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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 8 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 8 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Make:Make: YouTube ChannelMake: Video Stats1-3470.0720,85712497321.9K173.3 MTweet
Astronauts WantedAstronauts Wanted YouTube ChannelAstronauts Wanted Video Stats2-314-0.394,8079725-63995.7 MTweet
YouTube NewsYouTube News YouTube ChannelYouTube News Video Stats3-1780.034,119,0234-1,62400Tweet
غرم البيشيغرم البيشي YouTube Channelغرم البيشي Video Stats4-1750.0711,3101270-1601845.6 MTweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats5-1710.09,911,04826-93400Tweet
dailygracedailygrace YouTube Channeldailygrace Video Stats6-1180.02,202,546327201K244 MTweet
Mischa Janiec TVMischa Janiec TV YouTube ChannelMischa Janiec TV Video Stats7-111-0.257,967412256.5 MTweet
DramaAlertDramaAlert YouTube ChannelDramaAlert Video Stats8-111-0.617,51772070 KTweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats9-1060.01,062,440793-3694814 MTweet
JogwheelJogwheel YouTube ChannelJogwheel Video Stats10-1010.0748,2131192165729342.2 MTweet
Elle FowlerElle Fowler YouTube ChannelElle Fowler Video Stats11-950.01,287,060619212464165.4 MTweet
Pop Music - TopicPop Music - Topic YouTube ChannelPop Music - Topic Video Stats12-940.011,982,20617-41900Tweet
TransWorld SNOWboardingTransWorld SNOWboarding YouTube ChannelTransWorld SNOWboarding Video Stats13-83-0.253,688606827.9 MTweet
CTFxCCTFxC YouTube ChannelCTFxC Video Stats14-810.01,451,410546-2022.1K598.7 MTweet
YPlayYPlay YouTube ChannelYPlay Video Stats15-810.0306,5293217-33053729.8 MTweet
One Direction - TopicOne Direction - Topic YouTube ChannelOne Direction - Topic Video Stats16-770.04,469,491107-7900Tweet
Alternative Rock - TopicAlternative Rock - Topic YouTube ChannelAlternative Rock - Topic Video Stats17-710.05,414,10083-34500Tweet
iheartmakeup92iheartmakeup92 YouTube Channeliheartmakeup92 Video Stats18-710.0565,798164023218728.9 MTweet
Fashionistalove22Fashionistalove22 YouTube ChannelFashionistalove22 Video Stats19-69-0.1107,3318744408352.6 MTweet
Cat - TopicCat - Topic YouTube ChannelCat - Topic Video Stats20-680.04,183,864116-55200Tweet
RickyRichardstvRickyRichardstv YouTube ChannelRickyRichardstv Video Stats21-66-0.182,165-781544.8 MTweet
Hip Hop Music - TopicHip Hop Music - Topic YouTube ChannelHip Hop Music - Topic Video Stats22-640.09,341,50728-27300Tweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic Video Stats23-630.02,874,872206-6200Tweet
TeenTeen YouTube ChannelTeen Video Stats24-620.0290,15234348778736.6 MTweet
TobyTurnerTobyTurner YouTube ChannelTobyTurner Video Stats25-590.02,027,9793602171.6K333.7 MTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic Video Stats26-580.02,525,190265-6400Tweet
Rev3GamesRev3Games YouTube ChannelRev3Games Video Stats27-580.0443,4802137-751.2K70.8 MTweet
RyansAverageLifeRyansAverageLife YouTube ChannelRyansAverageLife Video Stats28-580.0386,093249014311115.1 MTweet
breelovesvlogsbreelovesvlogs YouTube Channelbreelovesvlogs Video Stats29-56-0.148,869591241.8 MTweet
Reckless TortugaReckless Tortuga YouTube ChannelReckless Tortuga Video Stats30-540.01,132,839721-127394264.4 MTweet
DeadloxVSGamingDeadloxVSGaming YouTube ChannelDeadloxVSGaming Video Stats31-520.0212,69946291381054.8 MTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats32-510.01,045,109811-202352133.1 MTweet
