTube ChannelAndrew Yun Video Stats52107,1952-132K35 MTweet
周柏豪 Pakho Chau周柏豪 Pakho Chau YouTube Channel周柏豪 Pakho Chau Video Stats53106,531351737444.6 MTweet
RTHK 香港電台RTHK 香港電台 YouTube ChannelRTHK 香港電台 Video Stats54106,2951218287.4K48.1 MTweet
Cynthia IpCynthia Ip YouTube ChannelCynthia Ip Video Stats55104,4901587801329.4 MTweet
DidoPopcorn 秋本桐DidoPopcorn 秋本桐 YouTube ChannelDidoPopcorn 秋本桐 Video Stats56103,1257138135511.1 MTweet
WaterFish LaiWaterFish Lai YouTube ChannelWaterFish Lai Video Stats57103,027238914810.1 MTweet
Ha AliceHa Alice YouTube ChannelHa Alice Video Stats58101,896176827846.2 MTweet
KidneyBusterKidneyBuster YouTube ChannelKidneyBuster Video Stats59100,673129710917.6 MTweet
凤凰卫视锵锵三人行官方频道 iFeng Qiang Qiang Official凤凰卫视锵锵三人行官方频道 iFeng Qiang Qiang Official YouTube Channel凤凰卫视锵锵三人行官方频道 iFeng Qiang Qiang Official Video Stats6095,160684062.8K22.6 MTweet
Elva NiElva Ni YouTube ChannelElva Ni Video Stats6193,81155725463.2 MTweet
Queenie ChanQueenie Chan YouTube ChannelQueenie Chan Video Stats6292,971889838.3 MTweet
Tat TalksTat Talks YouTube ChannelTat Talks Video Stats6390,8042417572122.8 MTweet
ImmortalInkMakNgImmortalInkMakNg YouTube ChannelImmortalInkMakNg Video Stats6490,472238428907.1 MTweet
ANSON8955ANSON8955 YouTube ChannelANSON8955 Video Stats6590,2124120834311.9 MTweet
The One Lock 永樂The One Lock 永樂 YouTube ChannelThe One Lock 永樂 Video Stats6689,40415681248319.5 MTweet
宅男俱樂部宅男俱樂部 YouTube Channel宅男俱樂部 Video Stats6788,452123334213 MTweet
Dai WingDai Wing YouTube ChannelDai Wing Video Stats6888,089742611145.6 MTweet
Dai Wing PlayDai Wing Play YouTube ChannelDai Wing Play Video Stats6987,888742941016 MTweet
Keith SirKeith Sir YouTube ChannelKeith Sir Video Stats7087,5593419568616.5 MTweet
連詩雅 Shiga Lin連詩雅 Shiga Lin YouTube Channel連詩雅 Shiga Lin Video Stats7186,760281864632.3 MTweet
Mr.WheelerMr.Wheeler YouTube ChannelMr.Wheeler Video Stats7283,2183752,789110128.5 MTweet
[A][A] YouTube Channel[A] Video Stats7380,860118320956.1 MTweet
TD TSUNTD TSUN YouTube ChannelTD TSUN Video Stats7480,65014789640721.8 MTweet
DU Apps StudioDU Apps Studio YouTube ChannelDU Apps Studio Video Stats7580,057433573870.8 MTweet
太陽娛樂音樂 Sun Entertainment Music太陽娛樂音樂 Sun Entertainment Music YouTube Channel太陽娛樂音樂 Sun Entertainment Music Video Stats7678,6413120833643.6 MTweet
HK TunesHK Tunes YouTube ChannelHK Tunes Video Stats7778,44333323045.9 MTweet
AUMANAUMAN YouTube ChannelAUMAN Video Stats7875,68734887.3 MTweet
FHMediaFHMedia YouTube ChannelFHMedia Video Stats7975,58572609884.7 MTweet
TheLittleBaluTheLittleBalu YouTube ChannelTheLittleBalu Video Stats8075,49775400985.6 MTweet
慕容MoYung慕容MoYung YouTube Channel慕容MoYung Video Stats8175,4473522746728.3 MTweet
Dear JaneDear Jane YouTube ChannelDear Jane Video Stats8275,255191267838 MTweet
lolitayinglolitaying YouTube Channellolitaying Video Stats8372,521013111941.6 MTweet
Mic Mic CookingMic Mic Cooking YouTube ChannelMic Mic Cooking Video Stats8472,496673203326.5 MTweet
Ryan wsRyan ws YouTube ChannelRyan ws Video Stats8572,074291491.2K23.7 MTweet
TheWeirdoProductionTheWeirdoProduction YouTube ChannelTheWeirdoProduction Video Stats8670,6865381114.9 MTweet
HKRMandywithFriendsHKRMandywithFriends YouTube ChannelHKRMandywithFriends Video Stats8769,8554728014617.3 MTweet
FSketcherFSketcher YouTube ChannelFSketcher Video Stats8868,93267479713.6 MTweet
翼 WingsThunder翼 WingsThunder YouTube Channel翼 WingsThunder Video Stats8968,6301066356199.7 MTweet
nowtvnowtv YouTube Channelnowtv Video Stats9065,057694833.7K90.8 MTweet
lordxwillielordxwillie YouTube Channellordxwillie Video Stats9164,8402010413670.3 MTweet
Bithia LamBithia Lam YouTube ChannelBithia Lam Video Stats9264,332292351415.3 MTweet
G DiipaG Diipa YouTube ChannelG Diipa Video Stats9363,5622151,456783.8 MTweet
CarlosDouhCarlosDouh YouTube ChannelCarlosDouh Video Stats9463,10114129597.4 MTweet
SapphireTechnologySapphireTechnology YouTube ChannelSapphireTechnology Video Stats9562,899-4-321351.2 MTweet
TinaswardrobeTinaswardrobe YouTube ChannelTinaswardrobe Video Stats9662,42262445452.3 MTweet
阿一阿一 YouTube Channel阿一 Video Stats9761,08214631809.5 MTweet
lowjokehklowjokehk YouTube Channellowjokehk Video Stats9859,860663282.7K24.2 MTweet
凤凰卫视官方频道 iFeng Official Channel凤凰卫视官方频道 iFeng Official Channel YouTube Channel凤凰卫视官方频道 iFeng Official Channel Video Stats9959,173584944.9K16.9 MTweet
官恩娜 Ella Koon官恩娜 Ella Koon YouTube Channel官恩娜 Ella Koon Video Stats10058,6161185525.5 MTweet