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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
SportsSports YouTube ChannelSports Video Stats1-780.077,442,6633-39200Tweet
GamingGaming YouTube ChannelGaming Video Stats2-640.078,738,603249800Tweet
YouTube NewsYouTube News YouTube ChannelYouTube News Video Stats3-560.034,088,9314-91000Tweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats4-350.09,891,83127-55900Tweet
Alternative Rock - TopicAlternative Rock - Topic YouTube ChannelAlternative Rock - Topic Video Stats5-150.05,407,34386-19400Tweet
StyleHaulStyleHaul YouTube ChannelStyleHaul Video Stats6-150.0485,06220279859342.3 MTweet
Dave DaysDave Days YouTube ChannelDave Days Video Stats7-130.01,630,23450144186356.5 MTweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats8-120.02,433,672291-9500Tweet
wickydkewlwickydkewl YouTube Channelwickydkewl Video Stats9-120.0771,4381210408486197.7 MTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats10-110.01,015,871895-942358134.3 MTweet
maxmoefoegamesmaxmoefoegames YouTube Channelmaxmoefoegames Video Stats11-110.0505,884194459525686.9 MTweet
Cat - TopicCat - Topic YouTube ChannelCat - Topic Video Stats12-100.04,176,186126-22400Tweet
sawyerhartmansawyerhartman YouTube Channelsawyerhartman Video Stats13-100.01,777,699450-9712461.4 MTweet
テラスハウステラスハウス YouTube Channelテラスハウス Video Stats14-100.0338,5833025-9150113.8 MTweet
MicrosoftMicrosoft YouTube ChannelMicrosoft Video Stats15-100.0217,197475115220016 MTweet
ROCCATROCCAT YouTube ChannelROCCAT Video Stats16-100.086,942-1092223.3 MTweet
lukeconardlukeconard YouTube Channellukeconard Video Stats17-90.0482,3752039-4912052.2 MTweet
Glove and BootsGlove and Boots YouTube ChannelGlove and Boots Video Stats18-90.0244,205425213319138 MTweet
The Axis of AwesomeThe Axis of Awesome YouTube ChannelThe Axis of Awesome Video Stats19-90.0203,5265057836632.1 MTweet
unschwerunschwer YouTube Channelunschwer Video Stats20-90.0130,69876578700Tweet
AXE RussiaAXE Russia YouTube ChannelAXE Russia Video Stats21-90.085,728-1348425.9 MTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic Video Stats22-80.02,519,793274-15600Tweet
YouTubeShowsFRYouTubeShowsFR YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsFR Video Stats23-80.02,402,276297-4700Tweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats24-80.01,051,277851-3224814.1 MTweet
One Direction - TopicOne Direction - Topic YouTube ChannelOne Direction - Topic Video Stats25-70.04,462,967109-18700Tweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic Video Stats26-70.02,869,363220-16000Tweet
YouTube NationYouTube Nation YouTube ChannelYouTube Nation Video Stats27-70.02,071,870367-8232548.8 MTweet
BreakingNYCBreakingNYC YouTube ChannelBreakingNYC Video Stats28-70.0764,1011223-9900Tweet
LoganMckay55LoganMckay55 YouTube ChannelLoganMckay55 Video Stats29-70.0322,03432078429020.1 MTweet
YPlayYPlay YouTube ChannelYPlay Video Stats30-70.0298,9393500-20453730.6 MTweet
Киноконцерн \"Мосфильм\"Киноконцерн \Киноконцерн \31-70.0230,534449517452445.2 MTweet
ladiedottieladiedottie YouTube Channelladiedottie Video Stats32-70.097,0849940-521.2K18.1 MTweet
Gary The GoatGary The Goat YouTube ChannelGary The Goat Video Stats33-70.057,063411506.3 MTweet
Pop Music - TopicPop Music - Topic YouTube ChannelPop Music - Topic Video Stats34-60.011,977,04417-14000Tweet
