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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
UbisoftSpainUbisoftSpain YouTube ChannelUbisoftSpain Video Stats1-1460.0534,15219141,67511817.3 MTweet
SportsSports YouTube ChannelSports Video Stats2-730.077,394,1953-1,38000Tweet
YouTube NewsYouTube News YouTube ChannelYouTube News Video Stats3-540.034,053,5204-1,00800Tweet
albertosonalbertoson YouTube Channelalbertoson Video Stats4-520.01,341,852640297400197.6 MTweet
ТО \"Gazgolder\"ТО \ТО \5-330.0344,3853107224558229.7 MTweet
PocoyoPocoyo YouTube ChannelPocoyo Video Stats6-300.01,361,8296291,9434811.19 BTweet
AsKaGangstaAsKaGangsta YouTube ChannelAsKaGangsta Video Stats7-230.0180,37259521781768.6 MTweet
Minecraft - TopicMinecraft - Topic YouTube ChannelMinecraft - Topic Video Stats8-210.09,872,55527-55300Tweet
AngerfistAngerfist YouTube ChannelAngerfist Video Stats9-180.0157,617676024329633.9 MTweet
Cat - TopicCat - Topic YouTube ChannelCat - Topic Video Stats10-170.04,168,471134-22200Tweet
Mr. KateMr. Kate YouTube ChannelMr. Kate Video Stats11-160.0309,30335214625620.2 MTweet
MobileReviewcomMobileReviewcom YouTube ChannelMobileReviewcom Video Stats12-160.0200,47653242661.6K72 MTweet
Minecraft UniverseMinecraft Universe YouTube ChannelMinecraft Universe Video Stats13-150.02,285,210335291.1K275 MTweet
The Fooo ConspiracyThe Fooo Conspiracy YouTube ChannelThe Fooo Conspiracy Video Stats14-140.058,4881462310.6 MTweet
Gary The GoatGary The Goat YouTube ChannelGary The Goat Video Stats15-130.058,103281946.7 MTweet
GLEEGLEE YouTube ChannelGLEE Video Stats16-110.02,013,244395-3709522.6 MTweet
テラスハウステラスハウス YouTube Channelテラスハウス Video Stats17-110.0331,7083258-190150114.8 MTweet
Dog - TopicDog - Topic YouTube ChannelDog - Topic Video Stats18-100.02,987,540214-12900Tweet
Rev3GamesRev3Games YouTube ChannelRev3Games Video Stats19-100.0426,9242444-5921.2K73.6 MTweet
Pop Music - TopicPop Music - Topic YouTube ChannelPop Music - Topic Video Stats20-90.011,978,686186100Tweet
League of Legends - TopicLeague of Legends - Topic YouTube ChannelLeague of Legends - Topic Video Stats21-90.01,490,992565-9800Tweet
JayFluentJayFluent YouTube ChannelJayFluent Video Stats22-90.0388,1252725-1213037.3 MTweet
Kinder Star TVKinder Star TV YouTube ChannelKinder Star TV Video Stats23-90.0134,9227735-39137688 KTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops II - Topic Video Stats24-80.02,514,549287-15100Tweet
sawyerhartmansawyerhartman YouTube Channelsawyerhartman Video Stats25-80.01,766,835470-37014063.1 MTweet
juicystar07juicystar07 YouTube Channeljuicystar07 Video Stats26-80.01,742,281477183437257.4 MTweet
Alex DayAlex Day YouTube ChannelAlex Day Video Stats27-80.01,000,936950-398362135.1 MTweet
DailyMixDailyMix YouTube ChannelDailyMix Video Stats28-80.0515,021200218341341 MTweet
lukeconardlukeconard YouTube Channellukeconard Video Stats29-80.0482,6692133912152.9 MTweet
SummerBreakSummerBreak YouTube ChannelSummerBreak Video Stats30-80.0352,89630382912741.6 MTweet
OTTComedyOTTComedy YouTube ChannelOTTComedy Video Stats31-80.0235,78945807021015.8 MTweet
BlameTheControllerBlameTheController YouTube ChannelBlameTheController Video Stats32-80.0168,0456355-215778.6 MTweet
Dr JiajiaDr Jiajia YouTube ChannelDr Jiajia Video Stats33-80.055,9591120714.5 MTweet
