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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
TVNorgeTVNorge YouTube ChannelTVNorge Video Stats1-4370.01,421,48523985502.2K946.5 MTweet
Thunderf00tThunderf00t YouTube ChannelThunderf00t Video Stats2-403-0.1739,5195259-125675176.2 MTweet
MayBabyMayBaby YouTube ChannelMayBaby Video Stats3-3060.05,616,982299-362316486.7 MTweet
UhOhBroUhOhBro YouTube ChannelUhOhBro Video Stats4-2900.02,377,8871173-6061.4K890.5 MTweet
Trash is for TossersTrash is for Tossers YouTube ChannelTrash is for Tossers Video Stats5-280-0.396,165530522.8 MTweet
ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-Strike YouTube ChannelESL Counter-Strike Video Stats6-271-0.1484,49183371,9111.2K27.1 MTweet
GradeAUnderAGradeAUnderA YouTube ChannelGradeAUnderA Video Stats7-2640.03,125,973759-23090315.4 MTweet
The Amazing AtheistThe Amazing Atheist YouTube ChannelThe Amazing Atheist Video Stats8-2240.01,063,8743470-1901.4K355.8 MTweet
최고기최고기 YouTube Channel최고기 Video Stats9-2060.0656,08059953062.4K230.5 MTweet
Sky WilliamsSky Williams YouTube ChannelSky Williams Video Stats10-1750.0916,0754118-15319171.5 MTweet
Fábrica de MonstrosFábrica de Monstros YouTube ChannelFábrica de Monstros Video Stats11-1430.02,233,6701283328359169.2 MTweet
Антоша ПровокаторАнтоша Провокатор YouTube ChannelАнтоша Провокатор Video Stats12-141-0.1128,6053,730532.3 MTweet
OnisionSpeaksOnisionSpeaks YouTube ChannelOnisionSpeaks Video Stats13-1230.01,898,9991636-5762.4K505 MTweet
Maria's DayMaria's Day YouTube ChannelMaria's Day Video Stats14-1150.0657,5605980412576127.8 MTweet
956 Gamer956 Gamer YouTube Channel956 Gamer Video Stats15-115-0.1223,4727,11366398 KTweet
Unreal EngineUnreal Engine YouTube ChannelUnreal Engine Video Stats16-1140.0230,89822176831.4 MTweet
umoviegroupumoviegroup YouTube Channelumoviegroup Video Stats17-113-0.1213,265-1242155 MTweet
HeyWatchYourMouthHeyWatchYourMouth YouTube ChannelHeyWatchYourMouth Video Stats18-112-0.1223,204-1318617.3 MTweet
マックスむらいマックスむらい YouTube Channelマックスむらい Video Stats19-1090.01,389,3642473-4276.6K1.57 BTweet
Bach VlogsBach Vlogs YouTube ChannelBach Vlogs Video Stats20-1080.01,275,214276654635375.3 MTweet
♪ Vyrl Music - Weekly Sheet Music ♫♪ Vyrl Music - Weekly Sheet Music ♫ YouTube Channel♪ Vyrl Music - Weekly Sheet Music ♫ Video Stats21-107-0.426,814-34315 KTweet
howtoPRANKituphowtoPRANKitup YouTube ChannelhowtoPRANKitup Video Stats23-930.03,463,88364549185556.8 MTweet
マミルトンマミルトン YouTube Channelマミルトン Video Stats24-890.0349,117-12060394.3 MTweet
lOOK AT THISlOOK AT THIS YouTube ChannellOOK AT THIS Video Stats25-750.0675,9645803-891251 KTweet
ThatsHeartTVThatsHeartTV YouTube ChannelThatsHeartTV Video Stats26-750.0636,1356223-9428138.4 MTweet
krad nesskrad ness YouTube Channelkrad ness Video Stats27-740.0187,382336554.8 MTweet
OnisionOnision YouTube ChannelOnision Video Stats28-720.02,236,4741280-323886538.6 MTweet
maurg1maurg1 YouTube Channelmaurg1 Video Stats29-720.01,294,3762712157691189.3 MTweet
The Best VinesThe Best Vines YouTube ChannelThe Best Vines Video Stats30-710.02,927,606850483673942.1 MTweet
SprinkleofglitterSprinkleofglitter YouTube ChannelSprinkleofglitter Video Stats31-710.02,567,8291054-182407175.3 MTweet
Epic Meal TimeEpic Meal Time YouTube ChannelEpic Meal Time Video Stats32-700.07,018,848200586618951.3 MTweet
ItsReevyItsReevy YouTube ChannelItsReevy Video Stats33-66-0.229,867-1192.8 MTweet
MaddoxMaddox YouTube ChannelMaddox Video Stats34-640.0306,990-837942.3 MTweet
