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YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed Argentina Channels List - Top by Subscribers

One Hundred Most Subscribed Argentina Channel Rankings List by Subscribers

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
DrossRotzankDrossRotzank YouTube ChannelDrossRotzank Video Stats19,306,030815,50942,1068551.71 BTweet
DisneyChannelLADisneyChannelLA YouTube ChannelDisneyChannelLA Video Stats24,254,5603218,24757,5352.8K3.8 BTweet
El Reino InfantilEl Reino Infantil YouTube ChannelEl Reino Infantil Video Stats33,753,8043759,97464,4412884.66 BTweet
Lucas Castel :DLucas Castel :D YouTube ChannelLucas Castel :D Video Stats42,174,9718771,64710,615107203.2 MTweet
DeiGamerDeiGamer YouTube ChannelDeiGamer Video Stats52,058,1379515454,5291.7K482.7 MTweet
JulianSerrano7JulianSerrano7 YouTube ChannelJulianSerrano7 Video Stats61,722,44712505334,424111173.8 MTweet
JugandoConNataliaJugandoConNatalia YouTube ChannelJugandoConNatalia Video Stats71,675,33213009105,9571.2K230.7 MTweet
Daiana HernándezDaiana Hernández YouTube ChannelDaiana Hernández Video Stats81,231,70419681,0517,66915887.6 MTweet
Walt Disney Studios LAWalt Disney Studios LA YouTube ChannelWalt Disney Studios LA Video Stats91,152,90821394963,549728851.9 MTweet
Canciones De La GranjaCanciones De La Granja YouTube ChannelCanciones De La Granja Video Stats101,122,88721991,99913,09369823.9 MTweet
Mariano BondarMariano Bondar YouTube ChannelMariano Bondar Video Stats111,107,47122512,61813,15210496.8 MTweet
PopArt DiscosPopArt Discos YouTube ChannelPopArt Discos Video Stats12952,25826937124,6561.5K1.1 BTweet
ElchuiucalElchuiucal YouTube ChannelElchuiucal Video Stats13897,23628931,46411,36439890.9 MTweet
Alejo IgoaAlejo Igoa YouTube ChannelAlejo Igoa Video Stats14867,05030037405,9897852.2 MTweet
TelefeTelefe YouTube ChannelTelefe Video Stats15796,27033217324,62860.5K738.8 MTweet YouTube Video Stats16793,90133316364,2191.1K106.2 MTweet
ZEPfilmsZEPfilms YouTube ChannelZEPfilms Video Stats17779,02134011,56210,33737792 MTweet
LasCronicasDeAlfredoLasCronicasDeAlfredo YouTube ChannelLasCronicasDeAlfredo Video Stats18754,188352211596712259.1 MTweet
DisneyJuniorLADisneyJuniorLA YouTube ChannelDisneyJuniorLA Video Stats19738,73236061,4019,320831741.6 MTweet
maritobaracusmaritobaracus YouTube Channelmaritobaracus Video Stats20696,21638652992,72817799.5 MTweet
Mica SuarezMica Suarez YouTube ChannelMica Suarez Video Stats21688,09739161,1117,4547539.1 MTweet
Uno Para TodoUno Para Todo YouTube ChannelUno Para Todo Video Stats22662,72840864172,88763594.7 MTweet
Dread Mar I - OficialDread Mar I - Oficial YouTube ChannelDread Mar I - Oficial Video Stats23598,39145965563,74970155 MTweet
El TreceEl Trece YouTube ChannelEl Trece Video Stats24571,77448231,45111,29452.4K698.6 MTweet
AlfreditoGamesAlfreditoGames YouTube ChannelAlfreditoGames Video Stats25548,513504829222136.5 MTweet
Ann LookAnn Look YouTube ChannelAnn Look Video Stats26546,53450722312,57924840.5 MTweet
Prima VikingaPrima Vikinga YouTube ChannelPrima Vikinga Video Stats27538,84651405234,27111421.6 MTweet
EducatinaEducatina YouTube ChannelEducatina Video Stats28525,20952897643,8515K117 MTweet
Cumbia Ninja - Canal OficialCumbia Ninja - Canal Oficial YouTube ChannelCumbia Ninja - Canal Oficial Video Stats29512,9155430100680144133.9 MTweet
Marcos G.Marcos G. YouTube ChannelMarcos G. Video Stats30493,4125670-31-18284.9 MTweet
EncuentroenelEstudioEncuentroenelEstudio YouTube ChannelEncuentroenelEstudio Video Stats31483,94157973342,287701289.2 MTweet
