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2,246,35330,0494,2937 DayTweet
2,208,01668,3864,88514 DayTweet
2,102,460173,9425,79830 DayTweet
1,902,273374,1296,2352 MonthTweet
1,797,855478,5475,3173 MonthTweet
1,827,018449,3843,7454 MonthTweet
1,754,827521,5753,4775 MonthTweet
1,693,757582,6453,2376 MonthTweet
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934,900,310  Now
926,653,1818,247,1291,178,1617 DayTweet
915,926,10818,974,2021,355,30014 DayTweet
887,031,44947,868,8611,595,62930 DayTweet
892,810,49842,089,812701,4972 MonthTweet
843,522,25491,378,0561,015,3123 MonthTweet
860,326,51074,573,800621,4484 MonthTweet
822,185,124112,715,186751,4355 MonthTweet
788,086,192146,814,118815,6346 MonthTweet
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30 Day
RotonMusicTVRotonMusicTV YouTube ChannelRotonMusicTV Video Stats17872,289,88713,4851,8512,5421.2K2.89 B
Dima Kids TVDima Kids TV YouTube ChannelDima Kids TV Video Stats17882,289,25412,8523,1254,588173284.9 M
NeYoVEVONeYoVEVO YouTube ChannelNeYoVEVO Video Stats17892,288,02711,6257211,4161171.54 B
Frog Leap StudiosFrog Leap Studios YouTube ChannelFrog Leap Studios Video Stats17902,287,38410,9829631,937615473.4 M
Mario BautistaMario Bautista YouTube ChannelMario Bautista Video Stats17912,285,4399,0376708,26729100.1 M
WithZack - Clash Royale & MasWithZack - Clash Royale & Mas YouTube ChannelWithZack - Clash Royale & Mas Video Stats17922,282,5956,1931,0462,937793445.4 M
ToyMart TVToyMart TV YouTube ChannelToyMart TV Video Stats17932,282,3095,9073,4237,5363431.11 B
Cem YılmazCem Yılmaz YouTube ChannelCem Yılmaz Video Stats17942,282,2075,805292853364678 M
Vício FemininoVício Feminino YouTube ChannelVício Feminino Video Stats17952,277,8671,4654149621K215.9 M
Sofia OliveiraSofia Oliveira YouTube ChannelSofia Oliveira Video Stats17962,277,214812352797137153.4 M
Music Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنينMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين YouTube ChannelMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين Video Stats17972,276,4024,1985,798893934.9 M
Human EmojiHuman Emoji YouTube ChannelHuman Emoji Video Stats17982,276,324-78-44-1243697.9 M
SkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - FrSkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - Fr YouTube ChannelSkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - Fr Video Stats17992,275,634-768171261150216.6 M
Swan The Voice - Néo & SwanSwan The Voice - Néo & Swan YouTube ChannelSwan The Voice - Néo & Swan Video Stats18002,275,472-9301,9734,4251.1K1.63 B
Bubble™Bubble™ YouTube ChannelBubble™ Video Stats18012,275,173-1,229528763211399.6 M
JacyandKacyJacyandKacy YouTube ChannelJacyandKacy Video Stats18022,272,982-3,4204582,766554579.8 M
Folagor03Folagor03 YouTube ChannelFolagor03 Video Stats18032,272,906-3,4966111,9585.1K1.17 B
JamesAVEVOJamesAVEVO YouTube ChannelJamesAVEVO Video Stats18042,272,234-4,1681,5492,84654902.6 M
Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network YouTube ChannelCartoon Network Video Stats18052,271,870-4,5321,7304,3035.8K2.23 B
C0OK1EMONSTERC0OK1EMONSTER YouTube ChannelC0OK1EMONSTER Video Stats18062,271,591-4,811191491278152.1 M
Warner Music LatinaWarner Music Latina YouTube ChannelWarner Music Latina Video Stats18072,269,148-7,2541,2343,4625321.71 B
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
BelieveRecordsTubeBelieveRecordsTube YouTube ChannelBelieveRecordsTube Video Stats1327942,417,9007,517,5902563,681,3201,665,880
Nagaswara Official - Channel Musik IndonNagaswara Official - Channel Musik Indon YouTube ChannelNagaswara Official - Channel Musik Indon Video Stats1328942,138,8687,238,5581.1K851,843969,763
5 Alguma Coisa5 Alguma Coisa YouTube Channel5 Alguma Coisa Video Stats1329941,628,0486,727,7383013,128,3324,581,460
2MTV2MTV YouTube Channel2MTV Video Stats1330941,313,9236,413,6137.9K119,5621,775,800
