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229,924  Now
230,111-187-277 DayTweet
230,342-418-3014 DayTweet
230,996-1,072-3630 DayTweet
232,036-2,112-352 MonthTweet
233,359-3,435-383 MonthTweet
232,811-2,887-244 MonthTweet
234,032-4,108-275 MonthTweet
234,820-4,896-276 MonthTweet
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12,086,540  Now
12,081,7494,7916847 DayTweet
12,075,76110,77977014 DayTweet
12,060,76225,77885930 DayTweet
12,029,89456,6469442 MonthTweet
11,992,25394,2871,0483 MonthTweet
12,009,62376,9176414 MonthTweet
11,946,599139,9419335 MonthTweet
11,913,124173,4169636 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
kimhyunjoong606kimhyunjoong606 YouTube Channelkimhyunjoong606 Video Stats 230,0037949555629 M
Fu ProductionFu Production YouTube ChannelFu Production Video Stats 230,00278521124086.1 M
OTOPARK.comOTOPARK.com YouTube ChannelOTOPARK.com Video Stats 230,0027815619038256.6 M
Qaamans LandQaamans Land YouTube ChannelQaamans Land Video Stats 229,95430155870871.1 M
Eclipse AudioVisualEclipse AudioVisual YouTube ChannelEclipse AudioVisual Video Stats 229,95228-13-2819820.4 M
Играем в Куклы с КрабикомИграем в Куклы с Крабиком YouTube ChannelИграем в Куклы с Крабиком Video Stats 229,9492530-64064.4 M
Ajay YuvrajAjay Yuvraj YouTube ChannelAjay Yuvraj Video Stats 229,9421840340312K151.8 M
The Dead SouthThe Dead South YouTube ChannelThe Dead South Video Stats 229,93173024624770.2 M
Maccio Capatonda OfficialMaccio Capatonda Official YouTube ChannelMaccio Capatonda Official Video Stats 229,9306142011830.9 M
Timeline - World History DocumentariesTimeline - World History Documentaries YouTube ChannelTimeline - World History Documentaries Video Stats 229,92516431,31420227.4 M
Theodora LeeTheodora Lee YouTube ChannelTheodora Lee Video Stats 229,924-20-3615012.1 M
Hood Gaming TVHood Gaming TV YouTube ChannelHood Gaming TV Video Stats 229,893-312611827714 M
Rap CriticRap Critic YouTube ChannelRap Critic Video Stats 229,885-394821529240.8 M
Remington JamesRemington James YouTube ChannelRemington James Video Stats 229,863-6127346339018.8 M
Heaven of EntertainmentHeaven of Entertainment YouTube ChannelHeaven of Entertainment Video Stats 229,851-7312614954670.6 M
YodeYode YouTube ChannelYode Video Stats 229,847-779626056236.8 M
WanessaWanessa YouTube ChannelWanessa Video Stats 229,828-96811426642.4 M
효니월드효니월드 YouTube Channel효니월드 Video Stats 229,772-1521704247424.4 M
EF International Language CentersEF International Language Centers YouTube ChannelEF International Language Centers Video Stats 229,771-1532845489454.7 M
OfficialSarkodieOfficialSarkodie YouTube ChannelOfficialSarkodie Video Stats 229,762-16212325116994.1 M
ProGresS 89ProGresS 89 YouTube ChannelProGresS 89 Video Stats 229,761-1632124861.4K40.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
armorgamesarmorgames YouTube Channelarmorgames Video Stats 12,089,3162,77614682,8043,789
CanaldoUclaCanaldoUcla YouTube ChannelCanaldoUcla Video Stats 12,089,2492,70979615,18799,711
MichaelJacksonRDPopMichaelJacksonRDPop YouTube ChannelMichaelJacksonRDPop Video Stats 12,088,9032,36370172,6997,766
analgin13analgin13 YouTube Channelanalgin13 Video Stats 12,088,6092,06964818,6556,279
Daft DancerDaft Dancer YouTube ChannelDaft Dancer Video Stats 12,087,8981,35834,029,299652
majah hypemajah hype YouTube Channelmajah hype Video Stats 12,087,44390317768,291100,198
SuperMomWannabe.comSuperMomWannabe.com YouTube ChannelSuperMomWannabe.com Video Stats 12,087,32778749246,6802,995
Avon UKAvon UK YouTube ChannelAvon UK Video Stats 12,087,27573541629,05622,981
SNSD9Always3SNSD9Always3 YouTube ChannelSNSD9Always3 Video Stats 12,086,6399917469,46314,116
mostafa41373mostafa41373 YouTube Channelmostafa41373 Video Stats 12,086,5975714863,3286,481
Theodora LeeTheodora Lee YouTube ChannelTheodora Lee Video Stats 12,086,54015080,577229,924
Aron CaetanoAron Caetano YouTube ChannelAron Caetano Video Stats 12,086,110-43019636,11128,880
VAUDEVAUDE YouTube ChannelVAUDE Video Stats 12,086,021-51956821,27852,767
st1300a4st1300a4 YouTube Channelst1300a4 Video Stats 12,085,828-712106114,0171,091
Logitech GLogitech G YouTube ChannelLogitech G Video Stats 12,085,721-81921655,952122,303
EditorsDepotEditorsDepot YouTube ChannelEditorsDepot Video Stats 12,085,636-90494812,749129,720
NoMoreSorrows123NoMoreSorrows123 YouTube ChannelNoMoreSorrows123 Video Stats 12,085,545-99552,417,1095,656
Jaqueline SantosJaqueline Santos YouTube ChannelJaqueline Santos Video Stats 12,084,713-1,82765718,394150,320
Paula kommt - Sex und gute NacktgeschichPaula kommt - Sex und gute Nacktgeschich YouTube ChannelPaula kommt - Sex und gute Nacktgeschich Video Stats 12,084,180-2,36023950,56134,183
soloyo23soloyo23 YouTube Channelsoloyo23 Video Stats 12,084,105-2,43513589,5124,758
Headphones RecommendedHeadphones Recommended YouTube ChannelHeadphones Recommended Video Stats 12,083,619-2,92114682,76538,331
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12,250,000163,46021 D5 M 9/12  2018Tweet
12,500,000413,46012 D2 M1 Y6/03  2019Tweet
12,750,000663,4603 D11 M1 Y2/23  2020Tweet
13,000,000913,46025 D7 M2 Y11/14  2020Tweet