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59  Now
59007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
21,393  Now
21,391207 DayTweet
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30 Day
GwGw YouTube ChannelGw Video Stats 59000155 K
Liam LewisLiam Lewis YouTube ChannelLiam Lewis Video Stats 59000376 K
sasuke7132sasuke7132 YouTube Channelsasuke7132 Video Stats 590007790
ScienceSpectrumMediaScienceSpectrumMedia YouTube ChannelScienceSpectrumMedia Video Stats 590002416 K
scopesscopes YouTube Channelscopes Video Stats 5900000
LukeMarzanoLukeMarzano YouTube ChannelLukeMarzano Video Stats 5900013012 K
SkeletonxZzSkeletonxZz YouTube ChannelSkeletonxZz Video Stats 59000213 K
Kaitlin SuretteKaitlin Surette YouTube ChannelKaitlin Surette Video Stats 5900062 K
979JuJu979JuJu YouTube Channel979JuJu Video Stats 590001013 K
Ibracool24Ibracool24 YouTube ChannelIbracool24 Video Stats 5900000
The Stoney ZoneThe Stoney Zone YouTube ChannelThe Stoney Zone Video Stats 59001521 K
jsvideosproductionsjsvideosproductions YouTube Channeljsvideosproductions Video Stats 59000732 K
PvtVaansPvtVaans YouTube ChannelPvtVaans Video Stats 59000849 K
KillercroissantsKillercroissants YouTube ChannelKillercroissants Video Stats 590004317 K
alixanalixan YouTube Channelalixan Video Stats 5900000
MultiGamenationHDMultiGamenationHD YouTube ChannelMultiGamenationHD Video Stats 59000748 K
Fauzi NachrowiFauzi Nachrowi YouTube ChannelFauzi Nachrowi Video Stats 5900011419 K
blakeblake YouTube Channelblake Video Stats 5900000
MLPArtzMLPArtz YouTube ChannelMLPArtz Video Stats 5900014112 K
Erren Van DuineErren Van Duine YouTube ChannelErren Van Duine Video Stats 5900025270 K
AMPDOG2AMPDOG2 YouTube ChannelAMPDOG2 Video Stats 590001165 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
cityofnewtonnccityofnewtonnc YouTube Channelcityofnewtonnc Video Stats 21,39418226151
nabor605nabor605 YouTube Channelnabor605 Video Stats 21,3941151,42619
KRIBAPLKRIBAPL YouTube ChannelKRIBAPL Video Stats 21,3941131,64670
juliwahtolajuliwahtola YouTube Channeljuliwahtola Video Stats 21,394112417316
EwinscomEwinscom YouTube ChannelEwinscom Video Stats 21,3941464652
saravanabalaajisaravanabalaaji YouTube Channelsaravanabalaaji Video Stats 21,3941121,39456
carlomaldcarlomald YouTube Channelcarlomald Video Stats 21,394182,6749
joshuapetryjoshuapetry YouTube Channeljoshuapetry Video Stats 21,394137,13116
Britton spBritton sp YouTube ChannelBritton sp Video Stats 21,3930121,3935
amten23amten23 YouTube Channelamten23 Video Stats 21,3930141,52819
The Stoney ZoneThe Stoney Zone YouTube ChannelThe Stoney Zone Video Stats 21,393151,42659
facebook65002facebook65002 YouTube Channelfacebook65002 Video Stats 21,3930131,64639
LaurentGrasLaurentGras YouTube ChannelLaurentGras Video Stats 21,393082,674110
polromeupolromeu YouTube Channelpolromeu Video Stats 21,39303561148
merci3dmerci3d YouTube Channelmerci3d Video Stats 21,393092,37756
Namirukai 95\'Namirukai 95\' YouTube ChannelNamirukai 95\' Video Stats 21,392-131690170
Raga Chaitanya DivakarlaRaga Chaitanya Divakarla YouTube ChannelRaga Chaitanya Divakarla Video Stats 21,392-1181,1887
sonerindigosonerindigo YouTube Channelsonerindigo Video Stats 21,392-182,6745
David McCarthyDavid McCarthy YouTube ChannelDavid McCarthy Video Stats 21,392-1210,6964
Mahammad ChowdhuryMahammad Chowdhury YouTube ChannelMahammad Chowdhury Video Stats 21,392-1161,33717
TheBlackFluttershyTheBlackFluttershy YouTube ChannelTheBlackFluttershy Video Stats 21,392-1171,25862
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Start Views: 21,343     Current Views: 21,393
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21,5001077 D4 M 6/05  2015Tweet
21,7503573 D2 M1 Y3/31  2016Tweet
22,00060729 D11 M1 Y1/25  2017Tweet
22,25085725 D9 M2 Y11/21  2017Tweet