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150,869  Now
150,939-70-107 DayTweet
151,011-142-1014 DayTweet
151,169-300-1030 DayTweet
151,443-574-102 MonthTweet
151,677-808-93 MonthTweet
151,580-711-64 MonthTweet
151,822-953-65 MonthTweet
152,072-1,203-76 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
41,997,854  Now
41,995,8571,9972857 DayTweet
41,992,8764,97835614 DayTweet
41,986,51411,34037830 DayTweet
41,975,40322,4513742 MonthTweet
41,951,44246,4125163 MonthTweet
41,967,88929,9652504 MonthTweet
41,935,98661,8684125 MonthTweet
41,919,07478,7804386 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Overwatch CuriosOverwatch Curios YouTube ChannelOverwatch Curios Video Stats 150,94071113313630.2 M
QUINTINOQUINTINO YouTube ChannelQUINTINO Video Stats 150,9336437571925.2 M
DucKyMarChDucKyMarCh YouTube ChannelDucKyMarCh Video Stats 150,927581061048489.8 M
Beyond WrestlingBeyond Wrestling YouTube ChannelBeyond Wrestling Video Stats 150,926571893491.7K84.3 M
elahlycomelahlycom YouTube Channelelahlycom Video Stats 150,9215221495.7K48.3 M
Thamil virundhuThamil virundhu YouTube ChannelThamil virundhu Video Stats 150,8952611617349549.6 M
tamago2474tamago2474 YouTube Channeltamago2474 Video Stats 150,88415981427211.9 M
The Art of LivingThe Art of Living YouTube ChannelThe Art of Living Video Stats 150,8801119831682137.6 M
P4P ArabicP4P Arabic YouTube ChannelP4P Arabic Video Stats 150,8789436713913.4 M
Matthew CremonaMatthew Cremona YouTube ChannelMatthew Cremona Video Stats 150,87786114039416 M
MusStudioMusStudio YouTube ChannelMusStudio Video Stats 150,8690-1018242 M
SNIKSNIK YouTube ChannelSNIK Video Stats 150,861-82233481.2K18.8 M
Social BladeSocial Blade YouTube ChannelSocial Blade Video Stats 150,854-15784632.9 M
YASSIN WORKOUTYASSIN WORKOUT YouTube ChannelYASSIN WORKOUT Video Stats 150,852-179222346544.3 M
STMPD RCRDSSTMPD RCRDS YouTube ChannelSTMPD RCRDS Video Stats 150,849-201804277214.8 M
HemeraldHemerald YouTube ChannelHemerald Video Stats 150,845-24501791.1K14.8 M
How to ArchitectHow to Architect YouTube ChannelHow to Architect Video Stats 150,818-51558524613.5 M
Czech Vibes SoundCzech Vibes Sound YouTube ChannelCzech Vibes Sound Video Stats 150,818-5110317386035.1 M
chambrefroideprodchambrefroideprod YouTube Channelchambrefroideprod Video Stats 150,816-53701178697.3 M
Fraser CainFraser Cain YouTube ChannelFraser Cain Video Stats 150,815-545412379917.9 M
MakeupByCherylMakeupByCheryl YouTube ChannelMakeupByCheryl Video Stats 150,796-7341853012.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
WisteriaMoonAJWisteriaMoonAJ YouTube ChannelWisteriaMoonAJ Video Stats 42,011,42013,566255164,751290,519
Kamaal R Khan - KRKKamaal R Khan - KRK YouTube ChannelKamaal R Khan - KRK Video Stats 42,009,56411,710279150,572152,169
EstoEsColoniaEstoEsColonia YouTube ChannelEstoEsColonia Video Stats 42,009,48811,63459370,84234,310
jackisanerdjackisanerd YouTube Channeljackisanerd Video Stats 42,008,87811,024231181,857466,075
RedTeamReviewRedTeamReview YouTube ChannelRedTeamReview Video Stats 42,008,05210,198366114,776170,529
9wuth9wuth YouTube Channel9wuth Video Stats 42,005,2467,39255375,95927,414
16x9onglobal16x9onglobal YouTube Channel16x9onglobal Video Stats 42,002,5554,70143895,89681,272
serialSEXPERTIserialSEXPERTI YouTube ChannelserialSEXPERTI Video Stats 42,002,0714,217118355,950188,265
MAJOR.VEVOMAJOR.VEVO YouTube ChannelMAJOR.VEVO Video Stats 41,999,5481,694142,999,968162,929
Daniel OsunaDaniel Osuna YouTube ChannelDaniel Osuna Video Stats 41,999,2491,39573575,33273,319
MusStudioMusStudio YouTube ChannelMusStudio Video Stats 41,997,854182230,757150,869
dailymirrordailymirror YouTube Channeldailymirror Video Stats 41,996,997-8572.3K17,97018,918
JakeneutronJakeneutron YouTube ChannelJakeneutron Video Stats 41,989,581-8,27375855,39587,482
DIY CreatorsDIY Creators YouTube ChannelDIY Creators Video Stats 41,981,431-16,42389471,701809,834
EricPaslayVEVOEricPaslayVEVO YouTube ChannelEricPaslayVEVO Video Stats 41,980,475-17,379301,399,34977,919
Brayan VilcaBrayan Vilca YouTube ChannelBrayan Vilca Video Stats 41,979,082-18,77258723,77719,281
KitsunéKitsuné YouTube ChannelKitsuné Video Stats 41,977,799-20,05578753,33962,072
FCTerezaKerndlovaFCTerezaKerndlova YouTube ChannelFCTerezaKerndlova Video Stats 41,974,361-23,493271,554,60631,918
Cap KapakCap Kapak YouTube ChannelCap Kapak Video Stats 41,973,493-24,3614.5K9,40957,597
Come2 HeavenCome2 Heaven YouTube ChannelCome2 Heaven Video Stats 41,973,421-24,43342698,529253,083
DarktekDarktek YouTube ChannelDarktek Video Stats 41,973,284-24,570165254,384159,812
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42,000,0002,1466 D  3/27  2018Tweet
42,250,000252,1464 D10 M1 Y1/24  2020Tweet