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Top 100 Highest Subscriber Gains in the Last 12 Hours Ranked by Total Gain

Top One Hundred Most Subscribers Gained in the Last 12 Hour Period Ranked by Subscriber Gain


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Video ProducerGain
12 Hour
Sub Gain
30 Day
Video ProducerGain
12 Hour
Sub Gain
30 Day
Logan Paul VlogsLogan Paul Vlogs YouTube ChannelLogan Paul Vlogs Video Stats164,7756.21,114,095262621,7108327.4 MTweet
PewDiePiePewDiePie YouTube ChannelPewDiePie Video Stats249,0630.149,564,949417,2583K13.83 BTweet
TheProGamerJayTheProGamerJay YouTube ChannelTheProGamerJay Video Stats324,8171.91,346,058205228,76443693.6 MTweet
Alan WalkerAlan Walker YouTube ChannelAlan Walker Video Stats420,2990.63,647,84646112,668701.08 BTweet
ChebuRussiaTVChebuRussiaTV YouTube ChannelChebuRussiaTV Video Stats519,6421.71,172,829245312,57671105.4 MTweet
T-SeriesT-Series YouTube ChannelT-Series Video Stats618,7440.113,690,7853523,72410.1K12.51 BTweet
EASY LIFE TVEASY LIFE TV YouTube ChannelEASY LIFE TV Video Stats718,6181.21,567,710167317,364198168.2 MTweet
officer401officer401 YouTube Channelofficer401 Video Stats816,41814.3131,3863,938421.1 MTweet
whinderssonnuneswhinderssonnunes YouTube Channelwhinderssonnunes Video Stats916,2140.114,590,3173027,8802811.02 BTweet
PajaritaBellaPajaritaBella YouTube ChannelPajaritaBella Video Stats1016,1443.6468,63669381,71427227.1 MTweet
Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"Grant Thompson - Grant Thompson - 1113,5530.27,044,74716017,695361976.2 MTweet
SlivkiShowSlivkiShow YouTube ChannelSlivkiShow Video Stats1213,5450.26,926,13716610,228158899.7 MTweet
Jumanji TMJumanji TM YouTube ChannelJumanji TM Video Stats1313,1074.6297,9934,89011041.6 MTweet
Come And PlayCome And Play YouTube ChannelCome And Play Video Stats1412,6574.5295,0668,40576081.5 MTweet
laura sanchezlaura sanchez YouTube Channellaura sanchez Video Stats1511,7591.3913,89832531,28936552.8 MTweet
ChainsmokersVEVOChainsmokersVEVO YouTube ChannelChainsmokersVEVO Video Stats1611,6550.25,218,91726127,810432.17 BTweet
Fabio RovazziFabio Rovazzi YouTube ChannelFabio Rovazzi Video Stats1710,8422.2506,13864542,7066102.2 MTweet
MATCH OF THE DAYMATCH OF THE DAY YouTube ChannelMATCH OF THE DAY Video Stats1810,8343.4333,85597702,89517474.3 MTweet
SET IndiaSET India YouTube ChannelSET India Video Stats1910,7690.18,262,93511917,33514.8K4.55 BTweet
Trap NationTrap Nation YouTube ChannelTrap Nation Video Stats2010,7200.110,594,5566423,2429153.15 BTweet
Dude PerfectDude Perfect YouTube ChannelDude Perfect Video Stats2110,6810.114,464,2753233,2531842.41 BTweet
kd4saikd4sai YouTube Channelkd4sai Video Stats2210,30710.6107,4422,39518413.2 MTweet
all4tubekidsall4tubekids YouTube Channelall4tubekids Video Stats2310,2400.42,362,11591539,106948787.7 MTweet
Chula visionChula vision YouTube ChannelChula vision Video Stats2410,2291.2871,43634261,86031449.2 MTweet
JustinBieberVEVOJustinBieberVEVO YouTube ChannelJustinBieberVEVO Video Stats2510,0880.025,867,417920,39212413.47 BTweet
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel Entertainment YouTube ChannelMarvel Entertainment Video Stats269,8500.33,365,0835231,4113.7K980.1 MTweet
