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119,975  Now
119,981-6-17 DayTweet
119,991-16-114 DayTweet
120,040-65-230 DayTweet
120,045-70-12 MonthTweet
120,092-117-13 MonthTweet
120,088-113-14 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
100,736  Now
100,599137207 DayTweet
100,4562802014 DayTweet
99,9507862630 DayTweet
98,9381,798302 MonthTweet
98,1292,607293 MonthTweet
98,5312,205184 MonthTweet
97,4423,294225 MonthTweet
96,3624,374246 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
RobinKajaRobinKaja YouTube ChannelRobinKaja Video Stats 120,0345927202K49.8 M
That Vegan CoupleThat Vegan Couple YouTube ChannelThat Vegan Couple Video Stats 120,03156356665816.9 M
MisterNinjaBoyMisterNinjaBoy YouTube ChannelMisterNinjaBoy Video Stats 120,01136881096215.2 M
Succ My MemeSucc My Meme YouTube ChannelSucc My Meme Video Stats 120,00934-21-51546 M
Boryana StefanovaBoryana Stefanova YouTube ChannelBoryana Stefanova Video Stats 120,00732846716914.2 M
East Coast DyesEast Coast Dyes YouTube ChannelEast Coast Dyes Video Stats 120,004295251.8K39.1 M
ModestepModestep YouTube ChannelModestep Video Stats 120,00126-81510813.4 M
فراس بقنه | قناة البرامجفراس بقنه | قناة البرامج YouTube Channelفراس بقنه | قناة البرامج Video Stats 120,001260888.3 M
El 3elm Wel Emaw العلم والإيماوEl 3elm Wel Emaw العلم والإيماو YouTube ChannelEl 3elm Wel Emaw العلم والإيماو Video Stats 119,983800217.4 M
core77inccore77inc YouTube Channelcore77inc Video Stats 119,9783354150135.1 M
周柏豪 Pakho Chau周柏豪 Pakho Chau YouTube Channel周柏豪 Pakho Chau Video Stats 119,975-2-26101 K
Red VelvetRed Velvet YouTube ChannelRed Velvet Video Stats 119,967-8420775121 K
DantehDanteh YouTube ChannelDanteh Video Stats 119,955-20-4-1123113.8 M
ChipDaddyTVChipDaddyTV YouTube ChannelChipDaddyTV Video Stats 119,950-25-1-181175 M
Shaun the SheepShaun the Sheep YouTube ChannelShaun the Sheep Video Stats 119,940-3513121512068.4 M
witwixwitwix YouTube Channelwitwix Video Stats 119,936-39-11250315.4 M
FamousKid GTFamousKid GT YouTube ChannelFamousKid GT Video Stats 119,936-390010220.8 M
AdrianaTeaCatAdrianaTeaCat YouTube ChannelAdrianaTeaCat Video Stats 119,931-442740798.7 M
ThirdAgeFilmThirdAgeFilm YouTube ChannelThirdAgeFilm Video Stats 119,931-44264799642.7 M
Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum YouTube ChannelLady Antebellum Video Stats 119,928-474815750029.4 M
thejuicemediathejuicemedia YouTube Channelthejuicemedia Video Stats 119,924-510314617.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
bryan cbryan c YouTube Channelbryan c Video Stats 100,7415462,190347
RevItUp 7RevItUp 7 YouTube ChannelRevItUp 7 Video Stats 100,7393208484543
Wajser AdexWajser Adex YouTube ChannelWajser Adex Video Stats 100,7382156,716168
xxswkxx15xxswkxx15 YouTube Channelxxswkxx15 Video Stats 100,7382812,59210
NickefrasseNickefrasse YouTube ChannelNickefrasse Video Stats 100,7382137,74922
TwinSparkTwinSpark YouTube ChannelTwinSpark Video Stats 100,7371714,39128
Louis WendruckLouis Wendruck YouTube ChannelLouis Wendruck Video Stats 100,7371714,39138
Desaster XDesaster X YouTube ChannelDesaster X Video Stats 100,7371214,79756
Shawn HShawn H YouTube ChannelShawn H Video Stats 100,7371333,57943
senya8310senya8310 YouTube Channelsenya8310 Video Stats 100,73601100,73636
周柏豪 Pakho Chau周柏豪 Pakho Chau YouTube Channel周柏豪 Pakho Chau Video Stats 100,736616,789119,975
Wissam OmarWissam Omar YouTube ChannelWissam Omar Video Stats 100,734-2169596296
sabotagesupportsabotagesupport YouTube Channelsabotagesupport Video Stats 100,734-2166,296374
Andrii AlsufievAndrii Alsufiev YouTube ChannelAndrii Alsufiev Video Stats 100,733-3821,228295
jeyhunnjeyhunn YouTube Channeljeyhunn Video Stats 100,731-5911,19221
DarkKnightsJokerDarkKnightsJoker YouTube ChannelDarkKnightsJoker Video Stats 100,730-6195,30217
enzomoraisenzomorais YouTube Channelenzomorais Video Stats 100,728-8119,1571
googler7googler7 YouTube Channelgoogler7 Video Stats 100,727-9425,18210
Chad von NauChad von Nau YouTube ChannelChad von Nau Video Stats 100,727-9166,29536
djpEaglesFandjpEaglesFan YouTube ChanneldjpEaglesFan Video Stats 100,726-10616,78817
MrGamer3dMrGamer3d YouTube ChannelMrGamer3d Video Stats 100,726-10204494575
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Start Subs: 120,045     Current Subs: 119,975
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102,5001,76428 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
105,0004,26421 D4 M 8/11  2018Tweet
107,5006,76413 D7 M 11/02  2018Tweet
110,0009,2645 D10 M 1/25  2019Tweet
112,50011,76428 D 1 Y4/18  2019Tweet
115,00014,26419 D3 M1 Y7/10  2019Tweet
117,50016,76412 D6 M1 Y10/02  2019Tweet
120,00019,2644 D9 M1 Y12/24  2019Tweet
122,50021,76427 D11 M1 Y3/17  2020Tweet
125,00024,26419 D2 M2 Y6/08  2020Tweet
127,50026,76411 D5 M2 Y8/31  2020Tweet
130,00029,2643 D8 M2 Y11/22  2020Tweet
132,50031,76425 D10 M2 Y2/13  2021Tweet