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82,258  Now
82,264-6-17 DayTweet
82,266-8-114 DayTweet
82,271-13030 DayTweet
82,276-1802 MonthTweet
82,2213703 MonthTweet
82,254404 MonthTweet
82,1896905 MonthTweet
82,1956306 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
37,534,863  Now
37,517,13617,7272,5327 DayTweet
37,493,33441,5292,96614 DayTweet
37,428,122106,7413,55830 DayTweet
37,309,560225,3033,7552 MonthTweet
37,132,402402,4614,4723 MonthTweet
37,215,910318,9532,6584 MonthTweet
37,056,994477,8693,1865 MonthTweet
36,864,737670,1263,7236 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Grinding Gear GamesGrinding Gear Games YouTube ChannelGrinding Gear Games Video Stats 82,28830-2-931.1K60.2 M
Klei EntertainmentKlei Entertainment YouTube ChannelKlei Entertainment Video Stats 82,2862832729925.9 M
KassdedKassded YouTube ChannelKassded Video Stats 82,2862836811.8K68.6 M
IAMTOONSIAMTOONS YouTube ChannelIAMTOONS Video Stats 82,28022-4532926.1 M
KarbonPlay-GamingKarbonPlay-Gaming YouTube ChannelKarbonPlay-Gaming Video Stats 82,27214316726523.5 M
Andy OthlingAndy Othling YouTube ChannelAndy Othling Video Stats 82,27214162633111.2 M
escuelacine.comescuelacine.com YouTube Channelescuelacine.com Video Stats 82,2691125391419 M
Deelii UnderapDeelii Underap YouTube ChannelDeelii Underap Video Stats 82,268102257489 M
VintageShizzleVintageShizzle YouTube ChannelVintageShizzle Video Stats 82,265731371.3K24.6 M
Joshua ChiuJoshua Chiu YouTube ChannelJoshua Chiu Video Stats 82,26242159515.7 M
THECOUNT.COMTHECOUNT.COM YouTube ChannelTHECOUNT.COM Video Stats 82,258-303K37.5 M
Circle Of AlchemistsCircle Of Alchemists YouTube ChannelCircle Of Alchemists Video Stats 82,245-13-1-92339.4 M
SonyAnimationSonyAnimation YouTube ChannelSonyAnimation Video Stats 82,244-14283636548.6 M
ZigcioZigcio YouTube ChannelZigcio Video Stats 82,244-142412733510 K
Mike RussellMike Russell YouTube ChannelMike Russell Video Stats 82,241-17437161012.8 M
Ropo OgundemurenRopo Ogundemuren YouTube ChannelRopo Ogundemuren Video Stats 82,239-1913261315.7 M
T-ROY COOKST-ROY COOKS YouTube ChannelT-ROY COOKS Video Stats 82,238-20529849414.6 M
Ma LuchiMa Luchi YouTube ChannelMa Luchi Video Stats 82,238-2030421745.5 M
Beauty with smile-Bhakti MargamBeauty with smile-Bhakti Margam YouTube ChannelBeauty with smile-Bhakti Margam Video Stats 82,237-2120302478.8 M
MOTO filmadores UK - LondresMOTO filmadores UK - Londres YouTube ChannelMOTO filmadores UK - Londres Video Stats 82,235-23181481.2K9.1 M
AQUILOAQUILO YouTube ChannelAQUILO Video Stats 82,232-2611361711.4 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
AridersLifeAridersLife YouTube ChannelAridersLife Video Stats 37,553,76418,901291129,051124,667
CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel) YouTube ChannelCLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel) Video Stats 37,549,89215,029231,632,604264,608
LessAmazingPhilLessAmazingPhil YouTube ChannelLessAmazingPhil Video Stats 37,549,39214,52958647,4031,264,057
TheFlamingSharkTheFlamingShark YouTube ChannelTheFlamingShark Video Stats 37,547,35212,48992540,592112,625
xn3u5oxxn3u5ox YouTube Channelxn3u5ox Video Stats 37,544,6559,792152,502,9774,393
ВойсВойс YouTube ChannelВойс Video Stats 37,543,7368,873192195,540165,948
Anton channelAnton channel YouTube ChannelAnton channel Video Stats 37,541,0446,18148277,88654,208
Shawn LeeShawn Lee YouTube ChannelShawn Lee Video Stats 37,540,0005,13751373,177251,238
SabiduriaSubtituladaSabiduriaSubtitulada YouTube ChannelSabiduriaSubtitulada Video Stats 37,539,7474,884223168,340191,406
MythKiller77MythKiller77 YouTube ChannelMythKiller77 Video Stats 37,539,2184,3551.1K34,72613,548
THECOUNT.COMTHECOUNT.COM YouTube ChannelTHECOUNT.COM Video Stats 37,534,8633K12,61782,258
DannyGaminGnCDannyGaminGnC YouTube ChannelDannyGaminGnC Video Stats 37,534,434-4291.8K21,15887,026
Brock AnsiolitikoBrock Ansiolitiko YouTube ChannelBrock Ansiolitiko Video Stats 37,534,409-45499379,135194,473
Air AgeMediaAir AgeMedia YouTube ChannelAir AgeMedia Video Stats 37,534,355-5081.3K28,43533,115
Rainbow Six Pro LeagueRainbow Six Pro League YouTube ChannelRainbow Six Pro League Video Stats 37,533,867-99644584,346616,123
swiss2007swiss2007 YouTube Channelswiss2007 Video Stats 37,533,656-1,20793403,58815,047
Mixed Tape VideosMixed Tape Videos YouTube ChannelMixed Tape Videos Video Stats 37,533,647-1,21689421,726112,880
Sarah HawkinsonSarah Hawkinson YouTube ChannelSarah Hawkinson Video Stats 37,533,174-1,68992840,445358,558
PastelPastel YouTube ChannelPastel Video Stats 37,531,659-3,20440093,829316,497
BoubouilleBoubouille YouTube ChannelBoubouille Video Stats 37,529,854-5,00977487,4015,694
MMS DesignerMMS Designer YouTube ChannelMMS Designer Video Stats 37,528,715-6,148217172,943177,907
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37,750,000215,13727 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
38,000,000465,1372 D4 M 7/24  2018Tweet
38,250,000715,1378 D6 M 9/29  2018Tweet
38,500,000965,13714 D8 M 12/05  2018Tweet
38,750,0001,215,13719 D10 M 2/09  2019Tweet
39,000,0001,465,13726 D 1 Y4/17  2019Tweet
39,250,0001,715,137 3 M1 Y6/22  2019Tweet
39,500,0001,965,1376 D5 M1 Y8/28  2019Tweet
39,750,0002,215,13712 D7 M1 Y11/02  2019Tweet
40,000,0002,465,13718 D9 M1 Y1/08  2020Tweet
40,250,0002,715,13724 D11 M1 Y3/15  2020Tweet
40,500,0002,965,13729 D1 M2 Y5/20  2020Tweet
40,750,0003,215,1375 D4 M2 Y7/26  2020Tweet
41,000,0003,465,13710 D6 M2 Y9/30  2020Tweet
41,250,0003,715,13716 D8 M2 Y12/06  2020Tweet