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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
HarleyTBSHarleyTBS YouTube ChannelHarleyTBS Video Stats1-2,319-54.81,913594897 KTweet
JTQuick1JTQuick1 YouTube ChannelJTQuick1 Video Stats2-868-22.33,027444422 KTweet
H Berrios23H Berrios23 YouTube ChannelH Berrios23 Video Stats3-725-15.93,8472915182 KTweet
BlendtecBlendtec YouTube ChannelBlendtec Video Stats4-596-0.1915,1283264-163178280.4 MTweet
Redcon XRedcon X YouTube ChannelRedcon X Video Stats5-523-24.31,631-638617 KTweet
FidiTvFidiTv YouTube ChannelFidiTv Video Stats6-514-20.71,9643428 KTweet
Joseph VlogJoseph Vlog YouTube ChannelJoseph Vlog Video Stats7-358-9.83,2912428314 KTweet
RelocismRelocism YouTube ChannelRelocism Video Stats8-341-35.9610-924122 KTweet
Ramone-Gameplays en españolRamone-Gameplays en español YouTube ChannelRamone-Gameplays en español Video Stats9-311-11.22,46528153 KTweet
Bylaw's ChannelBylaw's Channel YouTube ChannelBylaw's Channel Video Stats10-239-23.876725621 KTweet
kamilos_89kamilos_89 YouTube Channelkamilos_89 Video Stats11-213-7.12,775112135 KTweet
all for the gameall for the game YouTube Channelall for the game Video Stats12-170-20.4665-652652 KTweet
Virtualdemon Q.MVirtualdemon Q.M YouTube ChannelVirtualdemon Q.M Video Stats13-162-19.168571694 KTweet
Vlog At15Vlog At15 YouTube ChannelVlog At15 Video Stats14-148-33.729162188 KTweet
LyricLyric YouTube ChannelLyric Video Stats15-144-8.61,5311100Tweet
MrLetsdancemusicMrLetsdancemusic YouTube ChannelMrLetsdancemusic Video Stats16-138-4.03,317-180121 KTweet
Rap im Fokus - Community ChannelRap im Fokus - Community Channel YouTube ChannelRap im Fokus - Community Channel Video Stats17-120-7.21,5431200Tweet
J21 TubeJ21 Tube YouTube ChannelJ21 Tube Video Stats18-108-7.81,273148991.3 MTweet
Alex 393Alex 393 YouTube ChannelAlex 393 Video Stats19-101-3.72,64520613 KTweet
Sallyce OfficialSallyce Official YouTube ChannelSallyce Official Video Stats20-101-8.71,063301366 KTweet
Jeffrey ThomasJeffrey Thomas YouTube ChannelJeffrey Thomas Video Stats21-97-2.43,9887186861 KTweet
FuzziedeliciousFuzziedelicious YouTube ChannelFuzziedelicious Video Stats22-96-7.41,207142411 KTweet
Freestyle ReplayFreestyle Replay YouTube ChannelFreestyle Replay Video Stats23-910.0678,5524601-642.2K101.3 MTweet
Phone Reviews and DealsPhone Reviews and Deals YouTube ChannelPhone Reviews and Deals Video Stats24-91-50.091-218 KTweet
iNSANiTYiNSANiTY YouTube ChanneliNSANiTY Video Stats25-90-2.73,303-153265 KTweet
Les Questions ConsLes Questions Cons YouTube ChannelLes Questions Cons Video Stats26-880.01,237,0102282546140134.6 MTweet
lacigreenlacigreen YouTube Channellacigreen Video Stats27-870.01,493,8751780-79162135.5 MTweet
Sommer Filmmusik | Filmmusik SchweizSommer Filmmusik | Filmmusik Schweiz YouTube ChannelSommer Filmmusik | Filmmusik Schweiz Video Stats28-86-8.59241289139 KTweet
PrankvsPrankPrankvsPrank YouTube ChannelPrankvsPrank Video Stats29-850.010,229,419743,2442081.81 BTweet
The Lego's GarageThe Lego's Garage YouTube ChannelThe Lego's Garage Video Stats30-75-49.377-3405 KTweet
Marina JoyceMarina Joyce YouTube ChannelMarina Joyce Video Stats31-730.02,165,2981037-366178179.1 MTweet
tamericaTVtamericaTV YouTube ChanneltamericaTV Video Stats32-72-3.12,25212106273 KTweet
