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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 8 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 8 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
8 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
jakub0wskyjakub0wsky YouTube Channeljakub0wsky Video Stats1-5-0.51,00404546Tweet
exnomiaexnomia YouTube Channelexnomia Video Stats2-4-1.92040135Tweet
ChrisMoxeyVlogsChrisMoxeyVlogs YouTube ChannelChrisMoxeyVlogs Video Stats3-3-0.3873216918 KTweet
vitalfindsvitalfinds YouTube Channelvitalfinds Video Stats4-3-0.473403431.1 MTweet
MrIrkaMrIrka YouTube ChannelMrIrka Video Stats5-3-0.5639121517 KTweet
Leo CraftingTVLeo CraftingTV YouTube ChannelLeo CraftingTV Video Stats6-3-0.5570119216 KTweet
twitcher07twitcher07 YouTube Channeltwitcher07 Video Stats7-2-0.21,0561228 KTweet
CSD101 MinecraftCSD101 Minecraft YouTube ChannelCSD101 Minecraft Video Stats8-2-0.21,04532203 KTweet
TECHOLOGYTECHOLOGY YouTube ChannelTECHOLOGY Video Stats9-2-0.21,034155216 KTweet
forflip2forflip2 YouTube Channelforflip2 Video Stats10-2-0.298512132395 KTweet
Carlos AlbertoCarlos Alberto YouTube ChannelCarlos Alberto Video Stats11-2-0.294546139 KTweet
unperuanitomasunperuanitomas YouTube Channelunperuanitomas Video Stats12-2-0.28733911 KTweet
KaptainThumbsKaptainThumbs YouTube ChannelKaptainThumbs Video Stats13-2-0.280291238 KTweet
AnthinOok ­AnthinOok ­ YouTube ChannelAnthinOok ­ Video Stats14-2-0.37240692 KTweet
PrimalScreenAtlantaPrimalScreenAtlanta YouTube ChannelPrimalScreenAtlanta Video Stats15-2-0.36870571.3 MTweet
MackemYTMackemYT YouTube ChannelMackemYT Video Stats16-2-0.3603111721 KTweet
charlis X os tanto fazcharlis X os tanto faz YouTube Channelcharlis X os tanto faz Video Stats17-2-0.35771410408Tweet
Liam FCLiam FC YouTube ChannelLiam FC Video Stats18-2-0.45023682 KTweet
LAZER FISTLAZER FIST YouTube ChannelLAZER FIST Video Stats19-2-0.5425211660 KTweet
Wish ClanWish Clan YouTube ChannelWish Clan Video Stats20-2-0.53634353 KTweet
the_amazing_craft &minecraftthe_amazing_craft &minecraft YouTube Channelthe_amazing_craft &minecraft Video Stats21-2-0.635461288 KTweet
freeze gamerfreeze gamer YouTube Channelfreeze gamer Video Stats22-2-0.634410532 KTweet
Todd WahnishTodd Wahnish YouTube ChannelTodd Wahnish Video Stats23-2-0.73010246237 KTweet
3plyr3team - Futbol Trickshots3plyr3team - Futbol Trickshots YouTube Channel3plyr3team - Futbol Trickshots Video Stats24-2-0.82543141 KTweet
#VS-Gaming#VS-Gaming YouTube Channel#VS-Gaming Video Stats25-2-0.9231019638Tweet
Nervy CoastNervy Coast YouTube ChannelNervy Coast Video Stats26-2-1.11741984 KTweet
john predajohn preda YouTube Channeljohn preda Video Stats27-2-1.3150022534 KTweet
OnedayvlogOnedayvlog YouTube ChannelOnedayvlog Video Stats28-10.03,393-159106 KTweet
BakusiowaBakusiowa YouTube ChannelBakusiowa Video Stats29-1-0.11,05001725 KTweet
Jane's Beautiful WorldJane's Beautiful World YouTube ChannelJane's Beautiful World Video Stats30-1-0.11,047132721 KTweet
Телеканал ЛтаваТелеканал Лтава YouTube ChannelТелеканал Лтава Video Stats31-1-0.11,03714.3K696 KTweet