ScarceScarce YouTube ChannelScarce Video Stats35-610.02,847,606884-3261.4K549.3 MTweet
Taim AlFalasiTaim AlFalasi YouTube ChannelTaim AlFalasi Video Stats36-610.0471,131856124910979.8 MTweet
Animal Adventure ParkAnimal Adventure Park YouTube ChannelAnimal Adventure Park Video Stats37-570.0553,2977266-12229260.4 MTweet
コスケのパズドラ究極攻略TVコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV YouTube Channelコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV Video Stats38-560.0708,9445510-1533.2K628.2 MTweet
IIHF Worlds 2015IIHF Worlds 2015 YouTube ChannelIIHF Worlds 2015 Video Stats39-55-0.198,8761,1361.6K35.1 MTweet
MoreAliAMoreAliA YouTube ChannelMoreAliA Video Stats40-540.04,531,8404351081.3K771.8 MTweet
MrtweedayMrtweeday YouTube ChannelMrtweeday Video Stats41-540.0704,8725546352K156.7 MTweet
Kazuyoshi R.FKazuyoshi R.F YouTube ChannelKazuyoshi R.F Video Stats42-530.0131,989614623.6 MTweet
Ryan BrackenRyan Bracken YouTube ChannelRyan Bracken Video Stats43-500.0424,904949612531643.5 MTweet
Yammie NoobYammie Noob YouTube ChannelYammie Noob Video Stats44-500.0147,51831120221.7 MTweet
Vodafone DeutschlandVodafone Deutschland YouTube ChannelVodafone Deutschland Video Stats45-50-0.153,0862001.3K25.9 MTweet
IKANNIXIIKANNIXI YouTube ChannelIKANNIXI Video Stats46-490.0100,095-3605.3 MTweet
Nastya HertzNastya Hertz YouTube ChannelNastya Hertz Video Stats47-480.01,200,94929905503451.6 MTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats48-470.010,381,62993-5218003.02 BTweet
Cuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루Cuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루 YouTube ChannelCuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루 Video Stats49-470.0764,3875071218447307.7 MTweet
SolangeTeParleSolangeTeParle YouTube ChannelSolangeTeParle Video Stats50-470.0270,56016017334 MTweet
天兵天兵 YouTube Channel天兵 Video Stats51-460.0145,511-11701Tweet
sophiedoesrandomstuffsophiedoesrandomstuff YouTube Channelsophiedoesrandomstuff Video Stats52-460.0115,226-1516210.3 MTweet
MrFoodandTravelMrFoodandTravel YouTube ChannelMrFoodandTravel Video Stats53-450.0565,46470972271K225.2 MTweet
Dezztroyz | Minecraft GriefingDezztroyz | Minecraft Griefing YouTube ChannelDezztroyz | Minecraft Griefing Video Stats54-450.0150,3271639218.6 MTweet
SwarookSwarook YouTube ChannelSwarook Video Stats55-450.0124,851979611.5 MTweet
♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫ YouTube Channel♫ SURPRISE SONGS ♫ Video Stats56-440.01,569,73020943,331163715.8 MTweet
John KuckianJohn Kuckian YouTube ChannelJohn Kuckian Video Stats57-440.0315,1645712132 MTweet
JoelBurtFifa - Daily FIFA 15 Content!JoelBurtFifa - Daily FIFA 15 Content! YouTube ChannelJoelBurtFifa - Daily FIFA 15 Content! Video Stats58-44-0.411,124-1540Tweet
love movie chlove movie ch YouTube Channellove movie ch Video Stats59-420.0607,7516576-181587246.4 MTweet
DisneyCartoonChannelDisneyCartoonChannel YouTube ChannelDisneyCartoonChannel Video Stats60-420.0497,6038128123635109.4 MTweet
JordanCarverTVJordanCarverTV YouTube ChannelJordanCarverTV Video Stats61-420.0175,117-69307.7 MTweet
DaddyOFiveDaddyOFive YouTube ChannelDaddyOFive Video Stats62-410.0755,8195137-33814.1 MTweet
WOM RandomWOM Random YouTube ChannelWOM Random Video Stats63-410.0193,271-5883110.2 MTweet
Rainbow Loom Bands. ВидеоурокиRainbow Loom Bands. Видеоуроки YouTube ChannelRainbow Loom Bands. Видеоуроки Video Stats64-400.0741,4345241-67656275.3 MTweet
こっさり&シュンタソこっさり&シュンタソ YouTube Channelこっさり&シュンタソ Video Stats65-400.0264,916-361.8K199.5 MTweet