Gf LeaderGf Leader YouTube ChannelGf Leader Video Stats33-68-2.32,840451813 KTweet
PolarisPolaris YouTube ChannelPolaris Video Stats34-610.0607,5025181-19515155.3 MTweet
EnzoPLay_YTEnzoPLay_YT YouTube ChannelEnzoPLay_YT Video Stats35-61-29.5146-21415 KTweet
Naiko GamingNaiko Gaming YouTube ChannelNaiko Gaming Video Stats36-53-4.51,1241913772 KTweet
Hannah BlairHannah Blair YouTube ChannelHannah Blair Video Stats37-500.0507,92863772049517.7 MTweet
DavidOlsonPlayzDavidOlsonPlayz YouTube ChannelDavidOlsonPlayz Video Stats38-50-37.085-16355Tweet
SerjeZizzoVEVOSerjeZizzoVEVO YouTube ChannelSerjeZizzoVEVO Video Stats39-46-6.6651221401 KTweet
CrazycatmanCrazycatman YouTube ChannelCrazycatman Video Stats40-43-1.43,1232343440 KTweet
DELTA T GAMEDELTA T GAME YouTube ChannelDELTA T GAME Video Stats41-43-17.7200-1316 KTweet
Kenny MoffittKenny Moffitt YouTube ChannelKenny Moffitt Video Stats42-380.0156,317-772256.8 MTweet
waelsewaelse YouTube Channelwaelse Video Stats43-38-1.03,72150384.1 MTweet
Ray William JohnsonRay  William Johnson YouTube ChannelRay  William Johnson Video Stats44-370.010,479,20467-7748023.01 BTweet
Maddi BraggMaddi Bragg YouTube ChannelMaddi Bragg Video Stats45-360.01,353,6802025-2231386.7 MTweet
salvevikssalveviks YouTube Channelsalveviks Video Stats46-36-2.91,1861412970 KTweet
ZexyZekZexyZek YouTube ChannelZexyZek Video Stats47-330.01,459,7031828-95842283.1 MTweet
sniparssnipars YouTube Channelsnipars Video Stats48-300.0309,217-7419139.8 MTweet
VaKe ShotsVaKe Shots YouTube ChannelVaKe Shots Video Stats49-30-19.5124-21806 KTweet
MachinimaMachinima YouTube ChannelMachinima Video Stats50-280.012,666,71046-58426.5K5.66 BTweet
LaMadelynnLaMadelynn YouTube ChannelLaMadelynn Video Stats51-280.0895,6183340-361906.7 MTweet
The Prank ReviewerThe Prank Reviewer YouTube ChannelThe Prank Reviewer Video Stats52-280.0202,539-13147724.3 MTweet
KJKidsKJKids YouTube ChannelKJKids Video Stats53-28-1.51,88992717 KTweet
sameer ambolkarsameer ambolkar YouTube Channelsameer ambolkar Video Stats54-28-17.9128-19510 KTweet
JaltoidJaltoid YouTube ChannelJaltoid Video Stats55-270.0783,9543894397790 MTweet
MasterOvMasterOv YouTube ChannelMasterOv Video Stats56-260.02,386,183907-281.7K779.5 MTweet
Mike D.Mike D. YouTube ChannelMike D. Video Stats57-25-0.73,74612174288 KTweet
Sunny SubsSunny Subs YouTube ChannelSunny Subs Video Stats58-25-1.22,108581072 KTweet
generasianxgenerasianx YouTube Channelgenerasianx Video Stats59-25-1.22,057501.2K4.4 MTweet
MODEROSAMODEROSA YouTube ChannelMODEROSA Video Stats60-25-1.51,594-13172 KTweet
Fly Guy EntertainmentFly Guy Entertainment YouTube ChannelFly Guy Entertainment Video Stats61-25-3.1786262371 KTweet
Gabriel Games NFGabriel Games NF YouTube ChannelGabriel Games NF Video Stats62-25-11.4194-117480Tweet
Digital InfotainmentDigital Infotainment YouTube ChannelDigital Infotainment Video Stats63-25-20.79608410Tweet
Fum4ik TVFum4ik TV YouTube ChannelFum4ik TV Video Stats64-24-11.4186292 KTweet
DeStorm PowerDeStorm Power YouTube ChannelDeStorm Power Video Stats65-230.01,833,0291347276322256.6 MTweet
DeadloxMCDeadloxMC YouTube ChannelDeadloxMC Video Stats66-220.02,132,7341064-6511.9K241.9 MTweet
makemebad35makemebad35 YouTube Channelmakemebad35 Video Stats67-220.01,988,8571188-68256289 MTweet