Call of Duty: Black Ops - TopicCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic YouTube ChannelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Topic Video Stats34-70.02,863,850232-15800Tweet
ChimneySwift11ChimneySwift11 YouTube ChannelChimneySwift11 Video Stats35-70.01,900,3294261052.9K490.8 MTweet
CinemassacreCinemassacre YouTube ChannelCinemassacre Video Stats36-70.01,633,036514607477565.3 MTweet
Dubstep - TopicDubstep - Topic YouTube ChannelDubstep - Topic Video Stats37-70.01,490,560566-6500Tweet
TeamCraftedTeamCrafted YouTube ChannelTeamCrafted Video Stats38-70.01,041,410909-2754814.3 MTweet
superamazingprojectsuperamazingproject YouTube Channelsuperamazingproject Video Stats39-70.0531,4891924-1,3174823.4 MTweet
16bitsam16bitsam YouTube Channel16bitsam Video Stats40-70.0376,0892816-45518917.6 MTweet
Zooc Does StuffZooc Does Stuff YouTube ChannelZooc Does Stuff Video Stats41-70.059,815104646.5 MTweet
comedozcomedoz YouTube Channelcomedoz Video Stats42-60.01,363,753627946252.2 MTweet
BreakingNYCBreakingNYC YouTube ChannelBreakingNYC Video Stats43-60.0760,9011294-9200Tweet
MaddysonShowMaddysonShow YouTube ChannelMaddysonShow Video Stats44-60.0617,8531627533247 MTweet
monarkplaymonarkplay YouTube Channelmonarkplay Video Stats45-60.0575,5001757-6615120 MTweet
MaxNoSleevesMaxNoSleeves YouTube ChannelMaxNoSleeves Video Stats46-60.0518,9071973-5413940.9 MTweet
Chloe and HalleChloe and Halle YouTube ChannelChloe and Halle Video Stats47-60.0492,06320813035439 MTweet
CiderhelmCiderhelm YouTube ChannelCiderhelm Video Stats48-60.0231,3434666-17851104 MTweet
Le Christ RoiLe Christ Roi YouTube ChannelLe Christ Roi Video Stats49-60.0203,0915260-51247 KTweet
DroidModderX ROOT MasterDroidModderX ROOT Master YouTube ChannelDroidModderX ROOT Master Video Stats50-60.041,751876468.5 MTweet
DailyYouDailyYou YouTube ChannelDailyYou Video Stats51-50.02,168,064361-3881K248.4 MTweet
YouTube NationYouTube Nation YouTube ChannelYouTube Nation Video Stats52-50.02,076,83938318435352.9 MTweet
Elle FowlerElle Fowler YouTube ChannelElle Fowler Video Stats53-50.01,303,086667217469167.4 MTweet
carambaworldcarambaworld YouTube Channelcarambaworld Video Stats54-50.0365,0872918-8621064.4 MTweet
TELEFONINOpuntoNETTELEFONINOpuntoNET YouTube ChannelTELEFONINOpuntoNET Video Stats55-50.0343,3623123512K114.3 MTweet
darkviktorydarkviktory YouTube Channeldarkviktory Video Stats56-50.0323,155335031018823.4 MTweet
MinecraftedMinecrafted YouTube ChannelMinecrafted Video Stats57-50.0200,8875318865332.1 MTweet
miniwargamingminiwargaming YouTube Channelminiwargaming Video Stats58-50.0152,5346961753.1K54.4 MTweet
Jill CimorelliJill Cimorelli YouTube ChannelJill Cimorelli Video Stats59-50.0109,81593141472225.4 MTweet
Tech NewsTech News YouTube ChannelTech News Video Stats60-50.0107,9519431-11734.8 MTweet
dZ CinemadZ Cinema YouTube ChanneldZ Cinema Video Stats61-50.084,30856.9K12.5 MTweet
SpielwieseSpielwiese YouTube ChannelSpielwiese Video Stats62-50.055,046-24361 MTweet
Thomas Hraje!Thomas Hraje! YouTube ChannelThomas Hraje! Video Stats63-50.051,530442645.9 MTweet
SmashBrosIGNSmashBrosIGN YouTube ChannelSmashBrosIGN Video Stats64-50.036,7606176884 KTweet
Expert ReloadExpert Reload YouTube ChannelExpert Reload Video Stats65-50.012,912-1026165 KTweet
