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382,842  Now
382,352490707 DayTweet
381,9239196614 DayTweet
381,5001,3424530 DayTweet
380,7382,104352 MonthTweet
379,9132,929333 MonthTweet
380,3292,513214 MonthTweet
379,4043,438235 MonthTweet
378,3614,481256 MonthTweet
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263,352,638  Now
263,082,932269,70638,5297 DayTweet
262,764,535588,10342,00714 DayTweet
262,288,3511,064,28735,47630 DayTweet
261,605,4191,747,21929,1202 MonthTweet
260,802,0002,550,63828,3403 MonthTweet
261,239,4372,113,20117,6104 MonthTweet
260,390,9962,961,64219,7445 MonthTweet
259,589,9743,762,66420,9046 MonthTweet
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30 Day
FLoRiXoXFLoRiXoX YouTube ChannelFLoRiXoX Video Stats 383,209367972151.7K91.3 M
ZeddVideosZeddVideos YouTube ChannelZeddVideos Video Stats 383,1903482667707464.9 M
MonthlyFailsMonthlyFails YouTube ChannelMonthlyFails Video Stats 383,168326131227382199.5 M
Madison BeerMadison Beer YouTube ChannelMadison Beer Video Stats 383,1563141472991417.2 M
BVMUndergroundHipHopBVMUndergroundHipHop YouTube ChannelBVMUndergroundHipHop Video Stats 383,13629467145764581.8 M
Street League SkateboardingStreet League Skateboarding YouTube ChannelStreet League Skateboarding Video Stats 383,134292110871.1K39.9 M
Ceemeagain ChatpaweeCeemeagain Chatpawee YouTube ChannelCeemeagain Chatpawee Video Stats 383,095253951171.4K49.4 M
Denzel MeechieDenzel Meechie YouTube ChannelDenzel Meechie Video Stats 383,033191701898882.6 M
JayneeWasTakenJayneeWasTaken YouTube ChannelJayneeWasTaken Video Stats 383,002160-54-7316176.9 M
OnlyLeighOnlyLeigh YouTube ChannelOnlyLeigh Video Stats 382,968126-2273632.3 M
XTreme VideoXTreme Video YouTube ChannelXTreme Video Video Stats 382,84230452K263.4 M
RT DocumentaryRT Documentary YouTube ChannelRT Documentary Video Stats 382,833-91984641.5K136.2 M
Šimon VojtaŠimon Vojta YouTube ChannelŠimon Vojta Video Stats 382,723-119581133122.1 M
AC MilanAC Milan YouTube ChannelAC Milan Video Stats 382,685-157841563K135.3 M
Airsoft GIAirsoft GI YouTube ChannelAirsoft GI Video Stats 382,669-17338552.3K130 M
Lycia FaithLycia Faith YouTube ChannelLycia Faith Video Stats 382,663-179-12-3714817.4 M
NighTcoreFCNighTcoreFC YouTube ChannelNighTcoreFC Video Stats 382,655-187-9582.5K42.9 M
الكورة مش مع عفيفيالكورة مش مع عفيفي YouTube Channelالكورة مش مع عفيفي Video Stats 382,639-2039714743788.7 M
Мопс дядя ПесМопс дядя Пес YouTube ChannelМопс дядя Пес Video Stats 382,617-225909023465.1 M
TyreseVEVOTyreseVEVO YouTube ChannelTyreseVEVO Video Stats 382,600-2426715123184.1 M
鈴川絢子/Suzukawa Ayako鈴川絢子/Suzukawa Ayako YouTube Channel鈴川絢子/Suzukawa Ayako Video Stats 382,596-2462346371.4K472.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
vidz4kidsvidz4kids YouTube Channelvidz4kids Video Stats5686264,192,322839,684299,110,080112,341
YouANDi GamesYouANDi Games YouTube ChannelYouANDi Games Video Stats5687264,021,985669,3471.1K248,1411,029,663
AgentgbAgentgb YouTube ChannelAgentgb Video Stats5688263,878,838526,2001.2K218,805944,288
uragil119uragil119 YouTube Channeluragil119 Video Stats5689263,694,551341,9132301,146,498199,673
DuxativaDuxativa YouTube ChannelDuxativa Video Stats5690263,638,502285,8649.1K28,959646,283
REVEALING EYESREVEALING EYES YouTube ChannelREVEALING EYES Video Stats5691263,594,910242,272833,175,8421,453,288
