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41,329  Now
41,334-5-17 DayTweet
41,350-21-214 DayTweet
41,385-56-230 DayTweet
41,406-77-12 MonthTweet
41,450-121-13 MonthTweet
41,429-100-14 MonthTweet
41,477-148-15 MonthTweet
41,556-227-16 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
38,983,713  Now
38,971,82011,8931,6997 DayTweet
38,957,87725,8361,84514 DayTweet
38,925,32258,3911,94630 DayTweet
38,876,129107,5841,7932 MonthTweet
38,816,655167,0581,8563 MonthTweet
38,842,261141,4521,1794 MonthTweet
38,785,302198,4111,3235 MonthTweet
38,741,867241,8461,3446 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Rocio SmithRocio Smith YouTube ChannelRocio Smith Video Stats 41,344153768702.1 M
Holy ChillHoly Chill YouTube ChannelHoly Chill Video Stats 41,343146181308.9 M
Whips By WadeWhips By Wade YouTube ChannelWhips By Wade Video Stats 41,34213111976915.6 M
HAMA JUNHAMA JUN YouTube ChannelHAMA JUN Video Stats 41,3401118202.1K55.6 M
Best Party Videos | ZMBest Party Videos | ZM YouTube ChannelBest Party Videos | ZM Video Stats 41,33910041577.3 M
Whisper GingerWhisper Ginger YouTube ChannelWhisper Ginger Video Stats 41,33781131005.5 M
NiflickNiflick YouTube ChannelNiflick Video Stats 41,33560687910.8 M
TheXzgamerXzTheXzgamerXz YouTube ChannelTheXzgamerXz Video Stats 41,3345123051517.8 M
ty795490ty795490 YouTube Channelty795490 Video Stats 41,3345131737642.5 M
robert alejosrobert alejos YouTube Channelrobert alejos Video Stats 41,33121637412115.5 M
stewartridgwaystewartridgway YouTube Channelstewartridgway Video Stats 41,3290-21039 M
Strictly RhythmStrictly Rhythm YouTube ChannelStrictly Rhythm Video Stats 41,326-3121820025.8 M
Waldo Moura filmesWaldo Moura filmes YouTube ChannelWaldo Moura filmes Video Stats 41,326-301131818.2 M
TzviErezTzviErez YouTube ChannelTzviErez Video Stats 41,325-471222628.7 M
OliexBolOliexBol YouTube ChannelOliexBol Video Stats 41,322-72139961218.6 M
Kario - Minecraft - Let's Play Faction &Kario - Minecraft - Let's Play Faction & YouTube ChannelKario - Minecraft - Let's Play Faction & Video Stats 41,322-70-51892.7 M
ElchemaaElchemaa YouTube ChannelElchemaa Video Stats 41,319-1054225522.5 M
noviadeamericanoviadeamerica YouTube Channelnoviadeamerica Video Stats 41,318-11216114080.3 M
pchero123pchero123 YouTube Channelpchero123 Video Stats 41,317-12193512813.1 M
Sylwetka Od KuchniSylwetka Od Kuchni YouTube ChannelSylwetka Od Kuchni Video Stats 41,317-1236581162.7 M
13twentythree13twentythree YouTube Channel13twentythree Video Stats 41,317-1242017819.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
timmyovideostimmyovideos YouTube Channeltimmyovideos Video Stats 38,999,92216,209361,083,33127,779
Jack ConteJack Conte YouTube ChannelJack Conte Video Stats 38,996,02212,30970557,086321,801
KochiKochi YouTube ChannelKochi Video Stats 38,994,91411,20161639,261335,287
你現在收看的是 - RED你現在收看的是 - RED YouTube Channel你現在收看的是 - RED Video Stats 38,993,6549,94158466,770158,261
MrJustLyricsMrJustLyrics YouTube ChannelMrJustLyrics Video Stats 38,993,5249,811109357,73951,239
Splay SuomiSplay Suomi YouTube ChannelSplay Suomi Video Stats 38,991,8578,144199195,939187,035
elcocinerofielelcocinerofiel YouTube Channelelcocinerofiel Video Stats 38,990,5946,88198839,464124,665
schmagoogalschmagoogal YouTube Channelschmagoogal Video Stats 38,988,2394,526202193,01115,644
DiddaProductionsDiddaProductions YouTube ChannelDiddaProductions Video Stats 38,987,9394,226361,082,99875,761
Magnum MusicMagnum Music YouTube ChannelMagnum Music Video Stats 38,987,7594,04686453,346118,391
stewartridgwaystewartridgway YouTube Channelstewartridgway Video Stats 38,983,713103,898,37141,329
Danny ChooDanny Choo YouTube ChannelDanny Choo Video Stats 38,983,384-329205190,163144,458
hebenmusichebenmusic YouTube Channelhebenmusic Video Stats 38,982,266-1,44744885,96111,739
Carly and ErinCarly and Erin YouTube ChannelCarly and Erin Video Stats 38,981,960-1,753244159,762332,694
Tanya ChamoliTanya Chamoli YouTube ChannelTanya Chamoli Video Stats 38,981,417-2,29683469,656168,281
Brian SpinneyBrian Spinney YouTube ChannelBrian Spinney Video Stats 38,980,393-3,320138,980,39333,389
Canal TragicômicoCanal Tragicômico YouTube ChannelCanal Tragicômico Video Stats 38,975,820-7,893283137,724355,503
IntoMobileIntoMobile YouTube ChannelIntoMobile Video Stats 38,974,560-9,15385445,63812,782
Marta AltesaMarta Altesa YouTube ChannelMarta Altesa Video Stats 38,974,295-9,418162,435,893284,880
HelloOctoberxoHelloOctoberxo YouTube ChannelHelloOctoberxo Video Stats 38,972,944-10,76954571,510416,024
الدب ALDOBالدب ALDOB YouTube Channelالدب ALDOB Video Stats 38,970,508-13,20561638,861509,959
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39,000,00016,28710 D  3/30  2018Tweet
39,250,000266,28727 D4 M 8/16  2018Tweet
39,500,000516,28714 D9 M 1/02  2019Tweet
39,750,000766,2872 D2 M1 Y5/22  2019Tweet
40,000,0001,016,28719 D6 M1 Y10/08  2019Tweet
40,250,0001,266,2877 D11 M1 Y2/25  2020Tweet
40,500,0001,516,28724 D3 M2 Y7/13  2020Tweet
40,750,0001,766,28712 D8 M2 Y11/30  2020Tweet