MaddoxMaddox YouTube ChannelMaddox Video Stats68-220.0313,128-256941 MTweet
LuroxLurox YouTube ChannelLurox Video Stats69-22-4.74466103 KTweet
Asmeer ShazilAsmeer Shazil YouTube ChannelAsmeer Shazil Video Stats70-22-8.1249491 KTweet
Deep As OceanDeep As Ocean YouTube ChannelDeep As Ocean Video Stats71-22-17.5104231 KTweet
TobyTurnerTobyTurner YouTube ChannelTobyTurner Video Stats72-210.02,002,6671174-3381.9K369.6 MTweet
USA SwimmingUSA Swimming YouTube ChannelUSA Swimming Video Stats73-210.065,997-148.7K39.7 MTweet
Travis ClarkTravis Clark YouTube ChannelTravis Clark Video Stats74-200.0273,2152747245.5 MTweet
allegralouiseallegralouise YouTube Channelallegralouise Video Stats75-200.0178,51711829910.9 MTweet
BlazerBlazer YouTube ChannelBlazer Video Stats76-200.089,814-171574.7 MTweet
TGM TheGamingMasterTGM TheGamingMaster YouTube ChannelTGM TheGamingMaster Video Stats77-19-2.964011302 KTweet
Jerome Thug Love JonesJerome Thug Love Jones YouTube ChannelJerome Thug Love Jones Video Stats78-180.0340,3569563-399411.9 MTweet
YouTubeDude GamingYouTubeDude Gaming YouTube ChannelYouTubeDude Gaming Video Stats79-170.0674,1044631-5894896.4 MTweet
AGayGuyPlaysAGayGuyPlays YouTube ChannelAGayGuyPlays Video Stats80-170.051,3172656513.1 MTweet
Tune CollectiveTune Collective YouTube ChannelTune Collective Video Stats81-17-0.43,9953613267 KTweet
GPUabuseGPUabuse YouTube ChannelGPUabuse Video Stats82-17-0.53,2031221663 KTweet
LokoInteiroLokoInteiro YouTube ChannelLokoInteiro Video Stats83-17-2.3710-172 KTweet
TheBajanCanadianTheBajanCanadian YouTube ChannelTheBajanCanadian Video Stats84-160.05,815,5072187483.5K1.68 BTweet
Lv PrimeLv Prime YouTube ChannelLv Prime Video Stats85-160.0301,838896746 MTweet
The Música & CienciaThe Música & Ciencia YouTube ChannelThe Música & Ciencia Video Stats86-16-0.43,67415188469 KTweet
PoptartEthernetPoptartEthernet YouTube ChannelPoptartEthernet Video Stats87-16-0.72,188525638 KTweet
桜凰TV~OUOHTV~桜凰TV~OUOHTV~ YouTube Channel桜凰TV~OUOHTV~ Video Stats88-16-1.51,0611120727 KTweet
Phone PlazaPhone Plaza YouTube ChannelPhone Plaza Video Stats89-16-6.8220095 KTweet
Lexie LombardLexie Lombard YouTube ChannelLexie Lombard Video Stats90-150.0416,625781319622528.9 MTweet
TrueMinoTrueMino YouTube ChannelTrueMino Video Stats91-150.0248,91255815.3 MTweet
CabooseXBLCabooseXBL YouTube ChannelCabooseXBL Video Stats92-150.0126,4444682241.1 MTweet
Chester123569Chester123569 YouTube ChannelChester123569 Video Stats93-15-1.21,258029231 KTweet
New's GamesNew's Games YouTube ChannelNew's Games Video Stats94-15-8.5162-1502 KTweet
It's Raining TrailersIt's Raining Trailers YouTube ChannelIt's Raining Trailers Video Stats95-15-12.4106-13815 KTweet
mcsportzhawkmcsportzhawk YouTube Channelmcsportzhawk Video Stats96-140.0716,73943301231.9K136.4 MTweet
Mightyduck WorldMightyduck World YouTube ChannelMightyduck World Video Stats97-140.0696,18944717688432.1 MTweet
LagunaBeachLove10LagunaBeachLove10 YouTube ChannelLagunaBeachLove10 Video Stats98-140.0523,687614123025430.4 MTweet
PlanetDestinyPlanetDestiny YouTube ChannelPlanetDestiny Video Stats99-140.0512,1236319-761.4K139.4 MTweet
xAcceptiionxAcceptiion YouTube ChannelxAcceptiion Video Stats100-140.0493,601658227762280.1 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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