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80,526  Now
80,517917 DayTweet
80,528-2014 DayTweet
80,561-35-130 DayTweet
80,549-2302 MonthTweet
80,519703 MonthTweet
80,5151104 MonthTweet
80,635-109-15 MonthTweet
80,634-108-16 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
13,607,817  Now
13,595,94611,8711,6967 DayTweet
13,582,16225,6551,83314 DayTweet
13,549,15258,6651,95630 DayTweet
13,481,694126,1232,1022 MonthTweet
13,419,279188,5382,0953 MonthTweet
13,437,994169,8231,4154 MonthTweet
13,366,601241,2161,6085 MonthTweet
13,312,188295,6291,6426 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
snaresalldaysnaresallday YouTube Channelsnaresallday Video Stats 80,57347303579584.8 M
faliaphotographyfaliaphotography YouTube Channelfaliaphotography Video Stats 80,571450-210419.3 M
TMNT MovieTMNT Movie YouTube ChannelTMNT Movie Video Stats 80,5684224378886.9 M
AdwekageAdwekage YouTube ChannelAdwekage Video Stats 80,56438-6-1929 K
Alwakeel newsAlwakeel news YouTube ChannelAlwakeel news Video Stats 80,561351151593.7K46.2 M
Android Apps / JosechTV (MEX)Android Apps / JosechTV (MEX) YouTube ChannelAndroid Apps / JosechTV (MEX) Video Stats 80,5512520403586.2 M
WigettaWigetta YouTube ChannelWigetta Video Stats 80,5451922122.2K11.6 M
MLP MultilanguagesMLP Multilanguages YouTube ChannelMLP Multilanguages Video Stats 80,5421685721.3K80.6 M
guitarbackingtracks4guitarbackingtracks4 YouTube Channelguitarbackingtracks4 Video Stats 80,53610122245146.4 M
Creative Lab - A Break Media ProductionCreative Lab - A Break Media Production YouTube ChannelCreative Lab - A Break Media Production Video Stats 80,52820-4141.3 M
Vivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx)Vivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx) YouTube ChannelVivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx) Video Stats 80,526-1-148013.6 M
MineZoneGermanyMineZoneGermany YouTube ChannelMineZoneGermany Video Stats 80,522-439372K23 M
KorgKorg YouTube ChannelKorg Video Stats 80,520-6366478635.2 M
Michele KnightMichele Knight YouTube ChannelMichele Knight Video Stats 80,517-963835.7K23.7 M
lucy jolucy jo YouTube Channellucy jo Video Stats 80,515-110-72885 M
GG TheaterGG Theater YouTube ChannelGG Theater Video Stats 80,512-1411191928.3 M
barthelfitnessbarthelfitness YouTube Channelbarthelfitness Video Stats 80,507-190-51.2K22.7 M
watchmanreportswatchmanreports YouTube Channelwatchmanreports Video Stats 80,500-26356855112.3 M
AfrikanHairGodAfrikanHairGod YouTube ChannelAfrikanHairGod Video Stats 80,498-28116209.2 M
SonyPicturesFrSonyPicturesFr YouTube ChannelSonyPicturesFr Video Stats 80,493-3325361.3K193.6 M
RussianvidsRussianvids YouTube ChannelRussianvids Video Stats 80,492-34668773927.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Lesha SuvorovLesha Suvorov YouTube ChannelLesha Suvorov Video Stats 13,611,8174,00067203,161280,358
SadaPlaysSadaPlays YouTube ChannelSadaPlays Video Stats 13,611,7633,94624854,886312,984
kingmetatronkingmetatron YouTube Channelkingmetatron Video Stats 13,611,5363,71923258,6708,072
TechLineHDTechLineHD YouTube ChannelTechLineHD Video Stats 13,611,0363,21937536,29649,969
NerdHelpDeskNerdHelpDesk YouTube ChannelNerdHelpDesk Video Stats 13,610,9563,13920865,43726,942
Gui7sGui7s YouTube ChannelGui7s Video Stats 13,610,6522,83563216,04220,915
TMD ShanghaiTMD Shanghai YouTube ChannelTMD Shanghai Video Stats 13,610,0932,27692147,936140,066
Independent ManIndependent Man YouTube ChannelIndependent Man Video Stats 13,610,0702,25345429,97884,775
WooHooMJKingWooHooMJKing YouTube ChannelWooHooMJKing Video Stats 13,608,599782101,360,8601,274
Andrew RileyAndrew Riley YouTube ChannelAndrew Riley Video Stats 13,608,13531884162,00215,724
Vivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx)Vivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx) YouTube ChannelVivian Zhu (xxnaivivxx) Video Stats 13,607,81748028,35080,526
DollhaterDollhater YouTube ChannelDollhater Video Stats 13,607,551-26671,943,936526
loveablehottieloveablehottie YouTube Channelloveablehottie Video Stats 13,607,267-55044309,2565,544
Балаларға арналған әндерБалаларға арналған әндер YouTube ChannelБалаларға арналған әндер Video Stats 13,606,851-96635388,76732,345
Morrigh4nMorrigh4n YouTube ChannelMorrigh4n Video Stats 13,606,137-1,6801.9K7,24978,722
DiegoDoomDiegoDoom YouTube ChannelDiegoDoom Video Stats 13,605,958-1,85933840,25427,553
braproductionsbraproductions YouTube Channelbraproductions Video Stats 13,605,942-1,87514494,48656,195
GhostfaceKillahVEVOGhostfaceKillahVEVO YouTube ChannelGhostfaceKillahVEVO Video Stats 13,605,898-1,91917800,34721,171
ButterflyModelsButterflyModels YouTube ChannelButterflyModels Video Stats 13,605,853-1,96420068,02934,441
[email protected]Music@ YouTube ChannelMusic@ Video Stats 13,605,758-2,059132103,074140,405
SignalSnowboardSignalSnowboard YouTube ChannelSignalSnowboard Video Stats 13,605,416-2,40117179,564102,699
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13,750,000142,1837 D2 M 5/24  2018Tweet
14,000,000392,1834 D6 M 9/20  2018Tweet
14,250,000642,1831 D10 M 1/17  2019Tweet
14,500,000892,18329 D1 M1 Y5/16  2019Tweet
14,750,0001,142,18326 D5 M1 Y9/12  2019Tweet
15,000,0001,392,18324 D9 M1 Y1/09  2020Tweet
15,250,0001,642,18321 D1 M2 Y5/07  2020Tweet
15,500,0001,892,18318 D5 M2 Y9/03  2020Tweet
15,750,0002,142,18316 D9 M2 Y12/31  2020Tweet