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295,8421,0711537 DayTweet
293,2873,62625914 DayTweet
291,3935,52018430 DayTweet
285,13811,7751962 MonthTweet
280,70016,2131803 MonthTweet
282,28114,6321224 MonthTweet
276,78320,1301345 MonthTweet
270,79626,1171456 MonthTweet
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38,931,159  Now
38,809,576121,58317,3697 DayTweet
38,623,935307,22421,94514 DayTweet
38,341,585589,57419,65230 DayTweet
37,007,8101,923,34932,0562 MonthTweet
36,014,0822,917,07732,4123 MonthTweet
36,517,9272,413,23220,1104 MonthTweet
35,187,0443,744,11524,9615 MonthTweet
34,345,7334,585,42625,4756 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Lena VanilleLena Vanille YouTube ChannelLena Vanille Video Stats 297,153240-24-2716021.8 M
CodyBuffintonCodyBuffinton YouTube ChannelCodyBuffinton Video Stats 297,0931808015742324.1 M
Queen of BlendingQueen of Blending YouTube ChannelQueen of Blending Video Stats 297,0921790-1540152.3 M
RaedwulfGamerRaedwulfGamer YouTube ChannelRaedwulfGamer Video Stats 297,06715418-112.6K61.2 M
Les Lapins Crétins InvasionLes Lapins Crétins Invasion YouTube ChannelLes Lapins Crétins Invasion Video Stats 297,047134188315231233.3 M
theMeatlytheMeatly YouTube ChanneltheMeatly Video Stats 297,006933138533319.3 M
Um Sábado QualquerUm Sábado Qualquer YouTube ChannelUm Sábado Qualquer Video Stats 297,00491672097119 M
Baited!Baited! YouTube ChannelBaited! Video Stats 296,99582291593415.1 M
KolderiuKolderiu YouTube ChannelKolderiu Video Stats 296,987742891,07831233.8 M
FreeMyApps TubeFreeMyApps Tube YouTube ChannelFreeMyApps Tube Video Stats 296,923105529842.6 M
Naomi NeoNaomi Neo YouTube ChannelNaomi Neo Video Stats 296,9131081847938.9 M
Ballislife 2.0Ballislife 2.0 YouTube ChannelBallislife 2.0 Video Stats 296,903-103915442994.2 M
Emily Canham VlogsEmily Canham Vlogs YouTube ChannelEmily Canham Vlogs Video Stats 296,891-22-54152229.2 M
SonyMusicTaiwanSonyMusicTaiwan YouTube ChannelSonyMusicTaiwan Video Stats 296,880-331391901.1K204.1 M
InvertedWaveInvertedWave YouTube ChannelInvertedWave Video Stats 296,869-44-4537538.4 M
BraderRockersBraderRockers YouTube ChannelBraderRockers Video Stats 296,865-48226379639330.2 M
Штаб КоммандераШтаб Коммандера YouTube ChannelШтаб Коммандера Video Stats 296,826-8717832824648.8 M
REAL TRILL MUSICREAL TRILL MUSIC YouTube ChannelREAL TRILL MUSIC Video Stats 296,802-111116101358257.3 M
YazOnlineYazOnline YouTube ChannelYazOnline Video Stats 296,788-1255683925510.1 M
iHQiHQ YouTube ChanneliHQ Video Stats 296,786-1271342283.7K373 M
ChetFakerVEVOChetFakerVEVO YouTube ChannelChetFakerVEVO Video Stats 296,775-138711252123 M
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per Video
untildawn91untildawn91 YouTube Channeluntildawn91 Video Stats 38,950,49419,335251,558,02015,532
Sminky AnimationSminky Animation YouTube ChannelSminky Animation Video Stats 38,948,14316,984281,391,005184,328
DANUT ChannelDANUT Channel YouTube ChannelDANUT Channel Video Stats 38,948,00116,84262628,19491,048
Noyz NarcosNoyz Narcos YouTube ChannelNoyz Narcos Video Stats 38,946,64515,486301,298,222135,026
Buzz OriginBuzz Origin YouTube ChannelBuzz Origin Video Stats 38,945,62814,469211,854,55418,011
Playground Music DenmarkPlayground Music Denmark YouTube ChannelPlayground Music Denmark Video Stats 38,943,47012,311282138,09715,582
