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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Talking Tom and FriendsTalking Tom and Friends YouTube ChannelTalking Tom and Friends Video Stats1-4,776-0.41,206,3638183,73339371.9 MTweet
PredatorCinemaPredatorCinema YouTube ChannelPredatorCinema Video Stats2-1,123-1.481,25064246 KTweet
League of LegendsLeague of Legends YouTube ChannelLeague of Legends Video Stats3-7130.06,570,345641,694434877.4 MTweet
Le Christ RoiLe Christ Roi YouTube ChannelLe Christ Roi Video Stats4-386-0.2181,4266469-1931613 KTweet
SportsSports YouTube ChannelSports Video Stats5-3160.077,101,0753-3,10100Tweet
ungespieltungespielt YouTube Channelungespielt Video Stats6-2740.01,283,379746-2,7951.4K264.3 MTweet
FullscreenFullscreen YouTube ChannelFullscreen Video Stats7-252-0.2140,34681282815550 KTweet
Talking GingerTalking Ginger YouTube ChannelTalking Ginger Video Stats8-179-0.2108,1853702521.9 MTweet
allthefeelsYTallthefeelsYT YouTube ChannelallthefeelsYT Video Stats9-153-2.65,71615787101 KTweet
TeresaTeresa YouTube ChannelTeresa Video Stats10-1480.0342,8233434-11198394.6 MTweet
KontrolFreekKontrolFreek YouTube ChannelKontrolFreek Video Stats11-146-0.294,0886240749 KTweet
IceJJfishIceJJfish YouTube ChannelIceJJfish Video Stats12-1340.0439,548259922211564.9 MTweet
PixelatedJasonPixelatedJason YouTube ChannelPixelatedJason Video Stats13-133-1.68,0663696 KTweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats14-1200.09,808,53730-77400Tweet
VagabondsVagabonds YouTube ChannelVagabonds Video Stats15-119-0.1145,6767881610912.9 MTweet
G3Glitching ProductionsG3Glitching Productions YouTube ChannelG3Glitching Productions Video Stats16-118-0.716,871130114595 KTweet
Brittani Louise TaylorBrittani Louise Taylor YouTube ChannelBrittani Louise Taylor Video Stats17-1100.01,252,646770143558215.6 MTweet
UbisoftSpainUbisoftSpain YouTube ChannelUbisoftSpain Video Stats18-990.0504,7582239-42213921.1 MTweet
WOW One TVWOW One TV YouTube ChannelWOW One TV Video Stats19-99-3.92,4269141732 KTweet
Social BladeSocial Blade YouTube ChannelSocial Blade Video Stats20-93-0.1143,0858010-164081.4 MTweet
Fikus PlayFikus Play YouTube ChannelFikus Play Video Stats21-89-0.99,33835206380 KTweet
Sony Pictures EspañaSony Pictures España YouTube ChannelSony Pictures España Video Stats22-880.0279,1644265-601.4K53.3 MTweet
GEICO InsuranceGEICO Insurance YouTube ChannelGEICO Insurance Video Stats23-880.0180,567650086912846.3 MTweet
GamingGaming YouTube ChannelGaming Video Stats24-840.078,468,1492-2,07400Tweet
La Isla: El RealityLa Isla: El Reality YouTube ChannelLa Isla: El Reality Video Stats25-830.0193,0636080-9094055.3 MTweet
NextGenFilmsNextGenFilms YouTube ChannelNextGenFilms Video Stats26-83-0.810,109125215 KTweet
MajorLeagueGamingMajorLeagueGaming YouTube ChannelMajorLeagueGaming Video Stats27-810.0271,63843811213.1K38 MTweet
hirudovhirudov YouTube Channelhirudov Video Stats29-79-6.71,096132.9K1.5 MTweet
Guitar CenterGuitar Center YouTube ChannelGuitar Center Video Stats30-740.0286,83741572271.8K118.2 MTweet
ungefilmtungefilmt YouTube Channelungefilmt Video Stats31-700.0765,3881412-1,07623995.1 MTweet
mashaimedvedmashaimedved YouTube Channelmashaimedved Video Stats32-680.0676,39816071100Tweet
