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258,096  Now
258,297-201-297 DayTweet
258,555-459-3314 DayTweet
259,177-1,081-3630 DayTweet
260,274-2,178-362 MonthTweet
261,294-3,198-363 MonthTweet
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13,514,179  Now
13,508,6195,5607947 DayTweet
13,504,8979,28266314 DayTweet
13,497,52216,65755530 DayTweet
13,483,82330,3565062 MonthTweet
13,470,37843,8014873 MonthTweet
13,676,835-162,656-1,3554 MonthTweet
13,675,551-161,372-1,0765 MonthTweet
13,674,391-160,212-8906 MonthTweet
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30 Day
barnabydixonbarnabydixon YouTube Channelbarnabydixon Video Stats 258,22412819039711819.8 M
ClutterBugClutterBug YouTube ChannelClutterBug Video Stats 258,21011413537347028.2 M
zeenanaszeenanas YouTube Channelzeenanas Video Stats 258,210114417534137.7 M
Ubisoft MexicoUbisoft Mexico YouTube ChannelUbisoft Mexico Video Stats 258,2041082983661.2K25.2 M
WalkingMelons PikminAAAWalkingMelons PikminAAA YouTube ChannelWalkingMelons PikminAAA Video Stats 258,18185276713436.2 M
TheYankeeMarshalTheYankeeMarshal YouTube ChannelTheYankeeMarshal Video Stats 258,15054271722K115.6 M
Hybrid NetworkHybrid Network YouTube ChannelHybrid Network Video Stats 258,121259624634.4K123.3 M
LIMIT BEATS | Anthony LimitLIMIT BEATS | Anthony Limit YouTube ChannelLIMIT BEATS | Anthony Limit Video Stats 258,111159924496073.7 M
ChusitafashionfeverChusitafashionfever YouTube ChannelChusitafashionfever Video Stats 258,10711242029626.6 M
Troll Na MikrofonieTroll Na Mikrofonie YouTube ChannelTroll Na Mikrofonie Video Stats 258,097133867927.3 M
William HydeWilliam Hyde YouTube ChannelWilliam Hyde Video Stats 258,096-6-3647113.5 M
Welsknight GamingWelsknight Gaming YouTube ChannelWelsknight Gaming Video Stats 258,077-191443172.3K49.5 M
CHRISTOPHE MAÉCHRISTOPHE MAÉ YouTube ChannelCHRISTOPHE MAÉ Video Stats 258,062-3478132125170.4 M
MissNiciMissNici YouTube ChannelMissNici Video Stats 258,051-4543259813224.3 M
LittleGleeMonsterYTLittleGleeMonsterYT YouTube ChannelLittleGleeMonsterYT Video Stats 258,042-54175405103160.9 M
FEDUKFEDUK YouTube ChannelFEDUK Video Stats 258,030-661,0752,0725569.5 M
GiggleBlaggleGiggleBlaggle YouTube ChannelGiggleBlaggle Video Stats 258,029-67167271305300.3 M
InterMusicInterMusic YouTube ChannelInterMusic Video Stats 257,904-192133642444 M
FenchelFenchel YouTube ChannelFenchel Video Stats 257,904-192194925428.9 M
MsKobelMsKobel YouTube ChannelMsKobel Video Stats 257,902-194-5-132.5K45.2 M
Kids Toy CornerKids Toy Corner YouTube ChannelKids Toy Corner Video Stats 257,889-207208450262193.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
PilotsTubeHDPilotsTubeHD YouTube ChannelPilotsTubeHD Video Stats 13,518,2554,07624156,09245,514
Dreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - RDreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - R YouTube ChannelDreas Beats | Trap - Hip Hop - R Video Stats 13,517,9763,79728846,93758,380
roseannetangrsroseannetangrs YouTube Channelroseannetangrs Video Stats 13,517,4163,23748128,103100,488
Joy StickJoy Stick YouTube ChannelJoy Stick Video Stats 13,517,2523,0731.4K9,91741,447
Tv1Tv1 YouTube ChannelTv1 Video Stats 13,516,9622,78312.3K1,10322,656
FuturePlayFuturePlay YouTube ChannelFuturePlay Video Stats 13,516,0361,85769519,44813,247
LasRecetasDePepaLasRecetasDePepa YouTube ChannelLasRecetasDePepa Video Stats 13,515,4841,30523258,25664,609
fraynelsonfraynelson YouTube Channelfraynelson Video Stats 13,515,1019225.3K2,55661,419
Goles y GoalsGoles y Goals YouTube ChannelGoles y Goals Video Stats 13,514,64947028247,92479,812
YikeFilmsYikeFilms YouTube ChannelYikeFilms Video Stats 13,514,63845950270,29371,252
William HydeWilliam Hyde YouTube ChannelWilliam Hyde Video Stats 13,514,17947128,693258,096
Evanz111Evanz111 YouTube ChannelEvanz111 Video Stats 13,513,919-2601.5K9,25637,205
sandfordwaysandfordway YouTube Channelsandfordway Video Stats 13,513,515-66434339,3987,226
TheVenXIIITheVenXIII YouTube ChannelTheVenXIII Video Stats 13,512,449-1,730114118,53010,454
الحبيب علي الجفري Alhabib Ali Aljifriالحبيب علي الجفري Alhabib Ali Aljifri YouTube Channelالحبيب علي الجفري Alhabib Ali Aljifri Video Stats 13,512,118-2,06166720,258115,882
daallusadaallusa YouTube Channeldaallusa Video Stats 13,511,999-2,18021643,4291,814
Mazion Plays GamesMazion Plays Games YouTube ChannelMazion Plays Games Video Stats 13,511,881-2,2981.4K9,798104,938
Tollywood MoviesTollywood Movies YouTube ChannelTollywood Movies Video Stats 13,511,787-2,39276177,78746,408
Always Hungry CatAlways Hungry Cat YouTube ChannelAlways Hungry Cat Video Stats 13,510,446-3,73324854,4789,980
JayborinoPlaysJayborinoPlays YouTube ChannelJayborinoPlays Video Stats 13,509,615-4,5642.1K6,45818,637
YFGamer360™YFGamer360™ YouTube ChannelYFGamer360™ Video Stats 13,509,371-4,80867420,044234,186
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13,750,000235,82110 D3 M1 Y6/30  2019Tweet
14,000,000485,82118 D7 M2 Y11/05  2020Tweet