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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Gains in the Last 14 Days Ranked by Total Gain

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Gained in the Last 14 Day Period Ranked by Subscriber Gain


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Video ProducerGain
14 Day
Sub Gain
30 Day
Video ProducerGain
14 Day
Sub Gain
30 Day
T-SeriesT-Series YouTube ChannelT-Series Video Stats133.3 M1,344,1514.034,605,03993,794611.9K30.67 BTweet
Dude PerfectDude Perfect YouTube ChannelDude Perfect Video Stats225.8 M965,7963.726,735,71746,259171714.65 BTweet
Ed SheeranEd Sheeran YouTube ChannelEd Sheeran Video Stats326.6 M892,7913.427,515,87957,6591111511.93 BTweet
5-Minute Crafts5-Minute Crafts YouTube Channel5-Minute Crafts Video Stats412.1 M876,7257.212,977,54660,486851.3K3.88 BTweet
Vlad CrazyShowVlad CrazyShow YouTube ChannelVlad CrazyShow Video Stats58.6 M867,72610.19,433,86858,4941832223.07 BTweet
Canal KondZillaCanal KondZilla YouTube ChannelCanal KondZilla Video Stats626.1 M778,2223.026,870,79760,3991563113.31 BTweet
Carlos ValdesCarlos Valdes YouTube ChannelCarlos Valdes Video Stats75.6 M696,14412.56,270,44038,4053722122.03 BTweet
NinjasHyperNinjasHyper YouTube ChannelNinjasHyper Video Stats8891 K652,07873.21,542,72835,173310049269 MTweet
OzunaOzuna YouTube ChannelOzuna Video Stats911.1 M601,1795.411,666,30440,971111285.3 BTweet
BadabunBadabun YouTube ChannelBadabun Video Stats107.3 M600,4008.37,864,76847,2332542.1K1.96 BTweet
WWEWWE YouTube ChannelWWE Video Stats1121.4 M560,2582.621,960,85039,1552733.1K20.11 BTweet
Ryan ToysReviewRyan ToysReview YouTube ChannelRyan ToysReview Video Stats1211.6 M527,6144.612,109,58644,07610093718.71 BTweet
Bright SideBright Side YouTube ChannelBright Side Video Stats136.7 M502,0527.57,222,40235,5382958411.4 BTweet
Luccas NetoLuccas Neto YouTube ChannelLuccas Neto Video Stats1411.9 M494,5724.212,344,73440,173964041.76 BTweet
Bruno MarsBruno Mars YouTube ChannelBruno Mars Video Stats1519.1 M493,2672.619,570,51632,15032638.38 BTweet
JukiLopJukiLop YouTube ChannelJukiLop Video Stats165.9 M478,4128.16,366,29441,30236233233.7 MTweet
MoviesMovies YouTube ChannelMovies Video Stats1756.1 M477,7220.956,566,59537,731533.5 MTweet
Felipe NetoFelipe Neto YouTube ChannelFelipe Neto Video Stats1818.4 M476,9712.618,851,16138,719379252.78 BTweet
SET IndiaSET India YouTube ChannelSET India Video Stats1918.6 M472,5202.519,053,85637,6913422.2K14.29 BTweet
MrBeast6000MrBeast6000 YouTube ChannelMrBeast6000 Video Stats202.4 M464,11019.12,898,11628,5761277785352 MTweet
ABCkidTVABCkidTV YouTube ChannelABCkidTV Video Stats213.7 M458,81812.44,148,24832,0487343142.87 BTweet
Zee Music CompanyZee Music Company YouTube ChannelZee Music Company Video Stats2212.4 M455,7093.712,898,10735,050872.9K7.54 BTweet
Luisito ComunicaLuisito Comunica YouTube ChannelLuisito Comunica Video Stats2312 M442,0613.712,429,17041,222954521.38 BTweet
PewDiePiePewDiePie YouTube ChannelPewDiePie Video Stats2460.1 M440,2280.760,574,39842,42943.4K17.07 BTweet