Wydawnictwo Muzyczne FolkWydawnictwo Muzyczne Folk YouTube ChannelWydawnictwo Muzyczne Folk Video Stats5692263,537,710185,0721K261,706172,712
jennxpennjennxpenn YouTube Channeljennxpenn Video Stats5693263,504,660152,022317831,2453,123,575
ChrisandthemikeChrisandthemike YouTube ChannelChrisandthemike Video Stats5694263,379,60626,9681.7K154,838891,221
Streaming ClipsStreaming Clips YouTube ChannelStreaming Clips Video Stats5695263,360,7548,1161571,677,457100,066
XTreme VideoXTreme Video YouTube ChannelXTreme Video Video Stats5696263,352,6382K132,139382,842
FamtasticFamtastic YouTube ChannelFamtastic Video Stats5697263,322,138-30,500713,708,7631,648,874
ComicsExplainedComicsExplained YouTube ChannelComicsExplained Video Stats5698263,303,158-49,4801.4K183,1041,213,837
tvaztecatvazteca YouTube Channeltvazteca Video Stats5699263,233,547-119,0917K37,675387,282
PurpleRodriPurpleRodri YouTube ChannelPurpleRodri Video Stats5700263,175,333-177,3051.4K186,385669,688
PlayboyPlayboy YouTube ChannelPlayboy Video Stats5701263,037,778-314,8601.7K157,9811,257,507
Julien SolomitaJulien Solomita YouTube ChannelJulien Solomita Video Stats5702262,906,690-445,948746352,4221,392,628
Sam GreenSam Green YouTube ChannelSam Green Video Stats5703262,872,089-480,549644,107,3761,017,031
BloquésBloqués YouTube ChannelBloqués Video Stats5704262,810,021-542,6171242,119,436812,621
Vodafone IndiaVodafone India YouTube ChannelVodafone India Video Stats5705262,807,627-545,011618425,255252,043
peccadillopicturespeccadillopictures YouTube Channelpeccadillopictures Video Stats5706262,642,104-710,534434605,166217,994
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Based on 2,104 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 35 added per day.
Start Subs: 380,738     Current Subs: 382,842
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
385,0002,1581 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
387,5004,65811 D4 M 8/02  2018Tweet
390,0007,15822 D6 M 10/13  2018Tweet
392,5009,6582 D9 M 12/23  2018Tweet
395,00012,15812 D11 M 3/04  2019Tweet
397,50014,65823 D1 M1 Y5/15  2019Tweet
400,00017,1583 D4 M1 Y7/25  2019Tweet
402,50019,65813 D6 M1 Y10/04  2019Tweet
405,00022,15823 D8 M1 Y12/14  2019Tweet
407,50024,6584 D11 M1 Y2/24  2020Tweet
410,00027,15814 D1 M2 Y5/05  2020Tweet
412,50029,65824 D3 M2 Y7/15  2020Tweet
415,00032,1585 D6 M2 Y9/25  2020Tweet
417,50034,65815 D8 M2 Y12/05  2020Tweet
420,00037,15825 D10 M2 Y2/14  2021Tweet
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for an average of 29,120 added per day.
Start Views: 261,605,419     Current Views: 263,352,638
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
265,000,0001,647,36226 D1 M 5/18  2018Tweet
267,500,0004,147,36221 D4 M 8/12  2018Tweet
270,000,0006,647,36216 D7 M 11/06  2018Tweet
272,500,0009,147,36210 D10 M 1/31  2019Tweet
275,000,00011,647,3624 D1 M1 Y4/26  2019Tweet
277,500,00014,147,36229 D3 M1 Y7/21  2019Tweet
280,000,00016,647,36224 D6 M1 Y10/15  2019Tweet
282,500,00019,147,36219 D9 M1 Y1/09  2020Tweet
285,000,00021,647,36214 D 2 Y4/04  2020Tweet
287,500,00024,147,3628 D3 M2 Y6/29  2020Tweet
290,000,00026,647,3623 D6 M2 Y9/23  2020Tweet
292,500,00029,147,36227 D8 M2 Y12/17  2020Tweet
295,000,00031,647,36222 D11 M2 Y3/13  2021Tweet