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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 1 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 1 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
1 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Martin HelmersMartin Helmers YouTube ChannelMartin Helmers Video Stats1-21-0.37,327-45243.1 MTweet
Junaid HassanJunaid Hassan YouTube ChannelJunaid Hassan Video Stats2-10-1.1861-100Tweet
Puterea DestinuluiPuterea Destinului YouTube ChannelPuterea Destinului Video Stats3-6-0.7830134113 KTweet
Animes 2000Animes 2000 YouTube ChannelAnimes 2000 Video Stats4-5-0.67711692322 KTweet
DoraYakiDoraYaki YouTube ChannelDoraYaki Video Stats5-5-1.0513810183 KTweet
MingShadowMingShadow YouTube ChannelMingShadow Video Stats6-5-2.12304742 KTweet
OriginalStraferOriginalStrafer YouTube ChannelOriginalStrafer Video Stats7-4-0.17,1561074702 KTweet
João BalagõesJoão Balagões YouTube ChannelJoão Balagões Video Stats8-4-0.7591018495Tweet
pXilok TeampXilok Team YouTube ChannelpXilok Team Video Stats9-4-1.331483040 KTweet
Rotten CherryRotten Cherry YouTube ChannelRotten Cherry Video Stats10-3-0.12,7056219933 KTweet
SuperHenryMooreSuperHenryMoore YouTube ChannelSuperHenryMoore Video Stats11-3-0.4765-1,2671743.8 MTweet
InfoBestGames CENTRAL (IBGTech TM Corp.)InfoBestGames CENTRAL (IBGTech TM Corp.) YouTube ChannelInfoBestGames CENTRAL (IBGTech TM Corp.) Video Stats12-3-0.4757138730 KTweet
WUANTplaysWUANTplays YouTube ChannelWUANTplays Video Stats13-20.08,9298138774 KTweet
Jacked By CʀʏᴘᴛɪᴄJacked By Cʀʏᴘᴛɪᴄ YouTube ChannelJacked By Cʀʏᴘᴛɪᴄ Video Stats14-20.08,607435 KTweet
LoadingReadyLiveLoadingReadyLive YouTube ChannelLoadingReadyLive Video Stats15-20.07,63211491740 KTweet
pimbolammypimbolammy YouTube Channelpimbolammy Video Stats16-20.06,500136117 KTweet
Antonio IglesiasAntonio Iglesias YouTube ChannelAntonio Iglesias Video Stats17-20.04,59415221.7 MTweet
tobiniceraptobinicerap YouTube Channeltobinicerap Video Stats18-2-0.13,298221173 KTweet
FIFA2Go | FIFA 14 auf XBOX OneFIFA2Go | FIFA 14 auf XBOX One YouTube ChannelFIFA2Go | FIFA 14 auf XBOX One Video Stats19-2-0.12,867-2389354 KTweet
SHOGAKUKOUZA ZemiSHOGAKUKOUZA Zemi YouTube ChannelSHOGAKUKOUZA Zemi Video Stats20-2-0.285751394.6 MTweet
TwiizeTwiize YouTube ChannelTwiize Video Stats21-2-0.285495430 KTweet
Своя Территория GamesСвоя Территория Games YouTube ChannelСвоя Территория Games Video Stats22-2-0.2848529798 KTweet
JokerSyndromJokerSyndrom YouTube ChannelJokerSyndrom Video Stats23-2-0.282120163369 KTweet
VeXd DaleyVeXd Daley YouTube ChannelVeXd Daley Video Stats24-2-0.3796120027 KTweet
陳柏瑞陳柏瑞 YouTube Channel陳柏瑞 Video Stats25-2-0.364313133279 KTweet
RPM RacingRoRPM RacingRo YouTube ChannelRPM RacingRo Video Stats26-2-0.44631107268 KTweet
★ QueX ★★ QueX ★ YouTube Channel★ QueX ★ Video Stats27-2-0.445156287 KTweet
BeyondTheRevolutionBeyondTheRevolution YouTube ChannelBeyondTheRevolution Video Stats28-2-0.54158727 KTweet
Hantoki GamingHantoki Gaming YouTube ChannelHantoki Gaming Video Stats29-2-0.6340513123 KTweet
Nike RiderNike Rider YouTube ChannelNike Rider Video Stats30-2-0.6326734148 KTweet
DcyphaTVDcyphaTV YouTube ChannelDcyphaTV Video Stats31-10.09,40211009.9 MTweet
