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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 8 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 8 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
News - Top StoriesNews - Top Stories YouTube ChannelNews - Top Stories Video Stats1-1,6310.034,812,20044,78000Tweet
SportsSports YouTube ChannelSports Video Stats2-1,0370.078,220,5993-50000Tweet
GamingGaming YouTube ChannelGaming Video Stats3-9870.079,226,28221,97000Tweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats4-6090.010,166,16922-1,16000Tweet
El Escorpión DoradoEl Escorpión Dorado YouTube ChannelEl Escorpión Dorado Video Stats5-4650.01,396,4834671038180.9 MTweet
RayWilliamJohnsonRayWilliamJohnson YouTube ChannelRayWilliamJohnson Video Stats6-4170.010,769,94020-1,3716872.67 BTweet
EducationEducation YouTube ChannelEducation Video Stats7-3820.010,564,84621-66100Tweet
Cat - TopicCat - Topic YouTube ChannelCat - Topic Video Stats8-3490.04,336,50090-51100Tweet
TV ShowsTV Shows YouTube ChannelTV Shows Video Stats9-2240.011,738,95818-6200Tweet
dailygracedailygrace YouTube Channeldailygrace Video Stats10-2220.02,215,772246-209914229.5 MTweet
FUTBOL POR LA BANDAFUTBOL POR LA BANDA YouTube ChannelFUTBOL POR LA BANDA Video Stats11-2200.0599,8521206-1,1821446 KTweet
LA LATALA LATA YouTube ChannelLA LATA Video Stats12-1810.0596,7851210-75244538.6 MTweet
La Caja CaféLa Caja Café YouTube ChannelLa Caja Café Video Stats13-1630.0447,0701647-5271127 KTweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats14-1210.02,481,754198-27400Tweet
Dubstep - TopicDubstep - Topic YouTube ChannelDubstep - Topic Video Stats15-1130.01,548,598413-19800Tweet
ItsMeMiaItsMeMia YouTube ChannelItsMeMia Video Stats16-111-5.61,8553129379 KTweet
LucLuc YouTube ChannelLuc Video Stats17-101-0.1101,4687299-8566310 MTweet
YouTubeShowsFRYouTubeShowsFR YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsFR Video Stats18-1000.02,440,960207-13800Tweet
Блог ТорвальдаБлог Торвальда YouTube ChannelБлог Торвальда Video Stats19-95-0.1187,4274163-14149136 MTweet
Lyrics - TopicLyrics - Topic YouTube ChannelLyrics - Topic Video Stats20-850.01,865,691318-13100Tweet
AzuRa LiiGHTAzuRa LiiGHT YouTube ChannelAzuRa LiiGHT Video Stats21-85-1.46,182468160 KTweet
failblogfailblog YouTube Channelfailblog Video Stats22-830.01,450,177445-1299631.85 BTweet
TheSergioKatoTheSergioKato YouTube ChannelTheSergioKato Video Stats23-75-2.62,85074223 KTweet
TV Shows - WorldwideTV Shows - Worldwide YouTube ChannelTV Shows - Worldwide Video Stats24-700.01,744,583346-9100Tweet
DJopsDJops YouTube ChannelDJops Video Stats25-69-0.320,909100941 KTweet
VinesArmyVinesArmy YouTube ChannelVinesArmy Video Stats26-670.0352,5902178-22400Tweet
StyleHaulStyleHaul YouTube ChannelStyleHaul Video Stats27-650.0496,998148967746935.3 MTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats28-620.01,089,520607-192353131.6 MTweet
TV Shows - UKTV Shows - UK YouTube ChannelTV Shows - UK Video Stats29-600.02,285,365232-8000Tweet
JetSpiderManJetSpiderMan YouTube ChannelJetSpiderMan Video Stats30-56-3.11,77952861 KTweet
PepsiPepsi YouTube ChannelPepsi Video Stats31-550.0708,737100564877186.5 MTweet
Evan DorosheffEvan Dorosheff YouTube ChannelEvan Dorosheff Video Stats32-54-0.196,0297667-661373.2 MTweet
Алла СеменоваАлла Семенова YouTube ChannelАлла Семенова Video Stats33-510.0115,8666567-273221 KTweet