Amit BhadanaAmit Bhadana YouTube ChannelAmit Bhadana Video Stats253.7 M431,98811.84,107,90435,67574439226.8 MTweet
Logan Paul VlogsLogan Paul Vlogs YouTube ChannelLogan Paul Vlogs Video Stats2616.1 M423,5292.616,519,04930,367464893.18 BTweet
Kylie JennerKylie Jenner YouTube ChannelKylie Jenner Video Stats271.4 M410,90729.91,786,65314,0522533170102 MTweet
Speed RecordsSpeed Records YouTube ChannelSpeed Records Video Stats287.4 M404,2465.57,771,47134,5442614.8K5.06 BTweet
Kimberly LoaizaKimberly Loaiza YouTube ChannelKimberly Loaiza Video Stats297.7 M402,2175.28,067,38736,61724550331.5 MTweet
ToyPuddingToyPudding YouTube ChannelToyPudding Video Stats3011.8 M391,8323.312,202,12930,519981.9K9.2 BTweet
GR6 EXPLODEGR6 EXPLODE YouTube ChannelGR6 EXPLODE Video Stats3110.9 M378,4343.511,325,48928,3281142K5.07 BTweet
Lil pumpLil pump YouTube ChannelLil pump Video Stats324.4 M376,8218.64,769,45931,15660222865 MTweet
whinderssonnuneswhinderssonnunes YouTube Channelwhinderssonnunes Video Stats3326.4 M371,1761.426,794,13725,601163332.18 BTweet
Wave MusicWave Music YouTube ChannelWave Music Video Stats347.1 M368,5405.27,420,39226,26427914.6K6.02 BTweet
CamilaCabelloVEVOCamilaCabelloVEVO YouTube ChannelCamilaCabelloVEVO Video Stats355 M366,1287.35,363,89131,405501211.6 BTweet
Like NastyaLike Nastya YouTube ChannelLike Nastya Video Stats367.3 M364,4775.07,630,82622,7572692582.18 BTweet
Daddy YankeeDaddy Yankee YouTube ChannelDaddy Yankee Video Stats377.8 M356,3924.68,170,26122,4222373043.95 BTweet
Irmãos NetoIrmãos Neto YouTube ChannelIrmãos Neto Video Stats386.9 M351,3775.17,204,33726,26829792386.7 MTweet
MBC THE VOICE KIDSMBC THE VOICE KIDS YouTube ChannelMBC THE VOICE KIDS Video Stats393.1 M350,70511.23,471,65024,8229553032.43 BTweet
Ali-AAli-A YouTube ChannelAli-A Video Stats4010.6 M346,7633.310,944,53326,1901232.7K2.72 BTweet
Goldmines TelefilmsGoldmines Telefilms YouTube ChannelGoldmines Telefilms Video Stats416.3 M346,7315.56,684,42923,1103375.2K2.78 BTweet
LuisFonsiVEVOLuisFonsiVEVO YouTube ChannelLuisFonsiVEVO Video Stats4217.2 M345,8722.017,540,44227,67243507.35 BTweet
shakiraVEVOshakiraVEVO YouTube ChannelshakiraVEVO Video Stats4318.7 M325,1591.719,051,97518,3953514012.7 BTweet
YRFYRF YouTube ChannelYRF Video Stats448.8 M319,8943.69,092,69326,8901963.6K5.56 BTweet
LosPolinesiosLosPolinesios YouTube ChannelLosPolinesios Video Stats4510.3 M319,2423.110,668,26625,1791303581.99 BTweet
Flavia PavanelliFlavia Pavanelli YouTube ChannelFlavia Pavanelli Video Stats462.2 M313,41614.52,480,42514,9101587228135.4 MTweet
TheEllenShowTheEllenShow YouTube ChannelTheEllenShow Video Stats4722.7 M312,5731.423,043,97321,393248.3K11.19 BTweet
LooLoo Kids Nursery RhymesLooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes YouTube ChannelLooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes Video Stats485.1 M308,8246.15,360,96724,0445023672.37 BTweet
SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art DeSaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art De YouTube ChannelSaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art De Video Stats496.8 M302,0964.47,150,99613,2173041001.12 BTweet