YouTube SpotlightYouTube Spotlight YouTube ChannelYouTube Spotlight Video Stats66-40.02,352,476325-404718.5 MTweet
CavemanFilmsCavemanFilms YouTube ChannelCavemanFilms Video Stats67-40.01,244,744708286864179 MTweet
KermitPlaysKermitPlays YouTube ChannelKermitPlays Video Stats68-40.0814,2851196-10754937 MTweet
MrDiabl0x9MrDiabl0x9 YouTube ChannelMrDiabl0x9 Video Stats69-40.0515,3222000-316638.6 MTweet
Allison AndersonAllison Anderson YouTube ChannelAllison Anderson Video Stats70-40.0428,026243510524925.4 MTweet
joserobjrjoserobjr YouTube Channeljoserobjr Video Stats71-40.0387,569273216461151.9 MTweet
rockinrioeuvourockinrioeuvou YouTube Channelrockinrioeuvou Video Stats72-40.0344,2103109-184207.9 MTweet
myISHmyISH YouTube ChannelmyISH Video Stats73-40.0336,28032072947339.6 MTweet
GwidTGwidT YouTube ChannelGwidT Video Stats74-40.0332,5233246-6720Tweet
gwabirgwabir YouTube Channelgwabir Video Stats75-40.0297,265370433457239.9 MTweet
YPlayYPlay YouTube ChannelYPlay Video Stats76-40.0294,7343727-11453731.4 MTweet
VoyAPorElloVoyAPorEllo YouTube ChannelVoyAPorEllo Video Stats77-40.0220,457487412286431.4 MTweet
ArcadeCloudArcadeCloud YouTube ChannelArcadeCloud Video Stats78-40.0211,401506421435.9 MTweet YouTube Video Stats79-40.0185,22258019993126.9 MTweet
LNDinizGamesLNDinizGames YouTube ChannelLNDinizGames Video Stats80-40.0174,12161452376279.6 MTweet
FenX08FenX08 YouTube ChannelFenX08 Video Stats81-40.0162,3116571-27226.7 MTweet
Lily MelroseLily Melrose YouTube ChannelLily Melrose Video Stats82-40.0153,50969161581836.9 MTweet
DiscoveryCraftersDiscoveryCrafters YouTube ChannelDiscoveryCrafters Video Stats83-40.0132,7667854-114312.2 MTweet
ArkasArkas YouTube ChannelArkas Video Stats84-40.0128,1378114-313365.3 MTweet
unschwerunschwer YouTube Channelunschwer Video Stats85-40.0127,3288157-8600Tweet
Helldog Gameplays!Helldog Gameplays! YouTube ChannelHelldog Gameplays! Video Stats86-40.0118,0208737-262130 KTweet
TheGacchannelTheGacchannel YouTube ChannelTheGacchannel Video Stats87-40.092,844174248131.1 MTweet
PatiegoPatiego YouTube ChannelPatiego Video Stats88-40.056,787-2374 MTweet
★ パズドラ 最新速報 ★★ パズドラ 最新速報 ★ YouTube Channel★ パズドラ 最新速報 ★ Video Stats89-40.040,078-1152117 MTweet
RubenDelight Animates!RubenDelight Animates! YouTube ChannelRubenDelight Animates! Video Stats90-40.028,91301301.6 MTweet
エッグ矢沢エッグ矢沢 YouTube Channelエッグ矢沢 Video Stats91-40.023,312454538.2 MTweet
AlexDewareWalkerAlexDewareWalker YouTube ChannelAlexDewareWalker Video Stats92-40.019,803659821 KTweet
TehZombieManTehZombieMan YouTube ChannelTehZombieMan Video Stats93-4-0.14,9986345103 KTweet
One Direction - TopicOne Direction - Topic YouTube ChannelOne Direction - Topic Video Stats94-30.04,458,376120-126313116 KTweet
kevjumbakevjumba YouTube Channelkevjumba Video Stats95-30.03,022,893206-61115353.2 MTweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats96-30.02,429,347309-12500Tweet
Lyrics - TopicLyrics - Topic YouTube ChannelLyrics - Topic Video Stats97-30.01,803,449459-9500Tweet
TV Shows - WorldwideTV Shows - Worldwide YouTube ChannelTV Shows - Worldwide Video Stats98-30.01,720,932488-5000Tweet
Diabl0x9Diabl0x9 YouTube ChannelDiabl0x9 Video Stats99-30.01,674,957501317623243 MTweet
\"Спасибо\", Ева!\\100-30.0580,212174343371134 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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