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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Gains in the Last 4 Hours Ranked by Total Gain

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Gained in the Last 4 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Gain


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Video ProducerGain
4 Hour
Sub Gain
30 Day
Video ProducerGain
4 Hour
Sub Gain
30 Day
T-SeriesT-Series YouTube ChannelT-Series Video Stats114,7940.126,467,8661051,61111.5K24.87 BTweet
Vlad CrazyShowVlad CrazyShow YouTube ChannelVlad CrazyShow Video Stats28,1190.17,523,77723344,2303584.53 BTweet
Charlie PuthCharlie Puth YouTube ChannelCharlie Puth Video Stats37,5590.18,458,81718313,168533.45 BTweet
Bright SideBright Side YouTube ChannelBright Side Video Stats47,1420.23,597,21477824,079564651.5 MTweet
Funny Kids ShowFunny Kids Show YouTube ChannelFunny Kids Show Video Stats56,8040.23,404,10584518,4731671.28 BTweet
ChuChu TV Kids SongsChuChu TV Kids Songs YouTube ChannelChuChu TV Kids Songs Video Stats66,1390.012,475,9867717,18918510.93 BTweet
YouTube HelpYouTube Help YouTube ChannelYouTube Help Video Stats76,0640.14,701,9004966,0958939.5 MTweet
TaylorSwiftVEVOTaylorSwiftVEVO YouTube ChannelTaylorSwiftVEVO Video Stats85,8100.025,411,5351418,8148013.15 BTweet
Toys and Funny Kids Surprise EggsToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs YouTube ChannelToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs Video Stats95,6990.18,608,30617623,5772.3K6.89 BTweet
Luisito ComunicaLuisito Comunica YouTube ChannelLuisito Comunica Video Stats105,5830.19,164,62815618,1064231.03 BTweet
Make Joke OfMake Joke Of YouTube ChannelMake Joke Of Video Stats115,5410.8684,73069901,118941.1 MTweet
Zee Music CompanyZee Music Company YouTube ChannelZee Music Company Video Stats125,4180.19,601,43913720,6462.6K6.05 BTweet
marshmellomarshmello YouTube Channelmarshmello Video Stats135,2240.17,020,52026015,182681.05 BTweet
SET IndiaSET India YouTube ChannelSET India Video Stats145,1930.015,682,9414325,20218.8K11.56 BTweet
Troom TroomTroom Troom YouTube ChannelTroom Troom Video Stats155,0360.31,824,3962094857435501.1 MTweet
Wave MusicWave Music YouTube ChannelWave Music Video Stats164,9920.14,906,98346617,10013.8K4.23 BTweet
Learn Colors WithLearn Colors With YouTube ChannelLearn Colors With Video Stats174,9850.17,008,49526229,9412903.21 BTweet
PINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories)PINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories) YouTube ChannelPINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories) Video Stats184,5800.13,377,61385224,5787572.5 BTweet
5-Minute Crafts5-Minute Crafts YouTube Channel5-Minute Crafts Video Stats194,5680.17,090,65225723,9179602.19 BTweet
Alan WalkerAlan Walker YouTube ChannelAlan Walker Video Stats204,4920.09,289,56415119,7941102.66 BTweet
Demi LovatoDemi Lovato YouTube ChannelDemi Lovato Video Stats214,4720.31,576,28025819,839181283.2 MTweet
CVS 3D RhymesCVS 3D Rhymes YouTube ChannelCVS 3D Rhymes Video Stats224,4540.17,730,33822421,1662965.95 BTweet
HZHtube Kids FunHZHtube Kids Fun YouTube ChannelHZHtube Kids Fun Video Stats234,1540.31,601,778252111,260371784 MTweet
LooLoo Kids Nursery RhymesLooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes YouTube ChannelLooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes Video Stats244,1150.12,834,949113019,1903101.29 BTweet
Ed SheeranEd Sheeran YouTube ChannelEd Sheeran Video Stats254,0130.021,992,5102329,5511119.38 BTweet
Speed RecordsSpeed Records YouTube ChannelSpeed Records Video Stats263,9360.14,597,33552215,2034.3K3.87 BTweet
WorkpointOfficialWorkpointOfficial YouTube ChannelWorkpointOfficial Video Stats273,8520.010,201,43912016,71016.2K8.24 BTweet
Dua LipaDua Lipa YouTube ChannelDua Lipa Video Stats283,7670.12,578,483129418,82548872.7 MTweet
LuisFonsiVEVOLuisFonsiVEVO YouTube ChannelLuisFonsiVEVO Video Stats293,7130.013,925,0095626,401475.76 BTweet
WWEWWE YouTube ChannelWWE Video Stats303,6880.018,495,5423218,53931.4K17.56 BTweet
Like NastyaLike Nastya YouTube ChannelLike Nastya Video Stats313,6060.14,712,43849421,6744733.55 BTweet
MoviesMovies YouTube ChannelMovies Video Stats323,6040.052,916,217526,68732.7 MTweet
JFlaMusicJFlaMusic YouTube ChannelJFlaMusic Video Stats333,5480.14,237,66759913,485154805.8 MTweet
Sony Music IndiaSony Music India YouTube ChannelSony Music India Video Stats343,4500.08,243,89119915,1092K4.48 BTweet
CGP GreyCGP Grey YouTube ChannelCGP Grey Video Stats353,4430.13,149,8979431,975116318.2 MTweet
zeetvzeetv YouTube Channelzeetv Video Stats363,4030.08,702,73817315,58270.5K11.01 BTweet
Filmi GaaneFilmi Gaane YouTube ChannelFilmi Gaane Video Stats373,3800.15,387,65840613,7224.9K2.85 BTweet
SAB TVSAB TV YouTube ChannelSAB TV Video Stats383,3630.14,753,51048710,03514.4K4.83 BTweet
Kurz Gesagt - In a NutshellKurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell YouTube ChannelKurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell Video Stats393,3280.15,015,6714506,80370310.2 MTweet
JukiLopJukiLop YouTube ChannelJukiLop Video Stats403,3240.22,101,510173042,485513.7 MTweet
FactTechzFactTechz YouTube ChannelFactTechz Video Stats413,2050.12,171,21616579,05099140.5 MTweet
KlizmaTVKlizmaTV YouTube ChannelKlizmaTV Video Stats423,1920.31,156,83238211,361159188.6 MTweet
Mister MaxMister Max YouTube ChannelMister Max Video Stats433,1140.15,271,1234206,8877495.69 BTweet
ashish chanchlani vinesashish chanchlani vines YouTube Channelashish chanchlani vines Video Stats443,0980.21,820,37621029,243101165.2 MTweet
Harsh beniwalHarsh beniwal YouTube ChannelHarsh beniwal Video Stats453,0210.31,000,80345676,27110166.5 MTweet
Logan Paul VlogsLogan Paul Vlogs YouTube ChannelLogan Paul Vlogs Video Stats463,0100.012,705,1297126,5284112.18 BTweet
BigDawsTvBigDawsTv YouTube ChannelBigDawsTv Video Stats473,0090.13,030,36110028,040173446.3 MTweet
Маша и МедведьМаша и Медведь YouTube ChannelМаша и Медведь Video Stats483,0070.011,610,3979011,70950613.17 BTweet
Vania Mania KidsVania Mania Kids YouTube ChannelVania Mania Kids Video Stats493,0000.12,831,75611334,8783511.11 BTweet
Dude PerfectDude Perfect YouTube ChannelDude Perfect Video Stats502,9920.023,398,1991923,3471633.97 BTweet
Thơ NguyễnThơ Nguyễn YouTube ChannelThơ Nguyễn Video Stats512,9730.12,438,87314163,8954541.24 BTweet
Goldmines TelefilmsGoldmines Telefilms YouTube ChannelGoldmines Telefilms Video Stats522,9590.14,388,05257111,7865.3K2.02 BTweet
ToyScouterToyScouter YouTube ChannelToyScouter Video Stats532,8960.09,208,37415320,2596986.15 BTweet
Mr. MarmokMr. Marmok YouTube ChannelMr. Marmok Video Stats542,8500.13,664,5567496,980170470.3 MTweet
SonyMusicIndiaVEVOSonyMusicIndiaVEVO YouTube ChannelSonyMusicIndiaVEVO Video Stats552,8390.14,635,45451413,3172.8K3.08 BTweet
Eros NowEros Now YouTube ChannelEros Now Video Stats562,8320.07,705,40322611,52710K6.2 BTweet
ImagineDragonsVEVOImagineDragonsVEVO YouTube ChannelImagineDragonsVEVO Video Stats572,7770.07,938,65221316,551852.94 BTweet
NoCopyrightSoundsNoCopyrightSounds YouTube ChannelNoCopyrightSounds Video Stats582,7160.013,178,3766312,1154173.44 BTweet
Bie The SkaBie The Ska YouTube ChannelBie The Ska Video Stats592,6840.05,615,3823757,1896051.65 BTweet
MOVIECLIPSMOVIECLIPS YouTube ChannelMOVIECLIPS Video Stats602,6700.06,618,16628510,88829.2K8.6 BTweet
✿ Kids Diana Show✿ Kids Diana Show YouTube Channel✿ Kids Diana Show Video Stats612,6630.13,335,24286116,1117412.84 BTweet
T-Series Apna PunjabT-Series Apna Punjab YouTube ChannelT-Series Apna Punjab Video Stats622,6530.13,004,87310248,3522.8K2.36 BTweet
OzunaOzuna YouTube ChannelOzuna Video Stats632,6220.07,827,57221926,703243.35 BTweet
Liza KoshyLiza Koshy YouTube ChannelLiza Koshy Video Stats642,5870.012,021,6378513,5901211.21 BTweet
JustinBieberVEVOJustinBieberVEVO YouTube ChannelJustinBieberVEVO Video Stats652,5500.032,030,092815,34912316.31 BTweet
FAP TVFAP TV YouTube ChannelFAP TV Video Stats662,5310.13,551,5407957,4222681.39 BTweet
SECRET INDIAN TVSECRET INDIAN TV YouTube ChannelSECRET INDIAN TV Video Stats672,5290.3856,27254528,964359148.1 MTweet
PewDiePiePewDiePie YouTube ChannelPewDiePie Video Stats682,5280.057,583,32348,7563.3K16.25 BTweet
SQUEEZIESQUEEZIE YouTube ChannelSQUEEZIE Video Stats692,4770.09,010,5731655,5341.2K4.05 BTweet
Julien JosselinJulien Josselin YouTube ChannelJulien Josselin Video Stats702,4650.4685,03769649113847.4 MTweet
Trap NationTrap Nation YouTube ChannelTrap Nation Video Stats712,4430.016,043,6064213,0731.2K5.61 BTweet
POPS KidsPOPS Kids YouTube ChannelPOPS Kids Video Stats722,4110.12,173,07316548,1903.7K2.55 BTweet
Simple Beauty SecretsSimple Beauty Secrets YouTube ChannelSimple Beauty Secrets Video Stats732,4080.21,302,27733151,753113112.9 MTweet
NetD MuzikNetD Muzik YouTube ChannelNetD Muzik Video Stats742,3880.07,270,4252458,3836.7K16.33 BTweet
NTN VlogsNTN Vlogs YouTube ChannelNTN Vlogs Video Stats752,3500.12,702,85512166,998240814.9 MTweet
ibighitibighit YouTube Channelibighit Video Stats762,3340.06,555,40829217,1002561.17 BTweet
Jingle ToonsJingle Toons YouTube ChannelJingle Toons Video Stats772,3190.11,926,03619296,911154780.4 MTweet
Learn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes SoLearn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes So YouTube ChannelLearn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes So Video Stats782,3120.12,519,809135210,2102021.1 BTweet
RsiamMusicRsiamMusic YouTube ChannelRsiamMusic Video Stats792,2930.07,593,46622810,8271.6K5.65 BTweet
Baahubali MovieBaahubali Movie YouTube ChannelBaahubali Movie Video Stats802,2810.3802,482581592264232.7 MTweet
AntraxAntrax YouTube ChannelAntrax Video Stats812,2670.04,916,5304648,535274599.1 MTweet
MY TOYS PINKMY TOYS PINK YouTube ChannelMY TOYS PINK Video Stats822,2620.5484,75999451,992590298.7 MTweet
zbing z.zbing z. YouTube Channelzbing z. Video Stats832,2460.14,157,4236147,4591K1.6 BTweet
La mafe mendezLa mafe mendez YouTube ChannelLa mafe mendez Video Stats842,2310.7330,7891,756218.1 MTweet
ToysToSeeToysToSee YouTube ChannelToysToSee Video Stats852,2270.05,561,0293848,3015403.97 BTweet
Amit BhadanaAmit Bhadana YouTube ChannelAmit Bhadana Video Stats862,2250.11,642,577244215,78035110.5 MTweet
Technical GurujiTechnical Guruji YouTube ChannelTechnical Guruji Video Stats872,2150.13,312,55887311,2901.3K309.6 MTweet
Superhero Fun FactorySuperhero Fun Factory YouTube ChannelSuperhero Fun Factory Video Stats882,2110.05,873,06334411,8174413.31 BTweet
theodd1sout comictheodd1sout comic YouTube Channeltheodd1sout comic Video Stats892,2070.04,596,12852313,991106639.2 MTweet
T-Series Bhakti SagarT-Series Bhakti Sagar YouTube ChannelT-Series Bhakti Sagar Video Stats902,1640.13,865,66568814,95518.4K1.78 BTweet
ช่อง oneช่อง one YouTube Channelช่อง one Video Stats912,1560.05,418,4254038,34329.8K3.95 BTweet
Ricis OfficialRicis Official YouTube ChannelRicis Official Video Stats922,1550.11,875,01420086,607153222.5 MTweet
Get MoviesGet Movies YouTube ChannelGet Movies Video Stats932,1380.013,590,1115915,2782.7K13.74 BTweet
TheEllenShowTheEllenShow YouTube ChannelTheEllenShow Video Stats942,1110.021,072,4252513,5857.9K10.11 BTweet
Let Me Explain StudiosLet Me Explain Studios YouTube ChannelLet Me Explain Studios Video Stats952,1070.4524,74891942,9704235.3 MTweet
Epic ToysEpic Toys YouTube ChannelEpic Toys Video Stats962,1050.3751,34062482,210109108.4 MTweet
AcousticTrenchAcousticTrench YouTube ChannelAcousticTrench Video Stats972,0930.4473,8812,5303429.8 MTweet
jbalvinVEVOjbalvinVEVO YouTube ChanneljbalvinVEVO Video Stats982,0880.011,723,0038926,080967.58 BTweet
Infobells - HindiInfobells - Hindi YouTube ChannelInfobells - Hindi Video Stats992,0700.11,994,88118427,6311141.26 BTweet
Toy FreaksToy Freaks YouTube ChannelToy Freaks Video Stats1002,0600.08,238,4072009,5665107.01 BTweet