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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
4 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
GamingGaming YouTube ChannelGaming Video Stats1-2,2210.079,206,24321,48300Tweet
SportsSports YouTube ChannelSports Video Stats2-4530.078,217,4953-1,17900Tweet
EducationEducation YouTube ChannelEducation Video Stats3-3730.010,566,97721-80100Tweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats4-3700.010,174,86822-1,16000Tweet
RayWilliamJohnsonRayWilliamJohnson YouTube ChannelRayWilliamJohnson Video Stats5-3000.010,782,32820-9096862.67 BTweet
TV ShowsTV Shows YouTube ChannelTV Shows Video Stats6-2790.011,738,68618-11100Tweet
Cat - TopicCat - Topic YouTube ChannelCat - Topic Video Stats7-2620.04,339,78090-52700Tweet
MoviesMovies YouTube ChannelMovies Video Stats8-2180.018,516,84381,72700Tweet
sWooZiesWooZie YouTube ChannelsWooZie Video Stats9-1390.02,065,0632682,007264205.9 MTweet
JennaMarblesJennaMarbles YouTube ChannelJennaMarbles Video Stats10-1270.013,124,460125,0451911.42 BTweet
dailygracedailygrace YouTube Channeldailygrace Video Stats11-1140.02,216,870240-204908228.3 MTweet
LifeAccordingToJimmyLifeAccordingToJimmy YouTube ChannelLifeAccordingToJimmy Video Stats12-1110.02,137,539253944144187.4 MTweet
TheHarisShowTheHarisShow YouTube ChannelTheHarisShow Video Stats13-101-39.5155-318824Tweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats14-830.02,483,251197-31900Tweet
YouTube SpotlightYouTube Spotlight YouTube ChannelYouTube Spotlight Video Stats15-830.02,359,088214-1174515.4 MTweet
Dubstep - TopicDubstep - Topic YouTube ChannelDubstep - Topic Video Stats16-740.01,549,926408-20700Tweet
SuprimeSuprime YouTube ChannelSuprime Video Stats17-70-0.189,21681011252935 MTweet
FOOGLEFOOGLE YouTube ChannelFOOGLE Video Stats18-62-8.5669818311 KTweet
PepsiPepsi YouTube ChannelPepsi Video Stats19-580.0708,44199369871186.8 MTweet
pyroboobypyrobooby YouTube Channelpyrobooby Video Stats20-560.0877,60376729325196.1 MTweet
juicystar07juicystar07 YouTube Channeljuicystar07 Video Stats21-550.01,666,288364484409248.7 MTweet
Nosso GameNosso Game YouTube ChannelNosso Game Video Stats22-55-0.77,407815928 KTweet
bigsnackksbigsnackks YouTube Channelbigsnackks Video Stats23-54-0.317,542149001.4 MTweet
BassFunMusicBassFunMusic YouTube ChannelBassFunMusic Video Stats24-54-0.511,10524262.7 MTweet
FilmesFilmes YouTube ChannelFilmes Video Stats25-520.05,870,2375033300Tweet
Games KPAHGames KPAH YouTube ChannelGames KPAH Video Stats26-510.0151,8115086241301.9 MTweet
GABEVEVOGABEVEVO YouTube ChannelGABEVEVO Video Stats27-51-0.77,69031241 KTweet
boogie2988boogie2988 YouTube Channelboogie2988 Video Stats28-490.01,789,0033291,5131K209.3 MTweet
Reckless TortugaReckless Tortuga YouTube ChannelReckless Tortuga Video Stats29-490.01,136,296578109363253.8 MTweet
HaanZFilmZHaanZFilmZ YouTube ChannelHaanZFilmZ Video Stats30-49-0.220,1301318766 KTweet
Victoria FatuVictoria Fatu YouTube ChannelVictoria Fatu Video Stats31-49-0.510,546211093.5 MTweet
Steven VlogsTVSteven VlogsTV YouTube ChannelSteven VlogsTV Video Stats32-48-0.510,30919156618 KTweet
Thomas PattersonThomas Patterson YouTube ChannelThomas Patterson Video Stats33-47-7.1615111212 KTweet
YouTubeShowsFRYouTubeShowsFR YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsFR Video Stats34-460.02,441,945204-15000Tweet
