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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Официальный канал КВНОфициальный канал КВН YouTube ChannelОфициальный канал КВН Video Stats1-2250.02,666,6706129705.8K1.38 BTweet
AHTIKIJIEPAHTIKIJIEP YouTube ChannelAHTIKIJIEP Video Stats2-202-0.1197,169-1216187.7 MTweet
SiselPROSiselPRO YouTube ChannelSiselPRO Video Stats3-1060.0587,1434484575419198.4 MTweet
Epic Meal TimeEpic Meal Time YouTube ChannelEpic Meal Time Video Stats4-890.07,039,192136-247521906.1 MTweet
JumpinthepackJumpinthepack YouTube ChannelJumpinthepack Video Stats5-680.0741,9013431-6351K294.1 MTweet
AlexRamirezGamingAlexRamirezGaming YouTube ChannelAlexRamirezGaming Video Stats6-590.0142,3064,6371013.5 MTweet
OperaOpera YouTube ChannelOpera Video Stats7-510.0230,8911415335.8 MTweet
Avrupa MüzikAvrupa Müzik YouTube ChannelAvrupa Müzik Video Stats8-390.0138,591-3,1031.9K164.2 MTweet
durianriderdurianrider YouTube Channeldurianrider Video Stats9-350.0198,402-583.1K140.8 MTweet
TheBroadwayShowTheBroadwayShow YouTube ChannelTheBroadwayShow Video Stats10-330.0947,47625842262.7K396.6 MTweet
악어 유튜브악어 유튜브 YouTube Channel악어 유튜브 Video Stats11-310.01,075,9322215-5532.4K602.2 MTweet
Christopher OflyngChristopher Oflyng YouTube ChannelChristopher Oflyng Video Stats12-290.0729,62534993,61211335.2 MTweet
RAP IS NOWRAP IS NOW YouTube ChannelRAP IS NOW Video Stats13-270.0670,705383678504145.1 MTweet
LAKORNHD Thaitv (Official)LAKORNHD Thaitv (Official) YouTube ChannelLAKORNHD Thaitv (Official) Video Stats14-260.01,261,3381813-15100Tweet
Masyaka GriefMasyaka Grief YouTube ChannelMasyaka Grief Video Stats15-260.0896,2882754-633505104.2 MTweet
SethBlingSethBling YouTube ChannelSethBling Video Stats16-250.01,934,801992-1,442909478.8 MTweet
최고기최고기 YouTube Channel최고기 Video Stats17-250.0491,78254161861.8K154.6 MTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats18-240.010,586,19459-9548013.01 BTweet
HappyAndFitDanceHappyAndFitDance YouTube ChannelHappyAndFitDance Video Stats19-230.0129,1624219017.4 MTweet
atimeonlineatimeonline YouTube Channelatimeonline Video Stats20-220.0537,83449281142K241.5 MTweet
The New ShowThe New Show YouTube ChannelThe New Show Video Stats21-220.0211,631-35800Tweet
The Puzzle TechThe Puzzle Tech YouTube ChannelThe Puzzle Tech Video Stats22-210.0508,2305236-58941271.5 MTweet
GalileoRUGalileoRU YouTube ChannelGalileoRU Video Stats23-200.0838,86329635761.3K229.8 MTweet
Momotaro・m・channelMomotaro・m・channel YouTube ChannelMomotaro・m・channel Video Stats24-200.0304,7328833-2054788.3 MTweet
♡ l e x x y♡ l e x x y YouTube Channel♡ l e x x y Video Stats25-20-0.118,830-179975 KTweet
コスケのパズドラ究極攻略TVコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV YouTube Channelコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV Video Stats26-190.0775,2303254-2432.7K611.9 MTweet
Drew MalinoDrew Malino YouTube ChannelDrew Malino Video Stats27-180.0433,0056217-6917041.2 MTweet
TobyGamesTobyGames YouTube ChannelTobyGames Video Stats28-170.06,912,697139-2,5814.8K2 BTweet
Vodka CraftVodka Craft YouTube ChannelVodka Craft Video Stats29-170.0257,712-48775.8 MTweet
YouNowLXYouNowLX YouTube ChannelYouNowLX Video Stats30-170.0134,5626832815.4 MTweet
Lauren ElizabethLauren Elizabeth YouTube ChannelLauren Elizabeth Video Stats31-160.01,246,146184034341170.9 MTweet
