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128,798  Now
127,7561,0421497 DayTweet
126,5032,29516414 DayTweet
123,6455,15317230 DayTweet
118,9109,8881652 MonthTweet
112,92215,8761763 MonthTweet
115,33313,4651124 MonthTweet
108,97819,8201325 MonthTweet
102,55326,2451466 MonthTweet
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192,666,154  Now
192,014,782651,37293,0537 DayTweet
191,226,1901,439,964102,85514 DayTweet
189,343,1823,322,972110,76630 DayTweet
185,785,1256,881,029114,6842 MonthTweet
180,208,13512,458,019138,4223 MonthTweet
182,698,7199,967,43583,0624 MonthTweet
176,714,09815,952,056106,3475 MonthTweet
170,283,91722,382,237124,3466 MonthTweet
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30 Day
MojitoLiteOficialMojitoLiteOficial YouTube ChannelMojitoLiteOficial Video Stats 128,8808231805977.8 M
Apple JapanApple Japan YouTube ChannelApple Japan Video Stats 128,852544506212119.2 M
SajfaSajfa YouTube ChannelSajfa Video Stats 128,8404211724135334.4 M
T BlakeT Blake YouTube ChannelT Blake Video Stats 128,83941231K25.2 M
Bhojpuri Full MastiBhojpuri Full Masti YouTube ChannelBhojpuri Full Masti Video Stats 128,8363822239887252.8 M
alkopoligamiacomalkopoligamiacom YouTube Channelalkopoligamiacom Video Stats 128,829312746834116.9 M
League of MusicLeague of Music YouTube ChannelLeague of Music Video Stats 128,81820651031.3K11.3 M
citizentubecitizentube YouTube Channelcitizentube Video Stats 128,81012001827.4 M
VoodooHeads TVVoodooHeads TV YouTube ChannelVoodooHeads TV Video Stats 128,809111791561.3K27.6 M
Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics)Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics) YouTube ChannelPiled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics) Video Stats 128,806810138310.6 M
Zulu X Ray Mike cyborgZulu X Ray Mike cyborg YouTube ChannelZulu X Ray Mike cyborg Video Stats 128,79890172469192.7 M
thefrugalfilmmakerthefrugalfilmmaker YouTube Channelthefrugalfilmmaker Video Stats 128,797-121638910.3 M
AlisanRoseAlisanRose YouTube ChannelAlisanRose Video Stats 128,796-201780116.2 M
AdayCanarioWTFAdayCanarioWTF YouTube ChannelAdayCanarioWTF Video Stats 128,796-213475.8K52.2 M
HansolHansol YouTube ChannelHansol Video Stats 128,794-48933925.4 M
Zelda DungeonZelda Dungeon YouTube ChannelZelda Dungeon Video Stats 128,780-1823271.5K82.1 M
CerorecordCerorecord YouTube ChannelCerorecord Video Stats 128,778-20-9-1672518 M
JokerNetworkingJokerNetworking YouTube ChannelJokerNetworking Video Stats 128,764-340-61K20.3 M
LeighAnnVlogsLeighAnnVlogs YouTube ChannelLeighAnnVlogs Video Stats 128,762-360-21467.5 M
AmyMacdonaldVEVOAmyMacdonaldVEVO YouTube ChannelAmyMacdonaldVEVO Video Stats 128,761-37505828117.8 M
TheMake.A.HolicsTheMake.A.Holics YouTube ChannelTheMake.A.Holics Video Stats 128,755-4352971277.6 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
WrestletalkTVWrestletalkTV YouTube ChannelWrestletalkTV Video Stats7642192,897,834231,6802.9K66,311476,873
negramaronegramaro YouTube Channelnegramaro Video Stats7643192,807,844141,690198973,777228,701
allesodernixrecordsallesodernixrecords YouTube Channelallesodernixrecords Video Stats7644192,789,191123,0371131,706,099396,527
Ariana Grande`Ariana Grande` YouTube ChannelAriana Grande` Video Stats7645192,761,43995,2851001,927,6144,119,511
Forgotten WeaponsForgotten Weapons YouTube ChannelForgotten Weapons Video Stats7646192,759,59493,4401.3K149,426650,369