narukami 793narukami 793 YouTube Channelnarukami 793 Video Stats33-68-0.158,9651,4998012 MTweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats34-660.01,018,8781023-3334814.5 MTweet
Nacho PunchNacho Punch YouTube ChannelNacho Punch Video Stats35-620.0981,493106637176121.8 MTweet
TechscaliburTechscalibur YouTube ChannelTechscalibur Video Stats36-620.0231,7055082-7036622.1 MTweet
Kalel KittenKalel Kitten YouTube ChannelKalel Kitten Video Stats37-610.01,773,839500-1,457177143.2 MTweet
El PlayVakeroEl PlayVakero YouTube ChannelEl PlayVakero Video Stats38-61-0.231,330425923.4 MTweet
Mary ElizabethMary Elizabeth YouTube ChannelMary Elizabeth Video Stats39-590.0234,71350171911979.5 MTweet
Darkeys WorldDarkeys World YouTube ChannelDarkeys World Video Stats40-59-0.168,368-2635729.1 MTweet
DanilMalyshevRealDanilMalyshevReal YouTube ChannelDanilMalyshevReal Video Stats41-59-4.61,220-1,3394758 KTweet
Bithia LamBithia Lam YouTube ChannelBithia Lam Video Stats42-58-0.235,404107761.9 MTweet
Yung Lee Da FinestYung Lee Da Finest YouTube ChannelYung Lee Da Finest Video Stats43-58-1.05,670181953.6 MTweet
DestinyOneGamer ™DestinyOneGamer ™ YouTube ChannelDestinyOneGamer ™ Video Stats44-56-0.77,949641361.8 MTweet
AmazingEaseAmazingEase YouTube ChannelAmazingEase Video Stats45-56-4.11,312128528 KTweet
Anti MangoAnti Mango YouTube ChannelAnti Mango Video Stats46-55-1.15,1555621 KTweet
JJFilmsJJFilms YouTube ChannelJJFilms Video Stats47-54-1.34,189504313 KTweet
Ukulele UndergroundUkulele Underground YouTube ChannelUkulele Underground Video Stats48-53-0.188,16611346913.6 MTweet
Phantom MenacePhantom Menace YouTube ChannelPhantom Menace Video Stats49-53-18.32365203 KTweet
GIGA GAMESGIGA GAMES YouTube ChannelGIGA GAMES Video Stats50-520.0241,0684886-561.7K60.8 MTweet
NerdLinkNerdLink YouTube ChannelNerdLink Video Stats51-52-0.137,37111469123 KTweet
GripsedGripsed YouTube ChannelGripsed Video Stats52-51-0.144,836394604.7 MTweet
HolaSoyGerman2HolaSoyGerman2 YouTube ChannelHolaSoyGerman2 Video Stats53-480.02,633,820300-16600Tweet
SamSam YouTube ChannelSam Video Stats54-440.02,333,460353-244114137.9 MTweet
True Beauty Comes From WithinTrue Beauty Comes From Within YouTube ChannelTrue Beauty Comes From Within Video Stats55-44-0.223,0821842223.4 MTweet
JinGamesFullJinGamesFull YouTube ChannelJinGamesFull Video Stats56-44-1.14,0102725376 KTweet
iori8bitsiori8bits YouTube Channeliori8bits Video Stats57-43-0.184,730-4981813.6 MTweet
djcondschanneldjcondschannel YouTube Channeldjcondschannel Video Stats58-42-4.01,0201159117 KTweet
KaiDaPieKaiDaPie YouTube ChannelKaiDaPie Video Stats59-41-0.410,59412547497 KTweet
Becca LeahBecca Leah YouTube ChannelBecca Leah Video Stats60-39-0.312,042343224 KTweet
Digital AnimeDigital Anime YouTube ChannelDigital Anime Video Stats61-39-18.31743155 KTweet
BoomerangLiveBoomerangLive YouTube ChannelBoomerangLive Video Stats62-380.0297,22240352721.1K54.6 MTweet
Jess LizamaJess Lizama YouTube ChannelJess Lizama Video Stats63-380.0196,67459603636914.9 MTweet
Karma LifeKarma Life YouTube ChannelKarma Life Video Stats64-37-0.126,24619493.7 MTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic Video Stats65-360.02,850,242259-19800Tweet
TydeLeviTydeLevi YouTube ChannelTydeLevi Video Stats66-360.0333,0053555268587.6 MTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats67-350.0975,2581077-341366131.7 MTweet