Toy FreaksToy Freaks YouTube ChannelToy Freaks Video Stats279,8330.24,012,20939615,7654773.45 BTweet
Dagi BeeDagi Bee YouTube ChannelDagi Bee Video Stats289,8060.33,262,7945517,499366602.9 MTweet
ChuChu TV Kids SongsChuChu TV Kids Songs YouTube ChannelChuChu TV Kids Songs Video Stats299,7480.16,816,80217014,4641516.54 BTweet
Thai TV3 OfficialThai TV3 Official YouTube ChannelThai TV3 Official Video Stats309,4840.42,598,3688008,82424.6K3.44 BTweet
Toys AndMeToys AndMe YouTube ChannelToys AndMe Video Stats319,3870.32,713,89074116,7024551.92 BTweet
shakiraVEVOshakiraVEVO YouTube ChannelshakiraVEVO Video Stats329,3230.110,429,0856718,1781257.25 BTweet
Mr. KateMr. Kate YouTube ChannelMr. Kate Video Stats338,9671.3703,48244121,16245252.1 MTweet
Маша и МедведьМаша и Медведь YouTube ChannelМаша и Медведь Video Stats348,8450.18,005,41512614,1874449.83 BTweet
Julien BamJulien Bam YouTube ChannelJulien Bam Video Stats358,8110.33,167,4695725,504186442.6 MTweet
MarkiplierMarkiplier YouTube ChannelMarkiplier Video Stats368,7890.115,488,4232710,7523.3K6.11 BTweet
TheRichestTheRichest YouTube ChannelTheRichest Video Stats378,7230.25,645,07922915,1931.1K2.94 BTweet
Get MoviesGet Movies YouTube ChannelGet Movies Video Stats388,4990.19,181,1949714,4272.7K10.41 BTweet
DalasReviewDalasReview YouTube ChannelDalasReview Video Stats398,4840.33,296,7565406,941583530.9 MTweet
ArianaGrandeVevoArianaGrandeVevo YouTube ChannelArianaGrandeVevo Video Stats408,2690.114,381,2083315,842765.6 BTweet
jacksepticeyejacksepticeye YouTube Channeljacksepticeye Video Stats418,1220.113,362,6623813,6672.8K5.97 BTweet
Liza KoshyLiza Koshy YouTube ChannelLiza Koshy Video Stats428,0560.15,440,27624425,30477327.7 MTweet
ConCrafterConCrafter YouTube ChannelConCrafter Video Stats438,0290.42,125,41910672,6472K625.5 MTweet
DJSnakeVEVODJSnakeVEVO YouTube ChannelDJSnakeVEVO Video Stats447,9920.23,562,4684839,703141.06 BTweet
melanie martinezmelanie martinez YouTube Channelmelanie martinez Video Stats457,9910.23,625,03846713,22839603.5 MTweet
Reaction TimeReaction Time YouTube ChannelReaction Time Video Stats467,9230.23,270,97954818,780338424.4 MTweet
VidyaVoxVidyaVox YouTube ChannelVidyaVox Video Stats477,8140.9907,337328213,5063193.4 MTweet
Sony Music IndiaSony Music India YouTube ChannelSony Music India Video Stats487,7890.23,644,40045811,4431.8K2.1 BTweet
Superhero Fun FactorySuperhero Fun Factory YouTube ChannelSuperhero Fun Factory Video Stats497,7600.42,200,500101117,1132451.29 BTweet
SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art DeSaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art De YouTube ChannelSaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art De Video Stats507,7270.24,157,90937919,86688483.1 MTweet
Rainbow LearningRainbow Learning YouTube ChannelRainbow Learning Video Stats517,6840.9835,08536177,150567499 MTweet
WorkpointOfficialWorkpointOfficial YouTube ChannelWorkpointOfficial Video Stats527,6070.24,273,9453667,66710.7K2.26 BTweet
Lele PonsLele Pons YouTube ChannelLele Pons Video Stats537,5550.32,331,74993911,72433125 MTweet
FernanflooFernanfloo YouTube ChannelFernanfloo Video Stats547,4450.017,396,3862123,0515204 BTweet
