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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 24 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 24 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
24 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
24 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Careca TvCareca Tv YouTube ChannelCareca Tv Video Stats1-7,810-7.2100,5102,81832174Tweet
GamesHQMediaGamesHQMedia YouTube ChannelGamesHQMedia Video Stats2-2,034-0.3728,0263214-984.3K442.5 MTweet
ФирамирФирамир YouTube ChannelФирамир Video Stats3-916-0.11,382,31214682,613614284.7 MTweet
Alpha2late17Alpha2late17 YouTube ChannelAlpha2late17 Video Stats4-891-1.177,98960228.4 MTweet
HKPL JackoHKPL Jacko YouTube ChannelHKPL Jacko Video Stats5-762-52.4691-17594 KTweet
Arabs Got TalentArabs Got Talent YouTube ChannelArabs Got Talent Video Stats6-713-0.11,301,8231587438287505.1 MTweet
Vká VlogVká Vlog YouTube ChannelVká Vlog Video Stats7-661-58.7466-1231 KTweet
ournameismagicVEVOournameismagicVEVO YouTube ChannelournameismagicVEVO Video Stats8-6220.01,629,31911541,394371.09 BTweet
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats9-573-0.5112,227-74375 MTweet
BrianDoetBrianDoet YouTube ChannelBrianDoet Video Stats10-550-1.342,77855544.3 MTweet
FamousJulianFamousJulian YouTube ChannelFamousJulian Video Stats11-537-28.71,33123948 KTweet
Kalani AddyKalani Addy YouTube ChannelKalani Addy Video Stats12-494-0.2305,22381712700Tweet
HazzarLTHazzarLT YouTube ChannelHazzarLT Video Stats13-447-68.220861526 KTweet
MayBabyMayBaby YouTube ChannelMayBaby Video Stats14-3620.05,108,0072123,617296413.6 MTweet
DDS TVDDS TV YouTube ChannelDDS TV Video Stats15-260-1.517,53915031.1 MTweet
TVOngamenetTVOngamenet YouTube ChannelTVOngamenet Video Stats16-247-0.1368,575676013710.9K191.6 MTweet
Kalel KittenKalel Kitten YouTube ChannelKalel Kitten Video Stats17-2300.01,913,746921815224 MTweet
UFC - Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipUFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube ChannelUFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship Video Stats18-2080.02,953,5654711,9424.5K809 MTweet
SamSam YouTube ChannelSam Video Stats19-2040.02,287,650732-4277549.9 MTweet
GBE Piano GardenGBE Piano Garden YouTube ChannelGBE Piano Garden Video Stats20-182-0.273,1737455212.1 MTweet
BBC Radio 1BBC Radio 1 YouTube ChannelBBC Radio 1 Video Stats21-1770.03,082,8324421,3202.9K830.3 MTweet
Sexy Girl Dangdut Hot69Sexy Girl Dangdut Hot69 YouTube ChannelSexy Girl Dangdut Hot69 Video Stats22-176-74.660-1519711Tweet
CodyPOVCodyPOV YouTube ChannelCodyPOV Video Stats23-175-0.1211,457-3935147.3 MTweet
PampaPampa YouTube ChannelPampa Video Stats24-166-0.276,396825109.9 MTweet
TRT ÇocukTRT Çocuk YouTube ChannelTRT Çocuk Video Stats25-158-0.1145,6683861.3K122.8 MTweet
AsKaComedyAsKaComedy YouTube ChannelAsKaComedy Video Stats26-144-2.65,342-820Tweet
GayGodGayGod YouTube ChannelGayGod Video Stats27-1390.0988,9152240202369117.3 MTweet
CanCan YouTube ChannelCan Video Stats28-136-0.191,40217836471.3 MTweet
TelephoneSoudanTelephoneSoudan YouTube ChannelTelephoneSoudan Video Stats29-134-0.914,46951.3K34 MTweet
ClemOvers53ClemOvers53 YouTube ChannelClemOvers53 Video Stats30-132-1.39,6774011116 KTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats31-1290.010,631,33052-3078093.11 BTweet
DnersWeltDnersWelt YouTube ChannelDnersWelt Video Stats32-1210.0284,2728731-9225.5 MTweet
Rainbow Loom Bands. ВидеоурокиRainbow Loom Bands. Видеоуроки YouTube ChannelRainbow Loom Bands. Видеоуроки Video Stats33-1200.0753,1753078-117617254 MTweet