WzG-FanWzG-Fan YouTube ChannelWzG-Fan Video Stats32-1-0.11,03337994.8 MTweet
TGTFpojamoTGTFpojamo YouTube ChannelTGTFpojamo Video Stats33-1-0.11,03007489 KTweet
Merit GoldMerit Gold YouTube ChannelMerit Gold Video Stats34-1-0.11,026000Tweet
Romina ChirreRomina Chirre YouTube ChannelRomina Chirre Video Stats35-1-0.11,0231681.8 MTweet
MinePlayzMinePlayz YouTube ChannelMinePlayz Video Stats36-1-0.11,01868930 KTweet
Swart GangSwart Gang YouTube ChannelSwart Gang Video Stats37-1-0.11,01728104 KTweet
•Haıʟeʏ LPS••Haıʟeʏ LPS• YouTube Channel•Haıʟeʏ LPS• Video Stats38-1-0.11,0161814 KTweet
MCGamingMCGaming YouTube ChannelMCGaming Video Stats39-1-0.11,013184736 KTweet
dallas myhandvlogsdallas myhandvlogs YouTube Channeldallas myhandvlogs Video Stats40-1-0.19991225709Tweet
shannonleecshannonleec YouTube Channelshannonleec Video Stats41-1-0.19971621.5 MTweet
ReZerk™ReZerk™ YouTube ChannelReZerk™ Video Stats42-1-0.19912438 KTweet
Gabriel TaleroGabriel Talero YouTube ChannelGabriel Talero Video Stats43-1-0.19919131 KTweet
teliadkteliadk YouTube Channelteliadk Video Stats44-1-0.198912187.5 MTweet
iFailCentralTViFailCentralTV YouTube ChanneliFailCentralTV Video Stats45-1-0.19882100Tweet
Smile PupSmile Pup YouTube ChannelSmile Pup Video Stats46-1-0.19790164215 KTweet
Yc MgYc Mg YouTube ChannelYc Mg Video Stats47-1-0.19771210270 KTweet
MyHeart MyWorldMyHeart MyWorld YouTube ChannelMyHeart MyWorld Video Stats48-1-0.196317915 KTweet
^benjiking^benjiking YouTube Channel^benjiking Video Stats49-1-0.1961028482 KTweet
The Mud RoomThe Mud Room YouTube ChannelThe Mud Room Video Stats50-1-0.1959312322 KTweet
Tiendas OechsleTiendas Oechsle YouTube ChannelTiendas Oechsle Video Stats51-1-0.194312912.3 MTweet
Kisgazsi StudioKisgazsi Studio YouTube ChannelKisgazsi Studio Video Stats52-1-0.1927223218 KTweet
Jack HealeyJack Healey YouTube ChannelJack Healey Video Stats53-1-0.1862-27726 KTweet
Hot Celebs HomeHot Celebs Home YouTube ChannelHot Celebs Home Video Stats54-1-0.18590431.6 MTweet
LaideeA86LaideeA86 YouTube ChannelLaideeA86 Video Stats55-1-0.180306212 KTweet
ChesterCheeseChubbsChesterCheeseChubbs YouTube ChannelChesterCheeseChubbs Video Stats56-1-0.180241873 KTweet
Ren's Amazing ToysRen's Amazing Toys YouTube ChannelRen's Amazing Toys Video Stats57-1-0.180044789 KTweet
Sir AugastineSir Augastine YouTube ChannelSir Augastine Video Stats58-1-0.17988778 KTweet
TheDAVETheDAVE YouTube ChannelTheDAVE Video Stats59-1-0.1769010596 KTweet
Local EmpireLocal Empire YouTube ChannelLocal Empire Video Stats60-1-0.17630106398 KTweet
Tamsen CooperTamsen Cooper YouTube ChannelTamsen Cooper Video Stats61-1-0.175125559 KTweet
SamsonEditsSamsonEdits YouTube ChannelSamsonEdits Video Stats62-1-0.174816935 KTweet
AshtoNAshtoN YouTube ChannelAshtoN Video Stats63-1-0.17470390 KTweet
Ten Minute GamerTen Minute Gamer YouTube ChannelTen Minute Gamer Video Stats64-1-0.1715010611.9 MTweet
baikudogabaikudoga YouTube Channelbaikudoga Video Stats65-1-0.17132162163 KTweet
RezendeProGamerXRezendeProGamerX YouTube ChannelRezendeProGamerX Video Stats66-1-0.170413374 KTweet
Jojo HrajeJojo Hraje YouTube ChannelJojo Hraje Video Stats67-1-0.17000256 KTweet