TheWeekndVEVOTheWeekndVEVO YouTube ChannelTheWeekndVEVO Video Stats557,4310.16,836,09116817,418323.11 BTweet
ToyPuddingToyPudding YouTube ChannelToyPudding Video Stats567,4300.32,730,8847368,3751.2K3.31 BTweet
marshmellomarshmello YouTube Channelmarshmello Video Stats577,4290.61,313,164210312,51339188.7 MTweet
Keystone ScienceKeystone Science YouTube ChannelKeystone Science Video Stats587,39138.426,65367539469 KTweet
ToyScouterToyScouter YouTube ChannelToyScouter Video Stats597,3340.23,365,81052115,4795412.31 BTweet
JuegaGermanJuegaGerman YouTube ChannelJuegaGerman Video Stats607,3160.016,138,2712514,8629393.83 BTweet
aynakoitsroiaynakoitsroi YouTube Channelaynakoitsroi Video Stats617,2600.23,579,86847916,823640974.1 MTweet
TWICETWICE YouTube ChannelTWICE Video Stats627,2071.9383,65484792,9063030.8 MTweet
NoCopyrightSoundsNoCopyrightSounds YouTube ChannelNoCopyrightSounds Video Stats637,1790.18,789,22810413,3002882.07 BTweet
BeautyyBirdBeautyyBird YouTube ChannelBeautyyBird Video Stats647,1661.0699,523442764542950 MTweet
Ryan ToysReviewRyan ToysReview YouTube ChannelRyan ToysReview Video Stats657,1570.15,316,38525514,2625908.3 BTweet
PTXofficialPTXofficial YouTube ChannelPTXofficial Video Stats667,1500.111,976,5075015,062991.93 BTweet
RaeSremmurdVEVORaeSremmurdVEVO YouTube ChannelRaeSremmurdVEVO Video Stats677,0970.23,064,25260316,718281.3 BTweet
ToysToSeeToysToSee YouTube ChannelToysToSee Video Stats687,0920.41,742,136143713,1212411.24 BTweet
Canal KondZillaCanal KondZilla YouTube ChannelCanal KondZilla Video Stats697,0040.17,477,26914122,5442792.91 BTweet
BibisBeautyPalaceBibisBeautyPalace YouTube ChannelBibisBeautyPalace Video Stats706,9650.24,081,3943897,9664241.07 BTweet
Zee Music CompanyZee Music Company YouTube ChannelZee Music Company Video Stats716,8640.22,849,62567811,0201.9K2.24 BTweet
PlayStationPlayStation YouTube ChannelPlayStation Video Stats726,8600.15,097,3912692,8656.2K1.28 BTweet
FAP TVFAP TV YouTube ChannelFAP TV Video Stats736,8570.51,303,93121245,153179544.3 MTweet
italo matheusitalo matheus YouTube Channelitalo matheus Video Stats746,7430.51,446,31918518,4932.4K115.7 MTweet
WWEWWE YouTube ChannelWWE Video Stats756,5810.013,462,5863711,64026.4K12.15 BTweet
OVERACTOVERACT YouTube ChannelOVERACT Video Stats766,5142.1321,6332,38710221.2 MTweet
Johnny LogsJohnny Logs YouTube ChannelJohnny Logs Video Stats776,4881.3493,39965661,14114180.6 MTweet
Bruno MarsBruno Mars YouTube ChannelBruno Mars Video Stats786,3490.111,823,0305212,920484.62 BTweet
zbing z.zbing z. YouTube Channelzbing z. Video Stats796,3440.32,350,0039224,889726785.7 MTweet
MnetMnet YouTube ChannelMnet Video Stats806,3420.23,682,7684485,49011.1K2 BTweet
Sparkle SpiceSparkle Spice YouTube ChannelSparkle Spice Video Stats816,3340.9727,14842347,631770398.7 MTweet
LittleBabyBum ®LittleBabyBum ® YouTube ChannelLittleBabyBum ® Video Stats826,3250.18,714,41210810,28541510.25 BTweet
Jake PaulJake Paul YouTube ChannelJake Paul Video Stats836,3050.8805,36537549,26711235.3 MTweet
Jackie HernandezJackie Hernandez YouTube ChannelJackie Hernandez Video Stats846,2840.51,309,61421092,02234088.7 MTweet