King BrosiveKing Brosive YouTube ChannelKing Brosive Video Stats34-119-2.54,6830301.6 MTweet
McCann's FarmMcCann's Farm YouTube ChannelMcCann's Farm Video Stats35-118-0.1156,822211171.4 MTweet
YolpYolp YouTube ChannelYolp Video Stats36-108-0.715,403-281350 KTweet
ProTazzerHDProTazzerHD YouTube ChannelProTazzerHD Video Stats37-100-6.41,456-62149 KTweet
CoD CommunityCoD Community YouTube ChannelCoD Community Video Stats38-96-0.333,055-6110Tweet
Andrea WendelAndrea Wendel YouTube ChannelAndrea Wendel Video Stats39-92-0.241,882-2220Tweet
YaBoiiJayYaBoiiJay YouTube ChannelYaBoiiJay Video Stats40-90-0.241,991931891.9 MTweet
ungeunge YouTube Channelunge Video Stats41-890.01,430,6851397-2,21400Tweet
PlayGamesLKPlayGamesLK YouTube ChannelPlayGamesLK Video Stats42-87-1.08,302-11.2K206 KTweet
Un Panda MoqueurUn Panda Moqueur YouTube ChannelUn Panda Moqueur Video Stats43-860.01,135,15818811,1524358 MTweet
AftermathAftermath YouTube ChannelAftermath Video Stats44-86-36.8148013712 KTweet
kootrakootra YouTube Channelkootra Video Stats45-850.0985,1932252-2417.6K309.3 MTweet
Ximo Pierto 2Ximo Pierto 2 YouTube ChannelXimo Pierto 2 Video Stats46-81-0.164,381-297343.8 MTweet
Ladylenatur *Ladylenatur * YouTube ChannelLadylenatur * Video Stats47-81-0.238,430200Tweet
Alex CarpenterAlex Carpenter YouTube ChannelAlex Carpenter Video Stats48-80-0.248,055-261966.1 MTweet
BT SportBT Sport YouTube ChannelBT Sport Video Stats49-780.0216,0784,43185944.8 MTweet
일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브 YouTube Channel일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브 Video Stats50-780.0163,16729160237.7 MTweet
TheMazziMazTheMazziMaz YouTube ChannelTheMazziMaz Video Stats51-760.0750,7513094-12920135.1 MTweet
ExtremeGamingVideos - Daily GTA 5 ContenExtremeGamingVideos - Daily GTA 5 Conten YouTube ChannelExtremeGamingVideos - Daily GTA 5 Conten Video Stats52-76-0.170,692123532.3 MTweet
Colleen VlogsColleen Vlogs YouTube ChannelColleen Vlogs Video Stats53-730.0828,013274135712241.6 MTweet
AustriagurkeAustriagurke YouTube ChannelAustriagurke Video Stats54-73-0.157,92210410590.2 MTweet
ArmoowasrightArmoowasright YouTube ChannelArmoowasright Video Stats55-720.0361,447689183212547.5 MTweet
Antoine ZariniAntoine Zarini YouTube ChannelAntoine Zarini Video Stats56-71-0.168,576-11100Tweet
NBA StreamsNBA Streams YouTube ChannelNBA Streams Video Stats57-69-0.155,647-431.9 MTweet
cheah201cheah201 YouTube Channelcheah201 Video Stats58-69-0.239,303-1119816.4 MTweet
Christian NovelliChristian Novelli YouTube ChannelChristian Novelli Video Stats59-680.0303,8668200-4414813 KTweet
Mr.GTA5 MODMr.GTA5 MOD YouTube ChannelMr.GTA5 MOD Video Stats60-680.0143,7463385169 MTweet
OmskoeTVOmskoeTV YouTube ChannelOmskoeTV Video Stats61-670.02,489,43162835730099.6 MTweet
LongBarrelLongBarrel YouTube ChannelLongBarrel Video Stats62-67-0.192,1362061778.7 MTweet
BethanysLifeBethanysLife YouTube ChannelBethanysLife Video Stats63-660.02,394,068671-2747670.5 MTweet
コスケのパズドラ究極攻略TVコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV YouTube Channelコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV Video Stats64-660.0784,5482914-3082.7K607.1 MTweet
sawyerhartmansawyerhartman YouTube Channelsawyerhartman Video Stats65-610.01,763,4491032-64629887.3 MTweet
AprilAthena7AprilAthena7 YouTube ChannelAprilAthena7 Video Stats66-580.0559,960432711457962.7 MTweet
Pranks TubePranks Tube YouTube ChannelPranks Tube Video Stats67-560.0519,7224705-1376102 KTweet
GillowelGillowel YouTube ChannelGillowel Video Stats68-560.0136,98502938.2 MTweet