Hip Hop Music - TopicHip Hop Music - Topic YouTube ChannelHip Hop Music - Topic Video Stats35-60.09,336,49628-14100Tweet
League of Legends - TopicLeague of Legends - Topic YouTube ChannelLeague of Legends - Topic Video Stats36-60.01,494,370551-9300Tweet
tubegameplayertubegameplayer YouTube Channeltubegameplayer Video Stats37-60.0171,4866001-521.5K103.1 MTweet
Reckless TortugaReckless Tortuga YouTube ChannelReckless Tortuga Video Stats38-50.01,131,156762-53398265.4 MTweet
AnthonyPadillaAnthonyPadilla YouTube ChannelAnthonyPadilla Video Stats39-50.01,121,8987681554644.5 MTweet
HDstarcraftHDstarcraft YouTube ChannelHDstarcraft Video Stats40-50.0379,6502661-591.6K192.9 MTweet
SkyDoesThingsSkyDoesThings YouTube ChannelSkyDoesThings Video Stats41-50.0352,4042888-15252.7 MTweet
MarquesZeroMarquesZero YouTube ChannelMarquesZero Video Stats42-50.0302,68034426838720.3 MTweet
Fiss MortuneFiss Mortune YouTube ChannelFiss Mortune Video Stats43-50.0237,3224374-281.5K58 MTweet
Dexter ManningDexter Manning YouTube ChannelDexter Manning Video Stats44-50.0216,1574777-250266 KTweet
DavayLaymaDavayLayma YouTube ChannelDavayLayma Video Stats45-50.0196,8285225-121826 MTweet
szigetofficialszigetofficial YouTube Channelszigetofficial Video Stats46-50.0174,10659102269918 MTweet
Задор ТВЗадор ТВ YouTube ChannelЗадор ТВ Video Stats47-50.0172,744596128940425.4 MTweet
jtunecampjtunecamp YouTube Channeljtunecamp Video Stats48-50.0168,27561071279637.6 MTweet
LoveLaughAndMakeupLoveLaughAndMakeup YouTube ChannelLoveLaughAndMakeup Video Stats49-50.0114,3738642231153.7 MTweet
WildStarOnlineWildStarOnline YouTube ChannelWildStarOnline Video Stats50-50.0111,8948800-8816416.5 MTweet
IAPROJECTIAPROJECT YouTube ChannelIAPROJECT Video Stats51-50.074,898536335.2 MTweet
TV ShowsTV Shows YouTube ChannelTV Shows Video Stats52-40.011,675,7861918600Tweet
YOGSCAST SjinYOGSCAST Sjin YouTube ChannelYOGSCAST Sjin Video Stats53-40.01,933,540398231904351.7 MTweet
Lyrics - TopicLyrics - Topic YouTube ChannelLyrics - Topic Video Stats54-40.01,806,791441-9300Tweet
Esporte InterativoEsporte Interativo YouTube ChannelEsporte Interativo Video Stats55-40.0785,536118128518.2K210.1 MTweet
16bitsam16bitsam YouTube Channel16bitsam Video Stats56-40.0396,7302538-31716817.1 MTweet
JoeNationTVJoeNationTV YouTube ChannelJoeNationTV Video Stats57-40.0371,6472731-2513419.4 MTweet
DieseSchuleRocktDieseSchuleRockt YouTube ChannelDieseSchuleRockt Video Stats58-40.0322,8833195-7000Tweet
★ Sasha_BANG ★ World of Tanks ★★ Sasha_BANG ★ World of Tanks ★ YouTube Channel★ Sasha_BANG ★ World of Tanks ★ Video Stats59-40.0139,8627230-1821515.7 MTweet
CarambafootballCarambafootball YouTube ChannelCarambafootball Video Stats60-40.0135,8987423-23587.4 MTweet
GLAMSSGLAMSS YouTube ChannelGLAMSS Video Stats61-40.0103,45794112231375.9 MTweet
ToysTVToysTV YouTube ChannelToysTV Video Stats62-40.098,3209842-2012546 KTweet
PoisonKillPoisonKill YouTube ChannelPoisonKill Video Stats63-40.093,495-72403.1 MTweet
RickyRichardstvRickyRichardstv YouTube ChannelRickyRichardstv Video Stats64-40.081,067-311615 MTweet
yeti dynamicsyeti dynamics YouTube Channelyeti dynamics Video Stats65-40.063,64461108 MTweet
CreedCinemaCreedCinema YouTube ChannelCreedCinema Video Stats66-40.059,03320321 KTweet
