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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 8 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 8 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Talking Tom and FriendsTalking Tom and Friends YouTube ChannelTalking Tom and Friends Video Stats1-1,098-0.11,391,9457393,39144426.2 MTweet
Zbigniew StonogaZbigniew Stonoga YouTube ChannelZbigniew Stonoga Video Stats2-1,063-3.331,009171816.4 MTweet
#Sports#Sports YouTube Channel#Sports Video Stats3-1,0170.076,760,3803-7,41100Tweet
#Gaming#Gaming YouTube Channel#Gaming Video Stats4-9120.078,196,8802-6,15300Tweet
Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - MinecraftMinecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft YouTube ChannelMinecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Video Stats5-5130.02,298,1713871351.2K287.7 MTweet
Aftershock - \" oTwiz \"Aftershock - \Aftershock - \6-373-9.13,7111127 KTweet
Let\'s Play TogetherLet\'s Play Together YouTube ChannelLet\'s Play Together Video Stats7-335-0.1260,9575001-11438218.1 MTweet
AXE RussiaAXE Russia YouTube ChannelAXE Russia Video Stats8-332-0.3118,74589610338 MTweet
DailyYouDailyYou YouTube ChannelDailyYou Video Stats9-3240.02,117,971435-2651.1K256.6 MTweet
CorridorDigitalCorridorDigital YouTube ChannelCorridorDigital Video Stats10-3140.03,271,86821758289305.8 MTweet
AdrianVanOyenAdrianVanOyen YouTube ChannelAdrianVanOyen Video Stats11-2900.01,071,5021071469109.3 MTweet
#Minecraft#Minecraft YouTube Channel#Minecraft Video Stats12-2520.09,740,97732-1,34700Tweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats13-2510.0953,3891219-425351125.6 MTweet
Musica Studio\'sMusica Studio\'s YouTube ChannelMusica Studio\'s Video Stats14-2180.0749,3501600230631238.2 MTweet
whateverwhatever YouTube Channelwhatever Video Stats15-2030.02,695,5093101,768123313.7 MTweet
Monkey MadeleyMonkey Madeley YouTube ChannelMonkey Madeley Video Stats16-194-13.91,2028497 KTweet
Indonesian IdolIndonesian Idol YouTube ChannelIndonesian Idol Video Stats17-1720.0430,04529581154.2K109.3 MTweet
superamazingprojectsuperamazingproject YouTube Channelsuperamazingproject Video Stats19-1530.0498,7092501-1207925.7 MTweet
mandersandpoopoomandersandpoopoo YouTube Channelmandersandpoopoo Video Stats20-148-0.1126,7349757-158714.6 MTweet
Danny FinestDanny Finest YouTube ChannelDanny Finest Video Stats21-148-1.78,34115116238 KTweet
Kompas TVKompas TV YouTube ChannelKompas TV Video Stats22-1440.0337,32938873057.1K133.1 MTweet
Jack PresentsJack Presents YouTube ChannelJack Presents Video Stats23-135-3.93,3481116132 KTweet
FullscreenFullscreen YouTube ChannelFullscreen Video Stats24-129-0.1142,52187722815581 KTweet
89939893116992b89939893116992b YouTube Channel89939893116992b Video Stats25-129-0.281,1633184K51.9 MTweet
DeadloxMCDeadloxMC YouTube ChannelDeadloxMC Video Stats26-1210.02,151,1904291211.1K178.5 MTweet
Fikus PlayFikus Play YouTube ChannelFikus Play Video Stats27-118-1.011,46026219633 KTweet
YOGSCAST ZoeyYOGSCAST Zoey YouTube ChannelYOGSCAST Zoey Video Stats28-1150.0450,9092815-2729622.7 MTweet
Claw KickerClaw Kicker YouTube ChannelClaw Kicker Video Stats29-115-0.912,951403392.4 MTweet
sanimusicindonesiasanimusicindonesia YouTube Channelsanimusicindonesia Video Stats30-113-0.1179,24471591,0021.2K111.2 MTweet
Pardal AlucinadoPardal Alucinado YouTube ChannelPardal Alucinado Video Stats31-106-2.93,60132546 MTweet
Kalel KittenKalel Kitten YouTube ChannelKalel Kitten Video Stats32-1040.01,799,96553968212274.9 MTweet