Julianero VlogsJulianero Vlogs YouTube ChannelJulianero Vlogs Video Stats32475,34659053111,68025631.8 MTweet
Mundo TKMMundo TKM YouTube ChannelMundo TKM Video Stats33438,4576420120959744269.3 MTweet
Peter Capusotto y sus VideosPeter Capusotto y sus Videos YouTube ChannelPeter Capusotto y sus Videos Video Stats34437,27764342931,5021K113.3 MTweet
BiperysusamigosBiperysusamigos YouTube ChannelBiperysusamigos Video Stats35416,55867768455,82731335.7 MTweet
Fútbol Para TodosFútbol Para Todos YouTube ChannelFútbol Para Todos Video Stats36386,603734334522K247.6 MTweet
Jorge y NachoJorge y Nacho YouTube ChannelJorge y Nacho Video Stats37367,71477201,2974,160309135.8 MTweet
GonzaloGoetteTVGonzaloGoetteTV YouTube ChannelGonzaloGoetteTV Video Stats38367,48577276494,7531223.3 MTweet
Yoana Marlen StyleYoana Marlen Style YouTube ChannelYoana Marlen Style Video Stats39356,518795424,8789013.4 MTweet
NoobElGamerNoobElGamer YouTube ChannelNoobElGamer Video Stats40349,1308115221148325.1 MTweet
Marvel Latinoamérica OficialMarvel Latinoamérica Oficial YouTube ChannelMarvel Latinoamérica Oficial Video Stats41340,97883208130155116.2 MTweet
kevshokevsho YouTube Channelkevsho Video Stats42339,68083538888,6254310 MTweet
CumbiaTubeCumbiaTube YouTube ChannelCumbiaTube Video Stats43322,39287944613,603838365.6 MTweet
TV Pública - ArgentinaTV Pública - Argentina YouTube ChannelTV Pública - Argentina Video Stats44316,86089501511,301115K204.1 MTweet
Locos X el AsadoLocos X el Asado YouTube ChannelLocos X el Asado Video Stats45316,37689605644,47519232.2 MTweet
VeditoVedito YouTube ChannelVedito Video Stats46306,91092281081,31025834 MTweet
SupraPixelSupraPixel YouTube ChannelSupraPixel Video Stats47298,05394923552,4141K43.4 MTweet
Illusioterapia .Illusioterapia . YouTube ChannelIllusioterapia . Video Stats48291,19497013382,33323172.4 MTweet
LynaLyna YouTube ChannelLyna Video Stats49287,31998291,30210,31272145.3 MTweet
Piñon FijoPiñon Fijo YouTube ChannelPiñon Fijo Video Stats50266,9886513,93889196.9 MTweet
Hecatombe ProduccionesHecatombe Producciones YouTube ChannelHecatombe Producciones Video Stats51265,8011,2038,1049126.7 MTweet
EL ANGELITOEL ANGELITO YouTube ChannelEL ANGELITO Video Stats52263,7933442,38743548.4 MTweet
Laura AgudeloLaura Agudelo YouTube ChannelLaura Agudelo Video Stats53256,3123762,64730017 MTweet
tanbionicatanbionica YouTube Channeltanbionica Video Stats54253,979-2-426439.9 MTweet
FANTASTICOFANTASTICO YouTube ChannelFANTASTICO Video Stats55253,0442421,6557.2K291.2 MTweet
maritokidsmaritokids YouTube Channelmaritokids Video Stats56225,8360-65120.3 MTweet
UltimoPlayerUltimoPlayer YouTube ChannelUltimoPlayer Video Stats57217,3452536013732.6 MTweet
Duro de DomarDuro de Domar YouTube ChannelDuro de Domar Video Stats58217,328221617.3K152.3 MTweet
Quek VideosQuek Videos YouTube ChannelQuek Videos Video Stats59212,98315014860.6 MTweet
Academia De BaileAcademia De Baile YouTube ChannelAcademia De Baile Video Stats60201,01315999231076.6 MTweet
Malena PichotMalena Pichot YouTube ChannelMalena Pichot Video Stats61198,55110140820648.4 MTweet
DjYayoOficialDjYayoOficial YouTube ChannelDjYayoOficial Video Stats62197,3241691,27513493.8 MTweet
magnusmefistomagnusmefisto YouTube Channelmagnusmefisto Video Stats63190,7108190529319.4 MTweet
Peligro FansPeligro Fans YouTube ChannelPeligro Fans Video Stats64186,243118119164.5 MTweet
dimensionnzkdimensionnzk YouTube Channeldimensionnzk Video Stats65185,8972121,8783.2K198.4 MTweet
Nea BateraNea Batera YouTube ChannelNea Batera Video Stats66183,402765773823.2 MTweet
