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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
How To Make EverythingHow To Make Everything YouTube ChannelHow To Make Everything Video Stats1-128,146-28.7318,802-3,67116130.1 MTweet
Toys and Funny Kids Surprise EggsToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs YouTube ChannelToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs Video Stats2-7060.09,424,1351668061.6K3.13 BTweet
KOHEYKOHEY YouTube ChannelKOHEY Video Stats3-650-0.1673,1507532-19235163.1 MTweet
LispyJimmyLispyJimmy YouTube ChannelLispyJimmy Video Stats4-5360.04,374,9436255912.2K490.5 MTweet
Hikaru GamesHikaru Games YouTube ChannelHikaru Games Video Stats5-479-0.1630,6188085-6478.4K625.8 MTweet
Druzhko ShowDruzhko Show YouTube ChannelDruzhko Show Video Stats6-4740.02,830,6261220-2,30940125.7 MTweet
Good Mythical MorningGood Mythical Morning YouTube ChannelGood Mythical Morning Video Stats7-2860.012,816,916749721.7K3.86 BTweet
#Sports#Sports YouTube Channel#Sports Video Stats8-2730.075,302,9403-91600Tweet
김이브님김이브님 YouTube Channel김이브님 Video Stats9-2690.01,142,4284201-1,9802.2K556 MTweet
Learn Colors WithLearn Colors With YouTube ChannelLearn Colors With Video Stats10-2500.07,832,3992371,88772581 MTweet
チョコレートスモーカーズチョコレートスモーカーズ YouTube Channelチョコレートスモーカーズ Video Stats11-2500.0575,0038870-886300229.5 MTweet
Funny Kids ShowFunny Kids Show YouTube ChannelFunny Kids Show Video Stats12-1710.04,359,3046323,59816159.6 MTweet
Kraut and TeaKraut and Tea YouTube ChannelKraut and Tea Video Stats13-149-0.1124,193-1281219.1 MTweet
Good Mythical MOREGood Mythical MORE YouTube ChannelGood Mythical MORE Video Stats14-1360.03,097,4481046-75887558.3 MTweet
Learn Colors BabyLearn Colors Baby YouTube ChannelLearn Colors Baby Video Stats15-1340.03,552,800860-3533201.8 MTweet
Disney Cars Toy Club DCTCDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC YouTube ChannelDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC Video Stats16-1300.08,486,0852104932.1K4.61 BTweet
Tatjanna ♡Tatjanna ♡ YouTube ChannelTatjanna ♡ Video Stats17-1270.0257,512-72112 KTweet
ToyScouterToyScouter YouTube ChannelToyScouter Video Stats18-1240.09,901,0781423,602327636.9 MTweet
ScarceScarce YouTube ChannelScarce Video Stats19-1240.02,939,8721144-3361.5K636.4 MTweet
FunToysMediaFunToysMedia YouTube ChannelFunToysMedia Video Stats20-1210.03,362,0309253,7924092.13 BTweet
Halil SöyletmezHalil Söyletmez YouTube ChannelHalil Söyletmez Video Stats21-1210.01,158,9714117566105172.3 MTweet
Vania Mania KidsVania Mania Kids YouTube ChannelVania Mania Kids Video Stats22-1190.03,397,11791119513231.1 MTweet
Nate GarnerNate Garner YouTube ChannelNate Garner Video Stats23-1180.0719,2747032-4113531.3 MTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats24-1130.010,139,898135-108143.04 BTweet
TopMondeTopMonde YouTube ChannelTopMonde Video Stats25-112-0.1198,91867827 MTweet
WizGamerzWizGamerz YouTube ChannelWizGamerz Video Stats26-1090.0769,8136519-1142.6K166.6 MTweet
たまご Mammyたまご Mammy YouTube Channelたまご Mammy Video Stats27-1090.0442,29595900Tweet
TGSTGS YouTube ChannelTGS Video Stats28-103-0.1147,277-14145447.8 MTweet
Юрий ХованскийЮрий Хованский YouTube ChannelЮрий Хованский Video Stats29-980.03,250,4549631,424718610.3 MTweet
FunSurprisingToysFunSurprisingToys YouTube ChannelFunSurprisingToys Video Stats30-930.03,845,1397541,72500Tweet
AlamidralAlamidral YouTube ChannelAlamidral Video Stats31-900.01,110,805433816017377.2 MTweet
Eat Your KimchiEat Your Kimchi YouTube ChannelEat Your Kimchi Video Stats32-890.01,297,42035611411.4K399.4 MTweet