MOVIECLIPSMOVIECLIPS YouTube ChannelMOVIECLIPS Video Stats508.5 M301,4193.68,758,90223,11921329.4K10.54 BTweet
WorkpointOfficialWorkpointOfficial YouTube ChannelWorkpointOfficial Video Stats5111.9 M300,6552.512,225,64921,6169717.3K9.7 BTweet
SonyMusicIndiaVEVOSonyMusicIndiaVEVO YouTube ChannelSonyMusicIndiaVEVO Video Stats526.4 M297,1184.66,736,26022,6253302.9K3.99 BTweet
JuegaGermanJuegaGerman YouTube ChannelJuegaGerman Video Stats5324.2 M296,4011.224,521,19925,711221.4K6.61 BTweet
Lucas LuccoLucas Lucco YouTube ChannelLucas Lucco Video Stats544.2 M296,3997.04,505,30612,546658701.14 BTweet
NDNG - Enes BaturNDNG - Enes Batur YouTube ChannelNDNG - Enes Batur Video Stats556 M295,8564.96,293,33918,7153691.5K2.56 BTweet
Las RatitasLas Ratitas YouTube ChannelLas Ratitas Video Stats562.3 M288,01612.82,539,07718,387154635470.1 MTweet
WORLDSTARHIPHOPWORLDSTARHIPHOP YouTube ChannelWORLDSTARHIPHOP Video Stats579 M286,0003.29,281,38422,2561913.5K6.74 BTweet
Juan De Dios PantojaJuan De Dios Pantoja YouTube ChannelJuan De Dios Pantoja Video Stats587.2 M285,3743.97,519,29926,78327389397.5 MTweet
Alan WalkerAlan Walker YouTube ChannelAlan Walker Video Stats5911.7 M284,8532.411,961,69822,2991051243.43 BTweet
Hear This MusicHear This Music YouTube ChannelHear This Music Video Stats605.7 M284,8345.05,995,16421,455403253.31 BTweet
ChuChu TV Kids SongsChuChu TV Kids Songs YouTube ChannelChuChu TV Kids Songs Video Stats6114.6 M283,6351.914,866,14722,1565922112.6 BTweet
BB Ki VinesBB Ki Vines YouTube ChannelBB Ki Vines Video Stats625.8 M282,5264.96,084,79816,525391112813.5 MTweet
marshmellomarshmello YouTube Channelmarshmello Video Stats639.7 M281,8032.99,960,24525,895159961.62 BTweet
PINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories)PINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories) YouTube ChannelPINKFONG (Kids Songs & Stories) Video Stats645.5 M281,1395.15,786,15022,2124408283.75 BTweet
Sony Music IndiaSony Music India YouTube ChannelSony Music India Video Stats6510.4 M278,7232.710,657,12223,6341312.1K5.24 BTweet
Dua LipaDua Lipa YouTube ChannelDua Lipa Video Stats664.6 M275,1856.04,885,67528,535569541.63 BTweet
ibighitibighit YouTube Channelibighit Video Stats678.6 M275,0173.28,924,59120,4472042591.74 BTweet
Lele PonsLele Pons YouTube ChannelLele Pons Video Stats687.7 M274,4463.58,007,68222,499249781.2 BTweet
zeetvzeetv YouTube Channelzeetv Video Stats6910.5 M273,2612.610,738,37820,88612872.5K13.28 BTweet
MalumaVEVOMalumaVEVO YouTube ChannelMalumaVEVO Video Stats7013.3 M267,5932.013,610,26422,22170758.41 BTweet
Kika NietoKika Nieto YouTube ChannelKika Nieto Video Stats714.8 M261,8225.45,067,98924,240541204417.7 MTweet
Trap NationTrap Nation YouTube ChannelTrap Nation Video Stats7217.6 M260,0781.517,894,43519,532391.3K6.32 BTweet
Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa YouTube ChannelWiz Khalifa Video Stats7313.6 M257,7051.913,840,10314,060674077.18 BTweet
Filmi GaaneFilmi Gaane YouTube ChannelFilmi Gaane Video Stats747 M256,5453.77,245,65919,2212914.9K3.56 BTweet
