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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
ProphetMuscle.SUPERSTAR.PranksTVProphetMuscle.SUPERSTAR.PranksTV YouTube ChannelProphetMuscle.SUPERSTAR.PranksTV Video Stats1-912-2.240,80556124.9 MTweet
MagicofRahatMagicofRahat YouTube ChannelMagicofRahat Video Stats2-6010.04,081,2842131,078170501.7 MTweet
oceloteWorldoceloteWorld YouTube ChanneloceloteWorld Video Stats3-511-0.3180,4619937-5915314.6 MTweet
ptxnewsandstuffptxnewsandstuff YouTube Channelptxnewsandstuff Video Stats4-481-3.015,6851411194.5 MTweet
X-Ray ProductionX-Ray Production YouTube ChannelX-Ray Production Video Stats5-392-0.662,977-3013836.9 MTweet
TobuscusTobuscus YouTube ChannelTobuscus Video Stats6-3610.06,366,2371144274421.21 BTweet
Regal CinemasRegal Cinemas YouTube ChannelRegal Cinemas Video Stats7-347-0.563,3535692.2K33.4 MTweet
Riverton iaRiverton ia YouTube ChannelRiverton ia Video Stats8-344-1.229,392-2800Tweet
Dreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - RDreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - R YouTube ChannelDreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - R Video Stats9-311-0.936,187392107.7 MTweet
TheBells PlusOneTheBells PlusOne YouTube ChannelTheBells PlusOne Video Stats10-305-1.127,598776152.4 MTweet
DJ RevolverDJ Revolver YouTube ChannelDJ Revolver Video Stats11-282-5.15,277-159145 KTweet
Super ToysSuper Toys YouTube ChannelSuper Toys Video Stats12-276-1.814,6561262174.3 MTweet
Redmonkey1313Redmonkey1313 YouTube ChannelRedmonkey1313 Video Stats13-264-65.713811365 KTweet
Taylor LatimerTaylor Latimer YouTube ChannelTaylor Latimer Video Stats14-257-1.025,351-30122546 KTweet
Gera StreisandGera Streisand YouTube ChannelGera Streisand Video Stats15-206-0.1256,8057144-14413127.4 MTweet
JoeyJoey YouTube ChannelJoey Video Stats16-206-1.414,403-970443 KTweet
swag1FLswag1FL YouTube Channelswag1FL Video Stats17-199-12.11,44501056 KTweet
Android GamingTrAndroid GamingTr YouTube ChannelAndroid GamingTr Video Stats18-198-14.71,14526834 KTweet
NoodlesHereNoodlesHere YouTube ChannelNoodlesHere Video Stats19-194-4.04,63718911.1 MTweet
FRANCE 24 EnglishFRANCE 24 English YouTube ChannelFRANCE 24 English Video Stats20-1890.0394,765472411,17922.8K76.5 MTweet
Latin VixenLatin Vixen YouTube ChannelLatin Vixen Video Stats21-187-1.99,515352523.3 MTweet
David FertelloDavid Fertello YouTube ChannelDavid Fertello Video Stats22-177-4.14,163629871 KTweet
TutoDownsTutoDowns YouTube ChannelTutoDowns Video Stats23-171-1.412,2331379145 KTweet
TrickshottersTrickshotters YouTube ChannelTrickshotters Video Stats24-170-4.73,414-300Tweet
Lex MarynLex Maryn YouTube ChannelLex Maryn Video Stats25-164-4.03,939768356 KTweet
Games-TVGames-TV YouTube ChannelGames-TV Video Stats26-1500.0300,0336205-3052.8K103.3 MTweet
VictoryZoneGamingVictoryZoneGaming YouTube ChannelVictoryZoneGaming Video Stats27-150-18.367068615 KTweet
Pierce Alexander LilholtPierce Alexander Lilholt YouTube ChannelPierce Alexander Lilholt Video Stats28-148-0.622,657153054 KTweet
Leland TildenLeland Tilden YouTube ChannelLeland Tilden Video Stats29-147-0.433,51912664 MTweet
Alex SocialAlex Social YouTube ChannelAlex Social Video Stats30-143-1.311,21222114678 KTweet
TobyGamesTobyGames YouTube ChannelTobyGames Video Stats31-1410.06,990,34199124.7K1.96 BTweet
FUNNY VIDEOSFUNNY VIDEOS YouTube ChannelFUNNY VIDEOS Video Stats32-140-0.622,1851032659.6 MTweet
