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8,211  Now
8,215-4-17 DayTweet
8,225-14-114 DayTweet
8,234-23-130 DayTweet
8,244-33-12 MonthTweet
8,243-3203 MonthTweet
8,236-2504 MonthTweet
8,245-3405 MonthTweet
8,249-3806 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
40,418,188  Now
40,417,765423607 DayTweet
40,417,1761,0127214 DayTweet
40,416,0902,0987030 DayTweet
40,414,2203,968662 MonthTweet
40,412,0026,186693 MonthTweet
40,413,0705,118434 MonthTweet
40,411,2106,978475 MonthTweet
40,409,3278,861496 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
dutycoredutycore YouTube Channeldutycore Video Stats 8,21210-1136601 K
Nikki PiławaNikki Piława YouTube ChannelNikki Piława Video Stats 8,212100251.5 M
Roxy HurricaneRoxy Hurricane YouTube ChannelRoxy Hurricane Video Stats 8,21210-1105973 K
I Me MyselfI Me Myself YouTube ChannelI Me Myself Video Stats 8,2121021434.4 M
ShinobiMSShinobiMS YouTube ChannelShinobiMS Video Stats 8,21210033953 K
Tomedelic1Tomedelic1 YouTube ChannelTomedelic1 Video Stats 8,21210137111.8 M
PudgeManOfficialPudgeManOfficial YouTube ChannelPudgeManOfficial Video Stats 8,212103124258 K
HorrorMovieReviewGuyHorrorMovieReviewGuy YouTube ChannelHorrorMovieReviewGuy Video Stats 8,2121001241.8 M
GetKombucha.comGetKombucha.com YouTube ChannelGetKombucha.com Video Stats 8,2121031521 M
HoLlYsAmAnThAaVlOgSHoLlYsAmAnThAaVlOgS YouTube ChannelHoLlYsAmAnThAaVlOgS Video Stats 8,21210-1174612 K
saulocasauloca YouTube Channelsauloca Video Stats 8,2110-11540.4 M
CSSmedia | PhotoCSSmedia | Photo YouTube ChannelCSSmedia | Photo Video Stats 8,21100-115759
VictoriaVivesVictoriaVives YouTube ChannelVictoriaVives Video Stats 8,211000935.4 M
1nabillion1nabillion YouTube Channel1nabillion Video Stats 8,21107152842.8 M
rollermanrollerman YouTube Channelrollerman Video Stats 8,2110012777.2 M
helloitsnichelloitsnic YouTube Channelhelloitsnic Video Stats 8,211008121.5 M
4GreenEarth24GreenEarth2 YouTube Channel4GreenEarth2 Video Stats 8,211001371.9 M
Cpim TelanganaCpim Telangana YouTube ChannelCpim Telangana Video Stats 8,211036281.1K2.7 M
kids! why?kids! why? YouTube Channelkids! why? Video Stats 8,2110043439.6 M
Hailey CastroHailey Castro YouTube ChannelHailey Castro Video Stats 8,2110009173 K
SkymonproSkymonpro YouTube ChannelSkymonpro Video Stats 8,211000482.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
ImageEntertainmentImageEntertainment YouTube ChannelImageEntertainment Video Stats 40,440,44422,25678951,25532,187
Baninay BautistaBaninay Bautista YouTube ChannelBaninay Bautista Video Stats 40,439,12720,939163248,093364,500
EXOabigdealEXOabigdeal YouTube ChannelEXOabigdeal Video Stats 40,437,48819,30076852,653118,320
Zycopolis TVZycopolis TV YouTube ChannelZycopolis TV Video Stats 40,436,36418,17665461,82956,570
VOA KhmerVOA Khmer YouTube ChannelVOA Khmer Video Stats 40,435,68217,4941.6K25,13158,318
loonatheworldloonatheworld YouTube Channelloonatheworld Video Stats 40,434,44616,258403100,334189,433
Pepsi9072Pepsi9072 YouTube ChannelPepsi9072 Video Stats 40,427,5899,4015.3K7,68714,349
Motorcyclist MagazineMotorcyclist Magazine YouTube ChannelMotorcyclist Magazine Video Stats 40,424,0235,835263153,704333,037
KittiesMamaVlogsKittiesMamaVlogs YouTube ChannelKittiesMamaVlogs Video Stats 40,422,4064,21848783,003231,980
lavona2005lavona2005 YouTube Channellavona2005 Video Stats 40,421,4783,290211,924,83227,463
saulocasauloca YouTube Channelsauloca Video Stats 40,418,188152,694,5468,211
AnaWHeya | أنا و هيAnaWHeya | أنا و هي YouTube ChannelAnaWHeya | أنا و هي Video Stats 40,415,968-2,220361,122,666486,435
YulioBckrYulioBckr YouTube ChannelYulioBckr Video Stats 40,415,169-3,019130310,88619,392
noswonkynoswonky YouTube Channelnoswonky Video Stats 40,410,123-8,06550480,1798,890
michael suzukimichael suzuki YouTube Channelmichael suzuki Video Stats 40,406,486-11,70210.5K3,83616,447
TheLastSpartan67TheLastSpartan67 YouTube ChannelTheLastSpartan67 Video Stats 40,405,969-12,219262154,22112,453
GF LaserBolt - GamerFuzionGF LaserBolt - GamerFuzion YouTube ChannelGF LaserBolt - GamerFuzion Video Stats 40,405,759-12,4294.4K9,272130,161
scchuascchua YouTube Channelscchua Video Stats 40,405,346-12,842140,405,34619,861
CCMusicFactoryVEVOCCMusicFactoryVEVO YouTube ChannelCCMusicFactoryVEVO Video Stats 40,404,451-13,73775,772,06433,680
Alicia KeysAlicia Keys YouTube ChannelAlicia Keys Video Stats 40,404,310-13,87899408,124184,706
TutweezyTutweezy YouTube ChannelTutweezy Video Stats 40,394,207-23,98147859,451532,028
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