Jeydon WaleJeydon Wale YouTube ChannelJeydon Wale Video Stats32-160.0812,47030808714178.3 MTweet
LoganMckay55LoganMckay55 YouTube ChannelLoganMckay55 Video Stats33-160.0405,40266391541830.1 MTweet
Dmitry ChipovskyDmitry Chipovsky YouTube ChannelDmitry Chipovsky Video Stats34-160.0362,8067483-35335635.8 MTweet
ungeunge YouTube Channelunge Video Stats35-150.01,397,8931588-40200Tweet
ExclamationPointYTExclamationPointYT YouTube ChannelExclamationPointYT Video Stats36-150.0837,3332969-25213733.1 MTweet
Irmak TVIrmak TV YouTube ChannelIrmak TV Video Stats37-150.030,472-635.1K6.8 MTweet
Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis YouTube ChannelLauren Curtis Video Stats38-140.03,536,321395653249251.6 MTweet
LoL EsportsLoL Esports YouTube ChannelLoL Esports Video Stats39-140.02,018,712933-1,6274.1K535.6 MTweet
The Axis of AwesomeThe Axis of Awesome YouTube ChannelThe Axis of Awesome Video Stats40-140.0296,8469076397648.7 MTweet
Nibbles OfficialNibbles Official YouTube ChannelNibbles Official Video Stats41-140.0250,2224624226 MTweet
ReiDoGadoReiDoGado YouTube ChannelReiDoGado Video Stats42-140.0121,09522163.4 MTweet
MachinimaMachinima YouTube ChannelMachinima Video Stats43-130.012,713,71133-5,59326.3K5.67 BTweet
Star WarsStar Wars YouTube ChannelStar Wars Video Stats44-130.01,587,8881335316756452.3 MTweet official YouTube official Video Stats45-130.0964,1432529-3,23941.5 MTweet
Cassandra BanksonCassandra Bankson YouTube ChannelCassandra Bankson Video Stats46-130.0802,0323131-43932121.2 MTweet
Diana DiazDiana Diaz YouTube ChannelDiana Diaz Video Stats47-130.0528,16450171,1644894.2 MTweet
banabakbanabak YouTube Channelbanabak Video Stats48-130.0305,0078825-1616220.3 MTweet
중력유튜브중력유튜브 YouTube Channel중력유튜브 Video Stats49-130.0265,628-2161.6K51.1 MTweet
マックスむらいマックスむらい YouTube Channelマックスむらい Video Stats50-120.01,480,9641474-2395.7K1.45 BTweet
Colleen VlogsColleen Vlogs YouTube ChannelColleen Vlogs Video Stats51-120.0857,403288849717049.5 MTweet
JoshOGJoshOG YouTube ChannelJoshOG Video Stats52-120.0255,654-57057428.7 MTweet
BethanysLifeBethanysLife YouTube ChannelBethanysLife Video Stats53-110.02,371,577752-4287670.9 MTweet
sawyerhartmansawyerhartman YouTube Channelsawyerhartman Video Stats54-110.01,752,49911491438288.5 MTweet
ZexyZekZexyZek YouTube ChannelZexyZek Video Stats55-110.01,473,2011488-1,633819276.1 MTweet
Великое противостояниеВеликое противостояние YouTube ChannelВеликое противостояние Video Stats56-110.0373,7057243-1582417.8 MTweet
dodgedloldodgedlol YouTube Channeldodgedlol Video Stats57-110.0328,8288231-50619380.8 MTweet
LiveSciFiLiveSciFi YouTube ChannelLiveSciFi Video Stats58-110.0313,712860330738548.3 MTweet
핑맨유튜브핑맨유튜브 YouTube Channel핑맨유튜브 Video Stats59-110.0302,5128912-24438136.7 MTweet
RAP.RURAP.RU YouTube ChannelRAP.RU Video Stats60-110.0116,1783946560 MTweet
KeyoriKeyori YouTube ChannelKeyori Video Stats61-100.0933,2492626-1,406321332.3 MTweet
ungefilmtungefilmt YouTube Channelungefilmt Video Stats62-100.0860,2392879-30400Tweet
MLGCODMLGCOD YouTube ChannelMLGCOD Video Stats63-100.0555,8694763-2674.8K62 MTweet
늪지대에서 생긴 일늪지대에서 생긴 일 YouTube Channel늪지대에서 생긴 일 Video Stats64-100.0433,1276215-3021.6K276.3 MTweet
megumi sakauemegumi sakaue YouTube Channelmegumi sakaue Video Stats65-100.0170,649322.5K70.3 MTweet
QuotenKadlQuotenKadl YouTube ChannelQuotenKadl Video Stats66-100.0102,539-802124.1 MTweet
