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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Losses in the Last 12 Hours Ranked by Total Loss

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Lost in the Last 12 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Loss     Note

Video ProducerLoss
12 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
Video ProducerLoss
12 Hour
Sub Loss
30 Day
ThisIsDRAMAThisIsDRAMA YouTube ChannelThisIsDRAMA Video Stats1-543-0.5112,227-74375 MTweet
Rumble ViralRumble Viral YouTube ChannelRumble Viral Video Stats2-517-0.685,2351492.3K269.2 MTweet
Gera StreisandGera Streisand YouTube ChannelGera Streisand Video Stats3-470-0.2251,9897322-27213527.6 MTweet
E! EntertainmentE! Entertainment YouTube ChannelE! Entertainment Video Stats4-437-0.1325,33357863181.5K151.2 MTweet
amcamc YouTube Channelamc Video Stats5-406-0.1467,20739314371.7K147.4 MTweet
Applied ScienceApplied Science YouTube ChannelApplied Science Video Stats6-404-0.2195,628926926419818.6 MTweet
FRANCE 24 EnglishFRANCE 24 English YouTube ChannelFRANCE 24 English Video Stats7-371-0.1389,948482711,00622.8K78.2 MTweet
insiteTVinsiteTV YouTube ChannelinsiteTV Video Stats8-3700.0765,76122181481.2K154.2 MTweet
Victor PoulinVictor Poulin YouTube ChannelVictor Poulin Video Stats9-349-0.658,7294324113.4 MTweet
GZUpriseGZUprise YouTube ChannelGZUprise Video Stats10-317-0.3113,6074871363 MTweet
JoeyJoey YouTube ChannelJoey Video Stats11-235-1.614,461-3270444 KTweet
コスケのパズドラ究極攻略TVコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV YouTube Channelコスケのパズドラ究極攻略TV Video Stats12-2250.0836,0351998-2,0802.6K577.2 MTweet
SuperSuper YouTube ChannelSuper Video Stats13-215-0.455,860-11984111 KTweet
New York MagazineNew York Magazine YouTube ChannelNew York Magazine Video Stats14-211-0.545,1973296232 MTweet
FameFame YouTube ChannelFame Video Stats15-209-0.365,4930102258 KTweet
Riverton iaRiverton ia YouTube ChannelRiverton ia Video Stats16-189-0.629,523-6100Tweet
Games-TVGames-TV YouTube ChannelGames-TV Video Stats17-175-0.1296,6426317-4812.8K103.3 MTweet
The Toys CollectorThe Toys Collector YouTube ChannelThe Toys Collector Video Stats18-173-0.275,859221408.9 MTweet
TamashiiHirokaTamashiiHiroka YouTube ChannelTamashiiHiroka Video Stats19-1650.0588,573302010512555.1 MTweet
Star MediaStar Media YouTube ChannelStar Media Video Stats20-1640.0333,75856576324.1K257.7 MTweet
Taylor LatimerTaylor Latimer YouTube ChannelTaylor Latimer Video Stats21-157-0.625,567-53122546 KTweet
HotpsychologiesHotpsychologies YouTube ChannelHotpsychologies Video Stats22-1500.0518,047354256212587.2 MTweet
20th Century Fox20th Century Fox YouTube Channel20th Century Fox Video Stats23-1470.0906,4141825533820456.3 MTweet
The Real KARMA channelThe Real KARMA channel YouTube ChannelThe Real KARMA channel Video Stats24-140-0.281,026-1094.2 MTweet
BethanysLifeBethanysLife YouTube ChannelBethanysLife Video Stats25-1390.02,265,9005461077367.1 MTweet
Alex and MiaAlex and Mia YouTube ChannelAlex and Mia Video Stats26-1350.0277,9386716-1,15455239.3 MTweet
ファミ通Appファミ通App YouTube Channelファミ通App Video Stats27-134-0.1171,1434681.7K69.1 MTweet
TutoDownsTutoDowns YouTube ChannelTutoDowns Video Stats28-128-1.012,3172380149 KTweet
Siêu Nhân Chuối HộtSiêu Nhân Chuối Hột YouTube ChannelSiêu Nhân Chuối Hột Video Stats29-127-0.619,9093367917.2 MTweet
DarrionDaDon _DarrionDaDon _ YouTube ChannelDarrionDaDon _ Video Stats30-117-0.912,2031928175 KTweet
auau YouTube Channelau Video Stats31-113-0.261,9061461.5K69.5 MTweet
tombraidertombraider YouTube Channeltombraider Video Stats32-107-0.249,0614625315.6 MTweet
GameMindsGameMinds YouTube ChannelGameMinds Video Stats33-1010.0205,282890522853922.4 MTweet