Sixpackfactory.comSixpackfactory.com YouTube ChannelSixpackfactory.com Video Stats7647192,740,94674,792604319,1081,205,174
yes tv (יס)yes tv (יס) YouTube Channelyes tv (יס) Video Stats7648192,737,33171,1776.1K31,385183,038
PlayShqipPlayShqip YouTube ChannelPlayShqip Video Stats7649192,734,57968,425219,177,837182,469
ShoddyCastShoddyCast YouTube ChannelShoddyCast Video Stats7650192,729,17063,016551349,7811,232,250
Dj PeligroDj Peligro YouTube ChannelDj Peligro Video Stats7651192,696,64630,492464,189,058414,912
Zulu X Ray Mike cyborgZulu X Ray Mike cyborg YouTube ChannelZulu X Ray Mike cyborg Video Stats7652192,666,154469410,802128,798
MrRoflWafflesMrRoflWaffles YouTube ChannelMrRoflWaffles Video Stats7653192,627,919-38,235897214,7471,089,956
Ali OynuyorAli Oynuyor YouTube ChannelAli Oynuyor Video Stats7654192,574,702-91,452936205,742604,072
SGCBarbierianSGCBarbierian YouTube ChannelSGCBarbierian Video Stats7655192,570,448-95,706712270,464990,611
EveVEVOEveVEVO YouTube ChannelEveVEVO Video Stats7656192,549,974-116,1801512,836,665220,173
Calary GirlCalary Girl YouTube ChannelCalary Girl Video Stats7657192,539,207-126,947227848,1901,009,839
Mr BearMr Bear YouTube ChannelMr Bear Video Stats7658192,535,121-131,033563,438,127356,587
ดีเจ โจมดีเจ โจม YouTube Channelดีเจ โจม Video Stats7659192,509,330-156,824254757,911603,821
OfficialTwilightFilmOfficialTwilightFilm YouTube ChannelOfficialTwilightFilm Video Stats7660192,465,945-200,209912,115,010306,861
Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy'sMinecraft Five Nights At Freddy's YouTube ChannelMinecraft Five Nights At Freddy's Video Stats7661192,460,533-205,621984195,590415,188
ТВИГРТВИГР YouTube ChannelТВИГР Video Stats7662192,457,199-208,955672,872,496103,821
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for an average of 165 added per day.
Start Subs: 118,910     Current Subs: 128,798
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
130,0001,2028 D  3/28  2018Tweet
132,5003,70223 D  4/12  2018Tweet
135,0006,2027 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
137,5008,70222 D1 M 5/12  2018Tweet
140,00011,2027 D2 M 5/27  2018Tweet
142,50013,70223 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
145,00016,2027 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
147,50018,70222 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet
150,00021,2027 D4 M 7/27  2018Tweet
152,50023,70222 D4 M 8/11  2018Tweet
155,00026,2026 D5 M 8/26  2018Tweet
157,50028,70222 D5 M 9/11  2018Tweet
160,00031,2027 D6 M 9/26  2018Tweet
162,50033,70222 D6 M 10/11  2018Tweet
165,00036,2027 D7 M 10/26  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 185,785,125     Current Views: 192,666,154
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
195,000,0002,333,84621 D  4/10  2018Tweet
197,500,0004,833,84612 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet
200,000,0007,333,8463 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
202,500,0009,833,84625 D2 M 6/14  2018Tweet
205,000,00012,333,84616 D3 M 7/06  2018Tweet
207,500,00014,833,8468 D4 M 7/28  2018Tweet
210,000,00017,333,84630 D4 M 8/19  2018Tweet
212,500,00019,833,84620 D5 M 9/09  2018Tweet
215,000,00022,333,84612 D6 M 10/01  2018Tweet
217,500,00024,833,8464 D7 M 10/23  2018Tweet
220,000,00027,333,84626 D7 M 11/14  2018Tweet
222,500,00029,833,84617 D8 M 12/06  2018Tweet
225,000,00032,333,8468 D9 M 12/27  2018Tweet
227,500,00034,833,84630 D9 M 1/18  2019Tweet
230,000,00037,333,84621 D10 M 2/09  2019Tweet