OmazeOmaze YouTube ChannelOmaze Video Stats67-100.033,30410928135.8 MTweet
batinthesunbatinthesun YouTube Channelbatinthesun Video Stats68-90.01,692,8471226491109234.4 MTweet
Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi (BKM)Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi (BKM) YouTube ChannelBeşiktaş Kültür Merkezi (BKM) Video Stats69-90.0423,57363512,0893.4K438.5 MTweet
TRAPA Clash of ClansTRAPA Clash of Clans YouTube ChannelTRAPA Clash of Clans Video Stats70-90.0362,867748225557455.4 MTweet
Melonie MacMelonie Mac YouTube ChannelMelonie Mac Video Stats71-90.0339,6157971-37054825.1 MTweet
MasterChar - GamingMasterChar - Gaming YouTube ChannelMasterChar - Gaming Video Stats72-90.0238,6168427522.5 MTweet
shodleechshodleech YouTube Channelshodleech Video Stats73-90.0189,257-3001391.4 MTweet
Ale90cbAle90cb YouTube ChannelAle90cb Video Stats74-90.0132,348781926.2 MTweet
The Young TurksThe Young Turks YouTube ChannelThe Young Turks Video Stats75-80.03,033,8704981,60425.8K2.89 BTweet
TobyTurnerTobyTurner YouTube ChannelTobyTurner Video Stats76-80.02,032,436919-511.8K365.6 MTweet
TWOSYNCTWOSYNC YouTube ChannelTWOSYNC Video Stats77-80.01,227,8201866-8641.4K387.6 MTweet
SoFloPranksSoFloPranks YouTube ChannelSoFloPranks Video Stats78-80.0870,3382843-1497122 KTweet
deefizzydeefizzy YouTube Channeldeefizzy Video Stats79-80.0658,1083921-7110146.8 MTweet
HyunHyun YouTube ChannelHyun Video Stats80-80.0521,3995092368698.2 MTweet
멋사유튜브멋사유튜브 YouTube Channel멋사유튜브 Video Stats81-80.0344,7977855-25665949.2 MTweet
DutchtuberDutchtuber YouTube ChannelDutchtuber Video Stats82-80.0225,000-14115342.2 MTweet
Los juguetes de ArantxaLos juguetes de Arantxa YouTube ChannelLos juguetes de Arantxa Video Stats83-80.0129,64764143375.1 MTweet
박리타유튜브박리타유튜브 YouTube Channel박리타유튜브 Video Stats84-80.0120,845-1351042.5 MTweet
FX NetworksFX Networks YouTube ChannelFX Networks Video Stats85-80.091,5855527111.2 MTweet
BJ뚱녀BJ뚱녀 YouTube ChannelBJ뚱녀 Video Stats86-80.072,6457654224.7 MTweet
Volkan YILDIZVolkan YILDIZ YouTube ChannelVolkan YILDIZ Video Stats87-80.060,037202514 KTweet
kevjumbakevjumba YouTube Channelkevjumba Video Stats88-70.02,899,873531-11748183.8 MTweet
MakeupbyMandy24MakeupbyMandy24 YouTube ChannelMakeupbyMandy24 Video Stats89-70.02,892,025534301345214.5 MTweet
GLEEGLEE YouTube ChannelGLEE Video Stats90-70.02,108,953874-2228225.6 MTweet
NobodyEpicNobodyEpic YouTube ChannelNobodyEpic Video Stats91-70.01,455,6121511-465849168.9 MTweet
DJ BL3NDDJ BL3ND YouTube ChannelDJ BL3ND Video Stats92-70.01,422,0951559312421.3 MTweet
Jack Vale FilmsJack Vale Films YouTube ChannelJack Vale Films Video Stats93-70.01,328,98616908719304.4 MTweet
VidisVidis YouTube ChannelVidis Video Stats94-70.0985,3952466-1,915232 KTweet
TaddlTaddl YouTube ChannelTaddl Video Stats95-70.0732,7453485-16200Tweet
ImAnderZELImAnderZEL YouTube ChannelImAnderZEL Video Stats96-70.0650,3393979-6083.4K134.4 MTweet
PolarisPolaris YouTube ChannelPolaris Video Stats97-70.0627,7924145-7571.7K144.5 MTweet
YOGSCAST NilesyYOGSCAST Nilesy YouTube ChannelYOGSCAST Nilesy Video Stats98-70.0616,2834257-5241.1K65.3 MTweet
JJayJokerJJayJoker YouTube ChannelJJayJoker Video Stats99-70.0527,1555026-403611143.7 MTweet
Kiralık AşkKiralık Aşk YouTube ChannelKiralık Aşk Video Stats100-70.0508,3665232374951635.7 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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