Little Miss SofiaLittle Miss Sofia YouTube ChannelLittle Miss Sofia Video Stats33-840.01,854,09422121,802241379.8 MTweet
Arden RoseArden Rose YouTube ChannelArden Rose Video Stats34-760.01,477,1513016-134459112.2 MTweet
Network ANetwork A YouTube ChannelNetwork A Video Stats35-740.0877,8185657991.7K164.6 MTweet
VitalyzdTvVitalyzdTv YouTube ChannelVitalyzdTv Video Stats36-720.09,446,0611624,0182121.42 BTweet
yourchonnyyourchonny YouTube Channelyourchonny Video Stats37-720.0914,7745410166129132.7 MTweet
★ Kids Roma Show★ Kids Roma Show YouTube Channel★ Kids Roma Show Video Stats38-700.03,687,099816828369889.2 MTweet
All Things Hair - RussiaAll Things Hair - Russia YouTube ChannelAll Things Hair - Russia Video Stats39-670.0143,35211419347.5 MTweet
ZoellaZoella YouTube ChannelZoella Video Stats40-640.012,091,242912243631.05 BTweet
ORIGINPCORIGINPC YouTube ChannelORIGINPC Video Stats41-640.0333,7453,5761441.4 MTweet
Sparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGOSparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO YouTube ChannelSparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO Video Stats42-620.01,964,0292025-641.8K590.1 MTweet
Marcus ButlerMarcus Butler YouTube ChannelMarcus Butler Video Stats43-600.04,572,090585-608294390.3 MTweet
✿ Kids Diana Show✿ Kids Diana Show YouTube Channel✿ Kids Diana Show Video Stats44-590.03,968,8757154,5443591.09 BTweet
SuperHero Reality TVSuperHero Reality TV YouTube ChannelSuperHero Reality TV Video Stats45-590.02,255,2581686329366.6 MTweet
Spiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real LSpiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real L YouTube ChannelSpiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real L Video Stats46-590.02,234,57817146934073.3 MTweet
KN ChannelKN Channel YouTube ChannelKN Channel Video Stats47-580.02,660,75313423,46600Tweet
So Young's Beauty Room ♥So Young's Beauty Room ♥ YouTube ChannelSo Young's Beauty Room ♥ Video Stats48-580.0373,873-1027231.6 MTweet
Aaron DeBoerAaron DeBoer YouTube ChannelAaron DeBoer Video Stats49-540.03,546,7718611,3712106 KTweet
SunnySunny YouTube ChannelSunny Video Stats50-520.0423,24116617732.4 MTweet
BFvsGFBFvsGF YouTube ChannelBFvsGF Video Stats51-510.09,345,610171-9281.8K2.89 BTweet
TheFantasio974TheFantasio974 YouTube ChannelTheFantasio974 Video Stats52-490.01,672,3282581-1041K372.5 MTweet
PressHeartToContinuePressHeartToContinue YouTube ChannelPressHeartToContinue Video Stats53-490.0854,5235825-601.6K111.4 MTweet
Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen YouTube ChannelIngrid Nilsen Video Stats54-480.03,910,982729-363631364.2 MTweet
GlitterForever17GlitterForever17 YouTube ChannelGlitterForever17 Video Stats55-480.03,480,068884-131529456 MTweet
AmiteshAmitesh YouTube ChannelAmitesh Video Stats56-470.01,157,9154125473274181.8 MTweet
Jim ChapmanJim Chapman YouTube ChannelJim Chapman Video Stats57-450.02,485,0561488-326574169.5 MTweet
GayGodGayGod YouTube ChannelGayGod Video Stats58-450.01,032,5114732-59422138.1 MTweet
KhaMinhHoKhaMinhHo YouTube ChannelKhaMinhHo Video Stats59-440.0141,7204816814 KTweet
Toy SchoolToy School YouTube ChannelToy School Video Stats60-430.01,062,51245752,57200Tweet
boogie2988boogie2988 YouTube Channelboogie2988 Video Stats61-420.04,334,7526341,6161.8K715.1 MTweet
MeggyxoxoMeggyxoxo YouTube ChannelMeggyxoxo Video Stats62-420.0292,867-1023626.5 MTweet
ICEnJAMICEnJAM YouTube ChannelICEnJAM Video Stats63-410.0350,6305126378.5 MTweet
OnisionSpeaksOnisionSpeaks YouTube ChannelOnisionSpeaks Video Stats64-400.01,818,0362272-282.6K528.7 MTweet
BJ 아캔BJ 아캔 YouTube ChannelBJ 아캔 Video Stats65-400.0219,1381281463.8 MTweet