ArjHD - 720p GameplaysArjHD - 720p Gameplays YouTube ChannelArjHD - 720p Gameplays Video Stats34-51-0.222,2291592024 KTweet
Games KPAHGames KPAH YouTube ChannelGames KPAH Video Stats35-500.0149,8055206-931512.1 MTweet
SuprimeSuprime YouTube ChannelSuprime Video Stats36-50-0.187,514834352945.1 MTweet
TheBlindGamerTheBlindGamer YouTube ChannelTheBlindGamer Video Stats37-50-20.91890352 KTweet
PewdiePewdie YouTube ChannelPewdie Video Stats38-490.0469,9131561-771410 MTweet
One Direction PromoOne Direction Promo YouTube ChannelOne Direction Promo Video Stats39-460.0670,4421071-152969 KTweet
HDstarcraftHDstarcraft YouTube ChannelHDstarcraft Video Stats40-460.0394,9851916-861.6K192.3 MTweet
RickyRichardstvRickyRichardstv YouTube ChannelRickyRichardstv Video Stats41-430.086,7618414-281465.3 MTweet
ZisperZisper YouTube ChannelZisper Video Stats42-39-2.41,618649336 KTweet
Sam BluerSam Bluer YouTube ChannelSam Bluer Video Stats43-39-2.61,47713865 KTweet
MoviesMovies YouTube ChannelMovies Video Stats44-380.018,531,21681,76100Tweet
Andrew SheepAndrew Sheep YouTube ChannelAndrew Sheep Video Stats45-38-0.84,76099693 KTweet
Canal NostalgiaCanal Nostalgia YouTube ChannelCanal Nostalgia Video Stats46-370.0329,1612341-13200Tweet
DogCheeseCakeDogCheeseCake YouTube ChannelDogCheeseCake Video Stats47-37-0.75,09918366542 KTweet
JumbaFundJumbaFund YouTube ChannelJumbaFund Video Stats48-360.01,122,050589-675662.7 MTweet
RunawayPlanetRunawayPlanet YouTube ChannelRunawayPlanet Video Stats49-360.0461,5891588-1035323.1 MTweet
50-360.0422,9111761-5776036.1 MTweet
Johnny Aguirre TVJohnny Aguirre TV YouTube ChannelJohnny Aguirre TV Video Stats51-36-0.137,0307529158 KTweet
xJawzxJawz YouTube ChannelxJawz Video Stats52-340.0929,330720-701.1K207.4 MTweet
YouTube Japan 公式チャンネルYouTube Japan 公式チャンネル YouTube ChannelYouTube Japan 公式チャンネル Video Stats53-340.0864,4607874349 KTweet
BreakingNYCBreakingNYC YouTube ChannelBreakingNYC Video Stats54-340.0787,966883-10714388.5 MTweet
ProgramaAgoraETardeProgramaAgoraETarde YouTube ChannelProgramaAgoraETarde Video Stats55-340.0277,0802791-8200Tweet
GSM ArenaGSM Arena YouTube ChannelGSM Arena Video Stats56-340.086,5088433541.5K68.6 MTweet
Igor AnticIgor Antic YouTube ChannelIgor Antic Video Stats57-34-0.47,59823019 KTweet
Tom DaleyTom Daley YouTube ChannelTom Daley Video Stats58-320.0158,615493821511421.3 MTweet
FlamingAmazingGamingFlamingAmazingGaming YouTube ChannelFlamingAmazingGaming Video Stats59-31-0.158,512198210.1 MTweet
Simon und TanzbärSimon und Tanzbär YouTube ChannelSimon und Tanzbär Video Stats60-31-0.124,503-51031.7 MTweet
YouTube SpotlightYouTube Spotlight YouTube ChannelYouTube Spotlight Video Stats61-300.02,358,404218-964515.4 MTweet
LifeAccordingToJimmyLifeAccordingToJimmy YouTube ChannelLifeAccordingToJimmy Video Stats62-300.02,141,209263620144188.9 MTweet
Regan StarrRegan Starr YouTube ChannelRegan Starr Video Stats63-30-0.145,952-3772 KTweet
OMGFactsOfficialOMGFactsOfficial YouTube ChannelOMGFactsOfficial Video Stats64-290.0595,4171214-347336.9 MTweet
MrDiabl0x9MrDiabl0x9 YouTube ChannelMrDiabl0x9 Video Stats65-290.0517,5571421-515038 MTweet
GABEVEVOGABEVEVO YouTube ChannelGABEVEVO Video Stats66-29-0.38,69564241 KTweet
Arabic B(o)(o)bs TVArabic B(o)(o)bs TV YouTube ChannelArabic B(o)(o)bs TV Video Stats67-280.0693,7611028-28248.5 MTweet