El Reino InfantilEl Reino Infantil YouTube ChannelEl Reino Infantil Video Stats7510.9 M250,6702.311,167,55718,42811644812.95 BTweet
Cole BennettCole Bennett YouTube ChannelCole Bennett Video Stats761.8 M247,26213.62,059,48216,3672071287633.3 MTweet
LA DIVAZALA DIVAZA YouTube ChannelLA DIVAZA Video Stats775.3 M246,9694.75,555,84125,657473108348.7 MTweet
VevoVevo YouTube ChannelVevo Video Stats7815.6 M246,6561.615,833,29515,808501.4K474.9 MTweet
CVS 3D RhymesCVS 3D Rhymes YouTube ChannelCVS 3D Rhymes Video Stats7910.1 M244,8842.410,319,19018,7151453077.24 BTweet
Catherine and AustinCatherine and Austin YouTube ChannelCatherine and Austin Video Stats804.5 M242,0275.44,763,50518,488604264695.7 MTweet
MuselkMuselk YouTube ChannelMuselk Video Stats813.1 M239,8297.73,352,40720,01110061K969.5 MTweet
Planeta das GêmeasPlaneta das Gêmeas YouTube ChannelPlaneta das Gêmeas Video Stats825.6 M238,0254.35,835,84519,4534283521.54 BTweet
Harsh beniwalHarsh beniwal YouTube ChannelHarsh beniwal Video Stats832 M237,44211.72,265,87016,9841812109146.3 MTweet
WerevertumorroWerevertumorro YouTube ChannelWerevertumorro Video Stats8414.7 M236,6361.614,935,89714,116589852.32 BTweet
rezendeevilrezendeevil YouTube Channelrezendeevil Video Stats8514.9 M233,1441.615,117,33819,061575.6K5.46 BTweet
Pina RecordsPina Records YouTube ChannelPina Records Video Stats865.5 M232,6454.25,744,43422,9374443113.35 BTweet
Amara Que LindaAmara Que Linda YouTube ChannelAmara Que Linda Video Stats872.6 M230,4689.02,782,35916,725136748145.8 MTweet
Eros NowEros Now YouTube ChannelEros Now Video Stats889 M228,3122.59,275,35916,89819210.2K7.15 BTweet
FernanflooFernanfloo YouTube ChannelFernanfloo Video Stats8926.1 M226,8710.926,329,48218,745205686.18 BTweet
Jake PaulJake Paul YouTube ChannelJake Paul Video Stats9013.3 M223,4631.713,540,77418,944715643.61 BTweet
Troom TroomTroom Troom YouTube ChannelTroom Troom Video Stats913.5 M222,4726.43,695,68018,4548784961.11 BTweet
JFlaMusicJFlaMusic YouTube ChannelJFlaMusic Video Stats925.9 M222,2313.76,170,42817,3963801701.16 BTweet
Learn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes SoLearn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes So YouTube ChannelLearn Colors with me & Nursery Rhymes So Video Stats934 M220,2805.54,222,50114,13471751702.5 MTweet
Get MoviesGet Movies YouTube ChannelGet Movies Video Stats9415.5 M220,1231.415,682,22418,398512.6K14.98 BTweet
Daniel SaboyaDaniel Saboya YouTube ChannelDaniel Saboya Video Stats959.5 M219,0952.39,751,16018,1541676182.82 BTweet
ShemarooShemaroo YouTube ChannelShemaroo Video Stats965.5 M215,2893.95,681,41515,7824507.2K2.81 BTweet
BANGTANTVBANGTANTV YouTube ChannelBANGTANTV Video Stats975.9 M214,3263.66,134,89514,5143857861.09 BTweet
Nao DisneyToysNao DisneyToys YouTube ChannelNao DisneyToys Video Stats985.6 M212,3243.85,834,37117,2604291.7K3.63 BTweet
T-Series Bhakti SagarT-Series Bhakti Sagar YouTube ChannelT-Series Bhakti Sagar Video Stats995.2 M212,0774.15,407,84816,72149318.7K2.38 BTweet
Bad BunnyBad Bunny YouTube ChannelBad Bunny Video Stats1005.8 M209,7003.66,022,38118,05039871.29 BTweet