RayaRaya YouTube ChannelRaya Video Stats33-510.0537,930173815891086 MTweet
RayWilliamJohnsonRayWilliamJohnson YouTube ChannelRayWilliamJohnson Video Stats34-500.010,737,377219665462.73 BTweet
ThatsHeartTVThatsHeartTV YouTube ChannelThatsHeartTV Video Stats35-490.0268,0203743119929.5 MTweet
slashslash YouTube Channelslash Video Stats36-470.0148,6216565976528.4 MTweet
Justin Wayne DatingJustin Wayne Dating YouTube ChannelJustin Wayne Dating Video Stats37-41-0.162,812117448.6 MTweet
TugayTugay YouTube ChannelTugay Video Stats38-400.0108,1158688139714 MTweet
Lyrics - TopicLyrics - Topic YouTube ChannelLyrics - Topic Video Stats39-390.01,809,971419-13500Tweet
nebris88nebris88 YouTube Channelnebris88 Video Stats40-390.0202,3914873-1739513.9 MTweet
TAHSTAHS YouTube ChannelTAHS Video Stats41-390.0156,87062634400Tweet
Travis ClarkTravis Clark YouTube ChannelTravis Clark Video Stats42-390.0152,4436412-2122514.4 MTweet
League of Legends - TopicLeague of Legends - Topic YouTube ChannelLeague of Legends - Topic Video Stats43-380.01,497,577534-3300Tweet
SkyDoesThingsSkyDoesThings YouTube ChannelSkyDoesThings Video Stats44-380.0357,384272927252.6 MTweet
مسك - MISK TVمسك - MISK TV YouTube Channelمسك - MISK TV Video Stats45-370.0803,28411061153 KTweet
La Caja CaféLa Caja Café YouTube ChannelLa Caja Café Video Stats46-370.0413,0432308-931260 KTweet
TheSpaceMonkeyPlanetTheSpaceMonkeyPlanet YouTube ChannelTheSpaceMonkeyPlanet Video Stats47-360.0135,4527141-14921.1 MTweet
DollFaceReeDollFaceRee YouTube ChannelDollFaceRee Video Stats48-360.079,51419972.6 MTweet
Jordie JordanJordie Jordan YouTube ChannelJordie Jordan Video Stats49-340.0450,6052098-303.4K136 MTweet
Bryarly BishopBryarly Bishop YouTube ChannelBryarly Bishop Video Stats50-340.0130,6257351-50957.1 MTweet
Dog - TopicDog - Topic YouTube ChannelDog - Topic Video Stats51-330.02,996,288192-4500Tweet
AvidyaZenAvidyaZen YouTube ChannelAvidyaZen Video Stats52-320.0124,1007688-18839.2 MTweet
Бизнес МолодостьБизнес Молодость YouTube ChannelБизнес Молодость Video Stats53-320.088,8518363811.1 MTweet
setosorcerersetosorcerer YouTube Channelsetosorcerer Video Stats54-310.0615,7551480-1867839.8 MTweet
BreakingNYCBreakingNYC YouTube ChannelBreakingNYC Video Stats55-300.0767,5711165-8900Tweet
etoilec1etoilec1 YouTube Channeletoilec1 Video Stats56-290.0220,790447828000Tweet
Country Music - TopicCountry Music - Topic YouTube ChannelCountry Music - Topic Video Stats57-280.03,696,587144-13700Tweet
Alex S.Alex S. YouTube ChannelAlex S. Video Stats58-280.095,1229697292916.7 MTweet
TribeTylerTribeTyler YouTube ChannelTribeTyler Video Stats59-280.064,627-344222.3 MTweet
GudjonDanielGudjonDaniel YouTube ChannelGudjonDaniel Video Stats60-270.0419,6622267-2567560.8 MTweet
Dubstep - TopicDubstep - Topic YouTube ChannelDubstep - Topic Video Stats61-260.01,495,763535-14400Tweet
The YOMYOMF NetworkThe YOMYOMF Network YouTube ChannelThe YOMYOMF Network Video Stats62-260.0550,5471692-4639550.2 MTweet
VineyVideosVineyVideos YouTube ChannelVineyVideos Video Stats63-260.0152,7286399-75385 KTweet
Justin Bieber - TopicJustin Bieber - Topic YouTube ChannelJustin Bieber - Topic Video Stats64-250.01,626,092491-11600Tweet
777static777777static777 YouTube Channel777static777 Video Stats65-250.050,24941588.1 MTweet
LukeLuke YouTube ChannelLuke Video Stats66-240.0369,5942626-4229239.8 MTweet
eeddspeakseeddspeaks YouTube Channeleeddspeaks Video Stats67-240.0149,99365151283869.2 MTweet