Absar KingAbsar King YouTube ChannelAbsar King Video Stats68-35-2.51,347454525 KTweet
LittleKuribohLittleKuriboh YouTube ChannelLittleKuriboh Video Stats69-340.0465,2772434180223158.3 MTweet
GameFrontGameFront YouTube ChannelGameFront Video Stats70-340.0140,2118138317.3K79.2 MTweet
yellowpacoyellowpaco YouTube Channelyellowpaco Video Stats71-34-0.150,16724656.1 MTweet
Pat MeruseyePat Meruseye YouTube ChannelPat Meruseye Video Stats72-34-0.219,6358653.2 MTweet
ZachWGTVZachWGTV YouTube ChannelZachWGTV Video Stats73-34-0.214,869941062.4 MTweet
LacrentaireLacrentaire YouTube ChannelLacrentaire Video Stats74-34-29.1830523 KTweet
kevjumbakevjumba YouTube Channelkevjumba Video Stats75-330.03,013,550233-113115354.5 MTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic Video Stats76-330.02,500,927313-20000Tweet
amalzdamalzd YouTube Channelamalzd Video Stats77-330.0100,09418312417 MTweet
Megan ParkenMegan Parken YouTube ChannelMegan Parken Video Stats78-320.0738,2791472169610115.5 MTweet
JerriesBlogJerriesBlog YouTube ChannelJerriesBlog Video Stats79-32-0.147,4571963323.5 MTweet
VirisWeltVirisWelt YouTube ChannelVirisWelt Video Stats80-32-0.132,23231271.4 MTweet
One Direction - TopicOne Direction - Topic YouTube ChannelOne Direction - Topic Video Stats81-300.04,447,072131-108312727 KTweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats82-300.03,073,244226-9000Tweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats83-300.02,417,572329-17600Tweet
Raul TaylorRaul Taylor YouTube ChannelRaul Taylor Video Stats84-29-0.93,3536351222 KTweet
Road To GloryRoad To Glory YouTube ChannelRoad To Glory Video Stats85-28-0.149,444613095.4 MTweet
Muhannad RidahMuhannad Ridah YouTube ChannelMuhannad Ridah Video Stats86-28-0.145,8224617 KTweet
Леонид ПдатоновЛеонид Пдатонов YouTube ChannelЛеонид Пдатонов Video Stats87-28-2.71,0285854 KTweet
GwidTGwidT YouTube ChannelGwidT Video Stats88-260.0322,0253693-18000Tweet
Was Geht Ab!?Was Geht Ab!? YouTube ChannelWas Geht Ab!? Video Stats89-260.0293,3114083931.2K54.7 MTweet
Justin ChonJustin Chon YouTube ChannelJustin Chon Video Stats90-260.0217,1435406-438613.1 MTweet
IanErixVEVOIanErixVEVO YouTube ChannelIanErixVEVO Video Stats91-26-0.64,3913345.4 MTweet
Danny BurnageDanny Burnage YouTube ChannelDanny Burnage Video Stats92-250.0587,055188234551372.6 MTweet
TheMiningMoviesTheMiningMovies YouTube ChannelTheMiningMovies Video Stats93-250.0275,81143171246644.4 MTweet
vernalmusicvernalmusic YouTube Channelvernalmusic Video Stats94-250.089,8623342223 KTweet
SteelGamingSteelGaming YouTube ChannelSteelGaming Video Stats95-250.076,008-2741633.8 MTweet
ModernGamingEraModernGamingEra YouTube ChannelModernGamingEra Video Stats96-25-0.133,815292.6K409 KTweet
RazihelOfficialRazihelOfficial YouTube ChannelRazihelOfficial Video Stats97-25-0.125,5683125781 KTweet
OrkanwetterOrkanwetter YouTube ChannelOrkanwetter Video Stats98-25-4.454154714 KTweet
Curse EntertainmentCurse Entertainment YouTube ChannelCurse Entertainment Video Stats99-240.0420,30727434994921.9 MTweet
Beautyluver43Beautyluver43 YouTube ChannelBeautyluver43 Video Stats100-24-0.73,38515436 KTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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