TaniaTellsTaniaTells YouTube ChannelTaniaTells Video Stats32-10.09,3411175684 KTweet
KillazMusicHDKillazMusicHD YouTube ChannelKillazMusicHD Video Stats33-10.09,30470322.6 MTweet
RareAvengedSevenfoldRareAvengedSevenfold YouTube ChannelRareAvengedSevenfold Video Stats34-10.09,2547361.4 MTweet
Shayker77Shayker77 YouTube ChannelShayker77 Video Stats35-10.09,24253431.2 MTweet
AppleVisionTVAppleVisionTV YouTube ChannelAppleVisionTV Video Stats36-10.09,16453041.7 MTweet
United Nations Development Programme (UNUnited Nations Development Programme (UN YouTube ChannelUnited Nations Development Programme (UN Video Stats37-10.09,02845323.5 MTweet
KMo / StarbrethrenKMo / Starbrethren YouTube ChannelKMo / Starbrethren Video Stats38-10.08,936227741.3 MTweet
halo1012001halo1012001 YouTube Channelhalo1012001 Video Stats39-10.08,813-1290435 KTweet
AE MindAE Mind YouTube ChannelAE Mind Video Stats40-10.08,73710180893 KTweet
Miss Emily ChristineMiss Emily Christine YouTube ChannelMiss Emily Christine Video Stats41-10.08,65710262.2 MTweet
RichardRichard YouTube ChannelRichard Video Stats42-10.08,65401696 KTweet
GAMEREVIZZORGAMEREVIZZOR YouTube ChannelGAMEREVIZZOR Video Stats43-10.08,622-25738 KTweet
Jairo VlogsJairo Vlogs YouTube ChannelJairo Vlogs Video Stats44-10.08,6161693658 KTweet
Proyecto 40Proyecto 40 YouTube ChannelProyecto 40 Video Stats45-10.08,591101.3K985 KTweet
CompgamerTVCompgamerTV YouTube ChannelCompgamerTV Video Stats46-10.08,49751.5K2.1 MTweet
Cee BeeCee Bee YouTube ChannelCee Bee Video Stats47-10.08,45701072.3 MTweet
Tali ShemesTali Shemes YouTube ChannelTali Shemes Video Stats48-10.08,418101301.2 MTweet
asutoroZnewmarioasutoroZnewmario YouTube ChannelasutoroZnewmario Video Stats49-10.08,40486019.6 MTweet
MrJanetsqyMrJanetsqy YouTube ChannelMrJanetsqy Video Stats50-10.08,336087366 KTweet
CnCMegafragCnCMegafrag YouTube ChannelCnCMegafrag Video Stats51-10.08,0400517766 KTweet
Tendencia TVTendencia TV YouTube ChannelTendencia TV Video Stats52-10.08,00421.2K9.1 MTweet
S TINKS TINK YouTube ChannelS TINK Video Stats53-10.08,0042827815.4 MTweet
JuniorEurovisionJSCJuniorEurovisionJSC YouTube ChannelJuniorEurovisionJSC Video Stats54-10.07,940685116.3 MTweet
SullenxRiot182SullenxRiot182 YouTube ChannelSullenxRiot182 Video Stats55-10.07,908133791393 KTweet
⚓ вε ʏouʀ oωɴ aɴᴄʜoʀ ⚓⚓ вε ʏouʀ oωɴ aɴᴄʜoʀ ⚓ YouTube Channel⚓ вε ʏouʀ oωɴ aɴᴄʜoʀ ⚓ Video Stats56-10.07,8810871.1 MTweet
Los GanstersLos Gansters YouTube ChannelLos Gansters Video Stats57-10.07,8606635.2 MTweet
m4tth3m4tth3 YouTube Channelm4tth3 Video Stats58-10.07,850-11464.7 MTweet
ZfizzleXZfizzleX YouTube ChannelZfizzleX Video Stats59-10.07,83311216694 KTweet
Beto CamargoBeto Camargo YouTube ChannelBeto Camargo Video Stats60-10.07,8116871.1 MTweet
The Glamorous LifeThe Glamorous Life YouTube ChannelThe Glamorous Life Video Stats61-10.07,78737113246 KTweet
RebelYelliexRebelYelliex YouTube ChannelRebelYelliex Video Stats62-10.07,74476.3K1.4 MTweet
ToithToith YouTube ChannelToith Video Stats63-10.07,69811731.1 MTweet
elmundodeisasaweiselmundodeisasaweis YouTube Channelelmundodeisasaweis Video Stats64-10.07,63621791.6 MTweet
CeravoloMattyCeravoloMatty YouTube ChannelCeravoloMatty Video Stats65-10.07,63321061.1 MTweet