MrHelferSyndromMrHelferSyndrom YouTube ChannelMrHelferSyndrom Video Stats67-40.034,15622505 MTweet
Ella PolettiElla Poletti YouTube ChannelElla Poletti Video Stats68-4-0.13,1141325295 KTweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats69-30.03,083,3611911200Tweet
Dog - TopicDog - Topic YouTube ChannelDog - Topic Video Stats70-30.02,991,974204-12600Tweet
FilmsFilms YouTube ChannelFilms Video Stats71-30.02,487,6632821900Tweet
TV Shows - UKTV Shows - UK YouTube ChannelTV Shows - UK Video Stats72-30.02,269,237329-1300Tweet
Dubstep - TopicDubstep - Topic YouTube ChannelDubstep - Topic Video Stats73-30.01,492,912552-8100Tweet
OMGFactsOfficialOMGFactsOfficial YouTube ChannelOMGFactsOfficial Video Stats74-30.0581,5611660-1077537.3 MTweet
The YOMYOMF NetworkThe YOMYOMF Network YouTube ChannelThe YOMYOMF Network Video Stats75-30.0549,2911773-3539550.5 MTweet
BuzzVinesBuzzVines YouTube ChannelBuzzVines Video Stats76-30.0532,6851837-63356.2 MTweet
Whiteboy7thst2Whiteboy7thst2 YouTube ChannelWhiteboy7thst2 Video Stats77-30.0435,8562273-4055239.8 MTweet
wowcrendorwowcrendor YouTube Channelwowcrendor Video Stats78-30.0423,3802345174982117.2 MTweet
xteeenerxteeener YouTube Channelxteeener Video Stats79-30.0408,95124536342561 MTweet
AH CommunityAH Community YouTube ChannelAH Community Video Stats80-30.0326,96331421184K36.7 MTweet
kamikadzedeadkamikadzedead YouTube Channelkamikadzedead Video Stats81-30.0318,7963244220527120.2 MTweet
SkitScapeSkitScape YouTube ChannelSkitScape Video Stats82-30.0239,4614329-3534738.2 MTweet
ThePersianbabeThePersianbabe YouTube ChannelThePersianbabe Video Stats83-30.0216,378477212522414.9 MTweet
SykkunoSykkuno YouTube ChannelSykkuno Video Stats84-30.0212,76748546018529.6 MTweet
IAMLIAMPIAMLIAMP YouTube ChannelIAMLIAMP Video Stats85-30.0210,5744909-3100Tweet
lovinglaurenxlovinglaurenx YouTube Channellovinglaurenx Video Stats86-30.0202,288508313726915.2 MTweet
SubZeroSubZero YouTube ChannelSubZero Video Stats87-30.0197,9205187144267.1 MTweet
Espreso.TVEspreso.TV YouTube ChannelEspreso.TV Video Stats88-30.0180,43457243513.7K30.1 MTweet
옴므 YouTube옴므 YouTube YouTube Channel옴므 YouTube Video Stats89-30.0179,8125736556778.9 MTweet
Element Animation 2Element Animation 2 YouTube ChannelElement Animation 2 Video Stats90-30.0176,620583355194.8 MTweet
TwoAwesomeGamersTwoAwesomeGamers YouTube ChannelTwoAwesomeGamers Video Stats91-30.0176,6025834-1220244.1 MTweet
VYN tvVYN tv YouTube ChannelVYN tv Video Stats92-30.0174,2265904-38691.6 MTweet
BrenyBeast - MinecraftBrenyBeast - Minecraft YouTube ChannelBrenyBeast - Minecraft Video Stats93-30.0173,37259352081127.8 MTweet
Curse GamepediaCurse Gamepedia YouTube ChannelCurse Gamepedia Video Stats94-30.0168,0646118-653061.6 MTweet
VineyVideosVineyVideos YouTube ChannelVineyVideos Video Stats95-30.0150,7896765-56387 KTweet YouTube Video Stats96-30.0135,8557425477.1K276.5 MTweet
MidnightMovieMasalaMidnightMovieMasala YouTube ChannelMidnightMovieMasala Video Stats97-30.0135,5237437411217.2 MTweet
DrM4sterCraftDrM4sterCraft YouTube ChannelDrM4sterCraft Video Stats98-30.0132,7877554-1927520 KTweet
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats99-30.0119,5438300-32334.7 MTweet
PMRantsPMRants YouTube ChannelPMRants Video Stats100-30.084,2124779 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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