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910,607  Now
910,918-311-447 DayTweet
912,559-1,952-13914 DayTweet
914,226-3,619-12130 DayTweet
915,203-4,596-772 MonthTweet
917,558-6,951-773 MonthTweet
917,247-6,640-554 MonthTweet
918,405-7,798-525 MonthTweet
918,821-8,214-466 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
84,477,059  Now
84,215,108261,95137,4227 DayTweet
83,861,482615,57743,97014 DayTweet
83,436,2611,040,79834,69330 DayTweet
82,939,7081,537,35125,6232 MonthTweet
82,111,0012,366,05826,2903 MonthTweet
82,208,5792,268,48018,9044 MonthTweet
81,591,4482,885,61119,2375 MonthTweet
78,745,7755,731,28431,8406 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
ADRI GEEKADRI GEEK YouTube ChannelADRI GEEK Video Stats5829912,2481,641178319342168.5 M
FaZe NikanFaZe Nikan YouTube ChannelFaZe Nikan Video Stats5830912,1151,50817028115551.7 M
SimplePlanSimplePlan YouTube ChannelSimplePlan Video Stats5831911,8291,222116192356416.3 M
Sky WilliamsSky Williams YouTube ChannelSky Williams Video Stats5832911,561954-1423357183.8 M
BadanamuBadanamu YouTube ChannelBadanamu Video Stats5833911,4798721,1652,136285949.6 M
The Disney Toy CollectorThe Disney Toy Collector YouTube ChannelThe Disney Toy Collector Video Stats5834911,41280547138631798.8 M
Kader Japonais OfficielKader Japonais Officiel YouTube ChannelKader Japonais Officiel Video Stats5835911,2496428251,242262284.5 M
Random EncountersRandom Encounters YouTube ChannelRandom Encounters Video Stats5836911,017410548793640261.8 M
Beau OuimetteBeau Ouimette YouTube ChannelBeau Ouimette Video Stats5837910,65043367650783157.3 M
GirliyapaGirliyapa YouTube ChannelGirliyapa Video Stats5838910,625181,2152,6614982.4 M
Gabriella ♡Gabriella ♡ YouTube ChannelGabriella ♡ Video Stats5839910,60742-12131984.5 M
Официальные ТрейлерыОфициальные Трейлеры YouTube ChannelОфициальные Трейлеры Video Stats5840910,594-13001.7K479.1 M
Cassio ToledoCassio Toledo YouTube ChannelCassio Toledo Video Stats5841910,562-451,1892,623139249.1 M
Daniel FernandezDaniel Fernandez YouTube ChannelDaniel Fernandez Video Stats5842910,553-54120290166107.1 M
Conecta Con EllaConecta Con Ella YouTube ChannelConecta Con Ella Video Stats5843910,409-1985361,35015093.9 M
AlbericoyesAlbericoyes YouTube ChannelAlbericoyes Video Stats5844910,381-226-39-9013393 M
Много куколМного кукол YouTube ChannelМного кукол Video Stats5845910,351-256476384152355.3 M
Link Up TV | MusicLink Up TV | Music YouTube ChannelLink Up TV | Music Video Stats5846910,347-2607069608.4K1.05 B
StimMarvel - 스팀보이StimMarvel - 스팀보이 YouTube ChannelStimMarvel - 스팀보이 Video Stats5847910,222-385-81-194620351.2 M
VidisVidis YouTube ChannelVidis Video Stats5848910,156-451-54-114268 K
Codrin Bradea : SatanaCodrin Bradea : Satana YouTube ChannelCodrin Bradea : Satana Video Stats5849909,876-731693739406174.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Charisma on CommandCharisma on Command YouTube ChannelCharisma on Command Video Stats 84,537,03559,976162521,8341,399,562