Bollywood BabesBollywood Babes YouTube ChannelBollywood Babes Video Stats1331941,227,4736,327,1638821,067,151964,084
متع عقلكمتع عقلك YouTube Channelمتع عقلك Video Stats1332941,114,4726,214,1621.2K766,3804,037,023
Humberto ContrerasHumberto Contreras YouTube ChannelHumberto Contreras Video Stats1333940,041,3705,141,0603003,133,471988,727
Lukas GrahamLukas Graham YouTube ChannelLukas Graham Video Stats1334938,249,0533,348,7434819,546,8552,411,285
OWN TVOWN TV YouTube ChannelOWN TV Video Stats1335937,980,2283,079,91813.5K69,6241,725,462
Ultra RegionalUltra Regional YouTube ChannelUltra Regional Video Stats1336935,030,104129,7943.2K296,0831,240,574
Music Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنينMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين YouTube ChannelMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين Video Stats1337934,900,3108931,046,9212,276,402
All Def DigitalAll Def Digital YouTube ChannelAll Def Digital Video Stats1338934,587,621-312,6892.8K330,1263,191,087
baby's adventurebaby's adventure YouTube Channelbaby's adventure Video Stats1339934,582,026-318,2846231,500,1321,125,264
GamingWithKevGamingWithKev YouTube ChannelGamingWithKev Video Stats1340934,047,612-852,6981.1K853,0122,199,695
GalileoGalileo YouTube ChannelGalileo Video Stats1341933,285,863-1,614,4472.3K399,8651,550,522
MattyBVlogsMattyBVlogs YouTube ChannelMattyBVlogs Video Stats1342932,245,603-2,654,7073732,499,3183,261,597
Choirock Contents FactoryChoirock Contents Factory YouTube ChannelChoirock Contents Factory Video Stats1343930,469,170-4,431,1401.5K614,577619,666
MrRevillzMrRevillz YouTube ChannelMrRevillz Video Stats1344930,347,558-4,552,7521.8K526,2151,922,437
AsapSCIENCEAsapSCIENCE YouTube ChannelAsapSCIENCE Video Stats1345929,870,578-5,029,7322533,675,3787,369,825
SourceFedSourceFed YouTube ChannelSourceFed Video Stats1346929,799,269-5,101,0414.8K195,2131,704,656
i am official channeli am official channel YouTube Channeli am official channel Video Stats1347927,445,970-7,454,3403912,371,9851,030,668
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Start Subs: 1,902,273     Current Subs: 2,276,402
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Date Goal Will
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2,300,00023,5984 D  3/24  2018Tweet
2,325,00048,5988 D  3/28  2018Tweet
2,350,00073,59812 D  4/01  2018Tweet
2,375,00098,59816 D  4/05  2018Tweet
2,400,000123,59820 D  4/09  2018Tweet
2,425,000148,59824 D  4/13  2018Tweet
2,450,000173,59828 D  4/17  2018Tweet
2,475,000198,5981 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
2,500,000223,5985 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
2,525,000248,5989 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
2,550,000273,59813 D1 M 5/03  2018Tweet
2,575,000298,59817 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
2,600,000323,59821 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
2,625,000348,59825 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
2,650,000373,59829 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
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935,000,00099,690   3/20  2018Tweet
937,500,0002,599,6904 D  3/24  2018Tweet
940,000,0005,099,6908 D  3/28  2018Tweet
942,500,0007,599,69011 D  3/31  2018Tweet
945,000,00010,099,69015 D  4/04  2018Tweet
947,500,00012,599,69018 D  4/07  2018Tweet
950,000,00015,099,69022 D  4/11  2018Tweet
952,500,00017,599,69026 D  4/15  2018Tweet
955,000,00020,099,69029 D  4/18  2018Tweet
957,500,00022,599,6902 D1 M 4/22  2018Tweet
960,000,00025,099,6905 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
962,500,00027,599,6909 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
965,000,00030,099,69012 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet
967,500,00032,599,69016 D1 M 5/06  2018Tweet
970,000,00035,099,69020 D1 M 5/10  2018Tweet