Crystal MarcanoCrystal Marcano YouTube ChannelCrystal Marcano Video Stats66-10.07,59826269 KTweet
MrGmviewMrGmview YouTube ChannelMrGmview Video Stats67-10.07,58292K2 MTweet
Steven LimSteven Lim YouTube ChannelSteven Lim Video Stats68-10.07,544670906 KTweet
Bladius9Bladius9 YouTube ChannelBladius9 Video Stats69-10.07,53688004.1 MTweet
MarryokesMarryokes YouTube ChannelMarryokes Video Stats70-10.07,5302843.8 MTweet
fretkillrlivesfretkillrlives YouTube Channelfretkillrlives Video Stats71-10.07,4805671.1 MTweet
NickFrei zockt mit EuchNickFrei zockt mit Euch YouTube ChannelNickFrei zockt mit Euch Video Stats72-10.07,44792.4K2.2 MTweet
AJ AestheticsAJ Aesthetics YouTube ChannelAJ Aesthetics Video Stats73-10.07,33410106536 KTweet
DTreatsGamingDTreatsGaming YouTube ChannelDTreatsGaming Video Stats74-10.07,25332575.1 MTweet
paquimpaquim YouTube Channelpaquim Video Stats75-10.07,07582883 MTweet
GreedyWebGreedyWeb YouTube ChannelGreedyWeb Video Stats76-10.06,9762956.2 MTweet
Pennaz91Pennaz91 YouTube ChannelPennaz91 Video Stats77-10.06,8571322.6 MTweet
TheCookiinCompanyTheCookiinCompany YouTube ChannelTheCookiinCompany Video Stats78-10.06,85615434.3 MTweet
wowfreakstarwowfreakstar YouTube Channelwowfreakstar Video Stats79-10.06,83306821.9 MTweet
MagiMagi YouTube ChannelMagi Video Stats80-10.06,826130375 KTweet
matboutmatbout YouTube Channelmatbout Video Stats81-10.06,787057.7 MTweet
paltakatspaltakats YouTube Channelpaltakats Video Stats82-10.06,7854701.3 MTweet
rameCadenasGPrameCadenasGP YouTube ChannelrameCadenasGP Video Stats83-10.06,7565317746 KTweet
opaquemango85opaquemango85 YouTube Channelopaquemango85 Video Stats84-10.06,72133661.9 MTweet
TheDarCotiKTheDarCotiK YouTube ChannelTheDarCotiK Video Stats85-10.06,629075401 KTweet
KLJF22KLJF22 YouTube ChannelKLJF22 Video Stats86-10.06,60831325.5 MTweet
NickVlogsStuffNickVlogsStuff YouTube ChannelNickVlogsStuff Video Stats87-10.06,59968744 KTweet
T2DarIantanT2DarIantan YouTube ChannelT2DarIantan Video Stats88-10.06,5110379901 KTweet
Android App Reviews - CrazyMikesapps.comAndroid App Reviews - YouTube ChannelAndroid App Reviews - Video Stats89-10.06,49664043 MTweet
Fallito93Fallito93 YouTube ChannelFallito93 Video Stats90-10.06,4460991.6 MTweet
SmaKillsSmaKills YouTube ChannelSmaKills Video Stats91-10.06,4396117278 KTweet
eMitas Channel!eMitas Channel! YouTube ChanneleMitas Channel! Video Stats92-10.06,38810205411 KTweet
Donnie MartinDonnie Martin YouTube ChannelDonnie Martin Video Stats93-10.06,380133246 KTweet
JaidynLynzeeJaidynLynzee YouTube ChannelJaidynLynzee Video Stats94-10.06,348723272 KTweet
DAIANAzeroDAIANAzero YouTube ChannelDAIANAzero Video Stats95-10.06,314062.3 MTweet
Lee VarisLee Varis YouTube ChannelLee Varis Video Stats96-10.06,2937141440 KTweet
cirby88TNGcirby88TNG YouTube Channelcirby88TNG Video Stats97-10.06,25906021.9 MTweet
Noobzilla GamingNoobzilla Gaming YouTube ChannelNoobzilla Gaming Video Stats98-10.06,118137281.5 MTweet
Eden FilmsEden Films YouTube ChannelEden Films Video Stats99-10.06,097670722 KTweet
Hayden O\'ConnorHayden O\'Connor YouTube ChannelHayden O\'Connor Video Stats100-10.06,02901012 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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