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13,499  Now
13,512-13-27 DayTweet
13,535-36-314 DayTweet
13,546-47-230 DayTweet
13,541-42-12 MonthTweet
13,529-3003 MonthTweet
13,537-3804 MonthTweet
13,534-3505 MonthTweet
13,538-3906 MonthTweet
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911,620  Now
911,049571827 DayTweet
910,7378836314 DayTweet
910,1201,5005030 DayTweet
898,11713,5032252 MonthTweet
885,27026,3502933 MonthTweet
904,2877,333614 MonthTweet
891,53920,0811345 MonthTweet
877,63933,9811896 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
tecministriestecministries YouTube Channeltecministries Video Stats 13,50348151154.9 M
SooBrookeSooBrooke YouTube ChannelSooBrooke Video Stats 13,50340-140292 K
WWEKidCollectorWWEKidCollector YouTube ChannelWWEKidCollector Video Stats 13,503402324.8 M
Awkward LucAwkward Luc YouTube ChannelAwkward Luc Video Stats 13,50340-14804.3 M
786sen786sen YouTube Channel786sen Video Stats 13,502326492283.8 M
MyHealthyDishMyHealthyDish YouTube ChannelMyHealthyDish Video Stats 13,50230169180 K
Anatoly VolnovAnatoly Volnov YouTube ChannelAnatoly Volnov Video Stats 13,50120-2334.7 M
Calvin CunninghamCalvin Cunningham YouTube ChannelCalvin Cunningham Video Stats 13,5012007212.3 M
Alex LoquendoAlex Loquendo YouTube ChannelAlex Loquendo Video Stats 13,50122653981.6 M
Gewoon wat een studentje 's avonds eetGewoon wat een studentje 's avonds eet YouTube ChannelGewoon wat een studentje 's avonds eet Video Stats 13,5001021561.5 M
TriPle-Gamer X3TriPle-Gamer X3 YouTube ChannelTriPle-Gamer X3 Video Stats 13,4990-210912 K
AvonmoraAvonmora YouTube ChannelAvonmora Video Stats 13,49901333515.2 M
VirtualJunkyVirtualJunky YouTube ChannelVirtualJunky Video Stats 13,4990421134.3 M
terrainaholicterrainaholic YouTube Channelterrainaholic Video Stats 13,4990011.3K2 M
monicaofficialmonicaofficial YouTube Channelmonicaofficial Video Stats 13,499046125135.3 M
BatomNumPalheiroBatomNumPalheiro YouTube ChannelBatomNumPalheiro Video Stats 13,49900-100
BallasClanBallasClan YouTube ChannelBallasClan Video Stats 13,499000391.6 M
swatchswatch YouTube Channelswatch Video Stats 13,498-17123678.5 M
Kaioken591Kaioken591 YouTube ChannelKaioken591 Video Stats 13,498-1-2192.2K3.9 M
Top10goddessTop10goddess YouTube ChannelTop10goddess Video Stats 13,498-100132.3 M
Vixen BeatzTVVixen BeatzTV YouTube ChannelVixen BeatzTV Video Stats 13,497-2021186.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
brandoliniebrandolinie YouTube Channelbrandolinie Video Stats 911,669492931,437603
shayneknixxshayneknixx YouTube Channelshayneknixx Video Stats 911,667471775,151755
Producer AugustProducer August YouTube ChannelProducer August Video Stats 911,667471914,7736,694
DStylowDStylow YouTube ChannelDStylow Video Stats 911,661413228,489832
maxelldemonmaxelldemon YouTube Channelmaxelldemon Video Stats 911,654341091,165495
Chaudhry UsmanChaudhry Usman YouTube ChannelChaudhry Usman Video Stats 911,653331656,978391
Rafael CoboRafael Cobo YouTube ChannelRafael Cobo Video Stats 911,640206151,9401,903
gewSaintsgewSaints YouTube ChannelgewSaints Video Stats 911,636163923,3751,335
CPacemasterCPacemaster YouTube ChannelCPacemaster Video Stats 911,62994321,201666
BuondiMottaBuondiMotta YouTube ChannelBuondiMotta Video Stats 911,62771366,703398
TriPle-Gamer X3TriPle-Gamer X3 YouTube ChannelTriPle-Gamer X3 Video Stats 911,6201091,16213,499
paul shirleypaul shirley YouTube Channelpaul shirley Video Stats 911,614-66151,93646
PlayZGamerPlayZGamer YouTube ChannelPlayZGamer Video Stats 911,598-223972,2962,681
academianonacademianon YouTube Channelacademianon Video Stats 911,590-301555,8812,179
how2findtruthhow2findtruth YouTube Channelhow2findtruth Video Stats 911,588-321974,6272,714
Jeffrey BerameJeffrey Berame YouTube ChannelJeffrey Berame Video Stats 911,585-352241,436282
Guilherme AiresGuilherme Aires YouTube ChannelGuilherme Aires Video Stats 911,582-382437,983628
KillerGnomKillerGnom YouTube ChannelKillerGnom Video Stats 911,564-567130,223152
FrozeSniper08FrozeSniper08 YouTube ChannelFrozeSniper08 Video Stats 911,553-673327,623833
Chris CloudChris Cloud YouTube ChannelChris Cloud Video Stats 911,551-691476,201663
PheebsPheebs YouTube ChannelPheebs Video Stats 911,541-797811,167667
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912,5008804 D  3/23  2018Tweet
915,0003,38016 D  4/04  2018Tweet
917,5005,88027 D  4/15  2018Tweet
920,0008,3807 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
922,50010,88018 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
925,00013,38029 D1 M 5/18  2018Tweet
927,50015,88010 D2 M 5/29  2018Tweet
930,00018,38021 D2 M 6/09  2018Tweet
932,50020,8801 D3 M 6/20  2018Tweet
935,00023,38012 D3 M 7/01  2018Tweet
937,50025,88023 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet
940,00028,3805 D4 M 7/24  2018Tweet
942,50030,88016 D4 M 8/04  2018Tweet
945,00033,38027 D4 M 8/15  2018Tweet
947,50035,8807 D5 M 8/26  2018Tweet