FaZe RugFaZe Rug YouTube ChannelFaZe Rug Video Stats856,2490.23,726,0314425,580821555.4 MTweet
Disney Cars Toy Club DCTCDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC YouTube ChannelDisney Cars Toy Club DCTC Video Stats866,1930.15,722,30022515,2072.2K5.52 BTweet
CVS 3D RhymesCVS 3D Rhymes YouTube ChannelCVS 3D Rhymes Video Stats876,1920.23,447,1545075,3742873.55 BTweet
ĐẤU TRƯỜNG TIẾU LÂMĐẤU TRƯỜNG TIẾU LÂM YouTube ChannelĐẤU TRƯỜNG TIẾU LÂM Video Stats886,1671.4444,99273234,024595271.2 MTweet
ChocolaTVChocolaTV YouTube ChannelChocolaTV Video Stats896,1630.41,486,73217861,673505109.1 MTweet
WengieWengie YouTube ChannelWengie Video Stats906,1160.14,616,83132114,568263209.9 MTweet
OpTic NaDeSHoTOpTic NaDeSHoT YouTube ChannelOpTic NaDeSHoT Video Stats916,1030.22,809,6146972,0841.3K385.6 MTweet
EeOneGuyEeOneGuy YouTube ChannelEeOneGuy Video Stats926,0800.110,167,9517611,9942962.23 BTweet
BIRDYYHD ™BIRDYYHD ™ YouTube ChannelBIRDYYHD ™ Video Stats936,0101.5398,00082072,20235446.9 MTweet
Webs & Tiaras - Toy Monster CompilationsWebs & Tiaras - Toy Monster Compilations YouTube ChannelWebs & Tiaras - Toy Monster Compilations Video Stats946,0070.14,490,32033710,5862713.89 BTweet
TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDMTheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM YouTube ChannelTheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM Video Stats956,0040.013,191,6664010,0782.2K8.64 BTweet
NDNG - Enes BaturNDNG - Enes Batur YouTube ChannelNDNG - Enes Batur Video Stats965,9680.22,618,6327865,7041.3K911.1 MTweet
My Mate NateMy Mate Nate YouTube ChannelMy Mate Nate Video Stats975,8660.41,424,23018844,649202180 MTweet
Lauren OrlandoLauren Orlando YouTube ChannelLauren Orlando Video Stats985,8191.4426,83476471,7518036 MTweet
Ramer1LifeRamer1Life YouTube ChannelRamer1Life Video Stats995,8175.0121,1891,1791068.5 MTweet
СыендукСыендук YouTube ChannelСыендук Video Stats1005,7730.22,508,9108433,655177409 MTweet
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caseyneistatcaseyneistat YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize caseyneistat Remove caseyneistat
12 - 12:59 am2625,923,487
1 - 1:59 am 2335,923,720
2 - 2:59 am 2585,923,978
3 - 3:59 am 2325,924,210
4 - 4:59 am 1985,924,408
5 - 5:59 am 2275,924,635
6 - 6:59 am 2085,924,843
7 - 7:59 am 2205,925,063
prankvsprankprankvsprank YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize prankvsprank Remove prankvsprank
12 - 12:59 am11510,224,387
1 - 1:59 am 9010,224,477
2 - 2:59 am 25810,224,735
3 - 3:59 am 25910,224,994
4 - 4:59 am 29810,225,292
5 - 5:59 am 19610,225,488
6 - 6:59 am 21210,225,700
7 - 7:59 am 14910,225,849
romanatwoodvlogsromanatwoodvlogs YouTube ChannelExpand/Minimize romanatwoodvlogs Remove romanatwoodvlogs
12 - 12:59 am37910,351,621
1 - 1:59 am 33610,351,957
2 - 2:59 am 42510,352,382
3 - 3:59 am 35610,352,738
4 - 4:59 am 34210,353,080
5 - 5:59 am 31810,353,398
6 - 6:59 am 37410,353,772
7 - 7:59 am 39710,354,169
12 - 12:59 am374,852,738
1 - 1:59 am 214,852,759
2 - 2:59 am 124,852,771
3 - 3:59 am 94,852,780
4 - 4:59 am 114,852,791
5 - 5:59 am 134,852,804
6 - 6:59 am 364,852,840
7 - 7:59 am 404,852,880



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