Human EmojiHuman Emoji YouTube ChannelHuman Emoji Video Stats69-550.02,360,364693-1663697.2 MTweet
Joseph VincentJoseph Vincent YouTube ChannelJoseph Vincent Video Stats70-550.0140,11028913224.4 MTweet
OmgHarrisonWebbOmgHarrisonWebb YouTube ChannelOmgHarrisonWebb Video Stats71-540.0464,5245310-4629524.5 MTweet
Relaxing WhispersRelaxing Whispers YouTube ChannelRelaxing Whispers Video Stats72-54-0.1101,486-5210Tweet
carambaworldcarambaworld YouTube Channelcarambaworld Video Stats73-520.0334,7187446-5926568.6 MTweet
WybielaczWybielacz YouTube ChannelWybielacz Video Stats74-50-0.68,48642761765 KTweet
Jack Vale FilmsJack Vale Films YouTube ChannelJack Vale Films Video Stats75-490.01,325,7581550-215706299.7 MTweet
JogaSamucaJogaSamuca YouTube ChannelJogaSamuca Video Stats76-480.0206,341442.3K17.1 MTweet
M13M13 YouTube ChannelM13 Video Stats77-480.0195,341151.7K121.8 MTweet
TommyNC2010TommyNC2010 YouTube ChannelTommyNC2010 Video Stats78-480.0136,639-1671.8K5.7 MTweet
NATY SECRETSNATY SECRETS YouTube ChannelNATY SECRETS Video Stats79-470.0226,4765610827.2 MTweet
Contente #Contente ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Contente #Contente ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YouTube ChannelContente #Contente ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Video Stats80-450.0614,27139035981.7K64.3 MTweet
Justin LA LakersJustin LA Lakers YouTube ChannelJustin LA Lakers Video Stats81-45-1.62,756601141 KTweet
EliteClubSessionsEliteClubSessions YouTube ChannelEliteClubSessions Video Stats82-440.0164,1831516120.3 MTweet
La7 IntrattenimentoLa7 Intrattenimento YouTube ChannelLa7 Intrattenimento Video Stats83-420.0229,828716.5K126.6 MTweet
Arielle ScarcellaArielle Scarcella YouTube ChannelArielle Scarcella Video Stats84-410.0480,94951366820972.7 MTweet
ArdymonArdymon YouTube ChannelArdymon Video Stats85-410.0323,6867707-14600Tweet
Aaron RiftAaron Rift YouTube ChannelAaron Rift Video Stats86-40-0.167,928426076.3 MTweet
BrugklasEpisodesBrugklasEpisodes YouTube ChannelBrugklasEpisodes Video Stats87-40-0.410,475-721624 KTweet
Banda VingadoraBanda Vingadora YouTube ChannelBanda Vingadora Video Stats88-390.0630,50238011,09675179 MTweet
Орел и РешкаОрел и Решка YouTube ChannelОрел и Решка Video Stats89-390.0520,0624702469630104.4 MTweet
Sista GirlSista Girl YouTube ChannelSista Girl Video Stats90-390.0453,320545718721735.2 MTweet
Blimey CowBlimey Cow YouTube ChannelBlimey Cow Video Stats91-390.0399,53962225445069 MTweet
TeleGamer y másTeleGamer y más YouTube ChannelTeleGamer y más Video Stats92-390.0306,5608127779212.9 MTweet
Leechcup2Leechcup2 YouTube ChannelLeechcup2 Video Stats93-380.0695,480340091000Tweet
MDMNMDMN YouTube ChannelMDMN Video Stats94-380.0298,0148351614813 MTweet
WOM RandomWOM Random YouTube ChannelWOM Random Video Stats95-380.0137,503-160138.4 MTweet
Cheb AngeloCheb Angelo YouTube ChannelCheb Angelo Video Stats96-38-0.129,314-1319109 KTweet
MinnesotaPranksMinnesotaPranks YouTube ChannelMinnesotaPranks Video Stats97-370.02,018,459852-1151.3K326.6 MTweet
albertosonalbertoson YouTube Channelalbertoson Video Stats98-370.01,334,9931533-20600Tweet
xRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking GaxRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking Ga YouTube ChannelxRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking Ga Video Stats99-370.01,237,7981698-1892.4K201.8 MTweet
ChelseaLatelyChelseaLately YouTube ChannelChelseaLately Video Stats100-370.0331,7887517-4500Tweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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