Dev TMDev TM YouTube ChannelDev TM Video Stats35-45-0.67,44721383.7 MTweet
DR RK MishraDR RK Mishra YouTube ChannelDR RK Mishra Video Stats37-45-1.13,872176312 MTweet
TV Shows - UKTV Shows - UK YouTube ChannelTV Shows - UK Video Stats38-440.02,285,804227-9000Tweet
FUTBOL POR LA BANDAFUTBOL POR LA BANDA YouTube ChannelFUTBOL POR LA BANDA Video Stats39-440.0605,3591176-6631421 KTweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats40-430.03,102,021141-7400Tweet
VinesArmyVinesArmy YouTube ChannelVinesArmy Video Stats41-430.0354,1972142-23200Tweet
DJ BFMIXDJ BFMIX YouTube ChannelDJ BFMIX Video Stats42-43-0.138,84336458.9 MTweet
El Escorpión DoradoEl Escorpión Dorado YouTube ChannelEl Escorpión Dorado Video Stats43-420.01,396,3884636278079.6 MTweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats44-420.01,112,156588334511.4 MTweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats45-410.02,510,624191-5200Tweet
Lyrics - TopicLyrics - Topic YouTube ChannelLyrics - Topic Video Stats46-410.01,867,030310-8600Tweet
Justin Bieber - TopicJustin Bieber - Topic YouTube ChannelJustin Bieber - Topic Video Stats47-410.01,640,641371-19800Tweet
MrMarkGamingMrMarkGaming YouTube ChannelMrMarkGaming Video Stats48-41-3.51,115167311 KTweet
SlyBoyKash Fox DenSlyBoyKash Fox Den YouTube ChannelSlyBoyKash Fox Den Video Stats49-40-0.143,268115262.7 MTweet
Piotr MaślankaPiotr Maślanka YouTube ChannelPiotr Maślanka Video Stats50-40-2.51,5861813 KTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats51-390.01,090,640602-274353131.4 MTweet
Rhy AndradeRhy Andrade YouTube ChannelRhy Andrade Video Stats52-39-0.216,4093035351.7 MTweet
JAMsJAMs YouTube ChannelJAMs Video Stats53-39-9.636652189 KTweet
YouTubeMoviesRUYouTubeMoviesRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeMoviesRU Video Stats54-380.02,553,350186-12800Tweet
TV Shows - WorldwideTV Shows - Worldwide YouTube ChannelTV Shows - Worldwide Video Stats55-380.01,745,202341-9500Tweet
Talking Tom and FriendsTalking Tom and Friends YouTube ChannelTalking Tom and Friends Video Stats56-380.0522,19513881,72840210.6 MTweet
Pop MusicPop Music YouTube ChannelPop Music Video Stats57-370.012,115,487141,17200Tweet
YouTubeMoviesCAYouTubeMoviesCA YouTube ChannelYouTubeMoviesCA Video Stats58-370.01,736,763342-6100Tweet
GamaPlaysGamaPlays YouTube ChannelGamaPlays Video Stats59-36-5.8585-2254 KTweet
André TavaresAndré Tavares YouTube ChannelAndré Tavares Video Stats60-35-1.32,638141020 KTweet
TV Shows - IndiaTV Shows - India YouTube ChannelTV Shows - India Video Stats61-340.03,096,30814210600Tweet
PonkPonk YouTube ChannelPonk Video Stats62-340.0479,4891519-7131569.5 MTweet
ObeyGaming | @ObeyTheNationObeyGaming | @ObeyTheNation YouTube ChannelObeyGaming | @ObeyTheNation Video Stats63-34-0.138,37121127459 KTweet
Simple PickupSimple Pickup YouTube ChannelSimple Pickup Video Stats64-320.01,398,724460932108144 MTweet
Brayden GamingBrayden Gaming YouTube ChannelBrayden Gaming Video Stats65-32-17.5151414377Tweet
One Direction PromoOne Direction Promo YouTube ChannelOne Direction Promo Video Stats66-310.0671,4041056-157523 KTweet
Rev3GamesRev3Games YouTube ChannelRev3Games Video Stats67-310.0451,5921609-81.1K62.6 MTweet
SP26 →Be Here Now←SP26 →Be Here Now← YouTube ChannelSP26 →Be Here Now← Video Stats68-31-0.132,114462951.8 MTweet
