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1,290,0112,9314197 DayTweet
1,285,3807,56254014 DayTweet
1,277,20115,74152530 DayTweet
1,257,52035,4225902 MonthTweet
1,218,37874,5648283 MonthTweet
1,284,5258,417704 MonthTweet
1,267,89625,0461675 MonthTweet
1,238,18554,7573046 MonthTweet
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37,973,437  Now
37,732,170241,26734,4677 DayTweet
37,301,360672,07748,00614 DayTweet
36,915,8791,057,55835,25230 DayTweet
36,229,0811,744,35629,0732 MonthTweet
34,913,0083,060,42934,0053 MonthTweet
37,269,901703,5365,8634 MonthTweet
36,630,0361,343,4018,9565 MonthTweet
35,557,5892,415,84813,4216 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Batom atrevidoBatom atrevido YouTube ChannelBatom atrevido Video Stats38541,295,2132,2711,1093,101205114.2 M
alanxelmundoalanxelmundo YouTube Channelalanxelmundo Video Stats38551,294,9211,9798391,564695176.7 M
RizaNovaUZRizaNovaUZ YouTube ChannelRizaNovaUZ Video Stats38561,294,5121,5702,0103,2938K1.55 B
João Neto e FredericoJoão Neto e Frederico YouTube ChannelJoão Neto e Frederico Video Stats38571,294,3601,4188172,347298625.9 M
Shahad Channel - قناة شهدShahad Channel - قناة شهد YouTube ChannelShahad Channel - قناة شهد Video Stats38581,294,0901,1485001,05510961.1 M
yotobiyotobi YouTube Channelyotobi Video Stats38591,293,9931,051144205195157.6 M
PERERA DJPERERA DJ YouTube ChannelPERERA DJ Video Stats38601,293,83289073257183126.4 M
AngryPicnicAngryPicnic YouTube ChannelAngryPicnic Video Stats38611,293,4605186081,221161180.1 M
Salice RoseSalice Rose YouTube ChannelSalice Rose Video Stats38621,293,4304882681,4366333.4 M
New Sky KidsNew Sky Kids YouTube ChannelNew Sky Kids Video Stats38631,292,960186881,8913411.19 B
Kai VlogsKai Vlogs YouTube ChannelKai Vlogs Video Stats38641,292,9421705255838 M
OmeletoOmeleto YouTube ChannelOmeleto Video Stats38651,292,429-5131,3622,680110131.4 M
El Arte de PAUEl Arte de PAU YouTube ChannelEl Arte de PAU Video Stats38661,292,300-64220482417888.5 M
ChideeTvChideeTv YouTube ChannelChideeTv Video Stats38671,292,271-6714701,263257160.6 M
YOGSCAST HannahYOGSCAST Hannah YouTube ChannelYOGSCAST Hannah Video Stats38681,292,260-682-65-1053.7K327.4 M
Kwesi BouieKwesi Bouie YouTube ChannelKwesi Bouie Video Stats38691,292,251-6914271,095419189 M
AsKaGangstaAsKaGangsta YouTube ChannelAsKaGangsta Video Stats38701,292,180-762237346522127.6 M
Jordyn JonesJordyn Jones YouTube ChannelJordyn Jones Video Stats38711,292,150-792254651192159.7 M
Gereksiz OdaGereksiz Oda YouTube ChannelGereksiz Oda Video Stats38721,291,925-1,0171,5382,1151.1K252.5 M
Nicky RomeroNicky Romero YouTube ChannelNicky Romero Video Stats38731,290,360-2,58251156500165.6 M
Tianne KingTianne King YouTube ChannelTianne King Video Stats38741,290,142-2,8008421,53277409 M
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per Video
RobinHoodUKIPRobinHoodUKIP YouTube ChannelRobinHoodUKIP Video Stats 37,983,1919,75496139,52573,636
NabiilabeeNabiilabee YouTube ChannelNabiilabee Video Stats 37,982,0768,63954270,078278,555
Gabriela RossiGabriela Rossi YouTube ChannelGabriela Rossi Video Stats 37,981,4408,003360105,504602,587
NinaNesbittMusicVEVONinaNesbittMusicVEVO YouTube ChannelNinaNesbittMusicVEVO Video Stats 37,979,9366,49940949,498244,254