Fresh til Death TVFresh til Death TV YouTube ChannelFresh til Death TV Video Stats 38,943,35312,194173225,10643,156
Bayu Skak Daily LifeBayu Skak Daily Life YouTube ChannelBayu Skak Daily Life Video Stats 38,937,4806,321134290,578491,356
SJWCentralSJWCentral YouTube ChannelSJWCentral Video Stats 38,935,9744,815219177,790119,463
tendency82hotmailcomtendency82hotmailcom YouTube Channeltendency82hotmailcom Video Stats 38,932,2811,122331,179,76611,324
Naomi NeoNaomi Neo YouTube ChannelNaomi Neo Video Stats 38,931,15979492,799296,913
Geppo ShowGeppo Show YouTube ChannelGeppo Show Video Stats 38,931,094-651K38,28069,082
SonySony YouTube ChannelSony Video Stats 38,930,905-25475951,292287,341
munclesonkeymunclesonkey YouTube Channelmunclesonkey Video Stats 38,930,624-53581847,59291,891
Dedelzinho FerreiraDedelzinho Ferreira YouTube ChannelDedelzinho Ferreira Video Stats 38,930,480-67992423,15732,347
LMDShowLMDShow YouTube ChannelLMDShow Video Stats 38,927,941-3,218360108,133223,788
English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESEnglish Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexES YouTube ChannelEnglish Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexES Video Stats 38,923,319-7,840190204,860477,283
DONEUEMFDONEUEMF YouTube ChannelDONEUEMF Video Stats 38,922,750-8,409370105,19721,490
Jeremy FragranceJeremy Fragrance YouTube ChannelJeremy Fragrance Video Stats 38,922,274-8,885260149,701283,307
中の人げぇみんぐ (Nakanohito Gaming)中の人げぇみんぐ (Nakanohito Gaming) YouTube Channel中の人げぇみんぐ (Nakanohito Gaming) Video Stats 38,920,497-10,6622.4K16,109112,880
Emin EfendiEmin Efendi YouTube ChannelEmin Efendi Video Stats 38,919,823-11,336188207,020306,466
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Start Subs: 285,138     Current Subs: 296,913
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297,5005873 D  3/25  2018Tweet
300,0003,08716 D  4/07  2018Tweet
302,5005,58729 D  4/20  2018Tweet
305,0008,08711 D1 M 5/03  2018Tweet
307,50010,58723 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
310,00013,0876 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
312,50015,58719 D2 M 6/10  2018Tweet
315,00018,0871 D3 M 6/23  2018Tweet
317,50020,58713 D3 M 7/05  2018Tweet
320,00023,08726 D3 M 7/18  2018Tweet
322,50025,5879 D4 M 7/31  2018Tweet
325,00028,08722 D4 M 8/13  2018Tweet
327,50030,5873 D5 M 8/25  2018Tweet
330,00033,08716 D5 M 9/07  2018Tweet
332,50035,58729 D5 M 9/20  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 37,007,810     Current Views: 38,931,159
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Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
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39,000,00068,8413 D  3/25  2018Tweet
39,250,000318,84110 D  4/01  2018Tweet
39,500,000568,84118 D  4/09  2018Tweet
39,750,000818,84126 D  4/17  2018Tweet
40,000,0001,068,8413 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
40,250,0001,318,84111 D1 M 5/03  2018Tweet
40,500,0001,568,84118 D1 M 5/10  2018Tweet
40,750,0001,818,84126 D1 M 5/18  2018Tweet
41,000,0002,068,8414 D2 M 5/26  2018Tweet
41,250,0002,318,84112 D2 M 6/03  2018Tweet
41,500,0002,568,84120 D2 M 6/11  2018Tweet
41,750,0002,818,84127 D2 M 6/18  2018Tweet
42,000,0003,068,8414 D3 M 6/26  2018Tweet
42,250,0003,318,84112 D3 M 7/04  2018Tweet
42,500,0003,568,84120 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet