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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 24 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 24 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
24 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
24 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats1-42,570-53.037,812-1,35934614.8 MTweet
DalasReviewDalasReview YouTube ChannelDalasReview Video Stats2-36,799-0.65,663,8494551,1016511.12 BTweet
WhaTheGameWhaTheGame YouTube ChannelWhaTheGame Video Stats3-7,426-0.32,364,4841697690503355.7 MTweet
Gaby CastellanosGaby Castellanos YouTube ChannelGaby Castellanos Video Stats4-4,343-35.87,782-9614319 KTweet
Lena's Pocket BeautyLena's Pocket Beauty YouTube ChannelLena's Pocket Beauty Video Stats5-4,280-0.5886,8916021-5,630138109.7 MTweet
xFader™xFader™ YouTube ChannelxFader™ Video Stats6-3,661-27.79,542-3342268 KTweet
TheAngryGrandpaShowTheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube ChannelTheAngryGrandpaShow Video Stats7-1,1020.03,778,8248541,525625976.9 MTweet
Druzhko ShowDruzhko Show YouTube ChannelDruzhko Show Video Stats8-9950.02,767,9851380-1,20343128.7 MTweet
MamixMamix YouTube ChannelMamix Video Stats9-9640.03,748,966864286198513.5 MTweet
Toys and Funny Kids Surprise EggsToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs YouTube ChannelToys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs Video Stats10-9550.09,332,618188-1,8751.8K2.61 BTweet
Jeff DunhamJeff Dunham YouTube ChannelJeff Dunham Video Stats11-921-0.11,439,0413392810257382.3 MTweet
Meghan RienksMeghan Rienks YouTube ChannelMeghan Rienks Video Stats12-9090.02,351,5581714-324650199.8 MTweet
Learn Colors WithLearn Colors With YouTube ChannelLearn Colors With Video Stats13-9080.07,752,772263-1,58355296.9 MTweet
PrankvsPrankPrankvsPrank YouTube ChannelPrankvsPrank Video Stats14-8690.010,433,604136-2382331.98 BTweet
Freak Family VlogsFreak Family Vlogs YouTube ChannelFreak Family Vlogs Video Stats15-8460.04,740,2406067,542161 KTweet
YENNY 예니YENNY 예니 YouTube ChannelYENNY 예니 Video Stats16-721-0.3212,029-118112 KTweet
IQ Tests | Personality Tests | Funny TesIQ Tests | Personality Tests | Funny Tes YouTube ChannelIQ Tests | Personality Tests | Funny Tes Video Stats17-684-0.11,136,5714572298326188.7 MTweet
Tatfullclipbackup2Tatfullclipbackup2 YouTube ChannelTatfullclipbackup2 Video Stats18-664-0.6110,281-50007 KTweet
Ricky DillonRicky Dillon YouTube ChannelRicky Dillon Video Stats19-6020.03,334,994101585436375.4 MTweet
KeyoriKeyori YouTube ChannelKeyori Video Stats20-578-0.1819,2196506-41339346.4 MTweet
aXtaXt YouTube ChannelaXt Video Stats21-576-0.2306,363-586519.4 MTweet
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats22-573-0.5112,227-74375 MTweet
Funny Kids ShowFunny Kids Show YouTube ChannelFunny Kids Show Video Stats23-5700.04,309,046696-1,039855.2 MTweet
Dan HauerDan Hauer YouTube ChannelDan Hauer Video Stats24-565-0.1986,1185370-1,51113282.2 MTweet
GODaZeDGODaZeD YouTube ChannelGODaZeD Video Stats25-540-0.3160,9835326117.2 MTweet
FamousJulianFamousJulian YouTube ChannelFamousJulian Video Stats26-537-28.71,33123948 KTweet
김이브님김이브님 YouTube Channel김이브님 Video Stats27-5350.01,088,7014807-9282.2K561.7 MTweet
G TG T YouTube ChannelG T Video Stats28-525-1.533,796-379386 KTweet
avex Movie Giftavex Movie Gift YouTube Channelavex Movie Gift Video Stats29-516-0.771,9718329946.4 MTweet
ToyScouterToyScouter YouTube ChannelToyScouter Video Stats30-4800.09,852,501165-1,087325631.8 MTweet
LOLA TAYLORLOLA TAYLOR YouTube ChannelLOLA TAYLOR Video Stats31-480-0.856,117-415 KTweet
MellavelliMellavelli YouTube ChannelMellavelli Video Stats32-474-0.1393,862436860 MTweet
ZoellaZoella YouTube ChannelZoella Video Stats33-4540.012,093,782101-3423671.07 BTweet
チョコレートスモーカーズチョコレートスモーカーズ YouTube Channelチョコレートスモーカーズ Video Stats34-449-0.1479,606-1,798264.5 MTweet
Disney Cars Toy Club DCTCDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC YouTube ChannelDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC Video Stats35-4430.08,471,722229-9972.1K4.61 BTweet
FunToysMediaFunToysMedia YouTube ChannelFunToysMedia Video Stats36-4350.03,329,5221018-7612461.48 BTweet
DAILY BEANDAILY BEAN YouTube ChannelDAILY BEAN Video Stats37-419-0.586,093-6720Tweet
Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn CareGeek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care YouTube ChannelGeek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care Video Stats38-4110.02,228,17918544,54500Tweet
Vania Mania KidsVania Mania Kids YouTube ChannelVania Mania Kids Video Stats39-4050.03,362,180998-70512619.9 MTweet
WizGamerzWizGamerz YouTube ChannelWizGamerz Video Stats40-391-0.1765,7317020-1052.7K168.4 MTweet
Aaron DeBoerAaron DeBoer YouTube ChannelAaron DeBoer Video Stats41-3850.03,517,889937-6556196 KTweet
NYLON MagazineNYLON Magazine YouTube ChannelNYLON Magazine Video Stats42-385-0.3126,72271.4K94.4 MTweet
QuadGamerQuadGamer YouTube ChannelQuadGamer Video Stats43-384-0.2176,397-4479384 KTweet
Aspyn OvardAspyn Ovard YouTube ChannelAspyn Ovard Video Stats44-3810.03,252,2111054193234217.6 MTweet
juliansmith87juliansmith87 YouTube Channeljuliansmith87 Video Stats45-3750.01,840,22124380180402.2 MTweet
yoyomax12 - the diet free zoneyoyomax12 - the diet free zone YouTube Channelyoyomax12 - the diet free zone Video Stats46-3700.0776,8016922-611.2K229.9 MTweet
ZU5EZU5E YouTube ChannelZU5E Video Stats47-361-0.1320,713-11527557.7 MTweet
EducationDocumentaryEducationDocumentary YouTube ChannelEducationDocumentary Video Stats48-361-0.3142,828292428.5 MTweet
Taupe10Taupe10 YouTube ChannelTaupe10 Video Stats49-3580.01,273,729394441489126.1 MTweet
ФирамирФирамир YouTube ChannelФирамир Video Stats50-3530.01,354,9893653-2782891 KTweet
VineADD TVVineADD TV YouTube ChannelVineADD TV Video Stats51-3450.01,614,1702898-132384552 MTweet
MediocreFilmsMediocreFilms YouTube ChannelMediocreFilms Video Stats52-3450.01,583,771296855372485.5 MTweet
VoyAPorElloVoyAPorEllo YouTube ChannelVoyAPorEllo Video Stats53-3430.0777,5526909-2161.8K204.6 MTweet
LivinLikeBlackLarryLivinLikeBlackLarry YouTube ChannelLivinLikeBlackLarry Video Stats54-330-0.1248,135-181216 KTweet
Jumanji TMJumanji TM YouTube ChannelJumanji TM Video Stats55-3250.0826,2776451103209127.1 MTweet
ExilityExility YouTube ChannelExility Video Stats56-3230.01,910,0232311-1182216.7 MTweet
XrayTVXrayTV YouTube ChannelXrayTV Video Stats57-3190.0685,5447903-9100Tweet
MyLifeAsPasqualeMyLifeAsPasquale YouTube ChannelMyLifeAsPasquale Video Stats58-314-9.13,1281157543 KTweet
TheSyndicateProjectTheSyndicateProject YouTube ChannelTheSyndicateProject Video Stats59-3130.010,009,415156-4363.2K2.02 BTweet
TobyGamesTobyGames YouTube ChannelTobyGames Video Stats60-3060.06,658,330338-3785K2.03 BTweet
Jim ChapmanJim Chapman YouTube ChannelJim Chapman Video Stats61-3060.02,464,5251601-498581170.1 MTweet
Rainbow ChiRainbow Chi YouTube ChannelRainbow Chi Video Stats62-300-89.635-72303 KTweet
FunSurprisingToysFunSurprisingToys YouTube ChannelFunSurprisingToys Video Stats63-2950.03,826,404834-35212294.1 MTweet
マックスむらいマックスむらい YouTube Channelマックスむらい Video Stats64-2950.01,538,2153106527K1.67 BTweet
ipsyipsy YouTube Channelipsy Video Stats65-2930.01,433,7793404-905728.6 MTweet
OmgHarrisonWebbOmgHarrisonWebb YouTube ChannelOmgHarrisonWebb Video Stats66-2910.0702,0797697-13940145.3 MTweet
Jason's WorldJason's World YouTube ChannelJason's World Video Stats67-289-0.2136,156-4901.1 MTweet
Wladimir DiasWladimir Dias YouTube ChannelWladimir Dias Video Stats68-289-32.7594412275 KTweet
peaceflower44peaceflower44 YouTube Channelpeaceflower44 Video Stats69-287-24.88729911 KTweet
CanalCanalha VlogsCanalCanalha Vlogs YouTube ChannelCanalCanalha Vlogs Video Stats70-275-0.1284,411-18157156 KTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats71-2660.010,100,910152-3708193.04 BTweet
Ed BassmasterEd Bassmaster YouTube ChannelEd Bassmaster Video Stats72-2640.02,030,508211930804606.5 MTweet
TheUselessMouthTheUselessMouth YouTube ChannelTheUselessMouth Video Stats73-2610.01,829,577245666861186.2 MTweet
Sky Does MinecraftSky Does Minecraft YouTube ChannelSky Does Minecraft Video Stats74-2600.011,805,654108-1,9861.9K3.7 BTweet
Rap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer aRap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer a YouTube ChannelRap Slap | Das Rap News Format | Immer a Video Stats75-260-0.397,269-3121376.5 MTweet
Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley YouTube ChannelTyler Oakley Video Stats76-2550.07,845,107256-1,018505649.1 MTweet
Advertising - TopicAdvertising - Topic YouTube ChannelAdvertising - Topic Video Stats77-2330.0499,189-7900Tweet
Di Moon ZhangDi Moon Zhang YouTube ChannelDi Moon Zhang Video Stats78-233-0.1198,276-4324537.6 MTweet
WholeFoodsMarketWholeFoodsMarket YouTube ChannelWholeFoodsMarket Video Stats79-233-0.376,167111.1K41.2 MTweet
ChimneySwift11ChimneySwift11 YouTube ChannelChimneySwift11 Video Stats80-2290.01,795,3382516-3133.4K526.8 MTweet
MachinimaRealmMachinimaRealm YouTube ChannelMachinimaRealm Video Stats81-2280.02,738,1351407-3657.4K1.19 BTweet
SuperHero VS SuperHeroSuperHero VS SuperHero YouTube ChannelSuperHero VS SuperHero Video Stats82-2280.02,214,17818734361979 KTweet
かなめチャンネルかなめチャンネル YouTube Channelかなめチャンネル Video Stats83-226-0.1228,310-177427.6 MTweet
Marcus ButlerMarcus Butler YouTube ChannelMarcus Butler Video Stats84-2250.04,533,506652-887298391.9 MTweet
Meredith FosterMeredith Foster YouTube ChannelMeredith Foster Video Stats85-2230.04,888,506568-544371385.6 MTweet
Андрей НифёдовАндрей Нифёдов YouTube ChannelАндрей Нифёдов Video Stats86-2220.01,400,8473497-85954256.4 MTweet
Alex LeeAlex Lee YouTube ChannelAlex Lee Video Stats87-221-0.2146,943-3010Tweet
Sparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGOSparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO YouTube ChannelSparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO Video Stats88-2170.01,965,4972216-381.8K595.2 MTweet
SeaNanners Gaming ChannelSeaNanners Gaming Channel YouTube ChannelSeaNanners Gaming Channel Video Stats89-2160.05,694,801447-2091.8K2.47 BTweet
Natalia DaminiNatalia Damini YouTube ChannelNatalia Damini Video Stats90-216-1.910,96891585.6 MTweet
daresundaysdaresundays YouTube Channeldaresundays Video Stats91-2120.01,007,1985263-1685667 MTweet
Roary RaynorRoary Raynor YouTube ChannelRoary Raynor Video Stats92-2120.0944,8955614-1167563.9 MTweet
O BoticárioO Boticário YouTube ChannelO Boticário Video Stats93-2110.0640,61484422,292792250.8 MTweet
Daddoa 다또아Daddoa 다또아 YouTube ChannelDaddoa 다또아 Video Stats94-2070.01,163,67644291,55615775.4 MTweet
Just SKiper ™Just SKiper ™ YouTube ChannelJust SKiper ™ Video Stats95-2070.0967,5805463-561.3K186.6 MTweet
BeautyTakenInBeautyTakenIn YouTube ChannelBeautyTakenIn Video Stats96-2040.02,692,1251435-442292274.2 MTweet
울산큰고래울산큰고래 YouTube Channel울산큰고래 Video Stats97-2020.0634,4348537-5752.8K352.4 MTweet
YouNowLXYouNowLX YouTube ChannelYouNowLX Video Stats98-202-0.1134,940263015.7 MTweet
Mahogany LOXMahogany LOX YouTube ChannelMahogany LOX Video Stats99-2010.0545,8649958-9514632.2 MTweet
GradeAUnderAGradeAUnderA YouTube ChannelGradeAUnderA Video Stats100-2000.03,217,2871072-24191358.9 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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