Cassandra BanksonCassandra Bankson YouTube ChannelCassandra Bankson Video Stats66-380.0802,4604795501K126.2 MTweet YouTube Video Stats67-370.01,415,9322414-1201636.3 MTweet
Jim ChapmanJim Chapman YouTube ChannelJim Chapman Video Stats68-360.02,550,3581074-483528176.4 MTweet
DeadloxMCDeadloxMC YouTube ChannelDeadloxMC Video Stats69-360.02,204,9231312-1102K261 MTweet
MaddyMcQMaddyMcQ YouTube ChannelMaddyMcQ Video Stats70-360.0105,214-21602.1 MTweet
BashurverseBashurverse YouTube ChannelBashurverse Video Stats71-350.01,771,4841791-70900Tweet
Un Panda MoqueurUn Panda Moqueur YouTube ChannelUn Panda Moqueur Video Stats72-350.01,375,28725013648399.2 MTweet
bebeturkbebeturk YouTube Channelbebeturk Video Stats73-350.0300,349452275267.5 MTweet
World of TanksWorld of Tanks YouTube ChannelWorld of Tanks Video Stats74-330.0536,40175202669586.5 MTweet
NoMeRevientesNoMeRevientes YouTube ChannelNoMeRevientes Video Stats75-320.02,075,3131432208521256.7 MTweet
OnisionArchiveOnisionArchive YouTube ChannelOnisionArchive Video Stats76-320.0666,8285875-1871.3K84.7 MTweet
ungeunge YouTube Channelunge Video Stats77-310.01,282,6092742-24400Tweet
RayaRaya YouTube ChannelRaya Video Stats78-310.0829,6004618-291.2K143.8 MTweet
Clarissa MayClarissa May YouTube ChannelClarissa May Video Stats79-310.0445,1759069-108333.4 MTweet
スタジオむらいスタジオむらい YouTube Channelスタジオむらい Video Stats80-310.0140,902-837628.3 MTweet
Top10MediaTop10Media YouTube ChannelTop10Media Video Stats81-300.02,226,7981292-35000Tweet
KarminKarmin YouTube ChannelKarmin Video Stats82-300.01,552,9902126-11834171.8 MTweet
HeyItsSaraiHeyItsSarai YouTube ChannelHeyItsSarai Video Stats83-300.0825,7524653-614529.9 MTweet
2MGoverCsquared2MGoverCsquared YouTube Channel2MGoverCsquared Video Stats84-300.0488,1728272-41K44.9 MTweet
Wargaming EuropeWargaming Europe YouTube ChannelWargaming Europe Video Stats85-300.0217,74517881360 MTweet
Digital-TutorsDigital-Tutors YouTube ChannelDigital-Tutors Video Stats86-300.0100,023201.3K16.7 MTweet
SNH48 ChinaSNH48 China YouTube ChannelSNH48 China Video Stats87-30-0.134,8095435910.4 MTweet
IsaacLiveIsaacLive YouTube ChannelIsaacLive Video Stats88-290.01,485,3972258-3291142.7 MTweet
CrossFit®CrossFit® YouTube ChannelCrossFit® Video Stats89-290.01,041,81135625158.4K453.9 MTweet
Lewis SpearsLewis Spears YouTube ChannelLewis Spears Video Stats90-290.0152,033-1814111.6 MTweet
Rachel AustRachel Aust YouTube ChannelRachel Aust Video Stats91-280.0433,822927725614923.6 MTweet
BrofrescoBrofresco YouTube ChannelBrofresco Video Stats92-270.01,660,1581957-61.5K638.3 MTweet
Sally JoSally Jo YouTube ChannelSally Jo Video Stats93-270.0202,543151446.9 MTweet
MAINGEARMAINGEAR YouTube ChannelMAINGEAR Video Stats94-270.0189,6203191381.6 MTweet
IntenseAnglerIntenseAngler YouTube ChannelIntenseAngler Video Stats95-270.0181,9838824331 MTweet
TheGamingRevolution - #1 Call of Duty BlTheGamingRevolution - #1 Call of Duty Bl YouTube ChannelTheGamingRevolution - #1 Call of Duty Bl Video Stats96-270.0164,740631.4K37.4 MTweet
Gary The GoatGary The Goat YouTube ChannelGary The Goat Video Stats97-270.0158,869-959827.9 MTweet
SofiaBeautyCafeSofiaBeautyCafe YouTube ChannelSofiaBeautyCafe Video Stats98-270.0135,814-1151715 MTweet
MachinimaMachinima YouTube ChannelMachinima Video Stats99-260.012,602,30956-32026.6K5.66 BTweet
Siv HDSiv HD YouTube ChannelSiv HD Video Stats100-260.02,030,4151475-157265365.6 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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