Natalia DaminiNatalia Damini YouTube ChannelNatalia Damini Video Stats33-140-4.03,39620361.2 MTweet
Alex and MiaAlex and Mia YouTube ChannelAlex and Mia Video Stats34-1350.0283,1626552-1,99854138.9 MTweet
BranbartBranbart YouTube ChannelBranbart Video Stats35-128-11.01,03858049 KTweet
PrankInvasionVlogsPrankInvasionVlogs YouTube ChannelPrankInvasionVlogs Video Stats36-1230.0408,53645645783121.1 MTweet
Nesso GamingNesso Gaming YouTube ChannelNesso Gaming Video Stats37-122-70.950-4216Tweet
TheAlbayrakProjectTheAlbayrakProject YouTube ChannelTheAlbayrakProject Video Stats38-121-1.210,218-12219258 KTweet
Kokane VideosKokane Videos YouTube ChannelKokane Videos Video Stats39-119-1.48,196134605.9 MTweet
PokerStarsPokerStars YouTube ChannelPokerStars Video Stats40-116-0.1172,9661145.3K57.3 MTweet
Nando GamerNando Gamer YouTube ChannelNando Gamer Video Stats41-113-2.64,170022946 KTweet
RelloxGamerRelloxGamer YouTube ChannelRelloxGamer Video Stats42-113-3.03,709107524 KTweet
Jon Drinks WaterJon Drinks Water YouTube ChannelJon Drinks Water Video Stats43-110-0.715,300413.7K1 MTweet
Daniel haro 492Daniel haro 492 YouTube ChannelDaniel haro 492 Video Stats44-108-2.93,642813223 KTweet
G TVG TV YouTube ChannelG TV Video Stats45-106-1.38,36270107 KTweet
B.o.BB.o.B YouTube ChannelB.o.B Video Stats46-1030.0702,1482433219185259.6 MTweet
BARuBARu YouTube ChannelBARu Video Stats47-103-19.8418210Tweet
The Warp ZoneThe Warp Zone YouTube ChannelThe Warp Zone Video Stats48-1020.01,180,3211341583391207.3 MTweet
Infinite LightInfinite Light YouTube ChannelInfinite Light Video Stats49-102-5.51,7610439 KTweet
MeganandLizMeganandLiz YouTube ChannelMeganandLiz Video Stats50-980.01,063,6261503-56219244.4 MTweet
Bodil40Bodil40 YouTube ChannelBodil40 Video Stats51-930.01,768,9237718411K300.4 MTweet
PetrikTNPetrikTN YouTube ChannelPetrikTN Video Stats52-92-10.280695556Tweet
V seriesV series YouTube ChannelV series Video Stats53-92-39.7140-12201 KTweet
Anselmo La MannaAnselmo La Manna YouTube ChannelAnselmo La Manna Video Stats54-91-0.246,1982179.4 MTweet
LukasGames69LukasGames69 YouTube ChannelLukasGames69 Video Stats55-91-5.01,711428771 KTweet
#Sports#Sports YouTube Channel#Sports Video Stats56-890.076,242,6493-2,09100Tweet
2korda82korda8 YouTube Channel2korda8 Video Stats57-86-9.7805813 KTweet
SmikeSmike YouTube ChannelSmike Video Stats58-790.01,636,378863548492174.8 MTweet
SciatisSciatis YouTube ChannelSciatis Video Stats59-77-1.74,55538157 KTweet
stephanieo359stephanieo359 YouTube Channelstephanieo359 Video Stats60-75-1.84,1841842 KTweet
Federico MaragoniFederico Maragoni YouTube ChannelFederico Maragoni Video Stats61-71-4.71,438114317 KTweet
FailArmy UFailArmy U YouTube ChannelFailArmy U Video Stats62-680.0529,147343287383232.3 MTweet
True Beauty Comes From WithinTrue Beauty Comes From Within YouTube ChannelTrue Beauty Comes From Within Video Stats63-68-0.230,04582384.9 MTweet
コスケのパズドラ究極攻略TVコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV YouTube Channelコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV Video Stats64-670.0839,6731974-1,9432.6K575.9 MTweet
Ninja WarriorNinja Warrior YouTube ChannelNinja Warrior Video Stats65-67-0.321,9861226923 KTweet
KBABZKBABZ YouTube ChannelKBABZ Video Stats66-65-0.178,8537417265.5 MTweet
evilluciferaevillucifera YouTube Channelevillucifera Video Stats67-64-0.319,077-71195 KTweet
Funny videos BrazilFunny videos Brazil YouTube ChannelFunny videos Brazil Video Stats68-64-0.416,54864751.1 MTweet
