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104,16344314 DayTweet
104,090117430 DayTweet
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103,91429333 MonthTweet
103,93826924 MonthTweet
103,88532225 MonthTweet
103,71549236 MonthTweet
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132,020,494  Now
131,979,74840,7465,8217 DayTweet
131,928,31492,1806,58414 DayTweet
131,804,460216,0347,20130 DayTweet
131,588,095432,3997,2072 MonthTweet
134,110,165-2,089,671-23,2193 MonthTweet
134,280,566-2,260,072-18,8344 MonthTweet
133,971,531-1,951,037-13,0075 MonthTweet
133,682,873-1,662,379-9,2356 MonthTweet
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Melanie FionaMelanie Fiona YouTube ChannelMelanie Fiona Video Stats 104,2554882713417.4 M
Armin2ndArmin2nd YouTube ChannelArmin2nd Video Stats 104,252450-1030120.7 M
Fish Hunting FishingFish Hunting Fishing YouTube ChannelFish Hunting Fishing Video Stats 104,2403329219330748.3 M
xhoho26xhoho26 YouTube Channelxhoho26 Video Stats 104,239320-728021.4 M
H. A. GoodmanH. A. Goodman YouTube ChannelH. A. Goodman Video Stats 104,22922173192.6K43.3 M
Sweet Like GraceSweet Like Grace YouTube ChannelSweet Like Grace Video Stats 104,22720157211382.6 M
Elle DarbyElle Darby YouTube ChannelElle Darby Video Stats 104,2261912638430110.9 M
TheKing77nlTheKing77nl YouTube ChannelTheKing77nl Video Stats 104,22619459383.1K22.5 M
beautybynatxobeautybynatxo YouTube Channelbeautybynatxo Video Stats 104,219121391482865.4 M
The Venus ProjectThe Venus Project YouTube ChannelThe Venus Project Video Stats 104,214727291338.1 M
Taiwanese AnimatorsTaiwanese Animators YouTube ChannelTaiwanese Animators Video Stats 104,207143.1K132 M
한반지 영화 예고편 처리장 Season 2한반지 영화 예고편 처리장 Season 2 YouTube Channel한반지 영화 예고편 처리장 Season 2 Video Stats 104,204-382301.5K105.8 M
D's Nutz GamingD's Nutz Gaming YouTube ChannelD's Nutz Gaming Video Stats 104,197-10301101119.9 M
The FuThe Fu YouTube ChannelThe Fu Video Stats 104,181-260-54198.4 M
Mr BuddyMr Buddy YouTube ChannelMr Buddy Video Stats 104,180-27285510312.8 M
DesarrolloWeb.comDesarrolloWeb.com YouTube ChannelDesarrolloWeb.com Video Stats 104,169-3822351.1K8.5 M
Minecraft PvP Texture PacksMinecraft PvP Texture Packs YouTube ChannelMinecraft PvP Texture Packs Video Stats 104,165-4224621136.4 M
Justin Brown - Primal VideoJustin Brown - Primal Video YouTube ChannelJustin Brown - Primal Video Video Stats 104,165-421541001878.9 M
Bhajan - TopicBhajan - Topic YouTube ChannelBhajan - Topic Video Stats 104,165-42689100
DjBartolomyuDjBartolomyu YouTube ChannelDjBartolomyu Video Stats 104,164-430-112208.5 M
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per Video
Eka GustiwanaEka Gustiwana YouTube ChannelEka Gustiwana Video Stats 132,108,03987,545151874,888905,708
Gemma StaffordGemma Stafford YouTube ChannelGemma Stafford Video Stats 132,098,06977,575300440,3271,515,160
WyclefVEVOWyclefVEVO YouTube ChannelWyclefVEVO Video Stats 132,089,98369,489711,860,422139,376
Life of BorisLife of Boris YouTube ChannelLife of Boris Video Stats 132,079,45658,962215614,3231,220,780
MonsterDroiidMonsterDroiid YouTube ChannelMonsterDroiid Video Stats 132,073,42852,9342.6K50,974813,832
Tv9 GujaratiTv9 Gujarati YouTube ChannelTv9 Gujarati Video Stats 132,064,25643,76229.1K4,533390,959
RoseMathers16RoseMathers16 YouTube ChannelRoseMathers16 Video Stats 132,063,94143,447971,361,48484,455
남욱이의 욱기는 일상남욱이의 욱기는 일상 YouTube Channel남욱이의 욱기는 일상 Video Stats 132,055,66835,174634208,290480,478
Jireh LimJireh Lim YouTube ChannelJireh Lim Video Stats 132,049,59529,101811,630,242382,333
DerfsonicGamingDerfsonicGaming YouTube ChannelDerfsonicGaming Video Stats 132,029,9189,4244.3K30,64147,796
Taiwanese AnimatorsTaiwanese Animators YouTube ChannelTaiwanese Animators Video Stats 132,020,4943.1K42,247104,207
DulceMariaVEVODulceMariaVEVO YouTube ChannelDulceMariaVEVO Video Stats 131,979,185-41,3091310,152,245555,413
MoviefoneMoviefone YouTube ChannelMoviefone Video Stats 131,963,304-57,1904K33,400175,715
Lega PlayLega Play YouTube ChannelLega Play Video Stats 131,960,112-60,3823.8K34,545636,615
lynda.comlynda.com YouTube Channellynda.com Video Stats 131,956,488-64,00611K12,007533,181
YAKbattlesYAKbattles YouTube ChannelYAKbattles Video Stats 131,956,476-64,018562234,798366,343
Corona MusicCorona Music YouTube ChannelCorona Music Video Stats 131,946,013-74,481292451,870244,088
Hot Video TalkiesHot Video Talkies YouTube ChannelHot Video Talkies Video Stats 131,934,942-85,552206640,461257,071
Disney On BroadwayDisney On Broadway YouTube ChannelDisney On Broadway Video Stats 131,921,872-98,622542243,398234,510
SpbVideosSpbVideos YouTube ChannelSpbVideos Video Stats 131,909,860-110,6341.2K108,034175,017
ComicVineVideosComicVineVideos YouTube ChannelComicVineVideos Video Stats 131,897,309-123,1854.1K32,383286,079
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105,000793 8 M 11/21  2018Tweet
107,5003,29310 D9 M2 Y12/30  2020Tweet
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132,500,000479,5066 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
135,000,0002,979,50618 D1 M1 Y5/10  2019Tweet
137,500,0005,479,506 1 M2 Y4/21  2020Tweet