OGSeriesOGSeries YouTube ChannelOGSeries Video Stats33-104-0.259,500-373382.1 MTweet
UrbanTrendsTVUrbanTrendsTV YouTube ChannelUrbanTrendsTV Video Stats34-101-0.519,942-222202 KTweet
Liz Earle Naturally ActiveLiz Earle Naturally Active YouTube ChannelLiz Earle Naturally Active Video Stats35-94-0.517,84947887999 KTweet
Kamsani JumahatKamsani Jumahat YouTube ChannelKamsani Jumahat Video Stats36-87-9.0884096140 KTweet
Trevor MoranTrevor Moran YouTube ChannelTrevor Moran Video Stats37-860.0835,09814173008828.3 MTweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats38-830.02,405,393361-18500Tweet
GhostsofbritainGhostsofbritain YouTube ChannelGhostsofbritain Video Stats39-83-2.82,869470208 KTweet
TV ShowsTV Shows YouTube ChannelTV Shows Video Stats40-790.011,610,07823-28000Tweet
Mary ElizabethMary Elizabeth YouTube ChannelMary Elizabeth Video Stats41-790.0235,74355017320410.3 MTweet
MissKremówkaMissKremówka YouTube ChannelMissKremówka Video Stats42-78-0.173,386456412.8 MTweet
Everything GamingEverything Gaming YouTube ChannelEverything Gaming Video Stats43-78-2.33,247416220 KTweet
#Cat#Cat YouTube Channel#Cat Video Stats44-750.04,108,007158-28100Tweet
CraftinarianCraftinarian YouTube ChannelCraftinarian Video Stats45-74-4.01,7583195347 KTweet
OstatniMentorOstatniMentor YouTube ChannelOstatniMentor Video Stats46-74-9.967251.2K1.2 MTweet
Tobi FoxTobi Fox YouTube ChannelTobi Fox Video Stats47-72-0.418,16551735 KTweet
MarioTeguhTVMarioTeguhTV YouTube ChannelMarioTeguhTV Video Stats48-71-0.160,9741641K12 MTweet
kiliaNcrimakiliaNcrima YouTube ChannelkiliaNcrima Video Stats49-71-0.321,862252745.2 MTweet
Justin CredibleJustin Credible YouTube ChannelJustin Credible Video Stats50-71-1.06,97164278814 KTweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats51-690.01,001,8851164-2364814.8 MTweet
MinnesotaBurnsMinnesotaBurns YouTube ChannelMinnesotaBurns Video Stats52-680.02,149,691431-684773295.9 MTweet
UbisoftSpainUbisoftSpain YouTube ChannelUbisoftSpain Video Stats53-680.0481,9102606-26815022.2 MTweet
SourceFedNERDSourceFedNERD YouTube ChannelSourceFedNERD Video Stats54-670.0767,83615611561.3K192.9 MTweet
Code The YoutuberCode The Youtuber YouTube ChannelCode The Youtuber Video Stats55-63-5.91,005113559 KTweet
YouTubeShowsFRYouTubeShowsFR YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsFR Video Stats56-620.02,382,324368-10700Tweet
Bizzard4evaBizzard4eva YouTube ChannelBizzard4eva Video Stats57-62-0.413,77516471.9 MTweet
#CallOfDutyBlackOpsII#CallOfDutyBlackOpsII YouTube Channel#CallOfDutyBlackOpsII Video Stats58-610.02,483,928344-33800Tweet
Inside GamingInside Gaming YouTube ChannelInside Gaming Video Stats59-600.0670,5341788-322542142.9 MTweet
Ruslan VaravaRuslan Varava YouTube ChannelRuslan Varava Video Stats60-60-0.183,04267961.5 MTweet
CrakerCraker YouTube ChannelCraker Video Stats61-60-0.237,116623225.7 MTweet
Sergey SoboleffSergey Soboleff YouTube ChannelSergey Soboleff Video Stats62-60-0.230,906163147.6 MTweet
#CallOfDutyBlackOps#CallOfDutyBlackOps YouTube Channel#CallOfDutyBlackOps Video Stats63-590.02,831,705290-38800Tweet
Beat a MaxxBeat a Maxx YouTube ChannelBeat a Maxx Video Stats64-58-4.11,3663461 MTweet
Alexx ThegatorAlexx Thegator YouTube ChannelAlexx Thegator Video Stats65-55-6.77672211 KTweet
farrukh mahmooddfarrukh mahmoodd YouTube Channelfarrukh mahmoodd Video Stats66-55-7.1718215206Tweet
GITANOSGITANOS YouTube ChannelGITANOS Video Stats67-54-1.05,27632355.9 MTweet