Fin McGregorFin McGregor YouTube ChannelFin McGregor Video Stats69-63-0.87,7671463738 KTweet
roadcontrolroadcontrol YouTube Channelroadcontrol Video Stats70-62-0.180,90311297557.4 MTweet
#WHYMAPS#WHYMAPS YouTube Channel#WHYMAPS Video Stats71-62-0.239,65744513.5 MTweet
rG FrostyrG Frosty YouTube ChannelrG Frosty Video Stats72-62-0.229,960-5558934 KTweet
DreaslifeDreaslife YouTube ChannelDreaslife Video Stats73-62-3.11,92583714 KTweet
Video Game Pianist™Video Game Pianist™ YouTube ChannelVideo Game Pianist™ Video Stats74-59-0.165,7552953413.3 MTweet
SherTigSherTig YouTube ChannelSherTig Video Stats75-58-0.321,216444570 KTweet
TaddlTaddl YouTube ChannelTaddl Video Stats76-550.0784,3422125-29600Tweet
The Paramount VaultThe Paramount Vault YouTube ChannelThe Paramount Vault Video Stats77-540.0230,8387895562792.2 MTweet
FanndiFanndi YouTube ChannelFanndi Video Stats78-54-0.414,44529173220 KTweet
Iconic VenomIconic Venom YouTube ChannelIconic Venom Video Stats79-54-6.676012274 KTweet
Ram BiswasRam Biswas YouTube ChannelRam Biswas Video Stats80-54-29.5129200Tweet
League of Super CriticsLeague of Super Critics YouTube ChannelLeague of Super Critics Video Stats81-520.0657,483262740863159.2 MTweet
Grand IllusionsGrand Illusions YouTube ChannelGrand Illusions Video Stats82-520.0278,986664411864773.4 MTweet
Perfect Pick Domains 2015Perfect Pick Domains 2015 YouTube ChannelPerfect Pick Domains 2015 Video Stats83-52-7.465431148 KTweet
Infinity StudiosInfinity Studios YouTube ChannelInfinity Studios Video Stats84-52-9.748215183 KTweet
Brothula HBrothula H YouTube ChannelBrothula H Video Stats85-52-28.61303142448Tweet
LetsTaddlLetsTaddl YouTube ChannelLetsTaddl Video Stats86-500.01,142,6911398-37300Tweet
Finity Marketing GroupFinity Marketing Group YouTube ChannelFinity Marketing Group Video Stats87-50-20.119933427 KTweet
Adam McIntyreAdam McIntyre YouTube ChannelAdam McIntyre Video Stats88-49-2.81,7211215755 KTweet
Tech SportsTech Sports YouTube ChannelTech Sports Video Stats89-49-3.71,28228643 KTweet
emmablackeryemmablackery YouTube Channelemmablackery Video Stats90-460.01,089,4211469428220101.7 MTweet
MisterNinjaBoyMisterNinjaBoy YouTube ChannelMisterNinjaBoy Video Stats91-46-0.134,50218492.5 MTweet
Steven TilleySteven Tilley YouTube ChannelSteven Tilley Video Stats92-46-3.51,26849728 KTweet
xRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking GaxRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking Ga YouTube ChannelxRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking Ga Video Stats93-450.01,275,9531215-102.3K194.5 MTweet
ReactionResponseKingReactionResponseKing YouTube ChannelReactionResponseKing Video Stats94-440.0782,6472133461680139.1 MTweet
ESPN1stTakeESPN1stTake YouTube ChannelESPN1stTake Video Stats95-440.0354,7185262-19940Tweet
ハイドラハイドラ YouTube Channelハイドラ Video Stats96-440.0349,8725338-21100Tweet
JOGAMER : : جوقيمرJOGAMER : : جوقيمر YouTube ChannelJOGAMER : : جوقيمر Video Stats97-44-1.43,00949246 KTweet
MaxNoSleevesMaxNoSleeves YouTube ChannelMaxNoSleeves Video Stats98-430.0493,3363690-4919844 MTweet
Samsung RussiaSamsung Russia YouTube ChannelSamsung Russia Video Stats99-430.0189,86195113179870.7 MTweet
Assassin's CreedAssassin's Creed YouTube ChannelAssassin's Creed Video Stats100-420.0918,0921782282347147.2 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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