Kinder Star TVKinder Star TV YouTube ChannelKinder Star TV Video Stats68-240.0137,3287050-644500 KTweet
TV Shows - WorldwideTV Shows - Worldwide YouTube ChannelTV Shows - Worldwide Video Stats69-230.01,724,353452-5400Tweet
BlameTheControllerBlameTheController YouTube ChannelBlameTheController Video Stats70-230.0167,9865859794917.8 MTweet
MobilyMobily YouTube ChannelMobily Video Stats71-220.0229,455432917718142 MTweet
SykkunoSykkuno YouTube ChannelSykkuno Video Stats72-220.0210,83446806317929.1 MTweet
Gamers!Gamers! YouTube ChannelGamers! Video Stats73-22-0.210,050-197863 KTweet
FUTBOL POR LA BANDAFUTBOL POR LA BANDA YouTube ChannelFUTBOL POR LA BANDA Video Stats74-210.0568,0621628-601634 KTweet
Curse GamepediaCurse Gamepedia YouTube ChannelCurse Gamepedia Video Stats75-210.0170,32257872102801.4 MTweet
Colby CheeZeColby CheeZe YouTube ChannelColby CheeZe Video Stats76-210.0122,2697788-41.2K48.1 MTweet
German GarmendiaGerman Garmendia YouTube ChannelGerman Garmendia Video Stats77-21-0.211,26116900Tweet
One Direction PromoOne Direction Promo YouTube ChannelOne Direction Promo Video Stats78-200.0649,2751404-9419342 KTweet
Curse EntertainmentCurse Entertainment YouTube ChannelCurse Entertainment Video Stats79-200.0319,838307239887719.1 MTweet
DefendTheHouseDefendTheHouse YouTube ChannelDefendTheHouse Video Stats80-190.0479,4541961-63218101.1 MTweet
PewdiePewdie YouTube ChannelPewdie Video Stats81-190.0459,7972054-611410.8 MTweet
ToroDeMioloToroDeMiolo YouTube ChannelToroDeMiolo Video Stats82-190.0335,976290711204.9 MTweet
ProgramaAgoraETardeProgramaAgoraETarde YouTube ChannelProgramaAgoraETarde Video Stats83-190.0267,7063746-3900Tweet
0nick0alex00nick0alex0 YouTube Channel0nick0alex0 Video Stats84-190.0193,9815078-43181.6 MTweet
The MansionThe Mansion YouTube ChannelThe Mansion Video Stats85-190.0166,9295892-16912311.8 MTweet
andylangemusicandylangemusic YouTube Channelandylangemusic Video Stats86-190.0147,49666123910810.3 MTweet
HuskyVSGamingHuskyVSGaming YouTube ChannelHuskyVSGaming Video Stats87-190.0126,0487590-29181.2 MTweet
MariusMarius YouTube ChannelMarius Video Stats88-190.039,234-51489 KTweet
Sorano Ch.Sorano Ch. YouTube ChannelSorano Ch. Video Stats89-190.038,470-561.6K10.5 MTweet
YouTube NationYouTube Nation YouTube ChannelYouTube Nation Video Stats90-180.02,074,7513512,75728646.6 MTweet
livinlikelindseylivinlikelindsey YouTube Channellivinlikelindsey Video Stats91-180.0408,60423278927329.3 MTweet
soundlyawakesoundlyawake YouTube Channelsoundlyawake Video Stats92-180.0337,054289712444136.1 MTweet
DBDReactionzDBDReactionz YouTube ChannelDBDReactionz Video Stats93-18-0.127,48311254297 KTweet
DBZ LatinoDBZ Latino YouTube ChannelDBZ Latino Video Stats94-170.0300,6803292-22292.5 MTweet
AD0LFzZAD0LFzZ YouTube ChannelAD0LFzZ Video Stats95-170.0140,13469172633010.5 MTweet
RachelkipRachelkip YouTube ChannelRachelkip Video Stats96-170.0107,9728703-52934.8 MTweet
MinecraftFinestMinecraftFinest YouTube ChannelMinecraftFinest Video Stats97-160.0634,03514381261.3K148.7 MTweet
BuzzVinesBuzzVines YouTube ChannelBuzzVines Video Stats98-160.0535,8261748-161335.8 MTweet
FVDiscoFVDisco YouTube ChannelFVDisco Video Stats99-160.0413,0052309-242750.4 MTweet
16bitsam16bitsam YouTube Channel16bitsam Video Stats100-160.0407,32623385616816.9 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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