LikeTotallyAwesomeLikeTotallyAwesome YouTube ChannelLikeTotallyAwesome Video Stats68-280.0380,6091989-522294 KTweet
George BurtonGeorge Burton YouTube ChannelGeorge Burton Video Stats69-28-0.38,6372871991.5 MTweet
RecklessReckless YouTube ChannelReckless Video Stats70-28-0.64,4112211 KTweet
TV Shows - IndiaTV Shows - India YouTube ChannelTV Shows - India Video Stats71-270.03,097,03614210700Tweet
CarambafootballCarambafootball YouTube ChannelCarambafootball Video Stats72-270.0143,2485422-51577.2 MTweet
Павел ВоляПавел Воля YouTube ChannelПавел Воля Video Stats73-270.064,791-5200Tweet
MovieC0llect0rMovieC0llect0r YouTube ChannelMovieC0llect0r Video Stats74-27-0.131,867133354.4 MTweet
diejungsdiejungs YouTube Channeldiejungs Video Stats75-260.0863,760789128656136.3 MTweet
AmazingFilms247AmazingFilms247 YouTube ChannelAmazingFilms247 Video Stats76-260.0531,0841378-341.8K240.1 MTweet
rockinrioeuvourockinrioeuvou YouTube Channelrockinrioeuvou Video Stats77-260.0351,2792190-84017.4 MTweet
iamdieudo2iamdieudo2 YouTube Channeliamdieudo2 Video Stats78-260.0220,3423531-4389.4 MTweet
Super RobCSuper RobC YouTube ChannelSuper RobC Video Stats79-260.068,816-501461.4 MTweet
Arabs Got TalentArabs Got Talent YouTube ChannelArabs Got Talent Video Stats80-250.0710,81510023717496.4 MTweet
vernalmusicvernalmusic YouTube Channelvernalmusic Video Stats81-250.097,62475575337210 KTweet
Максим МарцинкевичМаксим Марцинкевич YouTube ChannelМаксим Марцинкевич Video Stats82-250.062,757-3500Tweet
ricebunnyricebunny YouTube Channelricebunny Video Stats83-240.0776,381904-212821 MTweet
Bryarly BishopBryarly Bishop YouTube ChannelBryarly Bishop Video Stats84-240.0141,5195486-80827.7 MTweet
Keep CalmKeep Calm YouTube ChannelKeep Calm Video Stats85-24-0.39,53417109339 KTweet
Victor KimVictor Kim YouTube ChannelVictor Kim Video Stats86-230.0537,3581355-538347.3 MTweet
HIVE Hacker ReportsHIVE Hacker Reports YouTube ChannelHIVE Hacker Reports Video Stats87-23-0.210,5578480Tweet
NextGenTacticsNextGenTactics YouTube ChannelNextGenTactics Video Stats88-220.0559,2871294134.5K168 MTweet
Jordie JordanJordie Jordan YouTube ChannelJordie Jordan Video Stats89-220.0462,1471586-1223.2K131.7 MTweet
charlieissoboredlikecharlieissoboredlike YouTube Channelcharlieissoboredlike Video Stats90-220.0387,4681951-302414.8 MTweet
Oxhorn Brand Movies | World of WarcraftOxhorn Brand Movies | World of Warcraft YouTube ChannelOxhorn Brand Movies | World of Warcraft Video Stats91-220.0133,1535812-39663.2 MTweet
xNegatywxxNegatywx YouTube ChannelxNegatywx Video Stats92-220.081,6648860-52130 KTweet
Intellect DigestIntellect Digest YouTube ChannelIntellect Digest Video Stats93-22-0.123,719715735 MTweet
AsamaTankAsamaTank YouTube ChannelAsamaTank Video Stats94-22-0.38,285424740 KTweet
ShaneDawsonTV2ShaneDawsonTV2 YouTube ChannelShaneDawsonTV2 Video Stats95-210.02,462,69319943216391.5 MTweet
GamingTV™GamingTV™ YouTube ChannelGamingTV™ Video Stats96-210.0368,6102070-5710011.8 MTweet
SkitScapeSkitScape YouTube ChannelSkitScape Video Stats97-210.0246,7953157-4434737.5 MTweet
V2DHEARTV2DHEART YouTube ChannelV2DHEART Video Stats98-210.083,4808697151408.8 MTweet
Sayer MowatSayer Mowat YouTube ChannelSayer Mowat Video Stats99-21-0.124,2182685525 KTweet
Keving2013!!Keving2013!! YouTube ChannelKeving2013!! Video Stats100-21-2.5807132225 KTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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