Luna NeomelodicaLuna Neomelodica YouTube ChannelLuna Neomelodica Video Stats68-1-0.1682206829 KTweet
fairycampanilla65fairycampanilla65 YouTube Channelfairycampanilla65 Video Stats69-1-0.168111610 KTweet
RiZen Z™RiZen Z™ YouTube ChannelRiZen Z™ Video Stats70-1-0.167401219 KTweet
Zopim by ZendeskZopim by Zendesk YouTube ChannelZopim by Zendesk Video Stats71-1-0.1672025273 KTweet
FrankieKeinFrankieKein YouTube ChannelFrankieKein Video Stats72-1-0.2661046510 KTweet
Zach TechLoverZach TechLover YouTube ChannelZach TechLover Video Stats73-1-0.265817235 KTweet
Andyn0Andyn0 YouTube ChannelAndyn0 Video Stats74-1-0.265240755Tweet
GIGGLRgamesGIGGLRgames YouTube ChannelGIGGLRgames Video Stats75-1-0.2638057 KTweet
Senno RennoSenno Renno YouTube ChannelSenno Renno Video Stats76-1-0.26172797 KTweet
Luigi SquidLuigi Squid YouTube ChannelLuigi Squid Video Stats77-1-0.258314658 KTweet
Asgar TVAsgar TV YouTube ChannelAsgar TV Video Stats78-1-0.2559510960Tweet
MENIX VLOGSMENIX VLOGS YouTube ChannelMENIX VLOGS Video Stats79-1-0.25512112 KTweet
Xime lunaXime luna YouTube ChannelXime luna Video Stats80-1-0.25270195 KTweet
Team EvolveTeam Evolve YouTube ChannelTeam Evolve Video Stats81-1-0.252151837 KTweet
jpmwolf91jpmwolf91 YouTube Channeljpmwolf91 Video Stats82-1-0.25003155 KTweet
West Oak Street BoysWest Oak Street Boys YouTube ChannelWest Oak Street Boys Video Stats83-1-0.2451915878 KTweet
KidAwesomeTwoKidAwesomeTwo YouTube ChannelKidAwesomeTwo Video Stats84-1-0.2447128836 KTweet
Curry CaputoCurry Caputo YouTube ChannelCurry Caputo Video Stats85-1-0.2436010419 KTweet
Tapori GamesTapori Games YouTube ChannelTapori Games Video Stats86-1-0.242602124 KTweet
1pug hill-billy.com1pug YouTube Channel1pug Video Stats87-1-0.24181166100 KTweet
LTG networkLTG network YouTube ChannelLTG network Video Stats88-1-0.2402181185 KTweet
Eliza ChiangEliza Chiang YouTube ChannelEliza Chiang Video Stats89-1-0.3390033139 KTweet
ExoticcExoticc YouTube ChannelExoticc Video Stats90-1-0.337911025 KTweet
jschlattjschlatt YouTube Channeljschlatt Video Stats91-1-0.3359033184 KTweet
J21 TubeJ21 Tube YouTube ChannelJ21 Tube Video Stats92-1-0.33585226277 KTweet
JoshOberonJoshOberon YouTube ChannelJoshOberon Video Stats93-1-0.3356412713 KTweet
TaxOwlbearTaxOwlbear YouTube ChannelTaxOwlbear Video Stats94-1-0.3346156575 KTweet
Adam!Adam! YouTube ChannelAdam! Video Stats95-1-0.33426207 KTweet
Chamberlains2GoChamberlains2Go YouTube ChannelChamberlains2Go Video Stats96-1-0.3337017073 KTweet
clavius zailclavius zail YouTube Channelclavius zail Video Stats97-1-0.333375254Tweet
Ryan TiefenRyan Tiefen YouTube ChannelRyan Tiefen Video Stats98-1-0.3320011751 KTweet
LIVE Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid LIVELIVE Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid LIVE YouTube ChannelLIVE Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid LIVE Video Stats99-1-0.3318007 KTweet
Ninni MaranoNinni Marano YouTube ChannelNinni Marano Video Stats100-1-0.3309107785Tweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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