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285,686  Now
285,852-166-247 DayTweet
285,990-304-2214 DayTweet
286,739-1,053-3530 DayTweet
287,445-1,759-292 MonthTweet
288,062-2,376-263 MonthTweet
287,911-2,225-194 MonthTweet
285,18550135 MonthTweet
280,7034,983286 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
40,877,434  Now
40,801,24076,19410,8857 DayTweet
40,709,422168,01212,00114 DayTweet
40,567,508309,92610,33130 DayTweet
40,275,447601,98710,0332 MonthTweet
39,969,531907,90310,0883 MonthTweet
40,127,386750,0486,2504 MonthTweet
39,159,6261,717,80811,4525 MonthTweet
38,344,5412,532,89314,0726 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Kait NicholeKait Nichole YouTube ChannelKait Nichole Video Stats 285,797111283853027.5 M
Cecy HinojosaCecy Hinojosa YouTube ChannelCecy Hinojosa Video Stats 285,791105368327725.9 M
kenzafarahVEVOkenzafarahVEVO YouTube ChannelkenzafarahVEVO Video Stats 285,7901049014467101.5 M
Matheus CanellaMatheus Canella YouTube ChannelMatheus Canella Video Stats 285,785991541,01410212.3 M
Vinesauce: The Full SauceVinesauce: The Full Sauce YouTube ChannelVinesauce: The Full Sauce Video Stats 285,77589271432.8K105.1 M
AllAttackAllAttack YouTube ChannelAllAttack Video Stats 285,722361732938924.4 M
Urban RoostersUrban Roosters YouTube ChannelUrban Roosters Video Stats 285,7223616552795060.6 M
Natural lifeNatural life YouTube ChannelNatural life Video Stats 285,71529891,572356101.9 M
TryMike4instanceTryMike4instance YouTube ChannelTryMike4instance Video Stats 285,704185-610781.7 M
ESMA MoviesESMA Movies YouTube ChannelESMA Movies Video Stats 285,687111217919981.3 M
TheReTrexTheReTrex YouTube ChannelTheReTrex Video Stats 285,686-10-3519540.9 M
DysmoDysmo YouTube ChannelDysmo Video Stats 285,678-85841,94162329.9 M
Image-LineImage-Line YouTube ChannelImage-Line Video Stats 285,662-249122168949.5 M
バンダイ公式チャンネルバンダイ公式チャンネル YouTube Channelバンダイ公式チャンネル Video Stats 285,657-292702181.5K151.5 M
Pretty and OléPretty and Olé YouTube ChannelPretty and Olé Video Stats 285,651-358230629822.3 M
Dünyadan SeslerDünyadan Sesler YouTube ChannelDünyadan Sesler Video Stats 285,646-4032649736491 M
よりひと 【いじり系youtuber】よりひと 【いじり系youtuber】 YouTube Channelよりひと 【いじり系youtuber】 Video Stats 285,622-6443-30441599.4 M
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! YouTube ChannelI'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Video Stats 285,577-1093881,0333.7K139.1 M
IRON HORSE CINEMAIRON HORSE CINEMA YouTube ChannelIRON HORSE CINEMA Video Stats 285,568-118972476930.2 M
SweetorialsSweetorials YouTube ChannelSweetorials Video Stats 285,563-1230-319813.2 M
BlueGamerBlueGamer YouTube ChannelBlueGamer Video Stats 285,545-141-2-5299579.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Consumer Health DigestConsumer Health Digest YouTube ChannelConsumer Health Digest Video Stats 40,902,62125,187294139,125100,766
102.1 the Edge102.1 the Edge YouTube Channel102.1 the Edge Video Stats 40,899,74122,3071.4K29,40342,676
GamingWithOvaGamingWithOva YouTube ChannelGamingWithOva Video Stats 40,894,08216,64843793,57958,805
Great Cricket VideosGreat Cricket Videos YouTube ChannelGreat Cricket Videos Video Stats 40,894,04016,60661670,394109,072
СкандаУСкандаУ YouTube ChannelСкандаУ Video Stats 40,892,89115,457190215,226154,900
pildorasinformaticaspildorasinformaticas YouTube Channelpildorasinformaticas Video Stats 40,891,95814,52498941,347255,933
JtisallbusinessJtisallbusiness YouTube ChannelJtisallbusiness Video Stats 40,890,96913,5352.3K17,648107,796
HiGH litesHiGH lites YouTube ChannelHiGH lites Video Stats 40,888,35110,917122335,150201,819
Brick DictatorBrick Dictator YouTube ChannelBrick Dictator Video Stats 40,887,3459,911381,075,983118,810
홍개의 게임 리뷰홍개의 게임 리뷰 YouTube Channel홍개의 게임 리뷰 Video Stats 40,884,1026,668107382,094235,784
TheReTrexTheReTrex YouTube ChannelTheReTrex Video Stats 40,877,434195209,628285,686
My Fitness GirlsMy Fitness Girls YouTube ChannelMy Fitness Girls Video Stats 40,870,423-7,01152477,9970
visitseoulvisitseoul YouTube Channelvisitseoul Video Stats 40,868,970-8,464326125,365117,357
Deep Digger DanDeep Digger Dan YouTube ChannelDeep Digger Dan Video Stats 40,867,389-10,04570458,050267,650
ZoltarkillZoltarkill YouTube ChannelZoltarkill Video Stats 40,865,740-11,69448851,37060,671
Dr.WilyDr.Wily YouTube ChannelDr.Wily Video Stats 40,865,529-11,905254160,888150,782
2050FILMS.COM2050FILMS.COM YouTube Channel2050FILMS.COM Video Stats 40,861,543-15,891332123,077107,620
Viva La Dirt LeagueViva La Dirt League YouTube ChannelViva La Dirt League Video Stats 40,860,401-17,033334122,337294,300
Victor MarxVictor Marx YouTube ChannelVictor Marx Video Stats 40,860,368-17,066202202,279102,291
Ana BárbaraAna Bárbara YouTube ChannelAna Bárbara Video Stats 40,849,742-27,69292444,01942,019
Laura AgudeloLaura Agudelo YouTube ChannelLaura Agudelo Video Stats 40,846,207-31,227389105,003497,861
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Start Subs: 287,445     Current Subs: 285,686
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41,000,000122,56613 D  4/03  2018Tweet
41,250,000372,5667 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
41,500,000622,5662 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
41,750,000872,56626 D2 M 6/16  2018Tweet
42,000,0001,122,56620 D3 M 7/11  2018Tweet
42,250,0001,372,56615 D4 M 8/05  2018Tweet
42,500,0001,622,5669 D5 M 8/30  2018Tweet
42,750,0001,872,5664 D6 M 9/24  2018Tweet
43,000,0002,122,56629 D6 M 10/19  2018Tweet
43,250,0002,372,56624 D7 M 11/13  2018Tweet
43,500,0002,622,56618 D8 M 12/08  2018Tweet
43,750,0002,872,56613 D9 M 1/02  2019Tweet
44,000,0003,122,5667 D10 M 1/27  2019Tweet
44,250,0003,372,5662 D11 M 2/21  2019Tweet
44,500,0003,622,56627 D11 M 3/18  2019Tweet