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12,8361427 DayTweet
12,83218114 DayTweet
12,80446230 DayTweet
12,7609022 MonthTweet
12,74510513 MonthTweet
12,7549614 MonthTweet
12,74210815 MonthTweet
12,61323716 MonthTweet
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educationalmaterialseducationalmaterials YouTube Channeleducationalmaterials Video Stats 12,85330-11218.8 M
TileWizards1TileWizards1 YouTube ChannelTileWizards1 Video Stats 12,85331717686.2 M
TaipeiFilmFestivalTaipeiFilmFestival YouTube ChannelTaipeiFilmFestival Video Stats 12,8533011.2K59.6 M
Visit ArgentinaVisit Argentina YouTube ChannelVisit Argentina Video Stats 12,85220147680.1 M
HAJJ VLOGGERHAJJ VLOGGER YouTube ChannelHAJJ VLOGGER Video Stats 12,852216202533.5 M
Jake CodyJake Cody YouTube ChannelJake Cody Video Stats 12,85220-216517 K
Jon GibsonJon Gibson YouTube ChannelJon Gibson Video Stats 12,8511002223.1 M
Helene JeppesenHelene Jeppesen YouTube ChannelHelene Jeppesen Video Stats 12,8511013339937 K
Mohammad Jan RaufiMohammad Jan Raufi YouTube ChannelMohammad Jan Raufi Video Stats 12,85117147286 M
E7mediaE7media YouTube ChannelE7media Video Stats 12,85110-195330 K
thebombe1thebombe1 YouTube Channelthebombe1 Video Stats 12,8500200
MY2KSapphireMY2KSapphire YouTube ChannelMY2KSapphire Video Stats 12,850011332482.6 M
KSP by LuisaKSP by Luisa YouTube ChannelKSP by Luisa Video Stats 12,8500218829994 K
thisisdormlifethisisdormlife YouTube Channelthisisdormlife Video Stats 12,850000686 M
Hello_WorldHello_World YouTube ChannelHello_World Video Stats 12,850018256213.1 M
letcrletcr YouTube Channelletcr Video Stats 12,85000115912.1 M
katyperrymusicvkatyperrymusicv YouTube Channelkatyperrymusicv Video Stats 12,850002133.7 M
Alpha AngelAlpha Angel YouTube ChannelAlpha Angel Video Stats 12,849-10-188117 K
SiennaSienna YouTube ChannelSienna Video Stats 12,849-10-100
AtomicUs5000AtomicUs5000 YouTube ChannelAtomicUs5000 Video Stats 12,848-200945.2 M
christoforchukchristoforchuk YouTube Channelchristoforchuk Video Stats 12,848-20-100
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per Video
01JRS01JRS YouTube Channel01JRS Video Stats 0000905
poopstealerCodypoopstealerCody YouTube ChannelpoopstealerCody Video Stats 0000311
Thiago SianThiago Sian YouTube ChannelThiago Sian Video Stats 00001,350
DejectedDragonDejectedDragon YouTube ChannelDejectedDragon Video Stats 00001,145
aZnpRiDeGuRl12aZnpRiDeGuRl12 YouTube ChannelaZnpRiDeGuRl12 Video Stats 00003,150
Nil MorettoNil Moretto YouTube ChannelNil Moretto Video Stats 0000262,043
ShadowBadoshShadowBadosh YouTube ChannelShadowBadosh Video Stats 0000866
kittyluvr121895kittyluvr121895 YouTube Channelkittyluvr121895 Video Stats 0000480
moichtimimoichtimi YouTube Channelmoichtimi Video Stats 0000728
omgmagichatomgmagichat YouTube Channelomgmagichat Video Stats 0000489
thebombe1thebombe1 YouTube Channelthebombe1 Video Stats 00012,850
Azed ButtAzed Butt YouTube ChannelAzed Butt Video Stats 00001,699
TheTyraBanksShowTheTyraBanksShow YouTube ChannelTheTyraBanksShow Video Stats 000024,295
KhrabyIophobe1KhrabyIophobe1 YouTube ChannelKhrabyIophobe1 Video Stats 00004
TheIrregularGamer1TheIrregularGamer1 YouTube ChannelTheIrregularGamer1 Video Stats 000016
DidsterxxDidsterxx YouTube ChannelDidsterxx Video Stats 000011,031
LegendYoungGamerLegendYoungGamer YouTube ChannelLegendYoungGamer Video Stats 00003,755
Alexis WürzAlexis Würz YouTube ChannelAlexis Würz Video Stats 000029
oJBKooJBKo YouTube ChanneloJBKo Video Stats 00001,513
MsLaurensBeautyMsLaurensBeauty YouTube ChannelMsLaurensBeauty Video Stats 000028,166
bravithebossbravitheboss YouTube Channelbravitheboss Video Stats 000099
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13,0001508 D3 M 7/03  2018Tweet
13,25040023 D8 M 12/17  2018Tweet
13,5006508 D2 M1 Y6/02  2019Tweet
13,75090022 D7 M1 Y11/15  2019Tweet
14,0001,1506 D1 M2 Y4/30  2020Tweet
14,2501,40021 D6 M2 Y10/14  2020Tweet
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