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2,276,324  Now
2,276,967-643-927 DayTweet
2,277,706-1,382-9914 DayTweet
2,280,035-3,711-12430 DayTweet
2,282,911-6,587-1102 MonthTweet
2,285,571-9,247-1033 MonthTweet
2,284,523-8,199-684 MonthTweet
2,287,230-10,906-735 MonthTweet
2,290,002-13,678-766 MonthTweet
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97,892,972  Now
97,889,2833,6895277 DayTweet
97,884,9368,03657414 DayTweet
97,874,76618,20660730 DayTweet
97,853,38239,5906602 MonthTweet
97,830,03662,9366993 MonthTweet
97,840,16352,8094404 MonthTweet
97,819,27973,6934915 MonthTweet
97,797,24295,7305326 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Dima Kids TVDima Kids TV YouTube ChannelDima Kids TV Video Stats17882,289,25412,9303,1254,588173284.9 M
NeYoVEVONeYoVEVO YouTube ChannelNeYoVEVO Video Stats17892,288,02711,7037211,4161171.54 B
Frog Leap StudiosFrog Leap Studios YouTube ChannelFrog Leap Studios Video Stats17902,287,38411,0609631,937615473.4 M
Mario BautistaMario Bautista YouTube ChannelMario Bautista Video Stats17912,285,4399,1156708,26729100.1 M
WithZack - Clash Royale & MasWithZack - Clash Royale & Mas YouTube ChannelWithZack - Clash Royale & Mas Video Stats17922,282,5956,2711,0462,937793445.4 M
ToyMart TVToyMart TV YouTube ChannelToyMart TV Video Stats17932,282,3095,9853,4237,5363431.11 B
Cem YılmazCem Yılmaz YouTube ChannelCem Yılmaz Video Stats17942,282,2075,883292853364678 M
Vício FemininoVício Feminino YouTube ChannelVício Feminino Video Stats17952,277,8671,5434149621K215.9 M
Sofia OliveiraSofia Oliveira YouTube ChannelSofia Oliveira Video Stats17962,277,214890352797137153.4 M
Music Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنينMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين YouTube ChannelMusic Al Haneen | ميوزك الحنين Video Stats17972,276,402784,1985,798893934.9 M
Human EmojiHuman Emoji YouTube ChannelHuman Emoji Video Stats17982,276,324-44-1243697.9 M
SkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - FrSkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - Fr YouTube ChannelSkillTwins - Tutorials - Gameskills - Fr Video Stats17992,275,634-690171261150216.6 M
Swan The Voice - Néo & SwanSwan The Voice - Néo & Swan YouTube ChannelSwan The Voice - Néo & Swan Video Stats18002,275,472-8521,9734,4251.1K1.63 B
Bubble™Bubble™ YouTube ChannelBubble™ Video Stats18012,275,173-1,151528763211399.6 M
JacyandKacyJacyandKacy YouTube ChannelJacyandKacy Video Stats18022,272,982-3,3424582,766554579.8 M
Folagor03Folagor03 YouTube ChannelFolagor03 Video Stats18032,272,906-3,4186111,9585.1K1.17 B
JamesAVEVOJamesAVEVO YouTube ChannelJamesAVEVO Video Stats18042,272,234-4,0901,5492,84654902.6 M
Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network YouTube ChannelCartoon Network Video Stats18052,271,870-4,4541,7304,3035.8K2.23 B
C0OK1EMONSTERC0OK1EMONSTER YouTube ChannelC0OK1EMONSTER Video Stats18062,271,591-4,733191491278152.1 M
Warner Music LatinaWarner Music Latina YouTube ChannelWarner Music Latina Video Stats18072,269,148-7,1761,2343,4625321.71 B
DvLZStaTioNDvLZStaTioN YouTube ChannelDvLZStaTioN Video Stats18082,269,101-7,2235728242.5K356.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
GETwebserieGETwebserie YouTube ChannelGETwebserie Video Stats 97,982,37089,398911,076,729110,619
10Everything10Everything YouTube Channel10Everything Video Stats 97,981,74088,768242404,883164,763
SaaihalilintarSaaihalilintar YouTube ChannelSaaihalilintar Video Stats 97,958,82865,856881,113,1691,179,696
Sho KoSho Ko YouTube ChannelSho Ko Video Stats 97,949,42656,454271361,437242,543
PedguinPedguin YouTube ChannelPedguin Video Stats 97,937,70244,7301.5K64,989330,916
GKritGKrit YouTube ChannelGKrit Video Stats 97,931,41338,44100471,050
DanceSportTotalDanceSportTotal YouTube ChannelDanceSportTotal Video Stats 97,924,33131,3599.7K10,11196,059
BaboFilmsBaboFilms YouTube ChannelBaboFilms Video Stats 97,908,13715,165222441,028680,296
緯來綜合台緯來綜合台 YouTube Channel緯來綜合台 Video Stats 97,903,05210,0807.9K12,387157,107
Johnny CreekJohnny Creek YouTube ChannelJohnny Creek Video Stats 97,902,4209,4481.3K73,007746,405
Human EmojiHuman Emoji YouTube ChannelHuman Emoji Video Stats 97,892,972362,719,2492,276,324
AllureAllure YouTube ChannelAllure Video Stats 97,879,238-13,7341.1K87,942450,046
Lucid PlainLucid Plain YouTube ChannelLucid Plain Video Stats 97,850,017-42,955504194,147241,778
방앗간비둘기 DovMil방앗간비둘기 DovMil YouTube Channel방앗간비둘기 DovMil Video Stats 97,831,400-61,5722.9K33,492171,890
TrueMoveHTrueMoveH YouTube ChannelTrueMoveH Video Stats 97,812,157-80,815944103,615142,803
Carson LuedersCarson Lueders YouTube ChannelCarson Lueders Video Stats 97,812,067-80,905120815,101775,295
Damian & Deion in MotionDamian & Deion in Motion YouTube ChannelDamian & Deion in Motion Video Stats 97,800,250-92,722399245,113227,265
MrPercyParkerMrPercyParker YouTube ChannelMrPercyParker Video Stats 97,774,822-118,150185,431,935185,416
TromaMoviesTromaMovies YouTube ChannelTromaMovies Video Stats 97,773,823-119,1491,00097,774267,780
NykeFallerNykeFaller YouTube ChannelNykeFaller Video Stats 97,769,812-123,1601.6K60,992338,655
MonolithFilmsPlusMonolithFilmsPlus YouTube ChannelMonolithFilmsPlus Video Stats 97,761,574-131,3982.2K44,57925,884
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98,000,000107,02810 D5 M 8/31  2018Tweet
98,250,000357,02824 D5 M1 Y9/14  2019Tweet
98,500,000607,0287 D6 M2 Y9/26  2020Tweet