Ruslan VaravaRuslan Varava YouTube ChannelRuslan Varava Video Stats34-97-0.197,34927837995 KTweet
WindowsWindows YouTube ChannelWindows Video Stats35-940.0416,595450711245755.8 MTweet
Karina NigayKarina Nigay YouTube ChannelKarina Nigay Video Stats36-93-0.1145,862311712.4 MTweet
TDRofficialchannelTDRofficialchannel YouTube ChannelTDRofficialchannel Video Stats37-92-0.180,5175115541.2 MTweet
SBSFreeVODSBSFreeVOD YouTube ChannelSBSFreeVOD Video Stats38-85-0.1100,052387431.8 MTweet
Leland TildenLeland Tilden YouTube ChannelLeland Tilden Video Stats39-84-0.233,688-14664.1 MTweet
PinkstylistPinkstylist YouTube ChannelPinkstylist Video Stats40-830.01,707,994820817317157.2 MTweet
David ChoiDavid Choi YouTube ChannelDavid Choi Video Stats41-830.0989,6881640-6251100.4 MTweet
Emma PicklesEmma Pickles YouTube ChannelEmma Pickles Video Stats42-800.0590,462300914513333.8 MTweet
Россия 24Россия 24 YouTube ChannelРоссия 24 Video Stats43-750.0248,217744079424.2K150.2 MTweet
CoolblueCoolblue YouTube ChannelCoolblue Video Stats44-74-0.324,384236.1K29.7 MTweet
Bonnie Corban SFXBonnie Corban SFX YouTube ChannelBonnie Corban SFX Video Stats45-680.0358,92252432717726.8 MTweet
JohnnyCashVEVOJohnnyCashVEVO YouTube ChannelJohnnyCashVEVO Video Stats46-68-0.199,681535454.1 MTweet
thegatesnotesthegatesnotes YouTube Channelthegatesnotes Video Stats47-660.0132,3354324631 MTweet
FRANCE 24FRANCE 24 YouTube ChannelFRANCE 24 Video Stats48-640.0244,12075853,56233.1K120.3 MTweet
SoothingSistaSoothingSista YouTube ChannelSoothingSista Video Stats49-600.0250,3577377401159.2 MTweet
JLovesMac1JLovesMac1 YouTube ChannelJLovesMac1 Video Stats50-580.01,920,516696-30597210.2 MTweet
TravieBASEDTravieBASED YouTube ChannelTravieBASED Video Stats51-560.0884,622187924419660.4 MTweet
Cassandra BanksonCassandra Bankson YouTube ChannelCassandra Bankson Video Stats52-560.0799,820209819888116.1 MTweet
スタジオむらいスタジオむらい YouTube Channelスタジオむらい Video Stats53-560.0149,922-5813216.9 MTweet
Winslow MagneWinslow Magne YouTube ChannelWinslow Magne Video Stats54-55-0.226,51018696.1 MTweet
搜狐网官方频道——《屌丝男士第四季》官方频道 剧神回归 让你合不拢腿【欢迎订阅】搜狐网官方频道——《屌丝男士第四季》官方频道 剧神回归 让你合不拢腿【欢迎订阅】 YouTube Channel搜狐网官方频道——《屌丝男士第四季》官方频道 剧神回归 让你合不拢腿【欢迎订阅】 Video Stats55-54-0.1104,865-471473 KTweet
전능하신 하나님 교회전능하신 하나님 교회 YouTube Channel전능하신 하나님 교회 Video Stats56-53-0.511,641222751.5 MTweet
New Money TwinzNew Money Twinz YouTube ChannelNew Money Twinz Video Stats57-52-0.318,5621657.8 MTweet
#Minecraft#Minecraft YouTube Channel#Minecraft Video Stats58-500.09,610,06948-42600Tweet
DigibroDigibro YouTube ChannelDigibro Video Stats59-500.0130,5447529712.1 MTweet YouTube Video Stats60-480.0156,800862.1K12.5 MTweet
Webrasil e-SportsWebrasil e-Sports YouTube ChannelWebrasil e-Sports Video Stats61-47-0.224,68992942.6 MTweet
X-Ray ProductionX-Ray Production YouTube ChannelX-Ray Production Video Stats62-46-0.162,203-6019037.1 MTweet
Mully OMGMully OMG YouTube ChannelMully OMG Video Stats63-46-16.8227-415438Tweet
stchavalstchaval YouTube Channelstchaval Video Stats64-450.0120,238-21151.3 MTweet
GrantlandGrantland YouTube ChannelGrantland Video Stats65-440.0363,8945172-27050Tweet
バイヤーチャンネル24バイヤーチャンネル24 YouTube Channelバイヤーチャンネル24 Video Stats66-440.0126,860-4199829.2 MTweet
FiproFipro YouTube ChannelFipro Video Stats67-430.0229,6077994551029.2 MTweet
HuskyMUDKIPZHuskyMUDKIPZ YouTube ChannelHuskyMUDKIPZ Video Stats68-420.01,822,282755-723.2K199 MTweet
RihannaRihanna YouTube ChannelRihanna Video Stats69-420.0363,81251731605742.3 MTweet
Pierce Alexander LilholtPierce Alexander Lilholt YouTube ChannelPierce Alexander Lilholt Video Stats70-42-0.222,673-1553054 KTweet
엔터테인먼트 GE엔터테인먼트 GE YouTube Channel엔터테인먼트 GE Video Stats71-410.0390,3124822-1441.1K101.1 MTweet