Disney XD LADisney XD LA YouTube ChannelDisney XD LA Video Stats67179,7236495849674.1 MTweet
ElMundoDeAlfreditoElMundoDeAlfredito YouTube ChannelElMundoDeAlfredito Video Stats68172,6330-28364.2 MTweet
c5nc5n YouTube Channelc5n Video Stats69168,40812377891.8K181.5 MTweet
LasCronicasDeUnGamerLasCronicasDeUnGamer YouTube ChannelLasCronicasDeUnGamer Video Stats70167,2060-445515.3 MTweet
0nick0alex00nick0alex0 YouTube Channel0nick0alex0 Video Stats71165,060-34-154502.2 MTweet
orniorni YouTube Channelorni Video Stats72159,1478372,11420211 MTweet
leonardo coscarellileonardo coscarelli YouTube Channelleonardo coscarelli Video Stats73157,57917685830036.3 MTweet
Lali MusicaLali Musica YouTube ChannelLali Musica Video Stats74156,914906265324.8 MTweet
RadioDisneyLARadioDisneyLA YouTube ChannelRadioDisneyLA Video Stats75154,6308169541533.1 MTweet
Tejido CrochetTejido Crochet YouTube ChannelTejido Crochet Video Stats76154,42910688241632.7 MTweet
Cinescondite RisesCinescondite Rises YouTube ChannelCinescondite Rises Video Stats77152,650785071.5K115.4 MTweet
elgourmetelgourmet YouTube Channelelgourmet Video Stats78151,8511267603.1K25.7 MTweet
XXL IRIONE OFICIALXXL IRIONE OFICIAL YouTube ChannelXXL IRIONE OFICIAL Video Stats79150,6884682,9728559.1 MTweet
Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro YouTube ChannelNatalia Oreiro Video Stats80148,9361107402.4K313.1 MTweet
Les LuthiersLes Luthiers YouTube ChannelLes Luthiers Video Stats81148,7917145537021.5 MTweet
azumakeupazumakeup YouTube Channelazumakeup Video Stats82141,67110381927911.3 MTweet
cuerdabiertacuerdabierta YouTube Channelcuerdabierta Video Stats83141,44114377930915.8 MTweet
ACTD Cristo Palabra de Dios VivaACTD Cristo Palabra de Dios Viva YouTube ChannelACTD Cristo Palabra de Dios Viva Video Stats84137,9422061,20553038.4 MTweet
Doggs Hip HopDoggs Hip Hop YouTube ChannelDoggs Hip Hop Video Stats85132,604947781K46.3 MTweet
CANAL BIZARROCANAL BIZARRO YouTube ChannelCANAL BIZARRO Video Stats86132,5671681,0243.2K126.1 MTweet
gceratioficialgceratioficial YouTube Channelgceratioficial Video Stats87130,468946935684.8 MTweet
Frutilla PicanteFrutilla Picante YouTube ChannelFrutilla Picante Video Stats88129,2501931,3571318.7 MTweet
Redondos SubtituladosRedondos Subtitulados YouTube ChannelRedondos Subtitulados Video Stats89124,9412181,2401.2K128.7 MTweet
MrrAden751MrrAden751 YouTube ChannelMrrAden751 Video Stats90122,6321919827216.7 MTweet
Los CaligarisLos Caligaris YouTube ChannelLos Caligaris Video Stats91121,7068666027538.3 MTweet
Los Nota LokosLos Nota Lokos YouTube ChannelLos Nota Lokos Video Stats92118,976423186086.9 MTweet
Cecilia SaiaCecilia Saia YouTube ChannelCecilia Saia Video Stats93118,9414895,0071497 MTweet
Comedy Central LatinoaméricaComedy Central Latinoamérica YouTube ChannelComedy Central Latinoamérica Video Stats94118,5592142,1901.4K55.5 MTweet
yotmbstoyalpedoyotmbstoyalpedo YouTube Channelyotmbstoyalpedo Video Stats95118,484003718.3 MTweet
AIRBAG.OficialAIRBAG.Oficial YouTube ChannelAIRBAG.Oficial Video Stats96116,27310369313252 MTweet
TOMPLAYTOMPLAY YouTube ChannelTOMPLAY Video Stats97114,84521124354.3 MTweet
CUMBIA NENACUMBIA NENA YouTube ChannelCUMBIA NENA Video Stats98114,5432121,4526.3K128 MTweet
DELCARAJO TEVE: El Freak Show de JuanitoDELCARAJO TEVE: El Freak Show de Juanito YouTube ChannelDELCARAJO TEVE: El Freak Show de Juanito Video Stats99114,1618002,63156822.7 MTweet
Canal EncuentroCanal Encuentro YouTube ChannelCanal Encuentro Video Stats100112,022834774.4K25.3 MTweet