Charlotte TilburyCharlotte Tilbury YouTube ChannelCharlotte Tilbury Video Stats 37,978,0634,626244155,648546,272
Los SupercívicosLos Supercívicos YouTube ChannelLos Supercívicos Video Stats 37,977,7974,36052672,201250,073
라이너 TV라이너 TV YouTube Channel라이너 TV Video Stats 37,976,6653,2284.9K7,82777,632
Eid Abu FadelEid Abu Fadel YouTube ChannelEid Abu Fadel Video Stats 37,974,4901,0531.6K24,15754,096
KyotosomoKyotosomo YouTube ChannelKyotosomo Video Stats 37,974,40096367356,426138,156
Kai VlogsKai Vlogs YouTube ChannelKai Vlogs Video Stats 37,973,43758654,7141,292,942
茶々茶(chachacha)茶々茶(chachacha) YouTube Channel茶々茶(chachacha) Video Stats 37,971,451-1,9862.4K15,835136,067
i Mikri Ollandezai Mikri Ollandeza YouTube Channeli Mikri Ollandeza Video Stats 37,970,826-2,611361105,182211,975
Mariana LomMariana Lom YouTube ChannelMariana Lom Video Stats 37,968,695-4,742111342,06053,003
TV 도로시TV 도로시 YouTube ChannelTV 도로시 Video Stats 37,967,918-5,51940194,683289,459
La TRIBULa TRIBU YouTube ChannelLa TRIBU Video Stats 37,966,593-6,844310122,473215,308
MsBgirl45MsBgirl45 YouTube ChannelMsBgirl45 Video Stats 37,961,944-11,493263144,342297,227
Paramount Pictures AustraliaParamount Pictures Australia YouTube ChannelParamount Pictures Australia Video Stats 37,961,133-12,30495339,83332,299
Leipe Shit OuweLeipe Shit Ouwe YouTube ChannelLeipe Shit Ouwe Video Stats 37,958,217-15,220218,979,10920,977
VocesAnonimas5VocesAnonimas5 YouTube ChannelVocesAnonimas5 Video Stats 37,957,627-15,81039396,584432,617
Sarah StellerSarah Steller YouTube ChannelSarah Steller Video Stats 37,957,184-16,25384,744,648162,673
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Date Goal Will
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1,300,0007,05812 D  3/31  2018Tweet
1,325,00032,05824 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
1,350,00057,0585 D3 M 6/24  2018Tweet
1,375,00082,05817 D4 M 8/05  2018Tweet
1,400,000107,05829 D5 M 9/17  2018Tweet
1,425,000132,05811 D7 M 10/29  2018Tweet
1,450,000157,05823 D8 M 12/11  2018Tweet
1,475,000182,0584 D10 M 1/22  2019Tweet
1,500,000207,05816 D11 M 3/05  2019Tweet
1,525,000232,05829 D 1 Y4/17  2019Tweet
1,550,000257,05810 D2 M1 Y5/29  2019Tweet
1,575,000282,05821 D3 M1 Y7/10  2019Tweet
1,600,000307,0583 D5 M1 Y8/22  2019Tweet
1,625,000332,05815 D6 M1 Y10/03  2019Tweet
1,650,000357,05827 D7 M1 Y11/14  2019Tweet
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38,000,00026,5631 D  3/20  2018Tweet
38,250,000276,56310 D  3/29  2018Tweet
38,500,000526,56319 D  4/07  2018Tweet
38,750,000776,56327 D  4/15  2018Tweet
39,000,0001,026,5635 D1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
39,250,0001,276,56313 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet
39,500,0001,526,56322 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
39,750,0001,776,5631 D2 M 5/20  2018Tweet
40,000,0002,026,5639 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
40,250,0002,276,56318 D2 M 6/06  2018Tweet
40,500,0002,526,56326 D2 M 6/14  2018Tweet
40,750,0002,776,5634 D3 M 6/23  2018Tweet
41,000,0003,026,56313 D3 M 7/02  2018Tweet
41,250,0003,276,56321 D3 M 7/10  2018Tweet
41,500,0003,526,563 4 M 7/19  2018Tweet