Nash GrierNash Grier YouTube ChannelNash Grier Video Stats66-390.04,778,9235417082464.2 MTweet
The Amazing AtheistThe Amazing Atheist YouTube ChannelThe Amazing Atheist Video Stats67-390.01,043,6024678-1871.5K373.8 MTweet
SprinkleofglitterSprinkleofglitter YouTube ChannelSprinkleofglitter Video Stats68-380.02,603,5971384-168447195 MTweet
comedozcomedoz YouTube Channelcomedoz Video Stats69-380.01,634,8992654-1474307.3 MTweet
Lucy GarlandLucy Garland YouTube ChannelLucy Garland Video Stats70-380.0150,160171087.1 MTweet
UberHaxorNovaUberHaxorNova YouTube ChannelUberHaxorNova Video Stats71-370.03,083,1431051825.5K1.84 BTweet
BeautyTakenInBeautyTakenIn YouTube ChannelBeautyTakenIn Video Stats72-370.02,715,7081301-272290273.4 MTweet
gocricketgocricket YouTube Channelgocricket Video Stats73-370.01,050,0984647-1134187 KTweet
대정령 TV대정령 TV YouTube Channel대정령 TV Video Stats74-370.0804,5536180-1575.2K559.1 MTweet
iowagamingiowagaming YouTube Channeliowagaming Video Stats75-370.0135,580-61.6K25.9 MTweet
#Gaming#Gaming YouTube Channel#Gaming Video Stats76-360.077,706,659220900Tweet
UhOhBroUhOhBro YouTube ChannelUhOhBro Video Stats77-350.02,237,9861709-169633383.2 MTweet
양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel)양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel) YouTube Channel양띵 YouTube (YD Gaming Channel) Video Stats78-350.01,775,3072359-395.2K1.39 BTweet
nKuchnKuch YouTube ChannelnKuch Video Stats79-350.0346,636-1173366.7 MTweet
UIM LinkUIM Link YouTube ChannelUIM Link Video Stats80-35-0.215,707-61001.4 MTweet
Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley YouTube ChannelTyler Oakley Video Stats81-340.07,889,554235-362498645.7 MTweet
RagingHouseRagingHouse YouTube ChannelRagingHouse Video Stats82-340.0708,7637130-36217311.8 MTweet
iFoodiFood YouTube ChanneliFood Video Stats83-340.0215,39179071279.8 MTweet
녹남녹남 YouTube Channel녹남 Video Stats84-340.0155,933-12900Tweet
NatesLifeNatesLife YouTube ChannelNatesLife Video Stats85-330.01,488,2082990-24510442 MTweet
ilie's vlogsilie's vlogs YouTube Channelilie's vlogs Video Stats86-330.01,288,646359315601Tweet
alkhattaf sistersalkhattaf sisters YouTube Channelalkhattaf sisters Video Stats87-330.0811,399612950318387.7 MTweet
CHECK ХарьковCHECK Харьков YouTube ChannelCHECK Харьков Video Stats88-330.0175,807-1331091.3 MTweet
#News#News YouTube Channel#News Video Stats89-320.033,838,078632200Tweet
G2A.COMG2A.COM YouTube ChannelG2A.COM Video Stats90-320.0257,274-79723.1 MTweet
BlackStarTVBlackStarTV YouTube ChannelBlackStarTV Video Stats91-310.03,216,4479821,383158631 MTweet
DudesonsVLOGDudesonsVLOG YouTube ChannelDudesonsVLOG Video Stats92-310.01,724,8382456162503284.2 MTweet
Superheroes FunnySuperheroes Funny YouTube ChannelSuperheroes Funny Video Stats93-310.01,560,2002812-3595698 KTweet
Big Man TyroneBig Man Tyrone YouTube ChannelBig Man Tyrone Video Stats94-310.0270,4535944314.9 MTweet
MachinimaRealmMachinimaRealm YouTube ChannelMachinimaRealm Video Stats95-300.02,753,6301271-2068.6K1.41 BTweet
Princess Heroes SummertimePrincess Heroes Summertime YouTube ChannelPrincess Heroes Summertime Video Stats96-300.0704,3237171-102514 KTweet
Maligno AlonsoMaligno Alonso YouTube ChannelMaligno Alonso Video Stats97-300.0175,6338483212.2 MTweet
Bruna VieiraBruna Vieira YouTube ChannelBruna Vieira Video Stats98-290.01,325,78934768155077.9 MTweet
OmeletoOmeleto YouTube ChannelOmeleto Video Stats99-290.01,209,7723890649124152.1 MTweet
Arika SatoArika Sato YouTube ChannelArika Sato Video Stats100-290.0316,265-874836 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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