Voodoo ShowVoodoo Show YouTube ChannelVoodoo Show Video Stats72-400.080,876-55396 MTweet
albertosonalbertoson YouTube Channelalbertoson Video Stats73-390.01,367,8361110-268419211.7 MTweet
16bitsam16bitsam YouTube Channel16bitsam Video Stats74-380.0336,7125594-6926620 MTweet
FoggyDisasterFoggyDisaster YouTube ChannelFoggyDisaster Video Stats75-370.01,476,249997-3211.8 MTweet
SoCloseToToastSoCloseToToast YouTube ChannelSoCloseToToast Video Stats76-370.01,104,35614596963897.1 MTweet
ESPN1stTakeESPN1stTake YouTube ChannelESPN1stTake Video Stats77-370.0353,6945311-18740Tweet
Paramount Pictures InternationalParamount Pictures International YouTube ChannelParamount Pictures International Video Stats78-370.0192,5129448822.8K171.3 MTweet
RamboRambo YouTube ChannelRambo Video Stats79-370.0162,256351696.3 MTweet
Mantra SaludMantra Salud YouTube ChannelMantra Salud Video Stats80-370.0110,89621333022.2 MTweet
YouTubeShowsRUYouTubeShowsRU YouTube ChannelYouTubeShowsRU Video Stats81-360.02,371,892507-14000Tweet
xXSlyFoxHoundXxxXSlyFoxHoundXx YouTube ChannelxXSlyFoxHoundXx Video Stats82-350.01,291,946119564K407.9 MTweet
BodyRockBodyRock YouTube ChannelBodyRock Video Stats83-350.0896,0241852-51.2K146.5 MTweet
RomaAcornRomaAcorn YouTube ChannelRomaAcorn Video Stats84-350.0643,919271617610455.9 MTweet
WGTV WoT - видео о танках для игроковWGTV WoT - видео о танках для игроков YouTube ChannelWGTV WoT - видео о танках для игроков Video Stats85-350.0430,02943385611557.5 MTweet
IsoPanzerIsoPanzer YouTube ChannelIsoPanzer Video Stats86-340.0238,3787747-7551041.2 MTweet
TobyTurnerTobyTurner YouTube ChannelTobyTurner Video Stats87-330.02,000,070657-631.8K353.5 MTweet
jordanjansenmusicjordanjansenmusic YouTube Channeljordanjansenmusic Video Stats88-330.0346,8185419-818344.6 MTweet
Blame TruthBlame Truth YouTube ChannelBlame Truth Video Stats89-330.0298,2646284-399894.5 MTweet
Justin ChonJustin Chon YouTube ChannelJustin Chon Video Stats90-330.0217,4288415-2714514.4 MTweet
Claudinha StocoClaudinha Stoco YouTube ChannelClaudinha Stoco Video Stats91-330.0137,9411366810 MTweet
CARWP-US TheReallyJhonny2CARWP-US TheReallyJhonny2 YouTube ChannelCARWP-US TheReallyJhonny2 Video Stats92-33-0.48,82898.8K12 MTweet
TheClashOfTheClansTheClashOfTheClans YouTube ChannelTheClashOfTheClans Video Stats93-32-0.152,052-44013.5 MTweet
Zoomin.TV GamesZoomin.TV Games YouTube ChannelZoomin.TV Games Video Stats94-310.0889,16918701541.7K347.5 MTweet
Megan ParkenMegan Parken YouTube ChannelMegan Parken Video Stats95-310.0821,4142035259657125.1 MTweet
BdoubleO100BdoubleO100 YouTube ChannelBdoubleO100 Video Stats96-300.01,078,8881493433.1K257.2 MTweet
DDS TVDDS TV YouTube ChannelDDS TV Video Stats97-30-0.217,53915031.1 MTweet
PDK MR Removed Official Channel 2PDK MR Removed Official Channel 2 YouTube ChannelPDK MR Removed Official Channel 2 Video Stats98-290.0163,082-8500Tweet
KlairedeLysdotcomKlairedeLysdotcom YouTube ChannelKlairedeLysdotcom Video Stats99-290.0161,707821128.2 MTweet
Александр ДумкинАлександр Думкин YouTube ChannelАлександр Думкин Video Stats100-290.0132,5802445248 MTweet
Editorial Note: VidStatsX never had a "Top Losses" report until 12/2011 because we consideredit fairly lame and, more specifically, no one should be labeled as a "loser" simply for losingsubscribers or ranking. Besides, the report wasn't all that interesting being only a few accountswith minimal changes. Whatever the case... due to changes at YouTube (11/30/2011) it became relevantand more interesting than it was before. Released under the premise that information is knowledgeand knowledge is power, so maybe it can help in some way. Take care.

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