RapRap YouTube ChannelRap Video Stats69-300.09,480,5202453200Tweet
KoperGamesKoperGames YouTube ChannelKoperGames Video Stats70-29-1.42,0710858 KTweet
failblogfailblog YouTube Channelfailblog Video Stats71-280.01,451,659442-849621.85 BTweet
Popular on YouTube - GermanyPopular on YouTube - Germany YouTube ChannelPopular on YouTube - Germany Video Stats72-280.01,083,7496071000Tweet
Rex PearsonRex Pearson YouTube ChannelRex Pearson Video Stats73-28-0.155,549362232 MTweet
Eric DunnEric Dunn YouTube ChannelEric Dunn Video Stats74-270.0197,66238887126723.8 MTweet
THE CYPHER EFFECTTHE CYPHER EFFECT YouTube ChannelTHE CYPHER EFFECT Video Stats75-27-0.129,285521514.3 MTweet
Jeffery McLeanJeffery McLean YouTube ChannelJeffery McLean Video Stats76-27-7.43362717 KTweet
Jordie JordanJordie Jordan YouTube ChannelJordie Jordan Video Stats77-260.0462,6971571-1153.2K131.3 MTweet
zootodayzootoday YouTube Channelzootoday Video Stats78-260.079,17989878729744.3 MTweet
Убежище Prov\'a [FenixSyStem]Убежище Prov\'a [FenixSyStem] YouTube ChannelУбежище Prov\'a [FenixSyStem] Video Stats79-26-0.55,126994326 KTweet
ViniciusHDTutoriaisViniciusHDTutoriais YouTube ChannelViniciusHDTutoriais Video Stats80-26-0.92,768222664 KTweet
JonathanEmileVEVOJonathanEmileVEVO YouTube ChannelJonathanEmileVEVO Video Stats81-26-1.12,362791.4 MTweet
MysteryGuitarManMysteryGuitarMan YouTube ChannelMysteryGuitarMan Video Stats82-250.02,837,497159120238336.8 MTweet
PlayStation PolskaPlayStation Polska YouTube ChannelPlayStation Polska Video Stats83-25-0.119,378162774.1 MTweet
itsHoodTVitsHoodTV YouTube ChannelitsHoodTV Video Stats84-25-0.38,594211192 KTweet
WoodysGamertagWoodysGamertag YouTube ChannelWoodysGamertag Video Stats85-240.01,258,927508-1592.3K298.7 MTweet
Алла СеменоваАлла Семенова YouTube ChannelАлла Семенова Video Stats86-240.0116,6196444-193171 KTweet
FleX CinemaFleX Cinema YouTube ChannelFleX Cinema Video Stats87-24-0.211,326191.1K3.1 MTweet
JLovesMac1JLovesMac1 YouTube ChannelJLovesMac1 Video Stats88-230.01,872,01830992387182.2 MTweet
DeathstarkeDeathstarke YouTube ChannelDeathstarke Video Stats89-23-0.142,152544921.8 MTweet
tono3022tono3022 YouTube Channeltono3022 Video Stats90-23-0.210,2276152543 KTweet
ElitexProdigy86ElitexProdigy86 YouTube ChannelElitexProdigy86 Video Stats91-23-6.3345910651Tweet
JumbaFundJumbaFund YouTube ChannelJumbaFund Video Stats92-220.01,122,460584-675662.7 MTweet
ricebunnyricebunny YouTube Channelricebunny Video Stats93-220.0776,747888-222820.9 MTweet
WonderlandWardrobeWonderlandWardrobe YouTube ChannelWonderlandWardrobe Video Stats94-220.0440,5391658-433613.7 MTweet
Максим МарцинкевичМаксим Марцинкевич YouTube ChannelМаксим Марцинкевич Video Stats95-220.063,243-1800Tweet
Mass Most HauntedMass Most Haunted YouTube ChannelMass Most Haunted Video Stats96-220.062,06070265.5 MTweet
DreamSnipingDreamSniping YouTube ChannelDreamSniping Video Stats97-22-0.45,061311831 KTweet
HISTORYHISTORY YouTube ChannelHISTORY Video Stats98-210.01,083,882605-61.2K44.8 MTweet
WheezyWaiterWheezyWaiter YouTube ChannelWheezyWaiter Video Stats99-210.0532,34713587494086.3 MTweet
oNlineRXDoNlineRXD YouTube ChanneloNlineRXD Video Stats100-210.0306,0002489-53691.7 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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