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543,298  Now
541,1382,1603097 DayTweet
538,6634,63533114 DayTweet
532,30210,99636730 DayTweet
521,72221,5763602 MonthTweet
508,54034,7583863 MonthTweet
514,79228,5062384 MonthTweet
499,89243,4062895 MonthTweet
487,75255,5463096 MonthTweet
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60,168,209  Now
59,913,852254,35736,3377 DayTweet
59,598,636569,57340,68414 DayTweet
58,846,9601,321,24944,04230 DayTweet
57,698,4582,469,75141,1632 MonthTweet
56,037,8154,130,39445,8933 MonthTweet
56,887,6783,280,53127,3384 MonthTweet
55,267,9594,900,25032,6685 MonthTweet
53,834,8476,333,36235,1856 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Angel DigitalAngel Digital YouTube ChannelAngel Digital Video Stats9995543,8145161,3351,73410.3K390.2 M
Imogen ~ Foxy Locks ♥Imogen ~ Foxy Locks ♥ YouTube ChannelImogen ~ Foxy Locks ♥ Video Stats9996543,69739926528157.5 M
JcobJcob YouTube ChannelJcob Video Stats9997543,6053073494651.7K130 M
rachel goddardrachel goddard YouTube Channelrachel goddard Video Stats9998543,54124368290327664.1 M
Emma Marie's WorldEmma Marie's World YouTube ChannelEmma Marie's World Video Stats9999543,5402424211,14815433.2 M
Spazkidin3DSpazkidin3D YouTube ChannelSpazkidin3D Video Stats 543,471173923757.5 M
Jenna JulienJenna Julien YouTube ChannelJenna Julien Video Stats 543,4691714421,55217345.7 M
Animation DominationAnimation Domination YouTube ChannelAnimation Domination Video Stats 543,44014244105755355.8 M
Danny E.B TracksDanny E.B Tracks YouTube ChannelDanny E.B Tracks Video Stats 543,34042457725403141.4 M
The Kira JusticeThe Kira Justice YouTube ChannelThe Kira Justice Video Stats 543,30571183261K83.7 M
tecmathtecmath YouTube Channeltecmath Video Stats 543,29823836719660.2 M
Red Nose DayRed Nose Day YouTube ChannelRed Nose Day Video Stats 543,277-21832231.4K212.3 M
SevenCoolTweensSevenCoolTweens YouTube ChannelSevenCoolTweens Video Stats 543,125-173513381.3K179.3 M
ShesluluSheslulu YouTube ChannelSheslulu Video Stats 543,107-1915411813032.3 M
Capcom GamesCapcom Games YouTube ChannelCapcom Games Video Stats 543,098-20024547295343.2 M
BullysteriaBullysteria YouTube ChannelBullysteria Video Stats 543,007-291-1229710313 K
Mais KizombaMais Kizomba YouTube ChannelMais Kizomba Video Stats 542,869-429335515420311.2 M
A A N G I EA A N G I E YouTube ChannelA A N G I E Video Stats 542,803-4953781,00011188.3 M
MaturaToBzdura.TVMaturaToBzdura.TV YouTube ChannelMaturaToBzdura.TV Video Stats 542,784-51468130499159.7 M
My Smart SupportMy Smart Support YouTube ChannelMy Smart Support Video Stats 542,733-5651,4762,91956548.8 M
GKAYGKAY YouTube ChannelGKAY Video Stats 542,596-7024372,25017129.1 M
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per Video
Speed Records Classic HitzSpeed Records Classic Hitz YouTube ChannelSpeed Records Classic Hitz Video Stats 60,203,40935,20089367,417114,567
gearwiregearwire YouTube Channelgearwire Video Stats 60,202,71834,5094.3K13,85646,317
newavetrashnewavetrash YouTube Channelnewavetrash Video Stats 60,201,85533,6461K58,22239,858
Mana HealthMana Health YouTube ChannelMana Health Video Stats 60,195,87027,661580103,786248,324
BizarrelyFunnyBizarrelyFunny YouTube ChannelBizarrelyFunny Video Stats 60,195,84827,639400150,490166,927
Grinding Gear GamesGrinding Gear Games YouTube ChannelGrinding Gear Games Video Stats 60,188,60420,3951.1K57,32282,288
Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald HolderMr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder YouTube ChannelMr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder Video Stats 60,188,46220,2531.7K36,08461,431
KSic GamesKSic Games YouTube ChannelKSic Games Video Stats 60,179,67011,461178338,088440,136
CrafákCrafák YouTube ChannelCrafák Video Stats 60,179,46411,25593564,363407,266
phongleeephongleee YouTube Channelphongleee Video Stats 60,178,1539,944107562,41381,589
tecmathtecmath YouTube Channeltecmath Video Stats 60,168,209196306,981543,298
TOP5 VideosTOP5 Videos YouTube ChannelTOP5 Videos Video Stats 60,156,468-11,741126477,432183,551
izalmusicizalmusic YouTube Channelizalmusic Video Stats 60,153,938-14,271125481,23255,758
Alejo&MafeAlejo&Mafe YouTube ChannelAlejo&Mafe Video Stats 60,150,191-18,018118509,747954,573
ValelianValelian YouTube ChannelValelian Video Stats 60,148,420-19,789341,769,07120,589
escorpionemiajescorpionemiaj YouTube Channelescorpionemiaj Video Stats 60,148,142-20,067351,718,51826,664
GOL Linhas Aéreas InteligentesGOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes YouTube ChannelGOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes Video Stats 60,147,677-20,532209287,78883,275
BlisterCinemaBlisterCinema YouTube ChannelBlisterCinema Video Stats 60,135,207-33,002282,147,686170,389
NovayaVolnaNovayaVolna YouTube ChannelNovayaVolna Video Stats 60,133,316-34,893438137,29143,270
LaeppaVikaLaeppaVika YouTube ChannelLaeppaVika Video Stats 60,133,304-34,905377159,505253,369
MoinMoin YouTube ChannelMoin Video Stats 60,131,781-36,428101595,36475,787
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Based on 21,576 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 360 added per day.
Start Subs: 521,722     Current Subs: 543,298
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
545,0001,7025 D  3/28  2018Tweet
547,5004,20212 D  4/04  2018Tweet
550,0006,70219 D  4/11  2018Tweet
552,5009,20226 D  4/18  2018Tweet
555,00011,7022 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
557,50014,2029 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet
560,00016,70216 D1 M 5/09  2018Tweet
562,50019,20223 D1 M 5/16  2018Tweet
565,00021,702 2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
567,50024,2027 D2 M 5/30  2018Tweet
570,00026,70214 D2 M 6/06  2018Tweet
572,50029,20221 D2 M 6/13  2018Tweet
575,00031,70228 D2 M 6/20  2018Tweet
577,50034,2024 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
580,00036,70211 D3 M 7/04  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 57,698,458     Current Views: 60,168,209
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Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
60,250,00081,7912 D  3/25  2018Tweet
60,500,000331,7919 D  4/01  2018Tweet
60,750,000581,79115 D  4/07  2018Tweet
61,000,000831,79121 D  4/13  2018Tweet
61,250,0001,081,79127 D  4/19  2018Tweet
61,500,0001,331,7912 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
61,750,0001,581,7918 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
62,000,0001,831,79114 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
62,250,0002,081,79120 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
62,500,0002,331,79126 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
62,750,0002,581,7912 D2 M 5/25  2018Tweet
63,000,0002,831,7918 D2 M 5/31  2018Tweet
63,250,0003,081,79114 D2 M 6/06  2018Tweet
63,500,0003,331,79120 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
63,750,0003,581,79127 D2 M 6/19  2018Tweet