Trinity Optima ProductionTrinity Optima Production YouTube ChannelTrinity Optima Production Video Stats68-520.0193,9366662269530157.9 MTweet
#Education#Education YouTube Channel#Education Video Stats69-500.010,329,53929-80500Tweet
YouTube SpotlightYouTube Spotlight YouTube ChannelYouTube Spotlight Video Stats70-490.02,337,802376-284718.8 MTweet
Mic-BMic-B YouTube ChannelMic-B Video Stats71-48-1.62,9347360124 KTweet
YouTubeMoviesRUYouTubeMoviesRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeMoviesRU Video Stats72-470.02,541,955335-3300Tweet
La Isla: El RealityLa Isla: El Reality YouTube ChannelLa Isla: El Reality Video Stats73-470.0196,46165711531K57.4 MTweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats74-460.02,475,019346-7300Tweet
WildStarOnlineWildStarOnline YouTube ChannelWildStarOnline Video Stats75-460.0100,905-4518916.9 MTweet
imenaproimenapro YouTube Channelimenapro Video Stats76-45-0.59,538263369.4 MTweet
#Lyrics#Lyrics YouTube Channel#Lyrics Video Stats77-440.01,784,229544-18800Tweet
Thug Life VideosThug Life Videos YouTube ChannelThug Life Videos Video Stats78-440.0176,87372442,180030.4 MTweet
willy beckwilly beck YouTube Channelwilly beck Video Stats79-44-0.179,42535243 MTweet
Darkeys WorldDarkeys World YouTube ChannelDarkeys World Video Stats80-44-0.164,377-295919.8 MTweet
HMT HaRD // HaCk™ HARD MODDING TEAMHMT HaRD // HaCk™ HARD MODDING TEAM YouTube ChannelHMT HaRD // HaCk™ HARD MODDING TEAM Video Stats81-44-0.313,8978781407 KTweet
shiropointshiropoint YouTube Channelshiropoint Video Stats82-44-0.313,8680633.5 MTweet
TaddlTaddl YouTube ChannelTaddl Video Stats83-430.0855,0631386-16600Tweet
Doc the GafferDoc the Gaffer YouTube ChannelDoc the Gaffer Video Stats84-43-1.23,52334112300 KTweet
GameFailsGameFails YouTube ChannelGameFails Video Stats85-420.0556,8802204-502.9K179.8 MTweet
Ơn giời cậu đây rồiƠn giời cậu đây rồi YouTube ChannelƠn giời cậu đây rồi Video Stats86-420.0256,61250892008846.3 MTweet
TechscaliburTechscalibur YouTube ChannelTechscalibur Video Stats87-420.0229,3475662-4847724.2 MTweet
50,000 Subscribers With No Videos?!50,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! YouTube Channel50,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! Video Stats88-42-0.218,6402100Tweet
DisneyCartoonChannelDisneyCartoonChannel YouTube ChannelDisneyCartoonChannel Video Stats89-410.0337,4533886-3700Tweet
LectricGamesLectricGames YouTube ChannelLectricGames Video Stats90-41-0.313,40485432430 KTweet
How Farms WorkHow Farms Work YouTube ChannelHow Farms Work Video Stats91-41-0.58,924121292 MTweet
HuskyMUDKIPZHuskyMUDKIPZ YouTube ChannelHuskyMUDKIPZ Video Stats92-400.01,868,249511-273K185.7 MTweet
PALMCAKESPALMCAKES YouTube ChannelPALMCAKES Video Stats93-40-0.170,897-1216882 KTweet
Joe GoesJoe Goes YouTube ChannelJoe Goes Video Stats94-390.0218,05359481925232.2 MTweet
Tony RobertsTony Roberts YouTube ChannelTony Roberts Video Stats95-39-1.52,4839135617 KTweet
kevjumbakevjumba YouTube Channelkevjumba Video Stats96-370.03,003,837262-117115355.8 MTweet
TV Shows - UKTV Shows - UK YouTube ChannelTV Shows - UK Video Stats97-370.02,252,224402-9000Tweet
私は、このアカウントをハッキング私は、このアカウントをハッキング YouTube Channel私は、このアカウントをハッキング Video Stats98-37-0.220,34522174491 KTweet
Kim KnutshedKim Knutshed YouTube ChannelKim Knutshed Video Stats99-37-0.66,07535714 KTweet
Ana SavelevaAna Saveleva YouTube ChannelAna Saveleva Video Stats100-37-3.51,0144243Tweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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