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121,711  Now
121,6971427 DayTweet
121,68130214 DayTweet
121,783-72-230 DayTweet
122,279-568-92 MonthTweet
122,336-625-73 MonthTweet
122,360-649-54 MonthTweet
122,428-717-55 MonthTweet
123,010-1,299-76 MonthTweet
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5,485,414  Now
5,479,2616,1538797 DayTweet
5,472,25113,16394014 DayTweet
5,455,45629,95899930 DayTweet
5,415,98969,4251,1572 MonthTweet
5,388,47696,9381,0773 MonthTweet
5,404,00381,4116784 MonthTweet
5,338,990146,4249765 MonthTweet
5,262,905222,5091,2366 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Asamblea Nacional de VenezuelaAsamblea Nacional de Venezuela YouTube ChannelAsamblea Nacional de Venezuela Video Stats 121,769580-104859.1 M
Jarzee EntertainmentJarzee Entertainment YouTube ChannelJarzee Entertainment Video Stats 121,7685723242510722.2 M
Football WorldFootball World YouTube ChannelFootball World Video Stats 121,761509430315743.6 M
defib2defib2 YouTube Channeldefib2 Video Stats 121,7594858807314.6 M
Toros Salva MariToros Salva Mari YouTube ChannelToros Salva Mari Video Stats 121,74534228067494.5 M
ThePinkDiamondDivaThePinkDiamondDiva YouTube ChannelThePinkDiamondDiva Video Stats 121,74231176918611.4 M
Rajat ParikhRajat Parikh YouTube ChannelRajat Parikh Video Stats 121,72615022754.3 M
BRANDS World ThailandBRANDS World Thailand YouTube ChannelBRANDS World Thailand Video Stats 121,7165-314359130.9 M
50 Stars50 Stars YouTube Channel50 Stars Video Stats 121,71653404221K84.1 M
niveaaaaa1niveaaaaa1 YouTube Channelniveaaaaa1 Video Stats 121,716592633014.4 M
othershelbyothershelby YouTube Channelothershelby Video Stats 121,711-5-22195.5 M
Николай СтариковНиколай Стариков YouTube ChannelНиколай Стариков Video Stats 121,702-923421.7K38.3 M
AVROTROS KlassiekAVROTROS Klassiek YouTube ChannelAVROTROS Klassiek Video Stats 121,697-147310748261.9 M
Dancehall OfWarDancehall OfWar YouTube ChannelDancehall OfWar Video Stats 121,689-2261911047.9 M
officialiyanyaofficialiyanya YouTube Channelofficialiyanya Video Stats 121,687-2415307863.6 M
BK-XCBK-XC YouTube ChannelBK-XC Video Stats 121,676-358818632315.3 M
fujiashiyfujiashiy YouTube Channelfujiashiy Video Stats 121,674-37347153132.1 M
WoolpediaWoolpedia YouTube ChannelWoolpedia Video Stats 121,672-3927481.4K33 M
ZankiohZankioh YouTube ChannelZankioh Video Stats 121,668-43346937811 M
The FrenchiesThe Frenchies YouTube ChannelThe Frenchies Video Stats 121,663-48861331257.9 M
VovanJapanVovanJapan YouTube ChannelVovanJapan Video Stats 121,657-545518354448.4 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
MaxOmarionMaxOmarion YouTube ChannelMaxOmarion Video Stats 5,486,1457318862,3431,568
bunningsbunnings YouTube Channelbunnings Video Stats 5,486,12671222524,38310,150
Wellwin KwokWellwin Kwok YouTube ChannelWellwin Kwok Video Stats 5,485,91950522249,360914
MarspetMarspet YouTube ChannelMarspet Video Stats 5,485,80138730617,92751,747
videohai02videohai02 YouTube Channelvideohai02 Video Stats 5,485,7923781.3K4,1123,334
Creme De La CremeCreme De La Creme YouTube ChannelCreme De La Creme Video Stats 5,485,7383249609,5264,167
jesuskvinnejesuskvinne YouTube Channeljesuskvinne Video Stats 5,485,73231836152,3814,939
QuirexRDQuirexRD YouTube ChannelQuirexRD Video Stats 5,485,6372235599,7393,608
Belkó channelBelkó channel YouTube ChannelBelkó channel Video Stats 5,485,489757969,4373,320
Naster PhoenixNaster Phoenix YouTube ChannelNaster Phoenix Video Stats 5,485,4766214238,63014,691
othershelbyothershelby YouTube Channelothershelby Video Stats 5,485,41421925,048121,711
Edible ArrangementsEdible Arrangements YouTube ChannelEdible Arrangements Video Stats 5,485,128-2869855,9711,567
ท๊อปคาร์ออดิโอ หาดใหญ่ท๊อปคาร์ออดิโอ หาดใหญ่ YouTube Channelท๊อปคาร์ออดิโอ หาดใหญ่ Video Stats 5,484,767-64733166,2055,068
ShigemaTubeShigemaTube YouTube ChannelShigemaTube Video Stats 5,484,758-65614936,81013,740
DIASPORA TVDIASPORA TV YouTube ChannelDIASPORA TV Video Stats 5,484,632-78212643,5294,127
Lena Park #MusicLena Park #Music YouTube ChannelLena Park #Music Video Stats 5,484,487-92712244,9556,332
MediaDaliMediaDali YouTube ChannelMediaDali Video Stats 5,484,465-94918304,69332,997
Circuit7ActiveCircuit7Active YouTube ChannelCircuit7Active Video Stats 5,484,358-1,05614338,3522,892
Shoot And Thrill - Free Kicks, TutorialsShoot And Thrill - Free Kicks, Tutorials YouTube ChannelShoot And Thrill - Free Kicks, Tutorials Video Stats 5,484,238-1,17614637,56355,366
Anton ChauninAnton Chaunin YouTube ChannelAnton Chaunin Video Stats 5,484,034-1,38029018,91015,110
Quilling EarringsQuilling Earrings YouTube ChannelQuilling Earrings Video Stats 5,484,018-1,3968961,61825,311
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5,500,00014,58613 D  4/04  2018Tweet
5,750,000264,58616 D7 M 11/06  2018Tweet
6,000,000514,58619 D2 M1 Y6/10  2019Tweet
6,250,000764,58622 D9 M1 Y1/12  2020Tweet
6,500,0001,014,58625 D4 M2 Y8/15  2020Tweet
6,750,0001,264,58628 D11 M2 Y3/19  2021Tweet