Cartoons For Children Tractor PavlikCartoons For Children Tractor Pavlik YouTube ChannelCartoons For Children Tractor Pavlik Video Stats 84,536,36959,310456185,387131,220
Loulou VZLoulou VZ YouTube ChannelLoulou VZ Video Stats 84,536,24659,187166509,254152,266
MeowieTwinsMeowieTwins YouTube ChannelMeowieTwins Video Stats 84,530,57753,518360234,80767,985
BigHead TVBigHead TV YouTube ChannelBigHead TV Video Stats 84,526,46649,4072.6K32,877252,474
Mari Cruz VgMari Cruz Vg YouTube ChannelMari Cruz Vg Video Stats 84,488,07911,02097871,011165,144
جلوري GLORY MUTD lجلوري GLORY MUTD l YouTube Channelجلوري GLORY MUTD l Video Stats 84,482,7365,6771K81,626530,448
I 2 Bomber del FreestyleI 2 Bomber del Freestyle YouTube ChannelI 2 Bomber del Freestyle Video Stats 84,480,6403,581309273,400558,057
케이 TV케이 TV YouTube Channel케이 TV Video Stats 84,479,1062,0472K42,559139,877
Duo Arab HarbatahDuo Arab Harbatah YouTube ChannelDuo Arab Harbatah Video Stats 84,477,856797367230,185587,698
Gabriella ♡Gabriella ♡ YouTube ChannelGabriella ♡ Video Stats 84,477,059319264,818910,607
CartoonNetworkEpsCartoonNetworkEps YouTube ChannelCartoonNetworkEps Video Stats 84,469,904-7,1553.7K22,750219,554
Avery Drummer MolekAvery Drummer Molek YouTube ChannelAvery Drummer Molek Video Stats 84,468,496-8,563286295,344219,274
MentosMentos YouTube ChannelMentos Video Stats 84,463,406-13,653247341,95717,718
shotguy1shotguy1 YouTube Channelshotguy1 Video Stats 84,459,135-17,924741,141,34043,201
SunlightBladeSunlightBlade YouTube ChannelSunlightBlade Video Stats 84,457,683-19,376155544,888480,782
Sayonara MaxwellSayonara Maxwell YouTube ChannelSayonara Maxwell Video Stats 84,449,930-27,129621,362,096333,036
KoffkathecatKoffkathecat YouTube ChannelKoffkathecat Video Stats 84,419,883-57,176813103,837496,845
BoomBotGames 2.0BoomBotGames 2.0 YouTube ChannelBoomBotGames 2.0 Video Stats 84,419,044-58,015367230,025445,469
Parliamo di VideogiochiParliamo di Videogiochi YouTube ChannelParliamo di Videogiochi Video Stats 84,413,949-63,110779108,362422,090
Math MeetingMath Meeting YouTube ChannelMath Meeting Video Stats 84,403,211-73,848303278,558265,904
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Start Subs: 915,203     Current Subs: 910,607
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Start Views: 82,939,708     Current Views: 84,477,059
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Year, Month, Days
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84,500,00022,9411 D  3/22  2018Tweet
84,750,000272,94111 D  4/01  2018Tweet
85,000,000522,94121 D  4/11  2018Tweet
85,250,000772,941 1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
85,500,0001,022,9419 D1 M 4/30  2018Tweet
85,750,0001,272,94119 D1 M 5/10  2018Tweet
86,000,0001,522,94129 D1 M 5/20  2018Tweet
86,250,0001,772,9419 D2 M 5/30  2018Tweet
86,500,0002,022,94118 D2 M 6/08  2018Tweet
86,750,0002,272,94128 D2 M 6/18  2018Tweet
87,000,0002,522,9417 D3 M 6/28  2018Tweet
87,250,0002,772,94117 D3 M 7/08  2018Tweet
87,500,0003,022,94126 D3 M 7/17  2018Tweet
87,750,0003,272,9416 D4 M 7/27  2018Tweet
88,000,0003,522,94116 D4 M 8/06  2018Tweet